NRB Sunday Interview: Atheist S.E. Cupp: “I Love Conversion Attempts”

This week, I asked the busy author of Losing Our Religion, S.E. Cupp, two questions and she was gracious enough to respond.

One: What do atheists do on Sunday mornings? (Sorry, I had to ask.)

I have no idea what other atheists do on Sunday morning. I reject all attempts at categorizing this group as homogeneous. Atheists are marked by a LACK of specific value system, so painting them with one brush is a gross misunderstanding of who they are. As for me, I work constantly…so my Sunday morning is not unlike any other morning. I’m at my computer…banging away.

For some reason, I imagined American atheists reading The Origin of Species over blueberry breakfast muffins.

Two:  When people try to convert me to their religion or philosophy, I like to see it as a backhand compliment, or a sign that free speech is alive and well.  Why do you think some atheists have a problem with Christian forms of evangelism, as opposed to say pagan-based green faiths though?

I love conversion attempts. I’m flattered by them. That someone cares about “my soul” is fairly refreshing in these times, so I’m never offended. Militant atheists are offended by this because evangelism and proselytization is very effective, and they know this. That’s why they also proselytize their beliefs (or non-beliefs, as it were).

So why are secular fundamentalists so scared of the “c” word? I like Cupp’s attitude as much as Ann Coulter’s famous pro-conversion statement:

I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!

As controversial as it sounds to precious leftwing ears, I don’t have an issue with free speech. Invading countries? Well, Obama is still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, to my knowledge, the President’s hero FDR was pretty open to invading certain countries too, if my WWII knowledge is correct.

Killing their leaders? Again, I don’t have a problem with invading totalitarian regimes and topping off Hitler-loving tyrants. My only issue with Bush 43 is that he didn’t go in earlier to overthrow Iraq’s pro-Nazi regime.

Converting them to Christianity? Well, that brings me back to Cupp’s answer above. And, Coulter wasn’t talking about forced conversions. She was talking about sharing the Gospel. Christians are called to covert people or share their hope in love. Besides, don’t we just love the riches of free speech?


Ben-Peter Terpstra is an Australian satirist and cartoon lover. His works have been posted on numerous sites from American Thinker (California) to Quadrant Online (Sydney, Australia). For more information see, Pizza Trays and Beer Bottles.

  • Trebuchet

    It's interesting that Chesterton, Lewis and Muggeridge; acknowledge as the great Christian apologist of their time, were not converted by evangelism, but by personal epiphanies. Anthony Flew the foremost atheist of the last century and a contemporary of Lewis has also succumbed to personal epiphany, although not a Christian he now believes in a Creator and has stated he thinks Christianity has the best shot at being the most correct of religions. I was also converted by a personal epiphany so I know first had it's power. As Lewis said "One moment I was in the world and the next I was dragged kicking and screaming through the door". It is a life changing experience. I have lately being praying for Christopher Hitchens to experience a conversion and I hope others will join me. Just think what a powerful statement of God's power that would be, to have Hitchens become the greatest Christian Appoligist, since Lewis, Chesterton and Muggeridge. I hope other will join me and add a little prayer for Hitch in their daily meditations.