Religious Freedom and a Mosque

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One of the most common arguments of the supporters of the Ground Zero mosque includes religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Religion is seen as the framework to support building a mosque and community center near the site of the former World Trade Towers. Is this really about religion? Step back and look at the controversy. Do you feel like you are taking part in a religious exercise or a political fracas?

There is a vast confusion about what a religion is and is not. Currently the operative rule is that anything associated with Islam is a religious affair where all of the freedom of religion is applied to the action or event. Islam’s actions are religious and if you oppose it, you are an un-American bigot.

It is time to stop and take a look at what we mean by a religion. There are about as many Buddhists in America today as there are Muslims. When was the last time you remember a Buddhist demand of any kind? Do Buddhists set up councils to shape the textbooks and demand Buddhist finance? Does the government make a big announcement when Buddhists are appointed to high posts? Are there even any Buddhists in any White House appointments? Do Buddhists complain? Never, for these are political actions, and Buddhism has almost no political outreach. Buddhism in America is purely religious, not political at all.

Yet the media and the Internet are consumed by talk and argument about Islam. The discussion is never about how many rounds of prayer to do or whether a certain food is halal (religiously proper). No, the focus is always on something that non-Muslims are to do to accommodate an Islamic religious practice.

There is a practical working definition of religion as compared to politics. Religious practices are done by those who follow that religion and are motivated for achieving paradise and avoiding hell. Outsiders are not involved in those religious acts. If it is about going to heaven and avoiding hell, then it is religious. However, if the religion makes a demand on those outside of its own group, then that demand is political.

Most people think that the Koran is a religious text. Instead, 64% of the text (by word count) is about non-Muslims, who are called Kafirs. The Koran is fixated on Kafirs and makes many demands on them. Not the least is that Kafirs submit to the rule of Islamic Sharia law. Ultimately Sharia law is the pure expression of Islamic politics and it completely contradicts our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Under Sharia there is no freedom of speech, wives may be beaten and apostates murdered.

Mohammed had little success with Islam until he transformed it into a political system. He preached the religion of Islam in Mecca for 13 years and made about 150 converts. He left Meccan and moved to Medina. In Medina he turned to politics and jihad. In the last 9 years of his life, Mohammed was involved in an event of violence on the average of every 6 weeks. The political method persuaded every Arab to convert to Islam. The religion did not succeed; it was politics that made Islam powerful.

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  • paul

    maybe it doesn't matter what Islam is anyway, certainly other "religions" hold sway over things like quality of education: see texas board of education for reference. maybe the point here is to give people who want to build a community center open to the entire public the same right to do so as we do people who want to open a strip club or a liquor. maybe the point here is to make certain we are not making decisions based on fear or hatred. if you are assuming that al-qaida speaks for Islam are you also assuming that timothy mcveigh speaks for christianity? do you think the kkk should be allowed to build a community center at the same place instead of an islamist community center? the answer is that they should both be able to build a community center and the best anyone can do about it is discuss how it makes them feel…..and thanks to our military and government we can still do that.

    • Scott

      Paul, stop being a useful idiot. Look at the principle backers and financiers of the proposed mosque. They are radicals through and through. Rauf is no meek muslim dude, he has extremist ties. You may not understand what is going on because you have a limited understanding of this culture so different than yours, but muslims are not about western tolerance and religious freedoms, they are about power and the use of symbols. It would be an incredible shot in the arm and terrorist recruiting tool for them to build a mosque so close to the site of their greatest strike at the "infidel" heart, the symbol of western economic strength residing in the towers. Its time to grow up Paul and see the world for what it is. Your kind can sing kumbaya all you want, but it will never stop those intent on world dominance.

      • paul

        is that how you think we stop terrorist recruiting? shut down all mosques and people will stop being terrorists? stop "radicals" from spending their money on clubhouses for whatever they believe in? NO Do you know the motives of the people who are the "principle backers and financiers" of, for example, your bank? don't you think they strive for "world dominance"? yet we let them build their "symbols" of wealth all over our neighborhoods. oh, and using "symbols" to achieve "power" has been perfected by our own western advertising executives with nefarious purposes. how about we practice what we preach of the free expression of ideas. We Must act as we would have people act towards us and in that we teach our virtue. There is no reason to pretend we have our own freedoms when we can so callously step on those of other people. and acting only in self defense do we act righteously. fear can be the most powerful motivator so let us consider most carefully those we fear lest we fall victim of our own paranoia………….also can we agree to reasonable discussion and to refrain from using Ad hominem attack.

        • Scott

          Really, Paul? Did I say anything about shutting down all mosques? I am talking about a particular mosque and also said nothing to the effect that it was the means to stop terrorist recruiting. Your argument is typical of the illogical, over the top, relativist leftist crap being spouted out today. You understand nothing about the enemy, I do. In fact I speak Arabic and have studied Islam and the M.E. Be happy in your delusions, and your discussion is hardly reasonable, it in fact makes no sense.

          • sebyandrew

            fear can be the most powerful motivator so let us consider most carefully those we fear lest we fall victim of our own paranoia…..
            Yes, let us consider that fear can be a reasonable response to danger.

            Paul is all about talking points and not actually debating the merits of the article or your comments.

          • davarino

            Equating a mosk with branch banking…….wow. You know, he may have something there. A bank wants your money and soon when sharia takes hold the mosks will demand your money.

            It will be so cool when there is a mosk on every street corner and we get to hear that annoying call to prayer. I cant wait till there is one built right next to Paul's house heheheh. Then lets see how tolerant he is hehehe.

          • Mike Elmore

            Somehow in the last 40 years Americans have forgotten that freedom is NOT free. Yes, sometimes you have to be hateful and you have to fight for the right of freedom. All through out our history we have had to fight and kill to maintain that right. Thinking that you have to be tolerant with out putting up a fight is just what the left and most Americans have come to believe. The enemy is Islam plan and simple, get ready to fight it or submit to it. It's all in the Koran. Paul's beliefs are nothing new just more of the same equivalency thinking that's destroying freedom as we know it. elmore

        • flimflamobambam

          You've answered your own argument; Islamists would not permit you the tolerance for which you are advocating and they are explicit in that the entire goal of Islam is domination. To attribute this reality to "paranoia" is ludicrous. Also , your correlation of bankers to the jihad of even mainstream Islam is yet another straw man…has the Bank of America facilitated murderous attacks globally? We do have the freedom to reject that which we can reasonably believe to be injurious…that is called "prudence" and our founders expected that of us.

  • chris

    You attempt to pose your article in the frame of a factual exercise but I remain unconviced. The fact remains that according to New York law there is nothing preventing them from building at the site they have chosen. That is called the rule of law. You or I may disagree with their decision but I do respect their rights. Restricting the the abilities of one religion makes it easier to do the same to others.
    Generalizing the attacks of of Sept 11th to an entire class of people is the equivalent of what was done to the Jews in WWII. The Christian Bible is full of violence against others that is no longer considered relevant in today's world. The same is true of Islam. Perhaps we should be looking more inward at our own religious beliefs. Wasn't a Christian man responsible for the death of hundreds of people at the Edward R Murrow building? Perhaps we should avoid attempting to paint an entire religion with the actions caused by a few extremists.

    • Nick

      Which "Christian bible" are you referring to that promotes violence? Please cite one example where Jesus kills or beheads his enemies as Mohammed did. And no the Murrow was not blown up in the name of "Jesus" as the twin towers and the Pentagon were attacked in the name of "Allah" and his murderous prophet "Mohammed."

      Get a clue before you spout off your vast religious depth of knowledge.

      • ConnectTheDots2006

        If you think McVeigh was a 'right-wing Christian' religious nut, think again.

        McVeigh was trained in the Phillipines by Islamic terrorists, who helped him with the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Read "The Third Terrorist" by Jayna Davis. Ms. Davis was an Oklahoma City investigative reporter who found many witnesses that saw McVeigh & Nichols with muslim immigrants, & speeding away right after the bombing. They were the "lily-white puppets' that allowed the real islamic terrorists to get away with murder, and not smart enough to concoct the bomb.

      • Jim C.

        Chris is probably referring to the Old Testament, which is far closer to Islam in its conception of God (and God's holy wrath) than anything in the New Testament. Christ's New Covenant represented a radical shift, there.

        The use of McVeigh always makes for a weak argument, I agree: but Chris is absolutely right about the legality (and even the moral underpinnings of that legality which represent true American values) and that is why everyone's so upset.

    • jbtrevor

      "The Christian Bible is full of violence against others that is no longer considered relevant in today's world. The same is true of Islam."

      Beg to differ on 2 points:
      1. The Christian Bible (written after Christ's Death) is not full of violence against others, quite the contrary. It is a record of Christ's teaching and a call to look deeply at self-passions and love one another i.e. hate the sin, love the sinner, etc
      2. You are somewhat correct in implyig what was true in early Islam is no longer relevant since early Islamic writings (Sura & Hadith) were full of peaceful imagery. But as you may well know, and as was pointed out in Mr. Warner's piece is in Islam, peaceful means of proselitizing in earlier Islam didn't work, so Muhammed resorted to violence. The early Islamic texts were abrogated by later violent text; and this is where you are incorrect. The abrogated peaceful text are the ones no longer relevant in Islam (although those are the ones you will hear quoted in the MSM and by Islamists); the later more violent texts will always be relevant until Muslims reform their religion…

  • chillout

    Thoughtful Americans know that the country has grown past these ugly outbreaks again and again. Every group has had to struggle first for tolerance and then acceptance. It happened to Eastern Europeans, Italians, Irish, Catholics, Jews, Japanese, blacks, women, Hispanics. The experiences are uneven, slow and painful, but the story of the United States generally trends toward more diversity and more acceptance.
    Indeed, nationally and locally, plenty of people have spoken out in defense of fellow peace-loving, taxpaying Americans who happen to also be Muslim. Those responses have come from Christians and Jews, Democrats and Republicans, to name a few.
    Demonizing everyone who believes in Islam might be an effective tactic for some political leaders, but it is not in America's best interests, either in the long or short term. Nor is it in America's best tradition.

    • Nick

      Which part of this article did you not understand? Did the Italians bring down WTC? Did the Catholics attack the Pentagon? Did the Jews? When the Japanese flew their Kamikaze attacks on Pearl Harbor the reaction of America was swift and punishment was severe. Say something that makes sense instead of your kumbaya psychobabble you moron.

    • connectthedots2006

      You must understand that the goal of islam's "true believers" is to end western civilization as we know it. Eventually, we will have to prohibit all mosques and muslim gatherings. They've already infiltrated the prison system, converting an alarming number of violent, disenfranchised criminals into muslims. They preach hate and anti-American values in their mosques every day, in Arabic. Many Americans who become muslims have no idea what they're listening to, they just follow like sheep.

      It's us or them.

    • watchful

      I guess you must be talking to me, the unthoughtful American. Here's how it is. First they attack a people, then they build their mosque on the sight, kind of like the Arch d'Triomphe, but it's gotta be on the other guys land. That shows all the other Muslims, "See, look what we did." It is kinda like counting coup. Indians used to take scalps for exactly the same reason, I suppose a real thoughtful American would be one that says it is their right to do so. After all, that was a part of THEIR religion.

      This is the Islamic version of taking a scalp of their victim. Let's all stand up and support their right to scalp us so that everyone knows that we are truly " thoughtful."

      I think I need a bucket after reading this Horse Pucky. Why is it that all liberals don't think alike? Because they don't think.

      This may be to rude of an awakening for your tender sensibilities but the rest of us will go down fighting. I hope that every nut case out there welcomes them to the neighborhood.

  • andrew

    Don't forget: Politics has also made Christianity powerful. What ever happened to the separation of church (any church) and state? Isn't that what made America great in the first place?

    • Alexander Gofen

      "separation of church and state" in fact was a Bolshevik's doctrine. Did they borrow it from American Constitution?

      In fact, it was not separation, but unity of America and God (of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac) that made America great. BTW, why don't you complain about violation of "separation of mosque and state" when your Department of State sent that imam abroad on the taxpayer's dime?

  • Alexander Gofen

    Bill Warner clearly emphasized what is a political component in Islam and in building of the 9/11 mosque. However the proper framing of the 9/11 mosque is not legal or proprietary, but that of national security during the time of war. Although many believe as though America is not at war on Islam, Islam is at war on America (and the rest of the world): disregarding whether religion-of-peace Bush or America-always-been-Islamic Obama care to acknowledge it.

    Moreover: just 10 years ago Islam succeeded in the most heinous and devastating attack on American soil ever. Erection of an 11 story swastika near a national cemetery of victims of unfinished war is not a proprietary issue. It is an issue of dignity, national security and self preservation.

    • PaulV

      A religion is a set of beliefs. How can it wage war? Why ignore that it is simply a group of religious zealots striking out against the other? Same way the Christians did in the Crusades. Is it fair to paint everyone with the brush of the extremist? The mosque has merely become a strikepoint as a result of wrong-headed politicians who made it a political issue and the ease in which one can strike fear into large groups of people by creating a boogeyman (See "War of the Worlds"). On 9/11a group of 14 terrorists succeeded in doing to America the same thing Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma-killing a bunch of innocents in a misguided attempt to strike fear into a boogeyman they created and dehumanized. I do not fear Islam. I fear people who use their sets of beliefs to exclude and dehumanize others who don't buy their dogma, and no religion is immune to that. One cannot do the same thing and claim any moral or logical high ground.

    • Paul V

      You are correct in saying this is an issue of dignity – the concept that humans have an innate right to respect and ethical treatment. You will find lack of repect and ethical treatment of others a root cause of much suffering everywhere you look. National Security? That mosque has operated, like thousands of others in this country, without incident under our noses. Again a religion is not a threat to national security – people are. Self -preservation? You are thousands of times more likely to get killed in a car wreck than in a terrorist attack, yet do you drive? Making this issue out to be more than it really is to me the real crime being committed. One of the single most admirable values of this country is adherence to the rule of law, without regard to race, religion, etc. under the concept that we are all created equal. Imperfect in practice, yes; but if you are looking for a moral high ground, start there.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Religions vary. Every nation have the right to value its own religion above others. Ours are Christianity and Judaism. Yet specialty of Islam is that it is a religious, political and military doctrine together, waging a war against unbelievers during 1400 years. Now the situation is particularly bad (follow the link in my comment).

  • Gunner57

    One problem Bill. You can not separate political Islam its main componrnt from its religious aspects.

    • watchful

      We can, they won't. You want the rattle snakes tail but the head comes around and bites you.

      Islam is an extremely dangerous religion. It should be outlawed the same way Nazism is outlawed. They are pretty much one and the same once you add progressives to the mix.

      All these years we kept saying "never again, never again," and here is it is coming around again and everyone acts like i ti s a brand new show. Nope, same old show. Same old rerun. We can just sit back and watch and go "Oh, yeah, this is the part where they build their victory edifice."

      Another group of superior human beings thinks it is their right to take over the rest of us and force us to be their underlings by erecting their particular brand of hegemony. Last time the actors thought everyone should be true Aryans, this time we gotta be Muslims.

      Who was it that was on the side of the Nazis? Oh yeah, it must have been those pesky republicans. They always want to make sure that everyone gets their fair chance to kill people and take over the world and that everyone must be tolerant while it's being done.

  • watchful

    this whole thing reminds me of the way serial killers have their modus operandi; what they do that is over and above just the killing. They like to relive the experience by taking a totem from their victim. Sick. And there is a religion that could teach even the best serial killer a few tricks.

  • kafir4life

    muslims demand respect when none is earned. When muslim deserve respect maybe their pedophile warlord murdering "prophet" wouldn't be pictured (correctly) as a terrorist, ot a camel fornicating disgusting excuse for a human being.

    watchful – That's actually one of the selling points that mad mo highlighted when getting folk to join his death cult! When they found out that mad mo's "religion" permitted them to behave as muslims behave today, his followers grew. That's why they do so well recuiting in prison.

    • Spider

      Amen Brother – No excuses should be given for this perverse cult.

  • davarino

    I think the mooslims realized some time around the beginning of the 20th century that their "religion" was dwindling and they had to do something about it. Plus they realized where ever their "religion" was dominant, the living conditions were falling way behind the rest of the world. So fire up jihad and inflame mooslims to blame the rest of the world for their misfortune. Well I believe this is just the death throws of a dying "religion" that is trying to keep itself alive. The result is that more and more mooslims will rethink what they believe because of the discussion happening all over the world. Plus the oppression of women in islam dominated countries can not continue, they will revolt. What will happen, is mooslims will start reading to koran and realize it is a bunch of make believe and start questioning.

    Plus when they run out of oil then its back to riding camels, because they wasted all their wealth on this silly jihad crap.

    In the mean time we have to struggle to survive these igmos

  • Shirts r us

    Mr. UNAMERICAN Chris, giving the second comment above….

    You are fast to stand up for the moslems….incredible. Yes, they have the right to build it, but is it the right thing to do? Don't be stupid you moron. It is so obvious that you did not lose anyone close to you on 9/11. It is so obvious that the attacks on 9/11 had no direct consequence on you and your types. Yes? Let's start here you simple______! Islam is not a religion. Once you wake up to that reality, you may take another position on this issue. But until then, shut you pie-hole, go back to your upper west-side broom-closet that costs $3,000/month, read the NY Times, and call all your friends in San Francisco.

  • kathy

    I think this article is right on. I also think Americans are growing weary of the constant whining demands from SOME in the Muslim community along with the accusations of intolerance as if guilt-ing us will force us to do something more for them. I see this political movement as constantly pushing up against our laws and our ways. And now most Americans have decided to say "No". And look what happens, now we're bigots and racists, etc. Gee, who would have thought? Accused of being intolerant as well…when will tolerance be asked of others? Or is it only Americans who are REQUIRED to be tolerant. There are mosques all over New York City and no one to my knowledge has complained about them. The uproar over this particular one at this particular place does not make us "intolerant" and in my opinion is a good place to start saying no just on principle. The reaction and insistence of the other side tells me everything I need to know about this supposedly "bridge-building, peaceful" project. It's the reaction of a two-year-old who doesn't get his way.

    • Fiddler

      "There are mosques all over New York City and no one to my knowledge has complained about them. The uproar over this particular one at this particular place does not make us "intolerant" and in my opinion is a good place to start saying no just on principle. The reaction and insistence of the other side tells me everything I need to know about this supposedly "bridge-building, peaceful" project. It's the reaction of a two-year-old who doesn't get his way."

      Very well said. It is the insistence on doing this despite the obvious open wound in American hearts that exposes the motive for this mosque. WE WANT OUR MONUMENT!! WE WANT OUR SYMBOL!! WE WANT EVERYONE TO REMEMBER WHAT WE DID TO AMERICA!! Just think what would happen if they bowed out?? While we would view that as bridge-building and embrace them, Jihadists around the world would call them cowards! It is the final effect, not people or people's lives involved, it is the ultimate SYMBOLISM!

  • Edip Yuksel

    It is interesting that it is now some Jews who are promoting hatred against another minority in the USA. I am neither Sunni nor Shiite and I have major differences with their theology and practice. I find myself much more comfortable at gatherings of Uniterian Universality, Quaker or Jehovah Witnesses.

    However, the misinformation about the Quran by taking its verses out of the context or by using some distorted translation or by focusing on a few ugly and agree faces among 1.3 billion Muslims, the hatemonger wish to create conditions for another tragedy, another holocaust, this time against Muslims.

    If we use the unjustified generalization and demonization of Muslims by the coalition of wrong-wing Christians, Zionists and corporations that have vested interest in wars, and swallow the lie that "Muslims are terrorists," then we should also accept that Christians are 666 times more violent.

    When we look at the numbers of Muslims killed by Christian soldiers supported by Christian population, we see the number in hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Just in Iraq alone more than a million Muslims were killed directly or indirectly by the invading forces. (They wish us to believe that the killings and massacres have nothing to do with their brutal invasion that was based on lies.) Just look a the numbers of Pals killed by invading colonialist military force. Who is supporting the Zoionst Goliath? If it was Muslims who subjected Christians to the tortures in Abu Gharib and Gitmo, the pictures of those tortured Christians would be everywhere to condemn all Muslims as torturers….

    Whatever the facts out there, the idiots and rabid warmongers of this population will not see it. However, there is wheel of justice. Though it usually moves slowly, but it will ultimately punish the delusional and the scoundrels. Wait and see.

    • Craig

      We'll start with your first point: taking verses out of context or bad translations. I do speak Arabic, and have read this holy text of yours, and, if anything, the english translations are milder than their Arabic counterpart. Your second point: Christians are 666 times more violent. Let's see if this has any merit in the last 200 or so years…no? Didn't think so. If you are generalizing that nations have killed Muslims in the past 200 years, that is true. But those were nations, not Christians. How many people have been killed by Muslim attacks in the last 200 years? Counting all the atrocities in Africa, terror attacks abroad, honor killings, sectarian violence, and every other death perpetrated by Muslim ideology, I think that number will be comparatively large. You are implying that is 2 faiths that are at war, which is not the case. Also, we don't take too kindly to veiled threats. If ever one was leveled at me, I would meet it with swift retribution.

  • laura

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  • laura

    THE Answer to the Ground Zero “Mosque” Controversy 

    HEY AMERICAN on YouTube

    by NYC songwriter David Ippolito – a voice of PEACE
    Watch. Listen. Think… Check out this powerful song/video now:

  • laura

    THE Answer to the Ground Zero “Mosque” Controversy 

    HEY AMERICAN on YouTube

    by NYC songwriter David Ippolito – a voice of PEACE
    Watch. Listen. Think… Check out this powerful song/video now:

  • laura

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  • suzanne

    Time to define what is considered a religion in the USA. Islam is a cruel and evil screed, not a religion in the western sense. It should be outlawed here. If it means an admendment to the constitution, so be it. Another thing, stop all immigration from Muslim countries. This should have been done years ago.

  • Wess

    Chris, with all due respecct, you are the type that needs to put his hand in a fire to find out if it's hot. If you go to a book store, find a koran, crack it open and read any page, you'll see what islam is all about (lack of capitalization is by design).

    Coolerhead, you have no head…Al Quaida is motivated by islam and jihad. Get a hotter head…or your head will be laying a few miles from your body.

    Edip, it's obvious where your heart lies…obsessed with the Zionists and the sad "torture"
    of your fellow throat-slitters being stacked "nekkid" on top of a few other jihad thugs while they have their picture taken with a BBQ pork sandwich in the background. Ask Daniel Pearl's dad what torture is. By the way, look up delusional in the dictionary…I think you're picture accompanies the definition.

    There is only one true God…and it ain't allah. Uncle Mo made it up as he went along.

    Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Prince of Peace (something Mo knew very little about), the Lion of Judah will soon return, and make a footstool of all of these fools.

  • Adam

    "Building a mosque in New York is a religious act, but deciding to place it at Ground Zero is political."

    this is true. Unfortunately, no one is looking to build a mosque at ground zero. There is a group that wants to build a cultural and recreation center that would include 1-2 floors dedicated for prayer space as part of the overall structure 2 1/2 blocks from ground zero though….

  • guest

    First you burned churches in the South, now it's mosques. How long before 4 little girls are set alight again. This is dangerous and evil talk you are pimping here. We've seen it before.

    • Bill Sumruld

      I get so tired of the liberal screed that everyone who disagrees with them on any issue is ipso facto a racist. Guest, whoever your are-is their cowardice in your not giving a name?, How self-hating you must be. I pity you.

  • Etaoin Shrdlu

    What a masterful piece of sophistry. Everything this author says about Islam could be said about Christianity a thousandfold.

    The Muslims have the same right to have a house of worship, or a community center, near Ground Zero as do the many Christian churches in the area. It is not the Muslims (quietly going about exercising their rights as Americans) who are playing politics and using religion as a tool. It is the people who oppose this building, including the author of this tirade.

    Verily, verily, I say unto you, they shall have their reward – only it won’t be what they think.

    Oh, and someone who used to work on the street where the community center is being built, I can testify to the fact that it is NOT at Ground Zero.

    In conclusion, let me leave you with the words of our first President (Washington):

    “In this enlightened Age and in this Land of equal liberty it is our boast, that a man’s religious tenets will not forfeit the protection of the Laws, nor deprive him of the right of attaining and holding the highest Offices that are known in the United States.”

    Letter to The Members of the New Church in Baltimore, reprinted at page 834 of “George Washington, Writings”, The Library of America Edition (1997) .

  • Nick

    Islam's first objective is to kill Jews and Christians and anyone else that stands in the way of the spread of this "peaceful religion." A "religion" that whose whole purpose to wipe out other religions is not a religion – it is a violent political power based ideology.

  • Craig

    My friend, you can't even get the date of the World Trade Center right, how can you expect to be taken seriously?