A Crack in the Armor? Another Conversation with a Leftist Friend

Cross-posted from Bookworm Room

I was talking with my lib friend yesterday (the same one who said Tuesday’s vote would inaugurate fascism in America), when he opined that Boehner had said something incredibly stupid.

“What?” I asked.

“He said something along the lines of ‘the American people want us to lower spending and create more jobs.’”

I replied, “Well, that makes sense to me.”

My friend sneered.  “Do you know how many jobs the government creates?”

“Yes, I do,” I answered.  “I also know that all government jobs are paid for by taxpayer money.  And I know that right now, on average, government workers earn more than private sector workers, and that’s not even including the pensions.  That makes it a Ponzi scheme, because there’s eventually not going to be enough money to pay for government workers.”

Silence greeted me.

Cross-posted from Bookworm Room

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