Superman Submits

DC comics has pimped out Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to a Muslim comic book publisher in order to sell Islam as something universally good. DC’s icons will team up with “The 99”, described as “the world’s first superheroes based on Islamic culture and society,” in a comic book designed to perpetuate the “Islam means peace” fantasy. Whatever else this thing is, it’s Islamic propaganda, and it’s being released during a war being waged against us by Islam’s most consistent practitioners. It’s one thing for DC Comics to avoid the reality of jihad in their comic book universe, quite another to allow the big three superhero icons to be used to sell today’s Big Lie. I know comic books are meant to be fantasy, but having 99 super-powered Muslims who are not engaged in jihad is simply un-Islamic.

Regardless of the seemingly mild nature of the man behind this, Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, it’s a false version of Islam he’s selling here, since the only way you can mainstream Islam is by lying about it. This shows how trapped even the most Western Muslims are by their own religion, that they have to go outside of their religion for them to make Islam seem at all appealing to non-Muslims — and even to themselves. I doesn’t matter if it’s self-delusion or dissimulation driving those behind this Islamicomic, the result is the same: Islam is again presented as something it’s not in order to appeal to the ignorant, in this case, targeting young kids, making this comic particularly insidious.

American Superheroes fought America’s enemies in World War 2. Today, not only do they stay clear from the jihadists, but now the most popular of them also team up with sugar-coated Muslim superheroes for the express purpose of making Islam look good.

This is the 1st of a 3-part series on this Islamicomic, next up is Wonder Woman.

I’ve got my own ideas of what kind of comics and superheroes should arise in a post-9/11 era. Check out my blog for a look.

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