Pope Gore’s Fallibility Is Too Much for Eco-Cultists to Handle

I’m not a fan of sex-scandal speculation.  Bringing salacious charges against a public figure is an easy path to major media attention (“The Washington Post reported last week that [accuser Molly] Hagerty was looking for $1 million to tell her sordid story”), and such accusations don’t tell us anything meaningful about the accused unless we know whether or not they’re true.  So I found last night’s “Hannity” segment on former Vice President Al Gore’s alleged sexual assault largely a waste of time.  There was, however, one intriguing point that nobody else on Fox seemed to notice:

Now according to the Oregon masseuse, she told her friends about her traumatic interaction with the former vice president and one advised her to, quote, “Just suck it up; otherwise the world is going to be destroyed from global warming.” [Emphasis added.]

If we don’t yet know whether or not Hagerty’s story is true, then we don’t really know if this quote is real, either. However, it’s certainly an accurate portrait of the way many hardcore environmental cultists think, and exploring that mindset would have been far more productive than wondering if Gore’s a “crazed sex poodle” (eww, just thinking about it makes me want to change the channel). Besides, it’s not as if we didn’t already know Gore was sleazy.

With their apocalyptic talk of how global warming will destroy life as we know it, leftist leaders like Gore whip their followers into such a frenzy that the ends always justify the means, that any transgression by one of their own against a lone victim should be tolerated, because it pales in comparison to the fate of the planet. And don’t think the media doesn’t share these sentiments.  As Andrea Tantaros points out to Hannity:

I think there’s a reason why Al Gore is not saying anything. It’s because he knows that his liberal friends in the media are going to cover up and not cover the story.

If you Google Al Gore and sex poodle, almost nothing comes up. You are the only one on the story. He’s expecting to get some cover while he runs around the country and starts screaming about climate change.

“Almost nothing” is a stretch, but a Google News search for “al gore” and “sex poodle” yields 95 results, many of which come from political blogs and gossip magazines rather than major newspapers, while “tea party” and “racist” yields 272, revealing that there are other things they’d clearly rather talk about. NewsBusters has more on the media’s selective outrage here and here.

Beyond that, any thought of one of their heroes doing something really wrong can’t sit well, due to the ultimately religious nature of environmental alarmism, complete with moral infallibility for their saints.  Al Gore is the closest thing environmentalism has to a Pope, making attacks on his integrity tantamount to heresy.  That his ethics might say something about his message’s credibility rarely dawns on them.

As Ann Coulter once observed, the cult of global warming emulates all of religion’s worst aspects without any of its good points. But don’t expect them to stop congratulating themselves for their fidelity to “reason” and “science” anytime soon.


Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Calvin Freiburger is a political science major at Hillsdale College.  He also writes for the Hillsdale Forum and his personal website, Calvin Freiburger Online.