Obama’s War on Israel

[This article is reprinted from the Jerusalem Post].

Why has President Barak Obama decided to foment a crisis in US relations with Israel?

Some commentators have claimed that it is Israel’s fault. As they tell it, the news that Israel has not banned Jewish construction inJerusalem – after repeatedly refusing to ban such construction – drove Obama into a fit of uncontrolled rage from which he has yet to recover.

While popular, this claim makes no sense. Obama didn’t come to be called “No drama Obama” for nothing. It is not credible to argue thatJerusalem’s local planning board’s decision to approve the construction of 1,600 housing units in Ramat Shlomo drove cool Obama into a fit of wild rage at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Obama himself claims that he has launched a political war against Israel in the interest of promoting peace. But this claim, too, does not stand up to scrutiny.

On Friday, Obama ordered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to present Netanyahu with a four-part ultimatum.

First, Israel must cancel the approval of the housing units in Ramat Shlomo.

Second, Israel must prohibit all construction for Jews in Jerusalem neighborhoods built since 1967.

Third, Israel must make a gesture to the Palestinians to show them we want peace. The US suggests releasing hundreds of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons.

Fourth, Israel must agree to negotiate all substantive issues, including the partition of Jerusalem (including the Jewish neighborhoods constructed since 1967 that are now home to more than a half million Israelis) and the immigration of millions of hostile foreign Arabs to Israel under the rubric of the so-called “right of return,” in the course of indirect, Obama administration-mediated negotiations with the Palestinians. To date, Israel has maintained that substantive discussions can only be conducted in direct negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian officials.

If Israel does not accept all four US demands, then the Obama administration will boycott Netanyahu and his senior ministers. In the first instance, this means that if Netanyahu comes to Washington next week for the AIPAC conference, no senioradministration official will meet with him.

Obama’s ultimatum makes clear that mediating peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not a goal he is interested in achieving.

Obama’s new demands follow the months of American pressure that eventually coerced Netanyahu into announcing both his support for a Palestinian state and a 10-month ban on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. No previous Israeli government had ever been asked to make the latter concession.

Netanyahu was led to believe that in return for these concessions Obama would begin behaving like the credible mediator his predecessors were. But instead of acting like his predecessors, Obama has behaved like the Palestinians. Rather than reward Netanyahu for taking a risk for peace, Obama has, in the model of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, pocketed Netanyahu’s concessions and escalated his demands. This is not the behavior of a mediator. This is the behavior of an adversary.

With the US president treating Israel like an enemy, the Palestinians have no reason to agree to sit down and negotiate. Indeed, they have no choice but to declare war.

And so, in the wake of Obama’s onslaught on Israel’s right to Jerusalem, Palestinian incitement against Israel and Jews has risen to levels not seen since the outbreak of the last terror war in September 2000. And just as night follows day, that incitement has led to violence. This week’s Arab riots fromJerusalem to Jaffa, and the renewed rocket offensive from Gaza are directly related to Obama’s malicious attacks on Israel.

But if his campaign against Israel wasn’t driven by a presidential temper tantrum, and it isn’t aimed at promoting peace, what explains it? What is Obama trying to accomplish?

There are five explanations for Obama’s behavior. And they are not mutually exclusive.

First, Obama’s assault on Israel is likely related to the failure of his Iran policy. Over the past week, senior administration officials including Gen. David Petraeus have made viciously defamatory attacks on Israel, insinuating that the construction of homes for Jews in Jerusalem is a primary cause for bad behavior on the part of Iran and its proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. By this line of thinking, if Israel simply returned to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines, Iran’s centrifuges would stop spinning, and Syria, al-Qaida, the Taliban, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards would all beat their swords into plowshares.

Second, even more important than its usefulness as a tool to divert the public’s attention away from the failure of his Iran policy, Obama’s assault against Israel may well be aimed at maintaining that failed policy. Specifically, he may be attacking Israel in a bid to coerce Netanyahu into agreeing to give Obama veto power over any Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear installations. That is, the anti-Israel campaign may be a means to force Israel to stand by as Obama allows Iran to build a nuclear arsenal.

For the past several months, an endless line of senior administration officials have descended on Jerusalem with the expressed aim of convincing Netanyahu to relinquish Israel’s right to independently strike Iran’s nuclear installations. All of these officials have returned to Washington empty-handed. Perhaps Obama has decided that since quiet pressure has failed to cow Netanyahu, it is time to launch a frontal attack against him.

This brings us to the third explanation for why Obama has decided to go to war with the democratically elected Israeli government. Obama’s advisers told friendly reporters that Obama wants to bring down Netanyahu’s government. By making demands Netanyahu and his coalition partners cannot accept, Obama hopes to either bring down the government and replace Netanyahu and Likud with the far-leftist Tzipi Livni and Kadima, or force Israel Beiteinu and Shas to bolt the coalition and compel Netanyahu to accept Livni as a co-prime minister. Livni, of course, won Obama’s heart when in 2008 she opted for an election rather than accept Shas’s demand that she protect the unity ofJerusalem.

The fourth explanation for Obama’s behavior is that he seeks to realign US foreign policy away from Israel. Obama’s constant attempts to cultivate relations with Iran’s unelected president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad’s Arab lackey Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, and Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan make clear that he views developing USrelations with these anti-American regimes as a primary foreign policy goal.

Given that all of these leaders have demanded that in exchange for better relations Obama abandon Israel as a US ally, and in light of the professed anti-Israel positions of several of his senior foreign policy advisers, it is possible that Obama is seeking to downgrade USrelations with Israel. His consistent castigation of Israel as obstructionist and defiant has led some surveys to claim that over the past year US popular support for Israel has dropped from 77 to 58 percent.

The more Obama fills newspaper headlines with allegations that Israel is responsible for everything from US combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran’s nuclear program, the lower those numbers can be expected to fall. And the more popular American support for Israel falls, the easier it will be for Obama to engineer an open breach with the Jewish state.

The final explanation for Obama’s behavior is that he is using his manufactured crisis to justify adopting an overtly anti-Israel position vis-à-vis the Palestinians. On Thursday, The New York Times reported that administration officials are considering having Obama present his own “peace plan.” Given the administration’s denial of Israel’s right to Jerusalem, an “Obama plan,” would doubtless require Israel to withdraw to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines and expel some 700,000 Jews from their homes.

Likewise, the crisis Obama has manufactured with Israel could pave the way for him to recognize a Palestinian state if the Palestinians follow through on their threat to unilaterally declare statehood next year regardless of the status of negotiations with Israel. Such a US move could in turn lead to the deployment of US forces in Judea and Samaria to “protect” the unilaterally declared Palestinian state from Israel.

Both Obama’s behavior and the policy goals it indicates make it clear that Netanyahu’s current policy of trying to appease Obama by making concrete concessions is no longer justified. Obama is not interested in being won over. The question is, what should Netanyahu do?

One front in the war Obama has started is at home. Netanyahu must ensure that he maintains popular domestic support for his government to scuttle Obama’s plan to overthrow his government. So far, in large part due to Obama’s unprecedented nastiness, Netanyahu’s domestic support has held steady. A poll conducted for IMRA news service this week by Maagar Mohot shows that fully 75% of Israeli Jews believe Obama’s behavior toward Israel is unjustified. As for Netanyahu, 71% of Israeli Jews believe his refusal to accept Obama’s demand to ban Jewish building in Jerusalem proves he is a strong leader. Similarly, a Shvakim Panorama poll for Israel Radio shows public support for Kadima has dropped by more than 30% since last year’s election.

The other front in Obama’s war is the American public. By blaming Israel for the state of the Middle East and launching personal barbs against Netanyahu, Obama seeks to drive down popular American support for Israel. In building a strategy to counter Obama’s moves, Netanyahu has to keep two issues in mind.

First, no foreign leader can win a popularity contest against a sitting US president. Therefore, Netanyahu must continue to avoid any personal attacks on Obama. He must limit his counter-offensive to a defense of Israel’s interests and his government’s policies.

Second, Netanyahu must remember that Obama’s hostility toward Israel is not shared by the majority of Americans. Netanyahu’s goal must be to strengthen and increase the majority of Americans who support Israel. To this end, Netanyahu must go to Washington next week and speak at the annual AIPAC conference as planned, despite the administration’s threat to boycott him.

While in Washington, Netanyahu should meet with every Congressman and Senator who wishes to meet with him as well as every administration member who seeks him out. Moreover, he should give interviews to as many television networks, newspapers and major radio programs as possible in order to bring his message directly to the American people.

Obama has made clear that he is not Israel’s ally. And for the remainder of his term, he will do everything he can to downgrade US relations with Israel while maintaining his constant genuflection to the likes of Iran, Syria, the Palestinians and Turkey.

But like Israel, the US is a free country. And as long as popular support for Israel holds steady, Obama’s options will be limited. Netanyahu’s task is to maintain that support in the face of administration hostility as he implements policies toward Iran and the Arabs alike that are necessary to ensure Israel’s long-term survival and prosperity.

  • poptoy

    The Kenyan is a MUSLIM. Israel will never be taken by MUSLIMS.

  • Dr. Ben Kirat

    There is nothing new in the article worth reading in full. It is nauseating and lacks any sense of impartiality or human decency. Let’s go back to basics. The Palestinians have given everything to Israel on a platter in the Oslo Agreement and they got nothing in return, but the humiliation of the Palestinians and their leaders, especially Yasser Arafat. Far from the madding crowds of criticising Obama’s policies which are returning the American foreign policy to some equilibrium and with better insight for the future and survival of the USA, especially when its trade deficit is astronomical. Israel’s time has come and gone, and a new politics is emerging to face the 21st century and the reality of the post-cold war period, taking into consideration the Asian rising stars, be it China, India, or others.
    As a solution and to avoid double standards which have been used for decades; only the return to the 1967 borders and the UN resolutions that can save Israel in the long run, and not expansion or arrogance of extremism. Exchanging the settlement areas for Palestinian refugees is the aim of the negotiations and the sweeteners to fool the gullible. Whatever the outcome, the Palestinians will always be the losers.
    Oxford, Dr. Ben Kirat

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/temarch temarch

      Just what is it the so called Palestiians have given to Israel? I have never heard of one thing that they have given except rockets and suicide bombers.

      • Turbeaux

        Well, since their creation out of whole cloth as a propaganda ploy of the Dar al Islam the so-called Palestinians have given Israel never ending jihad in an effort to weaken Israel’s resolve and will until the final assault can come. In reality the so-called Palestinians are the proxies of the Dar al Islam, and the Dar al Islam’s jihad against Israel, like all the other jihads they are also simultaneously pursuing all around the world and in various places, is permanent. It will last until either Israel is destroyed and the Jews annihilated or otherwise until the international Islamic ummah becomes too weak to pursue jihad.

    • seels4truth

      I never thought Oxford was a shool for lower education. If Ben Kirat is a doctor then I question the ease of obtaining that degree. The Arabs have never given Israel a thing. From day 1 the Arabs have been hell-bent on destroying Israel. Israel offered 98% of Judea and Samaria yet the Arabs rejected that plan Given Gaza the Arabs elected Hamas and vowed to never accept Israel. For "MR" Kirat to state that the Arabs (there is no such animal as a "palestinian") gave Israel anything is a blatant lie. And lies are what Arabs are known for. They lied in 1948 and many of the current day refugees believed those lies to their own detriment. Arabs believe they can fight Israel without consequence of losing. It is idiots like Mr. Kirat that perpetuate those beliefs and help keep the Arabs in squalor.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      So if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders then you think:
      Arabs will stop teaching their toddlers genocidal hatred against Jews?
      Mohammedans will discard Mo's Hadith prophecy that the last day (al's judgment) won't arrive until all the Jews are slaughtered by the Mohammedans?
      Hamas will stop calling for Israels elimination?
      Hezbollah will stop calling for Israels extermination?
      The Fatah sponsored childrens TV show 'Pioneers of tomorrow' will finally acknowledge Israel's existence on a map?
      Israel will be able to live without the threat of suicide bombers?
      Iran will put an end to it's weekly 'wipe out Israel' demonstrations?

      Just a few of many questions 'Doktor' .

      I believe the only thing Israel would accomplish by retreating to the 1967 borders would be to intensify all of the above with the bonus of opening up all of Israel to Mohammedan homemade (kaytusha) rocket attacks.

      Furthermore I think you yourself realize this 'Doktor'

    • Michael in the USA

      Dear Dr. Ben Kirat,
      As an American, I must protest your simplification of events. It is asinine to think a weak kowtowing Israel is in America's best interest. A strong democratic Israel will always serve America's best interest. Bringing back an indefensible 1967 border for Israel is neither feasible nor realistic. To the victor goes the spoils of war. Please read about the Ottoman empire. Administrations come and go here in America, but one thing for certain is America's resolve in protecting America and its closest ally in a region rift with not only the wanting of Israel's destruction, but America's as well.

      • Raul M

        No nation, other than the ancient nation of Israel and later again in 1948 with the rebirth of the 2nd Nation of Israel, has ever ruled as a sovereign national entity on this land. A mighty Jewish empire extended over this entire area before the Arabs — and their Islam — were even born!

        Mr. Kirat don't be stubborn and recognize the facts, this is history and we can't deny it. People like you try to make idiots out of the world, we can read and study to better understand the truth. We do not hate the Arabs living within Israel or out of Israel but if you guys really want peace go back to Egypt, Jordan or any other place you guys came from. Maybe we need to sit with each Arab in Israel help them figure out where their roots are.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      If they wanted pre-'67 borders, maybe they should have quit while they were ahead. Besides, pre-'67 there was no Palestine, only Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

    • Raul M

      Kirat, why do you think that returning to the 1967 borders will make things better? Why was Israel attacked on May 15 1948? Was it because of the 1967 borders? Again why in 1956? You very well know that this has nothing to do with land for peace. Israel first became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam! And the first Jewish temple was built in Jerusalem land that you guys claim to be yours. The name "Palestine" was invented in the year 135 C.E. Before it was known as Judea, which was the southern kingdom of ancient Israel. The Roman Procurator in charge of the Judean-Israel territories was so angry at the Jews for revolting that he called for his historians and asked them who were the worst enemies of the Jews in their past history. The scribes said, "the Philistines." Thus, the Procurator declared that Land of Israel would from then forward be called "Philistia" [further bastardized into "Palaistina"] to dishonor the Jews and obliterate their history. Hence the name "Palestine."

    • Victoria

      Did no one tell you NOT to drink the Kool-aid? These people don't want to make peace with Israel. They want to annihilate them. How manys ways can we quote their very words? To ignore their actual words is to invite destruction. These poor souls are being led by a false master: allah! They are taught to hate almost as soon as they are weened. its all they know. You cannot talk them down. Get real!

      • Semper Fidelis

        Just so you know, they also want the death and destruction of America and it's citizens, they don't like us much either! So why would Obama be so against the Israeli people and cling to their enemies' desires, what exactly is he trying to gain, and for whom? This is not any kind of peace effort, but one of war, so what exactly is his true intent?! Israel is and has always been our close ally, and they are in my belief God's chosen people, and the very last people on the Planet that we should be at war with or at odds with. I spent a very long time in the Marine Corps defending our way of life in more than one conflict or war at the discretion of our President and Congress at the time, not that Obama really needs Congressional approval to commit our forces to war, he has proven that! Israel is the only country on Earth that I would have absolutely refused to go against, but would have lain down my weapons and accepted whatever punishment that warrants. I would never lift my hands against them because of my fear of the Lord's own retribution.

    • Semper Fidelis

      Anyone who thinks that Israel should return to the '67 borders is an idiot and no friend of Israel nor the Jewish people. The very best thing the Arabs and Palestinians could have done to begin with was to have left Israel alone and not lost their lands to them. All countries in the middle east should take heed, but some peoples don't seem to learn their lessons very well. Israel owes the Palestinians nothing, the land is now the sole property of Israel. The Israeli people are not an occupying force, they are living on their own soil. Palestinians should be grateful that they are being permitted to live there as well, especially considering their own Arab 'brothers' turned them away and denied them land to build their nation upon. As it is, the Palestinians and all other countries in the middle east want nothing less than the total destruction of every Jew on the Planet, this is more than obvious. They shout it in the streets and even teach it to their young children, they fill them with hatred, and even have summer camps to brainwash and train them that their goal in life is to kill Jews. And you people want to embrace them?!

    • Semper Fidelis

      When Obama states that "We believe that Israel should return to the pre-1967 lines…", exactly who is "We", because this is clearly not the desire of the majority of Americans. He has us headed in a very ugly direction and quite frankly, I do not believe for a second that he has the Nation's best interest at heart in this matter. In fact, I have no idea who he is serving when it comes to his recent ultimatum, but it is not the American nor the Israeli people, and it's pretty damn scary that so many people are so duped or are turning a blind eye to his actions! For an American President to make such outrageous demands is simply insane! Much of our own country was taken by force as well. So, are we prepared to just give up California, Texas or parts of the desert southwest where our conquests expanded our borders, should one of our allies demand it as the right thing to do?! Quite recently we promised Israel once again that we would never ask that they return to the pre-1967 borders, every other President has confirmed this, even Obama, however, he has great difficulty keeping his word on anything.

    • Semper Fidelis

      If Israel falls, as he is setting them up to do, we may well be next. Then again, by the end of the 6-Day war, Israeli borders expanded greatly, so who is to say that is won't happen again and all the surrounding countries become annexed into a much larger Israel, with God's help. We should always be there for our true friends instead of alienating them one by one as Obama in his ignorance is doing. He has just put demands in motion that may well have our own troops in and around Israel to protect Palestinians while they continue their on-slaught of hatred and murder of the Israeli people. This was an extremely stupid act on his part, and by God we expect and deserve better of our President and Commander-In-Chief than supporting terrorists!! We need to wake up America and return to the values that made our Nation great and kept us free for more than these past two centuries, because our freedom is seriously losing ground under the current administration.

  • Ze-ev ben Yehudah

    If it is not your enemy who wants you from the face of the earth then it will be you so called
    friends who sneak in the back door and put a knife between the shoulder blades
    Mr Barak Hussein Obama and you leftis friends I don't trust you anymore.Mr Jimmy Carter
    will hold up the noose and you and your gang will put our heads in it and pull the cord.

  • von Starkermann

    Dr. Ben Kirat is non other than Hussein Ben Kirat. A Palestinian who cannot figure what is up is up and what is down is down. If you believe his drivel, then you are indeed a sick person.

  • Turbeaux

    Even UNSCR 242 rejected the indefensible 1949 armistice lines as becoming the permanent borders of Israel, and anyone with at least half a brain knows already that the right of return for millions of hostile Muslims represents the immediate end of Israel. However, Obama in his hatred of Israel and zeal to ally with Israel and America’s mutual Muslim enemies eagerly supports both actions. Which is what happens when an anti-American Marxist gets elected president.

  • jbtrevor

    If Netanyahu can wait until November 2010, he will be joined by an overwhelming majority of Americans who support Israel, will elect a sane House & Senate the profess to guard Israel's (&America's) back and drive this nightmare of a President out.

    I believe Obama is setting the sta

  • jbtrevor

    I believe Obama is setting the stage for a forced 'right to return' supported by the US Military. UGH

  • Joy

    I was disappointed in the extreme to read recently of Gen. Petraeus' (ignorant) remarks about Israel and construction of Jewish homes in their own damn land! It just shows that PC crap and stealth jihad are creeping in like locusts everywhere in our gov't and in our society at large. We have the biggest damn fifth column since Roosevelt's days as POTUS!! Israel and its friends – Jews & non-Jews alike – around the world need to hold firm. If we look carefully at the face of our more immediate enemy – BHO – what we see is a Marxist ideologue and puppet of more powerful and more evil forces. But if we can unmask him to the rest of the world – including all Americans – and expose his unholy alliances among Israel's most insidious enemies (many of whom reside in the West and in the USA), then we might have a fighting chance of clarifying who are the good guys and who are the ones who wear those black hats.

    • Jim C.

      Gen. Petraeus's sensible and mature remarks are those of a man trying to protect his men in harm's way from the careless actions of Netanyahu and are entirely in keeping with Obama's sensible and mature remarks. That you call it "stealth jihad" shows an unprincipled lack of respect for your nation's leaders.

      Tell us more about Obama's "unholy alliances." I love the twisted fictions you guys invent to stay frightened and mad all the time.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

        I wish all those obvious signs the Army overlooked in hassan, because everyone feared for their careers if they did, were just twisted fiction, comrade.

        "unprincipled lack of respect for your nation's leaders?" What's unprincipled about it?

  • http://www.family-4-famiy.com Susan K. Stewart

    "as long as popular support for Israel holds steady, Obama's options will be limited."

    The passage of the health care/insurance reform bill last night proves that Obama cares little about the opinion of the American people. He will push forward with his agenda in spite of popular support for the nation of Israel

  • Paula

    Obama proven last night that he doesn't care what the American people think…about anything. The blinding white rage of the American people against Obama has reached a fever pitch. I was in DC on Saturday and the common theme among many (myself included) is this – they don't care if they get arrested, they don't care if they get shot, they are past caring what happens to them and their only concern is for the future of their country.

    It's time for Netanyahu to speak directly to the American people and to speak to them above the O administration's head. Most pro-Israel Americans do not really know what Obama is up to. Time to put diplomacy aside, stand up and tell the truth! Bebe, are you listening!

    • Jim C.

      It's amusing to think that you imagine our duly-elected president and majority in Congress somehow flouted "what the American people want." Clearly you don't understand this legislation. But what makes it funny is that you imagine America will care what Bibi says in some goofy fantasy of him "speaking directly" to us.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

        Keep telling yourself that 'til November, please. And yes, I understand this legislation perfectly, though just the way it has been 'debated,' written, and passed is reason enough to oppose it. They were already talking of how they were going to make changes to it the next day. Obviously, the already ridiculous financing (talk about twisted fiction, lol) of it has gone out the window, because they are making assurances that it will now be frontloaded for the ’12 election.

        It will destroy private health care in this country, seize what control they don’t already have of 17% of the economy, and prop up their social security and medicare ponzi schemes another five to ten years while they loot it.

        Social security is in the red 9 years before they said it would be. The only reason medicare isn't further in the hole, is because they have been shorting providers on it, and the providers have been passing it on to their paying customers, like my health insurance company and myself.

        The problem has never been that most Americans don’t understand it, it’s that we do.

  • Richard

    People of all faiths must rise up against Obama. Is giving aid and comfort to America's allies's enemies treason?

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    The best Israel's weapon against Obama is to acknowledge illegitimacy of Obama.

    Obama/Soetoro's presidency violates the US Constitution for the following reasons.

    1) With only one parent American citizen (the mother), he is definitely not natural born citizen. http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.h

    2) He has never produced any valid proof even of his ordinary citizenship.

    3) His Indonesian citizenship relinquishes his natural born citizenship even if it were valid at his birth.

    4) He is a felon, a social security fraud. His social security number belonged to a dead person and starts with digits 042 assigned to the state of CT where he never resided.

    Therefore he has to be prosecuted as a felon – if America is still a nation of laws…

    The following open letters address these issues in more details:



    • Joy

      When the Fraud-in-Chief is out of office – either through impeachment or just at the end of his FIRST TERM – all these annoying details will be explored & exposed – and Dr. Evil's totally fraudulent persona will be dissected and discussed for years hereafter. This is information that will NOT go away – and the entire world will finally know the Truth. It will certainly be a blow to everyone who's believed this total fraud, but the Truth will eventually will out (although maybe not in my lifetime – rats!).

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        You wrote: " – either through impeachment or just at the end of his FIRST TERM -"…

        It will be a shame, a dishonor forever to allow the fraud to stay his full term! It is a matter of principle to prosecute him for his crimes – and to save the face of our (former) great nation! The honor of our nation may be saved by one judge, by one Attorney General ready to pick the American Grand Juries indictments of 2009, or the cases of Dr. Orly Taitz. The fact that no such person has yet stand up speaks volumes by itself about the grade of demise of our nation.

        • Jim C.

          He's a two-termer, for sure. Bet on it.

          And I encourage you to keep trying to prove his "illegitimacy."

          • Joy

            Well, a little bird tells me that BHO’s college records at Occidental may soon be relased to the public – and an interesting factoid contained therein: Barry Soetero/Barack Obama, Jr. applied for scholarship aid as an “international student” – NOT an American citizen! Rather suspect that the “international” part was based on his adoption by Soetero when he married BHO’s mother and they lived in Indonesia; but, again, the facts will soon be (or are promised to be) revealed. So, was he lying? This info, of course, does not necessarily reveal place of birth, but it may reveal that he abandonned his USA citizenship, since one or both countries involved did NOT accept “dual citizenship” at that time. This will be a fascinating case in civics, if nothing else…

  • Gary Lee

    M., 03/22/10 common era

    It should be elementary that in bargaining, there must be a quid pro quo. O.k., so what, if anything, have the Palestinian Arab refugees done to establish peace? They have promised to cease and desist with inciting their children with anti-Jewish vitriol that would have been welcome in Nazi Germany; and yet, I read that that incitement continues to this day. Israel is going to have to do whatever is needed for Jewish survival worldwide. Let us hope and pray that G-d will very soon assert Himself to protect my Jewish brothers and sisters worldwide and to also protect all Gentile
    folks who love Him, His Torah, and his Chosen People.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/HereticsCrusade Guy DeWhitney

    Well, this is about all I have to say to ALL the elected fools in DC:
    WHERE the hell is the Pro-Humanity lobby let alone the Pro-Israel lobby?
    Am I missing stories here about how the MSM is boycotting repoting about press conferences denouncing this kind of thing by significant moderate and conservative voices in Washington?
    Is ALL of Congress playing at Chamberlain in 2010?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/HereticsCrusade Guy DeWhitney

    There is another reason that probably drives the rest. Obama needs to be seen to have DONE SOMETHING. In his Marxist/anti-Semetic world I truly beleive he DOESN"T SEE how out of tune he is with reality. He is used to pretending that IF he had power all would be sweetness. Now he has it and he is getting VERY petulant about his dreams not coming true.
    By the way, I like your balanced analysis of things. Not a lot of Partisan in your genetics I guess. :)

  • lovezion

    There is nothing new in the article worth reading in full. It is nauseating and lacks any sense of impartiality or human decency. ANSWER: I can swear this refers to the palestinians!
    *The Palestinians have given everything to Israel on a platter in the Oslo Agreement and they got nothing in return, but the humiliation of the Palestinians and their leaders, especially Yasser Arafat. ANSWER: They've given Israel nothing but expenses to support them. They have no dignity so they couldn't feel humiliated, especially in front of their bloody "leaders".
    *Israel’s time has come and gone, and a new politics is emerging to face the 21st century and the reality of the post-cold war period, taking into consideration the Asian rising stars, be it China, India, or others. ANSWER: [Go to next msg pls.]

  • lovezion

    You must be non-Jewish to believe that "Israel’s time has come and gone"!!! Israel and all Jews are here forever. Soon Israel will become much more empowered than ever and will charge against its backward cutthroats once and for all!
    *As a solution and to avoid double standards which have been used for decades; only the return to the 1967 borders and the UN resolutions that can save Israel in the long run, and not expansion or arrogance of extremism. ANSWER: Heyyyyy, again you are referring to you and the palestines by saying "double standards"! Hah, you don't know the Chosen People of Israel!
    *Exchanging the settlement areas for Palestinian refugees is the aim of the negotiations and the sweeteners to fool the gullible. Whatever the outcome, the Palestinians will always be the losers. ANSWER: Heyyyy I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Listen Mr. doctor…what are you doctor of?

  • Tori

    I just want to say to Israel, as a citizen of the United States, I am sorry for the actions of our leaders and ask you to forgive us.

    • white man

      just want to say to Israel, as a citizen of the United States, I am sorry that Nazi Germany did not get to kill all of you S.O.B

  • jalolo

    All i would want to say is,Its time for american foreign policy to change because the USA has suffered much cz of its pro-stance towards Israel…..The jews will always remain a menace to the world…So Obama way to goo….All hats off.The jews will share their end with the devil for they are none the less….

    • white man

      i am not a obama fan . but the poop with the jews in the U.S.A got to stop .
      to hell with Israel and the jews

  • David J. Etzel

    To go against Isreal is to go against God. It is Isreal's land so they can do whatever they want with it.

  • Charles M.

    The Creator of ALL has simply stated Israel shall have this land and no one else. I do not have the right to demand Israel give this land away. I have the obligation to support the rightful owners … Israel. I also have the privilege and responsibility to pray the Palestinians welfare.

  • Rick Fisk

    Amazing that there are idiots who believe that Israel, a nuclear power, could be threatened by giving land back to its rightful owners. Israel must be the weakest nation on earth if it is threatened by this.

  • Rick Fisk

    "To go against Isreal is to go against God."

    Thus, if Israel murders innocent people, it is with God's blessing.

    • white man

      and you are a dipshit

  • Al Best

    Israel will survive the likes of Obama, who has made it clear that his childhood
    in a Muslim home lives with him. Let's hope that Americans' strong feeling for
    Israel overcome Obama's dislike. Am Yisrael Chai.

  • Joy

    Between White Man, Jim W(?), Dr. Kirat, Rick Fisk and others of their anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist ilk, it’s obvious that blind and inscrutable hatred of the Jews remains as virulent and evil a force as ever; but throughout the Jews’ nearly 6,000 years of history (4,000-plus longer than Islam, BTW), they have always faced what has seemed like totally unsurmountable odds – and yet, with all that has been arrayed against them, they have survived. And I have every faith that they will continue to do so. The present-day Arab Muslim states are only the latest in a long list of ultimately vanquished & vanished nations that tried to obliterate the Jews, but failed. Ancient history is full of those long-forgotten names of ancient states (as are also in the Bible); and in the relatively modern era, neither the Arabs’ many wars of agression, the Spanish Inquistion, the Nazi Holocaust or the Soviet Gulags have achieved their evil goals – although, with a sad heart, we continue to mourn the untold misery and heartache they inflicted that still deeply pains Jews even unto this generation. We will NEVER forget, but we vow, ‘NEVER AGAIN!!”

  • http://www.riannescorner.com/ rianne's corner

    I am for Israel! That is the territory where this nation was formed and will live there forever and no enemy will ever defeat them and make them leave the place where their ancestors were born and buried

  • http://jessica.journalspace.com/ the elemental river

    Israel’s time has come and gone, and a new politics is emerging to face the 21st century and the reality of the post-cold war period, taking into consideration the Asian rising stars, be it China, India, or others

  • chandruuu

    obamas wars on ISRAEL was not necessary.thats their will and wish

  • http://www.condohotelsplayadelcarmen.com/weddings/index.php weddings playa

    really Obama is doing good job I agree that he is the one person who change the U.S.A

  • SealofGod

    Isreal is Gods land and his people inhabit that land.America will come under judgement by God because we are one body through Christ.Obama will light the torch to our demise.

  • Guy

    When will the entire world, especially Jewish people everywhere, finally wake up and realize Barack Obama is an enemy to Isreal and Jewish people everywhere. Obama is a mulsim at heart and this he is showing to the world. To Jewish people everywhere, STOP supporting this charleton who deceives you as if he is your friend – he is not! Stop sending him your money and stop giving him your vote.