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Global Warming Fearmongers Offer Further Proof Of Widespread Alarmism

Posted By Chris Queen On November 30, 2010 @ 7:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

The radical environmentalists are at it again, bringing their joy-killing alarmism to the Yucatan’s party capital. This year’s Climate Change Conference is being held in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Last year’s highly touted conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was, in a huge irony, blanketed with four inches of snow during the final day of the conference.

Having brought their show to Cancun (presumably when no college students are there to party the night away), the global warming killjoys have naturally started parroting their message of worldwide environmental apocalypse and the socialist (or at the very least statist) policies that naturally must follow to stem the tide and prevent the proverbial sky from falling.

A common notion at the conference is that the damage has been done and that it’s too late to stop the apocalypse that is bound to take place. Naturally, these predictions of global ecological disaster come with insanely hyperbolic statistics. One declaration from the conference was that 3 billion people will be without clean water over the next 90 years due to a temperature increase of 2-4°C (or about 3.6-7.2° Fahrenheit), all made possible by our evil, carbon-producing lifestyles, as well as our failure to fall hook, line, and sinker for the draconian changes suggested at Copenhagen.

Climate change scientists believe that a mass global movement to “decarbonize” human activity in order to stay below this temperature is virtually impossible, especially after the UN climate talks in Copenhagen failed last December.

Another prediction out of the Cancun Climate Change Conference is that a billion people will be left homeless as the result of failure to adopt measures to counteract global warming. This time, the alarmism is even greater, with a predicted 4°C increase coming within 50 years, not 90, along with melting ice sheets and higher sea levels. In addition to the certain environmental disaster, there is a bizarre political problem to come, according to these climate change scientists (who apparently deem themselves political scientists too).

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