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NEA to Teachers: “A” is for Alinsky- The Building Blocks of Education

Posted By Chris Rowan On September 21, 2010 @ 5:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

David Aikman of Townhall.com posted a 1-minute podcast commentary today that should be of great interest to conservative moms and dads out there – “Alinsky: In Your Child’s Classroom?

According to Aikman,

. . . the nation’s largest teacher organization, the National Education Association, has sent an email to all its teacher members advising them to use Alinsky’s teaching in educating their students – OUR children and OUR grandchildren.  Considering that one of Alinsky’s ethical principles was that the end justifies the means, American parents ought to think long and hard whether they want their children brainwashed by followers of Alinsky.

This is, of course, old news to some.  WorldNetDaily posted an excellent article about this back in November 2009 titled “NEA raves to teachers about Alinsky ‘guidebook’.” It is well worth your while to read the entire article.  Here is an excerpt:

In ‘Alinsky for Teacher Organizers,’ a 1972 document written for use in training teachers, NEA training consultant J. Michael Arisman explained that Alinsky believed the teacher association’s real power base was in the community. He advocated organizing the community by using the natural interest in the children to send teachers into children’s homes so they could develop relationships with parents.

‘He would assert that if the teacher association is successful in organizing the community for education ends, it would have no problem getting or maintaining its membership,’ Arisman wrote. ‘At the same time, the allies made by a multi-issue association will be valuable at contract time.’ (emphasis added)

In the mind of an Alinsky-ite, the Struggle is All.  Teachers should be organized not to improve their craft or even secure better benefits for themselves, but to increase their political power.  The power thus acquired by a Alinsky-ized teacher’s union can be used as a bludgeon to agitate and aggravate, to “rub raw the sores of discontent,” as Alinsky put it.

This is what should be gleaned from any “teaching method” advocated by Alinsky or any of his followers.  The end game for Alinsky was revolution, and education was just one aspect of American life that he sought to organize in order to achieve his ultimate goal – the radicalization of the American middle class and the transformation of America’s social and economic structure.

Such tactics are divisive, pitting parents against their own children in many cases.  How many parents have been scolded by their children for “wasting” electricity or polluting the planet?  And think of the depths of cynicism one must sink in order to willfully deploy Alinsky tactics in education!  All curricula is evaluated not on the basis of worth (“Is subject X worth teaching/learning?”), but rather on the basis of how the curricula can be utilized to achieve the ultimate goal of “transformational change.”  The insinuation of such cryptomarxist ideas and methodologies by the NEA into our educational system is corrosive to the fabric of our constitutional republic.

What’s a parent to do?

  1. Join your local Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO).
  2. Ask to be placed on a textbook selection committee.
  3. Read your children’s textbooks with them.
  4. Meet with your children’s teachers and ask about their educational background.
  5. Meet with the campus principal and express your concerns about the NEA’s fascination with radical extremists like Saul Alinsky and William Ayers.
  6. Speak out at the next scheduled School Board Meeting.
  7. Insist on a balanced curriculum.  If your child’s teacher shows Al Gore’s ecostatist propoganda film “An Inconvenient Truth,” demand that Bjorn Lomborg’s film “Cool It” be shown as well.
  8. Above all, GET INVOLVED. Your children are well worth the effort.
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