“Iron Man 2″ DVD Sales Are Soaring Success For Conservatism

Click here to buy Iron Man 2 and support pro-American themes in Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood!! Yes, we can celebrate because the DVD of Iron Man 2, a conservative superhero, is currently flying off the shelves, soaring over the one million copy mark on the day it was released (five million at end of week)! It certainly appears that a hero that knows how to combat true (not cliche) evil, can be a great business decision. Maybe Hollywood missed that memo (and the one before that).

Corporate and Middle America, our military and national defense teams, as well as Christians are the usual suspects when Tinsel Town is looking for a standard enemy. Many of us were raving when this film came out, understanding exactly why it would be so successful:

Just like Iron Man, its sequel has all of the elements for a guaranteed commercial success. Acknowledging the fight between good and evil as well as the importance of the free market is something that resonates with many Americans in today’s political climate (and was also proven with the success of the first film). Tony Stark endures as a hip personification of capitalism with his humorous charm and eternal drive for success not to mention interest in national security. Stark Industries has privatized world peace, what could be better?

As I recently discussed, having real world villains and heroes is always going to be a winning combination. Look at the difference in how you feel when you watch Jason Bourne battling our own CIA versus when you see Jack Bauer help take down a terrorist cell. While the Bourne films are exciting from a visual standpoint, movies and shows like 24 are satisfying in a “don’t mess with the free world” kind of way.

Bravo to Director John Favreau and the Iron Man franchise who were able to not once, but twice advocate small government, private enterprise, national defense and wave it in the face of leftist Hollywood.

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