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Generation South Park part 10: When Comedy Meets Terror, America Wins

Posted By Chris Yogerst On October 18, 2010 @ 4:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Comedians have been using humor as a way to comment on serious matters as long as I can remember (and even longer than that). Growing up I enjoyed listening to comics like George Carlin who always called it like they saw it. One didn’t have to agree with everything Carlin said to appreciate how he despised the political correctness common on the Left. There is something about comedy that allows us to say things we are otherwise afraid to say.

Liberal guilt has spread itself so deep that far too many people have lost the courage to stand up against evil if it means the smallest chance of offending “someone else.” After all, the wars in the Middle East are more than a dust up between two sissies in a sandbox. Thankfully we have South Park who is able to use comedy to make certain points that are taboo in Hollywood.

South Park, like Carlin, uses comedy to make harsh social criticisms. Where the series steps further is in acknowledging that true evil exists and needs to be fought. This is something that Hollywood often forgets and assumes that the thought of stopping terrorism is something for the far Right loonies.

Earlier this year, creators of South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker were threatened by a video posted at revolutionmuslim.com. The controversy started with the show’s 200th episode “depicting” the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. This, of course, was reason enough for extremists to threaten death to Parker and Stone, hoping they end up like murdered filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. The show aimed to hit back with a rant about censorship and intimidation, but was silenced by Comedy Central and Viacom who were cowering in fear.

Last Wednesday’s episode took on the guido crowd from New Jersey who has been made famous by the notorious Jersey Shore program on MTV. In a stroke of bad luck usual for the residents of South Park, Jersey had taken over half of the United States and is now closing in on their town.  Complete with orange skin, overworked biceps, gold chains and enough hair products to withstand a hurricane; the garden state’s stupidest and loudest come marching into town.

The locals decide to set up a barricade and stand their ground by arming themselves at the border. The problem is that the number of guidos is uncontrollable and South Park will need help. After being denied assistance from all of our allies, Randy decides to take a drastic measure and reaches out to one of our enemies, Al-Qaeda. Though, Randy’s motivations are not quite what we think.

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