Hollywood Tough Guy Clint Eastwood “Not a Fan” of Obama

It should be of no surprise that the man who played Dirty Harry wouldn’t be carrying water for our celebrity-in-chief Barack Obama. Katie Couric recently interviewed Clint Eastwood about his new film, Hereafter, but also discussed politics towards the end of the video. The actor/director, who has long been one of the level headed people working in Hollywood, expresses frustration with politicians who make good speeches but have no clue how to do their job.

Eastwood was a one term mayor of a small city in California and he left the position because it’s important to have someone else come in. Term limits are something many of us can agree with right now given the current state of Washington. When asked about Obama, Eastwood responded:

I think he is a nice fellow and I enjoyed watching him come along and enjoyed watching him campaign and win the job but I’m not a fan of what he is doing at the moment.

Couric asks him why, he responds:

Because I just don’t think he is governing, I don’t think he has surrounded himself with the kind of people he could have surrounded himself with and he’s doing just what we were talking about. He is having to lay out a certain line and hope people will believe it so he can stay in the position.

At 80 years young, Eastwood is as smart and talented as he has ever been. Continuously rolling out films ahead of schedule and under budget, Eastwood’s storied career continues while he shows no signs of standing for the games Obama is playing. We wouldn’t expect anything else for Dirty Harry.

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