NewsReal Blog Is Looking for Writers Interested In Politics and Popular Culture

Newsreal Blog’s Concession Stand section has grown considerably in the last few months, but we’re not about to let the momentum stop. I am looking for a few more people who want to write about politics and pop culture.

Popular culture is one of the best ways to reach a massive audience. It is also a great way to hook a reader into a useful political discussion. While our entertainment can seem meaningless on its surface, there is always another agenda or motivation.

Writers should be willing to cover a wide range of topics but also be interested in covering a specific beat. For example, we have writers covering Bill Maher, Vanity Fair, The Tea Party (when Hollywood is involved), Jon Stewart, South park, etc. You should be creative and able to put together a focused story that deals with the intersection of politics and popular culture. There is still a lot we would like covered in the worlds of television (Family Guy, Red Eye on Fox News), music, fashion, sports, celebrity culture, literature, high art, as well as the entertainment sections of the New York Times and other publications.

Our writers have a good understanding of the Left and how it uses entertainment to further a given agenda. In addition, they also love pop culture and are equally willing to provide support when something is done right. Finally, writers should be willing to contribute weekly.

We could also use bloggers who are educated on Islam, terrorism, Israel, and anti-Semitism who can look at pop culture with those subjects in mind.

Please use the contact form below to contact myself, assistant managing editor Michael van der Galien, and managing editor David Swindle. Tell us what you’d add to The Concession Stand and where you’ve written before. (Links to writing samples is helpful!) Strong potential bloggers will be provided with applications.

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