Self-Hating Leftist Netflix CEO Opens Mouth, Calls America “Self-Absorbed”

When a celebrity comes out and proves how narrow minded and ignorant they are it comes as no surprise. Sean Penn and Oliver Stone sucking up to dictators again? Yawn. Michael Moore is spewing neo-Communist poison over his audience again? So what else is new? However, if the CEO of a major company that benefits from the American Dream opens his mouth about Americans who pay for their product, it should by all means be something positive.

We don’t see Apple CEO Steve Jobs saying that people buying his computers in foreign markets are better than those in his own country. Jobs is a moderate guy, but he is also a good businessman who provides people with employment across the country. This summer, when the tech assassins were out to destroy the new iPhone, Jobs responded with confidence, “if you don’t like our phone, don’t buy it.” Note that he didn’t  address critics by attacking them.

No, that is what the CEO of Netflix does. Only a so-called liberal could be so ungrateful of their own success.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed what he really thinks of Americans. The company is expanding to Canadian markets and will be offering the country a discount. When asked if Reed thought Americans will want to be treated with the same break, he responded with the following:

How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It’s something we’ll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed.

Americans are self-absorbed and wouldn’t notice what is going on in another country? That must be why we are fighting terrorism on the other side of the globe, right? If we pay any less attention to Canada for any reason it is because they aren’t trying to kill us. Regardless, according to Wikipedia (who knows if this is accurate), Hastings lives in San Francisco…no wonder he thinks America is self-absorbed, he lives in smug central!!

This isn’t the first time Hastings has made a comment doused in unconscious self-hatred. In a 2009 interview, feeling guilty about his earnings, Hastings weighed in on how much other CEOs should pay in taxes:

President Obama should celebrate our success, rather than trying to shame us or cap our pay. But he should also take half of our huge earnings in taxes, instead of the current one-third.

Celebrate success by taking half of it?? Someone should tell Hastings that taxes usually go towards bigger government these days, which hasn’t been helpful as advertised by the Left.  If anyone is self-absorbed it is our current government. It’s time to stop this leftist guilt train and quit treating Americans like they are stupid and selfish. Why does Hastings feel a CEO deserves less, because we don’t have what they have? Talk about self-absorbed.

It’s clear that Hastings has no appreciation for his success. He has told other companies what their leaders should pay in taxes, assuming they don’t earn their keep (and showing unconscious self-disgust). Further, he has called all Americans self-absorbed, which shows us that he also has no respect for the people in his own country. Hastings is trying to appeal to regular folks by attacking CEOs (pretending he “isn’t like the others”) and is now trying to appeal to a foreign market by attacking America (pretending like he isn’t “one of us”). This, my friends, is a business plan right out of the self-hating, leftist playbook.

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