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South Park’s Top 5 Most Devastating Sucker Punches to the Left

Posted By Chris Yogerst On December 5, 2010 @ 3:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Originally published October 10, 2010.

For many, South Park is one of the most important shows on television because of how it consistently punches the left. A few years ago, Brian Anderson wrote South Park Conservatives, which discussed the growing trend that is a new brand of youth conservatism. The politics of my generation, Gen Y, have been discussed at length by myself and David Swindle among others here at Newsreal Blog (Click here to read more). Many of us identify with the show’s countercultural approach to leftist establishment, which has become a societal norm in the form of destructive political correctness.

Before South Park was known for being the irreplaceable social commentators that they are, the show was seen by many as useless toilet humor. Today, it is known for powerful messages that are thinly hidden underneath lowbrow humor. Even in the early seasons we can see the makings of the series we know and love today.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a keen eye for calling out BS when they see it. In addition, they also have the courage to stand against any threat to our freedoms. Earlier this year, the show made waves by taking on a radical Islamic group in New York City who threatened the show’s creators after they depicted Mohammed in a bear suit. Unfortunately, the show was censored by the once unafraid network Comedy Central. To this day, you cannot see “episode 201” at SouthParkStudios.com, where every other episode can be seen in full.

The tenacity of Parker and Stone, as well as willingness to lampoon even the most powerful politicians and celebrities is why so many have continued to appreciate what these guys bring to the table each week. In the subsequent pages, I will discuss my five favorite episodes that ridicule and take down the Left, in only the obscene and hyberbolic fashion that South Park has perfected.

Warning: videos in the following pages contain foul language

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