Upcoming “Bourne” Film Will Likely Neglect That Real Enemies Work Better

The action genre has long provided a safe zone for conservatives. Where else could Jack Ryan, John McLane, and Jack Bauer do their dirty work? There are plenty of films that depict evil without apologizing for the desire to destroy it. Films like Die Hard, Patriot games, Air Force One, and True Lies work because the enemies are made up of real world, evil villains.

So what can ruin a great action film? Well, one that is riddled with so-called liberal villains (you know, traditional America).  Some popular action films in the last decade, The Bourne Identity series, give us the typical, America-hating, leftist wet dream. This is typical from writer Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three films and is slotted to direct the fourth (The Bourne Legacy).

Most action films work because they depict true evil and seek to destroy it, something the left has yet to figure out.

It isn’t difficult to make a trigger happy action junkie heroic when you put him up against real evil instead of the tired and cliché progressive enemies (American military, government and capitalism). The difference between a forgettable action film and one worth multiple viewings is in the justification of the conflict we are watching. Over time seeing a “hero” attack Americans gets old, however, seeing someone take on the heinous and very real sex trafficking trade provides useful satisfaction. This is precisely the case in Luc Besson’s Taken, a must see for conservatives sick of leftist Hollywood.

The Left even took issue last year with Inglourious Basterds that had a group of vigilante soldiers scalping Nazis in World War II. Since when were we supposed to feel bad for the Nazis? By all means, we should be able to collectively justify (or not cry about) violence against a group who tried to ethnically cleanse an entire race into extinction. The reason the Nazis were a standard bad guy for numerous films over the decades is because no honest human can sympathize with them.

Films like Taken and Basterds have justified violence because the villains are truly evil. Having an American business, government organization, or private enterprise as the enemy is not only dishonest, it’s proof that the filmmaker is terribly misinformed about the nature of evil. That isn’t saying that leftist filmmakers need to embrace conservative ideals, though they could mix up the bad guys in their films outside of the standard capitalist/entrepreneur or American military/CIA/FBI (etc).

America does have enemies, who are real villains, oozing with true evil. After all, Big Business isn’t trying to make the United States “Sharia compliant.” Radical Muslim fundamentalists are, however. If there is any easier way to justify a villain than one who condones the stoning of women and gays, feel free to let me know. Very few Hollywood productions have the courage to depict terrorists as they are in this post 9/11 world. This is what made a show like 24 so great, the creators understood evil.

The Bourne films can be fun to watch (if you can handle the nauseating shaky cam), the series lacks no energy and is extremely fast-paced. This is all spoiled, unfortunately, when we realize that America (our own CIA) is the villain. Why can’t the Left understand who the real enemies are? Why can’t Jason Bourne take on the Taliban? I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

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