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A Canadian’s View of O’Reilly’s Woeful Burqa Comments

Posted By Christine Williams On July 16, 2010 @ 6:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Dr. Jamie Glazov had justifiable reason to state that Bill O’Reilly had “publicly promoted submitting to Sharia Law” in his article entitled:  O’Reilly’s Burqa Betrayal.  He was referring to a debate that O’Reilly had with Laura Ingraham over the French ban of the burqa.  In it O’Reilly portrayed himself as being tolerant and asserted that most Muslim women want to veil themselves. In doing so he demonstrated a flippant and appalling disregard for his own culture, women’s rights globally, and the threat of increasing Islamic Fundamentalism.

O’Reilly’s comments were reminiscent of what Ahmed Rehab of CAIR told Megyn Kelly back in  Dec, 2007 concerning the honor killing of 16-year-old Aqsa Pervez: Islam gives women the choice of wearing or not wearing the hijab.

Following the announcement of the French ban, it didn’t take long for Islamic Fundamentalism to rear its menacing head:  Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb issued a statement vowing to “seek vengeance against France.”  

Let’s get this straight.  Vengeance against France?  A democratic sovereign nation?  All the more reason why this insanity must be challenged with a call for all Western nations to issue such a ban in protection of its cherished values, and in defense of women’s human rights everywhere.  It is this fundamental zeal that lead to the murder of 16-year old Aqsa Parvez for her refusal to wear the burqa.

France has more than ample reason to view the veil as a gateway to extremism, along with Belgium and Spain which are working on similar bans.    How could Bill O’Reilly have missed the implications of the deep symbolism of the burqa, which is forced upon women globally to keep them in subjugation?

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