American Taxpayers Dole out for Manipulative Ground Zero Imam’s Expensive Tour

As if the Ground Zero mosque venture wasn’t enough, now American taxpayers are footing the bill for the imam behind it to take an expensive Middle East tour to “Americanize Islam.” Feisal Abdul Rauf is exceedingly victorious these days, courtesy of Obama for his endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque and to the State Department for sending him on the estimated 16 thousand dollar trip.

Said Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham:

I think there is no place for this. Can you imagine if the State Department paid to send me on a trip anywhere? The separation of church and state — the critics would have been howling.”

The trip is Rauf’s fourth American sponsored tour to the region according to the State Department.

Appalling preferential treatment for a man that has condemned America for the tragedy of 9-11:

I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.

Next, he further blames America for provoking insane radical Muslims but deceptively takes cover behind “many Muslims in the Middle East”:

If a suicide bomber intentionally takes the lives of innocent people, he is obviously guilty of terrorism. By contrast, if the United States and its coalition forces drop bombs on the wrong buildings in Baghdad (or any other city) and the bombs kill hundreds or thousands of innocent people, including many women and children, we define this as collateral damage, not terrorism. We draw this distinction because we had no intent to kill civilians. …By contrast, however, many Muslims in the Middle East look primarily at the result of our actions. … The result is a common view in the Middle East that the U.S. is perfectly willing to kill innocent civilians when it suits America’s goals.

Inherent in radical Islam is an absence of logic and a proficiency at playing the victim to further its agenda through propaganda. It is a culture of violent instigation, oppression and death that is perpetrated not only against the West but among fellow Muslims globally. Radicals need no provocation to hate and murder, yet leftists typically retreat into self blame and enable their cause.

As Rauf advances such reasoning and the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque, he is supported by many co-religionists and anti-American leftists who actually believe that the venture is a friendly promotion of interfaith dialogue and an olive branch of peace. Two outspoken Canadian Muslims—Tarek Fatah (Founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress) and Raheel Raza—who have been resisting the Islamization of North America warn about this project: Continue reading …

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