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Calling for Another Holocaust: A Canadian Extremist at Large

Posted By Christine Williams On July 28, 2010 @ 5:20 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

A Web host in Arizona struck down the websites of a Canadian extremist calling for the genocide of Jews. GoDaddy removed them after they received a complaint from Canada’s Attorney General Rob Nicholson about vicious anti-Jew content. The site was used by Mississauga’s Salmon Hossain who also encouraged terrorist attacks against the West and cheered on the murders of Western troops in Afghanistan. Back in July the Ontario Provincial Police charged Hossain with promoting genocide against the Jews in the first of a kind such charge in Canada.

Salmon Hossain is a Bangladeshi-Canadian, who fled Mississauga for South Asia before the police investigation was finished. He remains at large. Police had been investigating Hossain for two and a half years following reports about his despicable online posts. Those messages described his enjoyment of “watching the blood flow from Western troops” and calling Jews the “most treacherous nation on the face of the earth”. He asserted that ” Jews and the West must be nuked” and declared “the destruction of the West is the only way to exterminate the Jews.”

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Radicals with no conscience are obtaining Western citizenship, and with no qualms call for the bloodshed of innocent citizens while pointing the accusatory finger at Western foreign policy for ‘invading’ their lands, and actually rousing Leftist sympathies in so doing. The left refuses to question the reasoning behind the incessant bloodshed from Muslim on Muslim violence in those very lands. It is nauseating that the likes of Hossain is deemed a Canadian.

As violent Extremists like Hossain continue to operate and rally up Jihadists with the support from the left there is reason for Israel (and those who appreciate the tenets of democracy) to heighten its vigilance, now more than ever that Western politicians and governments are pandering to radicals. This includes the Obama administration that has sunk so deep in the mire, it has prompted a Freedom Center T.V. Ad Campaign on Obama and Israel of which David Swindle urges all to support.

Just before Go Daddy shut down Hossain’s site he posted:

it makes very little difference if they try and take down the server as I am moving it to another country’s server where it will be much more difficult to take down and where they really and truly hate Jews.”

Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress couldn’t have issued a better warning for all of us to heed:

“Auschwitz did not begin with gas chambers, but with words.”

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