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Heterosexual Sex Blamed for Subjugation of Women

Posted By Christine Williams On November 12, 2010 @ 5:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

The predictable strategy of far Left feminists when challenged by conservatives for their absurd ethos is to levy public personal ridicule to divert attention away from the real issue. This debased tactic isn’t just a leftist mania in the Americas;  it’s ubiquitous and took a bizarre spin in Germany this week.

Alice Schwarzer–a hardcore, ultra-feminist in Germany– attacked Conservative Minister Kristina Schroder for simply being challenged about her confused views.  Schroder –who was recruited by Angela Merkel to become the youngest woman ever in German cabinet–was deemed  “hopeless and incompetent”  for disagreeing with Schwarzer’s shocking remark that  “heterosexual sex was hardly possible without the subjugation of women.”

Now this raises a couple of questions:  Does real womens’ liberation translates to lesbian sex, or otherwise, a vow of chastity? And did anyone suspect that radical feminists were man-haters?

Conservatives should not even be asking questions.  Conservatives are supposed to subjugate themselves and shut their mouths, or otherwise face the wrath of over-the-top radical feminists, like Shroder did when she decided to exercise her freedom of speech and simply disagree with Schwarzer by advancing the logic:

It’s absurd to define something that is vital to the survival of humanity as subjugation.

And that…..

she was unconvinced by the feminist argument that rejecting heterosexual relationships in favour of homosexuality was a “solution to the disadvantage to women”

Schwarzer, who is twice the age of Schroder, thinks Schroder’s stance is outdated.  And it didn’t take long for other lefty feminists to start beating up on Schroder either, twisting her position to mean that she is anti-woman and anti-progressive:

Renate Künast, Green party candidate for Berlin mayor, said she was “flabbergasted” by Schröder’s views, which she said were “crude” and “fuddy-duddy”.

“Crude and fuddy-duddy? That’s more descriptive of Schwarzer’s warped views, and there’s more:

Manuela Schwesig, deputy chair of the Social Democrats, said Schröder “should be reminded that at the start of the 1970s, women still needed written permission [from their husbands] to take a job. Without the feminist movement,  Schröder would not be a minister today.”

When and where did Schroder declare that she was against equal rights for women?  If it wasn’t for the destructive influence of far leftist feminist ideology on our social and political fabric,  Schwarzer’s insantity could be written off as fodder for stand up comedy.  But the fact that such balderdash could be so brazenly and publicly asserted is telling. It is an indication of how far left feminists have advanced in Germany and should serve as a clear warning to all of us as we too battle the ideologies of this sinister sisterhood in North America.

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