The Professor’s Islamist Call to Battle

Sherman Jackson, also known as Abdal Hakim Jackson, is a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan.

Jackson specializes in Islamic law and has written and spoken extensively on the subject. Soon after the

September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks, Jackson took the line popular among apologists, stating at a September 2001 University of Michigan Teach-in titled, “Terrorism: A Perversion of Islam,” that “the killing of innocent peoples is forbidden by the law of Islam and it has been from the beginning of Islam.”

But it turns out that not only is Jackson an apologist, he an outspoken proponent of the Islamist subversion of Western civilization.

Jackson made this abundantly clear at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit – 8th Convention in Toronto, Canada in December 2009, as a participant in the panel, “The New We: Muslims in Future of Western Society.” Jonathan Usher, who attended and wrote about the conference for Campus Watch, described Jackson’s speech as nothing less than “a call to battle.” As he put it, “It had little to do with peaceful co-existence with the West, but was an exhortation for Islam to dominate the West.” According to Usher, Jackson

…believes that the Muslim and Western worlds are in conflict and competition, and that only one can end up dominant. Put simply, he wants to replace Western culture with Muslim culture.

…Jackson expressed a desire to be included in American society—but not if any sort of cultural sacrifice were required. He said that adapting to Western culture would lead to being a Muslim in name only and advocated defining America by Muslim standards and imposing cultural and intellectual supremacy. He urged Muslims not to follow Western cultural authority, but rather to achieve their own cultural authority from the inside, as part of the system.

…Lastly, to cheers, he said that his primary commitment was to Allah, not to America.

Moreover, Jackson has a history of making such radical statements.

He co-authored a 2000 online book titled, American Public Policy and American-Muslim Politics and published by the Chicago-based International Strategy and Policy Institute, whose mission is to “promote the correct understanding of Islam and Muslims in the United States.” Jackson’s coauthors were DePaul University Director of Islamic World Studies Aminah Beverly McCloud and State University of New York at Binghamton professor and director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies Ali Mazrui. McCloud  is a former board member of the Chicago branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a follower of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, while Mazrui’s bio notes that he is “one of the first to try and link the treatment of Palestinians with South Africa’s apartheid” and has also “argued that sharia law is not incompatible with democracy and supported its introduction in some parts of northern Nigeria.”

In the chapter, “Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the United States,” Jackson cites the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s influential theories about altering societies not through politics, but through cultural and educational institutions. Jackson proposes that American Muslims approach the “difficult task of penetrating, appropriating and redirecting American culture” in order to “influence the legal order in America.” As he puts it:

…it should be understood that once this is done, there are no Constitutional impediments to having these laws applied in the public domain. Muslims must be vocal and confident in articulating the public utility underlying the rules on things like riba [usury], adultery, theft, drinking, contracts, pre-marital sex, child-custody and even polygyny. This should all be done, however, in the context of an open acceptance of American custom (urf) as a legally valid source in areas where the shari’ah admits the reliance upon custom.

As for the gradual acceptance of the more horrifying aspects of Sharia law, Jackson notes that “it would be foolish to deny that the prospects for American acceptance of such institutions as stoning, or flogging or amputation are virtually nil, at least for the foreseeable future.” But he concludes on a note only an Islamist could find comforting:

…notions of what is cruel and unusual, of what is barbaric, of what is draconian (which is the real basis upon which America rejects these punishments) are a function of culture, not law. It is only through changes in American culture that American attitudes towards such things are likely to change. Thus, in the end, as in the beginning, we are brought face to face with the inextricable connection between American culture and Muslim self-determination. May God grant us the courage and the vision to rise to the task before us.

This call to gradually replace the liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution with seventh century notions of justice is both frightening and morally repugnant.

Despite a record of expressing such extreme views, Jackson has made a name for himself as a moderate and a reformer. His success in this charade stems in part from his willingness to break from his peers and  publicly discuss Islamic terrorism, its theological underpinnings, and the need for related reform. An article in the Wesleyan Argus quoted a November 2007 Jackson speech on “Jihad, Terrorism, and Modern Violence” at Wesleyan University:

‘Muslims in the West must be active and vocal in their condemnation of current violations of hirabah,’ he insisted, referring to the Sharia law that outlaws any act of publicly directed violence that spreads fear and helplessness. According to Jackson, hirabah more than covers today’s conception of terrorism. He discussed the moderate Muslim unwillingness to publicly decry acts of terrorism and attributed it to the desire to not be seen as ‘Uncle Toms.’

But Patrick Poole, writing for the American Thinker in September 2007, calls Jackson’s reasoning and motives into question. He describes Jackson as one of the earliest proponents of the “Islamic lexicon” and, in particular, an advocate for replacing the term jihad with hirabah in discussing Islamic terrorism. Poole and other skeptics allege that, in practice, this is nothing more than a semantic sleight of hand that serves to obscure the legitimization of terrorism within Islam and to further the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization-jihadist process.

Poole notes that Jim Guirard of the Truespeak Institute is the “foremost advocate for this approach,” and that Sherman Jackson is among the scholars he relies upon for his findings. Poole points to an unclassified memo from Pentagon Joint Staff analyst Stephen Coughlin in which Jackson is cited as one of Guirard’s contributors, along with fellow Middle East studies professors John Esposito of Georgetown University and Muqtedar Khan of the University of Delaware. Summarizing Coughlin’s findings, Poole concludes that,

…as Walid Phares and Stephen Coughlin have already revealed, many of the Western Muslim advocates of this new approach are directly tied to known Muslim Brotherhood front groups operating in the US. As Coughlin itemizes, Sherman Jackson is a “trustee” to the North American Islamic Trust, and affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Student Association, the first two of which were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the current Holy Land Foundation terror financing federal trial underway in Dallas, and the last was the original organizational wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The hiraba-jihad terminology has also been endorsed by the Wahhabist Council for Islamic Education and the extremist mouthpiece Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. That is telling in and of itself.

Jackson is also considered an expert on the intersection of Islam and African-Americans (he is himself an African-American convert to Islam). His 2005 book on the subject, Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Towards the Third Resurrection, was reviewed favorably by radical Islam apologist John Esposito, James H. Cone (the originator of black liberation theology and stated inspiration for controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, President Obama’s former “spiritual mentor” in Chicago), and DePaul professor Aminah Beverly McCloud. Beyond McCloud’s aforementioned affiliation with CAIR and the Nation of Islam, she played a pivotal role in influencing Washington, D.C. PBS station WETA’s decision to cancel its airing of the laudable documentary on moderate Muslims, Islam vs. Islamists, in early 2007.

Jackson’s career may be peppered with associations and endorsements from some of the worst apologists and radicals from the field of Middle East studies—and his involvement in the obfuscating “truespeak” movement points to even more troublesome ties with Muslim Brotherhood front groups—but, ultimately, it is his own words that prove the most damning. His stated agenda clearly has nothing to do with moderation or reform; it is quite simply that of an Islamist.

Cinnamon Stillwell is the West Coast Representative for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. She can be reached at

  • poptoy

    He is a Muslim and should be written off. He is UNAMERICAN.

  • Paul Beaird

    When those who were born as human beings are turned by their religion into brutal wild animals and seek the cut of the heads, hands and freedoms of other human beings, they must be treated as wild animals. The religion which infects their minds must not be reasoned with, it must be terminated. Islam must be destroyed, not tolerated.



  • Ken Huffaker

    You like being told everything to do every day, then go back to the backward, Satan worshipping, country you came from and mutilate your own women! We believe in the one God, YHWH the Creator. Not some fly by night god thought up by a pedophile warmonger! If you can't control your libido, mutilate your own sex organs and wear a blindfold. Main thing, get out of the USA!

  • Jon B.

    What is called "Christianity" is actually a perverted version of the teachings of Moses and Jesus mixed with White-Supremacy and Paganism. Stillwell is just another itteration of a long list of irreligous hypocrites.

    • mikidiki

      Would you explain the meaning of itteration? It is not in my dictionary. But neither is your definition of 'Christianity'. You must be a professor of, say, islamic studies or fecal chemistry. Poor Jon B .. shouldn't that be Jon BS?

      • Jon B.

        mikiDIKi.. organized religions primarily refered to as Islam, Christianity and Judaism are gross perversions of their principles by irreligious hypocrites!

        America was founded by and still run by pseudo "Christians" who follow a perverted version Jesus mixed with Paganism. They committed genocide to establish their fake "Christian" nation. They peddle their B.S. to the ignorant masses to keep them in their proper place.

        The "Islamic" leadership with their fat pot-belly Kings are also dominated by hypocrites who seek after ill-gotten gains in conjuction with their fellow hypocrite irreligious "Christians".

        The term "Jew" is often confused as a race when it actually denotes a follower of Judaism but most "Jews" are the same irreligious hypocrites as the Christians and Muslims and they have no business refering to themselves as Jews.

        Stillwell rants and raves about "Islam" but her perspective is just another side to the same coin. Another ITeration in a long line of irreligious hypocrites.

        • Cheryl Mavrikos

          Jon B certainly seems to have a hole in his sloop.

          Must be all that "edjicating" he got sitting in Howard Zinn's Ship of Fools School.

          • Jon B.

            Cheryl are you in denial of the blatant hypocrisy of the "mainstream" religious imposters of today's societies or are you part and parcel? Yank your foolish head out of the mud of ignorance already!

            If Jesus The Christ were to visit America today or tomorrow, he would, with all deliberate speed, condemn the corrupt politicians, the modern day money changers and their "religious" cohorts while the "authorities" and their sycophant scribes and bloggers would swiftly condemn and persecute him. Of course, you would be right their in that same crowd yelping, "Give us Barabas!" Miscreants! Cockroaches!

    • Stephen D.

      Time to get that perscription checked Jon B. Your meds are having an effect on you. Of course, it could be that your medications are given to you by White Supremists that are out to get you.
      We all get it though. Your rantings make this article invalid. There can be no legitimacy to what Ms. Stillwell writes because, never minding the facts in the artilce "Christianity is…perverted." Good job Jon. Glad you're there to enlighten us.

    • aspacia

      Possibly true, according to The Gnostics Bible. However, ad hominem attacks against Stillwell are fallacious. I do not find Stillwell a hypocrite, as she is attempting to protect our secular values, as am I, a Deist.

      All faiths are tolerated in our land, as long as they uphold the law of the land, specifically the Constitution. Clearly, Jackson hopes we will reject our values, specifically our freedoms in favor of Islam; I will fight this to the death.

      Clearly, you missed this main point in Stillwell's thesis, and prefer your childish personal insults.

    • aspacia

      Jon, your ad hominem attacks weaken your claim. Simply use Biblical scripture, some cited, valid historical sources and the Gnostic's Bible would have sufficed.

      Yes folks, there is much paganism in how current Christians celebrate their faith. For example, most Christians celebrate the birth of Christ/Christos on the pagan winter solstice, while in fact, no one is really sure when he was born.

  • BeaB

    So scary to hear from undercover videos how Islamists push into Power, in Europe. Listen to those"moderate Muslems, be warned, don't let them get into government. Let them be here in Australia for at least 10 years, before they can become Australians!!!!!! Don't give them voting rights till then! Give them time to adjust to us, so they will not want to change our culture with there's. Make them integrate, go to our own schools. Forbid Islam here, NOW!! They must integrate not take over, watch how they do it.
    watch all five videos from the same author, watch what is happening right now in the UK. Frightening to say the least!

    • Michael in the USA

      Thank you BeaB for providing that link. I throughly enjoyed watching all 5 parts. Although I commend those "moderate Muslims" for speaking out against Islamist and the Islamization of non Muslim countries; I find it difficult to believe since their basic tenets mandate "war is deceit." In the back of my mind I am always thinking "are 'moderate Muslims' just saying this because the heat is on, and will they further Islam and shari'ah when they have the chance to regroup, attack, and submit their view of Islamist supremacy like they have done throughout the centuries when opportunity presented itself?" I also wonder if in my lifetime whether it will be the United Kingdom of Islam the way things are going all over Europe.

    • aspacia

      BeaB; Sherman is probably a citizen, hence your claim is moot. However, we could demand this acceptance of all new immigrants. This I agree with.

  • Phineas

    So, yet another Black Muslim Racist ,and phony "professor" ,given such a job at a University,gets to spew its racism agaist Whitey and The West,every friggin' day, and will still keep its totally undeserved job?

    Hey Blacks:

    WHAT "Racism"? ("subtle', 'institutional','soft', and other such psychobabble )
    WHAT "Oppression"?
    WHAT "Justice or Just Us"?
    WHAT "Unfairness"?

  • Historyscoper

    Political Islamists in the U.S. should be declared members of a subversive organization and either deported or their passports revoked while visiting Mecca :)

  • Connie

    It seems to me that Jackson , an American born convert to Islam, is a TRAITOR! As much so as John Walker Lindh!

    • Connie

      Wisdom dictates that letters or e-mails could be sent to the University of Michigan complaining about this TRAITOR in their midst! Jackson advocates the gradual eradication of the liberties enshrined in our U.S. Constitution. University professors don’t realize that their liberties would be destroyed too!

  • Crusader

    There is no middle ground , this man is a traitor first and foremost , and an ap[ologist for terrorism . Yet let a republican or democrat , mispeak on anything the least bit controversial , and the hue and cry that follows is as sure as the sunrise , but this ENEMY of the US , this TRAITOR to his country and countrymen ,can spew this islamic filth , get an audience , and get paid for doing it
    And WHERE is the protest , the warning , from our politicians ? Of their infinite pool of self-righteous indignation , WHERE is that now on the issues of National Security ?

    • Connie

      Crusader! You ask where is the protest? Maybe we ordinary Americans have to start protesting via e-mails, letters to editors and letters to the University! The University profs at Michigan will lose their liberties too, if Jackson's approach wins.

      • Crusader

        Indeed Connie , people like this ,hide behind " tenure " …but , tenure is given , and tenure CAN BE TAKEN AWAY .
        And there is no more just cause for it's removal n the case of this traitor to his country .
        Alas , we spend more time covering Tiger Wood's philandering .

  • John K.

    Slavery and stupidity seem to go hand in hand. It's been shown that black African slaves were brutalized by Arab Muslims for a thousand years before Christian slavery entered Africa. Over 60 million black Africans were killed due to Muslim slave ownership and in transporting slaves from Africa. So it seems comical and yeet natural that in America you have blacks again so easily swayed by Islam, their historical slavemaster philosophy. Cultural philosophies of slave-ownership with animist philosophies willing to be enslaved is a match made by nature. The map of Africa today shows that the Islamic north is again spreading into the black-African south. Ignorant cultures will always hate and fear cultures that value intellect and education. The greatest threat to Islam's spread is intelligence. It's sad that Jews have tried to take blacks into the land of liberty and blacks still fall prey to Mulsim mental and physical ensavement, even now.

  • Cheryl Mavrikos

    There is indeed a "Third Jihad" whose base of operations is right here on American soil. It is very troubling that legions of black Americans are gravitating to radical Islam. They ARE "our Palestinians" and in fact share so many of the same negative attributes: Violence in the home, violence in the streets, poor schools, an aversion to personal responsibility, blaming others for problems caused by themselves, inability or rather, unwillingness, to police their own neighborhoods…the list goes on and on.

    There seem to be very few social cures for this pathological ethnic sickness. Thank heavens for the Second Amendment. At least we have the ability to protect ourselves from this menace, so long as one is still allowed to purchase a firearm.

  • steven L

    Under the pretext of "Freedom of speech" he is advising sedition.
    In the US, what MUST count is the Constitution and NOTHING ELSE. Not even the Sharia.

  • Brandi

    FYI: Reviving The Islamic Spirit – May 29th-31st 2010- Long Beach Convention Centre, Los Angeles – California-

  • Brandi

    I left off the website:

    I am not sure, but, this could be the first time they are doing one in California.

  • warner mobley

    The truth is we are hated by the Muslim world. It is not only political correctness, but also
    political madness to hear the words of hatred aimed at the West and not accept them as
    reality. Even the threats of Osama bin Laden were taken from the eighth and ninth chapters of the Koran.

    "When you meet the unbelievers strike them in the neck…. If you do not go out and fight,
    God will punish you severely…Whenever you find the polytheists, kill them, seize them,
    besiege them, ambush them…You who believe do not take Jews and Christians as friends…
    The Hour of Judgement will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them".

    A good muslim is a jihadist. A bad muslim wants peace.

  • Crusader

    Let me know Jon B , the next time you see a christian or Jew suicide bombing , or blowing up an airliner . Mumbai , African Embassys , Shoe bomber , Underwear Bomber , Slaughters in Nigeria , Pirates in Somalia , Genocide of Armenians , Slaughter of Greek Cypriots , Persecution , Rape and Murder of Egyptian Copts , Slaughter in Luxor , DAILY suicide bombings in Iraq , Slaughters in Algeria , Murder and Persecution of Christians in Pakistan , Suicde bombings in Pakistan , Mrder of Budhists in Thailand , Murder of christians in Indonesia and Phillipines , persecution of Bahai in Iran , persecution of Eastern Orthodox Church in Turkey ……IS THIS TGHE WORK OF CHRISTIANS OR JEWS ?????Hindu ? Buddhists ?

  • Mac

    Some religions have their own way of self-destruction: doing nothing. Europe in the 1930s thru Europe today. Look at London now, and Britain's attitude toward Geert Wilders. And in our own high and mighty foundation of democracy, our population is "dancing with the stars" and worshipping "American idols," at least when they're not going ga ga over Lady (?) Ga Ga.

  • Boo Radley

    I noticed how no one here even thought to critically examine any of Stillwell's assumptions. In truth, I doubt that neither Stillwell or any of the other commentators could hold a conversation with the likes of Jackson let alone give a valid critique against what he ACTUALLY said without falling back on good ol' Jim Crow'ism style racist tactics. Thank God White Power is on the wane…

  • lee

    this monkey is funny!!