Funding Hamas

We are $13 trillion in debt. We will be $19.6 trillion in debt come 2015. Yet, the President wants to send $400 million for “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, an area controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. As well intentioned as this offer may be, how can we be sure our money will not be used to fund terrorist activities? Well, we can’t.

If the money given to the late PLO chief Yasser Arafat is any indication, our dollars will be used to fund more terrorist activities and line the pockets of those in charge. Moreover, people have been sentenced to prison for funneling money to Hamas under the guise of “humanitarian aid,” so it’s a bit peculiar that our government would send money under the same conditions. Before one dime is handed over to the Palestinians, Congress needs to do its due diligence to ensure there are safeguards in place to prevent money from being used for terrorist activities.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Mr Barack Hussein Obama,better known as Mr No Brains,is endangering
    the free world with his outspoken sympathys with Moslim exteremists.
    Read the article by Caroline.B.Glick ,
    June 15,2010 / 3 tamuz 5770. "How Hamas rises in the West ".
    It is not surprising that Obama is siding with Hamas.Here's why.
    (this is the head of the article).

    • maria

      Yes he is Mr No Brains and a Muslim. He said it during his visit in Cairo.
      He does everything to support terrorists against the civilized world and free world, represented by Israel and the majority of American citizens.

    • guest

      He is doing what he is called to do. He is a Muslim.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I read all of her articles and am well aware of the Israeli situation, Caroline is
      a blessing for understanding, if only whe was on prime time TV to help educate
      Americans and counter the falsehood of the MSM……..

    • Carolina Don

      The $400 million just makes Obama an enabler for Hammas. IF they need humanitarian aid, they will get it and this will allow them to use their money for weapons.

    • gail

      you should have to live in an area blockaded by the Israelis and see how you get by like maybe the Christians should all be blockaded in Miami and have to get their supplies through tunnels and then we should drop phosphorus on their heads how about them apples you teabagger

  • Landsperg

    Sending money is just another, but more sneaky way of breaking the "blockade", – and by the way, the blockade is not a blockade, but a checkpoint. Hope the American people will use common sense at the next election

  • Tom

    $400 million will help Hamas buy a lot of deadly weaponry – what in the Hell is this idiot thinking?? I know he wants to be King of the World – does he think actions such as this will buy him the crown??

    • gail

      yes better to give it to the Israelis to drop phosphorus on woman and children they are really the worlds terrorist i would like to know how many the usa has killed in its short lifetime got any numbers nuts so or with your pea brain i bet you dont even know your own age…

  • RPG

    I don't understand, does he thinks the "palestinians" like the USA?
    in the 9/11 events they danced like there is no tomorrow.
    they hate america more then they hate israeli's.
    i can't understand the USA government lately, it looks like everything is erasedand he decided to go with the muslims against israel.
    The muslims will not let anyone live as a free man, they'll destory anyone that is not muslim…

    • gail

      and you really are a moron the Palestinians did not fly any of the planes and they did not bankroll 9/11 it was our allies the Saudis so get your facts straight before opening that big fat mouth of yours…

    • Michael

      Not all Palestinians hate America, I am a Palestinian born in America and a Christian. Remember all these things must come to pass, Jesus is on the way!

  • von Starkermann

    The true face of Obama is once again coming out. What bothers me is that so many Jews voted for this man. I wonder if they will vote en masse again for Obama and his Jew hating Democrats?

    • johnnywood

      I was thinking the same thing. I really can not understand the mindset of many American Jews when it comes to politics.

    • Stan Newman

      Obama has more Jews in his government than any previous administration. Isn't it a contradiction to state that so many Jews voted for this man and then say that Democrats are Jew hating. It is either one or the other. I am a practicing Jew and a Democrat and I wonder who the anti-semite is. The funding proposal is for a unity government – but Hamas is excluded because it is considered a a terrorist organization by the US.

  • JasonPappas

    Bush did the same. Condi Rice defended sending "humanitarian" aid to Gaza after the election of Hamas. Shortly after 9/11 Bush refused to call Arafat a terrorist saying that "he is a leader of his state" as if that refuses the charge.

    Two wrongs, obviously, don't make a right. However, we must criticize both sides of the aisle. America and the West are the biggest supporters of terrorism. We directly or though the UN provide the majority of the support for the Palestinians fully knowing that they embrace terror. We rewarded terror. We must face our role in the rise of this institution.

    Sure we deluded ourselves about our actions. We've evaded reality. We never set out to support terrorists. But we have.

    • kid bertha

      Wrong! Our Government did. I did not vote for those idiots!

    • Jim C.

      THANK YOU Mr. Pappas.

    • gail

      we are the terrorist in the world us and the Israelis we are the ones with all the kill power or i guess throwing stones means we shower men women and children with bullets and phosphorus

  • DeadReckoning

    I have questioned the reasoning for sending monies to the Palestine government since 1973. Why, we know it is not being used for the intended purpose, we are aware that the monies will be channeled into programs counter to the United States, and yet we pay and pay. End the madness.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Why is B. Hussein Obama sending money to fund the Hamas terrorist enterprise? The answer may be found in his past associations and his current actions all of which point to a stealth jihadist whose aim is to bring down our country. An excellent exposé is offered by Aaron Klein in his "Manchurian President." We know that Hamas will be using that so-called "aid" not to buy food, but to add to their missile supply in their mission to destroy Israel, and to line the pockets of their government thugs. Why should the United States, with our tax dollars, be complicit in this malevolent endeavor? Suha Arafat, living the high life in Paris, is a perfect example of U.S. aid distribution. As we saw with Obamacare, the will of the people no longer matters. This corrupt Congress, drunk with the power of a one-party system, will join their Community-Organizer-in-Chief in his now evident Jihad to destroy America.

    • Jim C.

      Can the answer be found in Obama's terrorist ties? Oooh, yeaaaah…wait. No.

      The answer may be found in Aid to Palestinians Has Been US Policy for Years, Ding Dongs.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I would approve of sending $400,000,000 to any terrorist country if along with that money we can send Obama on the condition that he can't return for another three years.

    • watchful

      : )

  • MBA NJ

    I voted for the American. Sadly, I have realized that the conspiracy by the Democratic leadership is also treasonous in their agendas which makes any semblance of restoring America as a leader near impossible. For our country to allow corruption at such a high level to go unchallenged, while we discipline unlicensed taxi drivers, day care providers, and teachers, makes a mockery of any use of American as an adjective. Our heroic soldiers who are sacrificing for this unholy agenda of reducing America as a strong nation need to be pacified by truth and an honorable process of remediating this traitorous behavior. We must all hope to avoid civil war, which is what history has told us occurs when usurpers not only do the deed of thievery, but also proceed to drain the nation of its various resources. Where is the FBI for such a Federal crime as stealing the election by all definitions and subverting our government as defined in our Constitution that all soldiers and politicians swear to uphold?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Good questions, I hope there will be good and satisfactory answers………William

  • USMCSniper

    This chimpout in the oval office was born a Muslim, and remained a practicing Muslim throughout his entire youth in Hawaii and Indonesia, all through college at Occidental and Columbia under his Marxist professors, all through law school at Harvard and after until he was 32 years old. Deep down he is an anti semite clandestine Muslim aiding and abetting terrorists. Impeach this traitor.

    • xnylady

      And he he told Egypt [?]… he was a Muslim, is still a Muslim, and will change things to better Muslims in the USA Gov, when he became Pres. Muslims were also his biggest contributors, even when it was done illegally, and nothing was done about it.
      Obama Admits he is Muslim:

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The left gave us this tool and those who voted him in should pay for his
      depredations, I say only Democrats should pay taxes until the National debt
      is gone, that might bring them back to their senses. Impeachment sounds
      just fine with me as long as it's plural, we need to get all of the leftists in
      government and try them for their treason and theft……………….William

  • Mike

    BHO is a sleath Jihadist. No other rational conclusion can be drawn from his actions. He dislikes all that the West stands for.

    • gail

      you must be a teabagger lol and probably are on disability mental im sure lol

  • Raymond in DC

    Obama is only doing what he suggested in one of his "memoirs" he would do in such a crisis – "stand with the Muslims".

    The irony, as pointed out in Gilder's "The Israel Test", is that Gaza underwent its most substantial development in 1967-1987, when it was under Israeli rule. At that time there was little foreign aid beyond what was going through UNRWA. Yet infant mortality went down, average lifespan went up, as did average income, literacy and agricultural production. Israel built up the infrastructure, built schools and health facilities, and handled security, while the market – opening up trade with Israel as well as job opportunities – did the rest.

    Then the first intifada broke out, followed by the arrival of Arafat and his cronies and boatloads of foreign "aid" money; and then everything started going to hell. Count Obama now as just another terror enabler. He's made aggression not just "cost free" but profitable.

  • John

    Bachmann is an idiot! On 2/23/2009, the New York Times even notes that Gaza aid is the same thing BUSH did. Both presidents send the money through non-governmental organizations. Obama is not doing anything new here that the Bush administration did.

    But then again, if she admits to ACTUAL FACTS, she won't get face time on TV and promote herself.

    Is this a Tea Bagging website???

    • Cuban Refugee

      Oh, John, you must have lost your way in your journey to the Huffington Post where, judging from your insult of Michele Bachmann, you will feel right at home. Let me direct you: just keep going left until you hear the ad hominem attacks, viciousness, lies and hatred. When you hear "It's Bush's fault!" and malicious name-calling, such as "retards," "Teabaggers," and "racists," you will know you have reached your destination. Enjoy your sojourn in hell!

    • Rebecca

      Is this a liberal talking hate speech? Oh, it can't be. Face reality, BO is just that stinky as hell and his followers are as well. People like you are the reason this country is going to hell, I'd thank you, but don't appreciate my country being hijacked by the likes of your kind. You people need to quit blaming Bush or Republicans for your failures, they have been many and continue and continue and continue. You are thieves of the American way of life and the hard-earned money of millions. Madoff doesn't have anything on the Democrats and this Administration, stealing, lying, corruption so dark and dingy that satan is ashamed. Let's see now, weren't the demwits in control the last four years of the Bush Administration? Why do you dummies keep leaving that out of the discussion? Look in the mirror!

  • Steve Chavez

    Isn't the Left always screaming that "we need it here for our schools and roads?"

    "Books not bombs?"

    • ajnn

      You mean situations never change? hamas is not more in control and more radical than a couple of years ago when they 1st took over in Gaza?

      What was right a few years ago CAN be wrong now. Please argue based on facts.

      PS: 'tea-bagging' is an anti-gay term that is not acceptable in polite company.

  • Stan

    Mr. Obama is a muslim and he is not stupid he is doing just what he is called to do in thier holy war. First step…… control the money, control the people. I can't wait to see all the Americans (and Europeans) that yelled about tolerance, say (that word) under Shira law. Oh and can we as Americans build a mosque (a muslim embassy) at ground zero to appease tolerance? Ignorance is not bliss America; one nation under God(Jesus)

  • JosephWiess

    No, don't send any money to Gaza, they can either sink or swim on their own. We can't afford to send them any aid when we need the money ourselves.

  • 080

    Here in New York City the money to keep libraries open is about 37 million dollars. The small library in my community serves as (l) a library (2) a computer center (3) an unemployment center (4) a community center (5) a center offering programs for children who flock to it each day (6) a center for children to accustom themselves to computers (7) a center for new immigrants to learn to accustom themselves to America. But the 400 million will go to what??? Schools and hospitals in Gaza. Don't make me laugh.

  • Turbeaux

    Yeah…I agree, Obama and the White House should be charged with supporting terrorism and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for supporting terrorists. I mean why prosecute the HLF, when our president does the same exact thing, but on an exponentially much larger scale.

  • Jim C.

    No difference between Bush's financial support and Obama's–but facts don't matter to yammering twits like Bachmann.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Scared of her, Jim? If this were 2012, and she were the nominee, she would win by a landslide.

      • Jim C.

        Oooh, I'd take that bet, Stephen!

        • Stephen_Brady

          I hope we get a chance to make the wager!

  • Stephen_Brady

    Well-intentioned? The $400 million worth of "humanitarian" aid does not come from good intentions. The Left realizes that Obama … and this year … may be the last opportunity to do irreparable damage to Israel, which is their purpose. Their PURPOSE.

    We can expect to see more actions like this, and I would not be surprised to see the "aid" accompanied by US naval vessels.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I mentioned this and was assured I was a Marvel Comic, but the truth is that
      what we fear the idiot in the White House continues to feed with his outrageous
      conduct and escalating attacks in undermining Israel and America……..William

  • Stephen_Brady

    And, in case you haven't noticed, most NGO's have a distinctly anti-American slant to their "work". Wake up, look at what these organizations actually do, and then come back when you have some real information …

  • joannarobbins

    Michelle Backman reflects the true sentiment of most THINKING Americans. The main stream media has portrayed her as a right wing extremist. She is not. She is a constitutionalist, which is what all Americans should hope for in our leaders. Aiding and abetting a known terrorist organization is treasonous at the least and will aid in the formulation of articles for impeachment of this Muslim usurper.

  • trobaball

    A foreign enemy couldn't do better to sabotage America and Israel, but then again that's exactly what BHO is. He doesn't even pretend to have any pro-freedom proclivities anymore. We are being destroyed by a Venezuela-style communist regime.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Why does he? He's a terrorist enabler. I wonder how much of my tax dollar will
    be in that figure, I hope he does not think that we will just let that happen.
    Congress just does not cut a check for $400,000,000. because a terrorist
    enabler says to do so, well maybe they are also terrorist enablers, we will
    probably know soon enough. In November, remember this along with all of
    the other outrages, think impeachment, think Crusade………………William

  • Len Powder

    This is lunacy! There is NO WAY to assure that the aid will be properly used. We have learned this one million times over. There is only one certain way to insure that graft and corruption do not get rewarded and enriched: DON'T GIVE HAMAS THE MONEY! In addition, at this point ALL FUNDING REQUEST by Obama should be rejected with no explanations asked or offered. He is impoverishing all of us today and our children and grandchildren tomorrow. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • watchful

    The money is enabling this long, long war between the Jews and Muslims, no doubt. It doesn't matter what any other president did or why. It was wrong then, it's wrong now. Pointing out (R) presidents idiocy doesn't make it any less stupid when it is done by a (D) president. Or any more righteous to do it.

    As the tea partyers are desperately trying to "take back America" the (P)'s in power just ignore everyone and everything except their own agenda and they are racing to "get as much done" as they can in the shortest amount of time as possible. A minority of Americans (if you can truly call them that) are cheering them on as the rest of us stand with our mouths gaping in shock, wondering what is going on. Incompetence – treason, incompetence – treason.

    All through the election Obama had his left turn blinker going for everyone to see, but as Americans, we all know that kind of stuff just doesn't happen here. It happens in Latin America. It happens in the middle east. It happens in eastern Europe, but it just doesn't happen here. Well, America, wake up. It is indeed happening here. We've been sold out by those who know better than we what is good for us. It is only for us to shut up and smile as we are led like docile sheep to the slaughter.

    I can't remember when I have ever seen a president on the tube as much as I see this president. He truly is leading us. Every night he leads us further and further left in tiny little increments and then a big one and then tiny, unseen steps. They are throwing so much at us there is no way we can even absorb what he's doing, much less, react. And even when the American Majority has reacted and made it known they don't want
    this, the American people are ignored as though they are of no concern, of no consequence. I guess the planners have not only decided what our politics will look like, but also our religion.

    Call me paranoid but I really am afraid of this government. Very afraid.

  • Deely

    What really gets me is that the whole world has been sending the Muslims in Gaza billions of dollars over the years and they don't have to account for a penny of it, and here Obuma wants to send these same terror instigators $400,000,000. Anyone can see how the world is supernaturally anti-semitic and will do anything to prove that God's word is not true.

    Of all the countries in the world that really do deserve criticism, they get none. Israel does nothing but defend itself and it is endless criticism. Israel is more important than any other country in the world; otherwise why would the whole world be focused on it day and night and putting it under a microscope continually. What other teeny-tiny country has ever gotten this kind of attention for decades?

  • 080

    The President is sending $450 million to Hamas. We have a general training their troops. Meanwhile in New York City the libraries are short $37 million and will have to close their doors on the population most in need of their services. Why can't the President just send $4l3 million to Hamas so they can kill more Americans and Israelis and send the $37 million to New York. He is the most disappointiest of disappointments.

  • Bobbie

    Obama insted should send the money/ support Muslims that are standing up against the terrorist regimes, groups, etc. Obama is not a terrorist supporter or communist! He is just an apologize and bow kind of guy and gets easily intimidated, etc.

  • Tony Sessions

    I guess, if I am truly honest, that my real problem is in the way we fight wars in this modern day. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor we went into all out attack mode and we committed to winning the war and then coming home. Afterwards we began the humanitarian effort to help that country rebuild into a vibrant economy that is one of our … See Morestrongest trading partners in the world. These days, we take fits and starts and never really accomplish anything. I just feel like if there was something that happened that was serious enough for us to send even one battalion of troops to another country in battle mode, then we should be committed to doing what it takes to secure the victory.

  • Tony Sessions

    These days war is about money for big corporations not about bringing peace and freedom. Thousands upon thousands of our military men and women have given their lives for no real apparent cause. In my opinion we either need to go to win or stay at home. Vietnam could have had a much different outcome had we taken the same approach there as we did with Pearl Harbor, instead we lost that war and we continue to use a failed approach in fighting wars to this day. We really need to get back "inside" the box. War is not pretty and it requires a total committment of resources. When the decision to make war has been made then it should mean that "all other" options have been exhausted before that decision was made. It's black and white, we are either in it to win it or we are out of it altogether. America is more committed to the super bowl than they are to the lives of our American soldiers. So no I don't think we should send money to try to buy our way out of this, we should over power that country completely and totally or stay home