Hate-America Heroes

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Noam Chomsky lauds Manning’s “courage” and “integrity,” spinning the Army private’s illegal transfer of secret U.S. diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks as “serving his country.” Michael Moore, who announced a gift of $5,000 to Manning’s defense, paints the imprisoned Army private as “patriotic” and deserving of a “Profiles in Courage” award. “Soldiers’ sworn oath is to defend and support the constitution,” Daniel Ellsberg explains. “Bradley Manning has been defending and supporting our constitution.” The Pentagon Papers leaker dubs the WikiLeaks leaker a “hero.”

Strange characterizations of a goat seen as a hero may not seem so strange to people who remember the 20th Century. The Cold War witnessed numerous turncoats described in such glowing terms.

Journalist Eric Alterman eulogized I.F. Stone in 1989 as exhibiting “a loving patriotism” and “a fiercely independent intellectual ethic.” Within a few years, a KGB general, the Venona cables, and the files of Soviet intelligence pointed to Stone’s longtime work as a lackey for Moscow. Historian Ellen Schrecker insisted in her book, Many Are the Crimes, that American agents of the Soviet Union were “not betraying their country”; they merely “did not subscribe to traditional forms of patriotism.” Speaking for many on the Left, Abbie Hoffman explained in 1980, “No one force is supposed to rule the world. That’s why the Rosenbergs to me were great heroes, and I hope they tried to give secrets to the Russians (I would have).”

This is not merely a matter of intelligent people making stupid mistakes. Alterman, Schrecker, and so many others labeled turncoats “patriots.” This is a colossal error. A lapse in judgment doesn’t account for such extraordinary foolishness. A whole way of looking at the world conditions such a response. Through the Left’s looking glass, down is up, night is day, good is bad—and America is the Evil Empire.

The warped lens pictures a heroic Manning refusing to play the Good German, an idea predicated upon America being Nazi Germany reincarnate. But the United States isn’t Nazi Germany, Barack Obama isn’t Hitler, and Bradley Manning certainly isn’t Claus von Stauffenberg. Getting Bradley Manning wrong stems from getting America wrong. Getting America wrong results in a topsy-turvy conception of patriotism.

A patriot is someone whose love of country is so profound that it generates a willingness to sacrifice for the national good. The opposite of this is not someone too selfish or lethargic to sacrifice for the country’s betterment. It is someone whose hatred of country is so intense that it generates a willingness to sacrifice to undermine it. This is Bradley Manning, whose treachery has undoubtedly undermined his country and his freedom.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    May Bradley Manning and Julian Assange be sentenced to death and burn in hell for eternity! Of course, the reason the Obama administration is ignoring this latest dump of American classified material is because it is hard to be angered by something you agree with.

    • bill

      Government lives on secrets –keep everyone in the dark so to speak. Letting crimials and drug dealers loose, Arabs view of Iran, and on and on, would have been good to know when I voted last.

  • stephencuz

    What should be kept in mind is that an official notice has gone out to all Federal Employees reminding them that even if classified materials are posted in a public forum, they still do not have the right to access them. They must adhere to the classification previously given to said materials and have the necessary clearance and "need to know" before viewing such materials. There, don't you feel safer now? The Administration acted decisively.

  • jacob

    We can rest assured that MANNING will not be given life in prison the way POLLARD
    did for informing ISRAEL its "ally" duplicity regarding the SYRIAN hyena…

    This country is so topsy-turvy that I remember O.J's reputation as a "HERO" , which prompted RUSH LIMBAUGH to ask the imbeciles calling O.J hero whether they knew
    the actual meaning of the word, as where was the heroism in being paid millions
    for running with or after a ball…

    And as to RUSH LIMBAUGH, what does the rabble rouser who should have been
    in jail after what he pulled years ago on NY police, have against LIMBAUGH ??

  • sharpsrifle

    Manning deserves a general court and if found guilty (makes me wish I were active duty and in his chain of command…oh, the board I could assemble…), should be shot. Julian Assange should be placed in the Colorado supermax and in the same cell as the al-Q thug of his choice.

  • tagalog

    I certainly agree with the view that Bradley Manning does not subscribe to the "traditional forms of patriotism." His patriotism is analogous to the sort of "friendship" where you screw your buddy. The latter could be called "not subscribing to the 'traditional forms of friendship.'"

    • USMCSniper

      Ahhh yess,,, non traditional like in perversion, deviancy, and debauchery, the little peter puffing bunboy is as Ann Coulter put it, the poster boy for keeping "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" or maybe for "Need Not Apply".

  • topperj

    The Hate America First crowd has been around for a long time. I always wonder why such misfits just don't leave? What's keeping them here? Rather than use their energies to ruin the last, great hope for the world, why not go to one of the totalitarian hell holes they love so much and try to "make a difference" there? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Lou

      They dont leave because they wouldnt be free to do what they do in another country. well, maybe in canada they could.

    • http://blog.yintercept.com yintercept

      The classical liberal valued objective reasoning and encouraged people to look at both the good and bad of the government with a belief such scrutiny would improve things. Modern progressivism is simply a perversion of these American ideals.

      The professoriat draws students into their Hate-America-First style of reasoning by confusing new think with the critical thinking that made America strong.

    • ebonystone

      "What's keeping them here?"

      The easy money they make spouting their lies is what keeps them here. There are plenty of universities, leftist think-tanks, and media enterprises willing to offer them well-paying (often very well) jobs. Book deals and speaking tours can be added on top of that..

  • Spider

    Yes we can only hope that Manning is convicted and placed in a special cell block where he is guaranteed of being sodomized every day by gangs of HIV+ "bruthas". for the remainder of his short but painful life.

  • emmaliza

    The universities have kept this 'hate America' going for decades. The indoctrination is pervasive, from the re-writing of textbooks for public schools, through the university leftist majority on all campuses. The ACLU has furthered the cause in its successful war on religious freedoms. The entertainment industry, centered in New York and California, has evolved into a propaganda machine for every hater of America and its traditions. Fortunately, most people at some time in their lives, learn to think for themselves.

  • Wesley69

    The Left believes as Iranian and other Fundamentalist Muslims believe, the US is the Great Satan in the world, the Evil Empire that needs to be destroyed by whatever means is available. That means USING OUR OWN FREEDOMS AGAINST US.

    Naturally, Bradley Manning is a hero to them. A martyr for the truth, he is not. He just made it easier for those forces that truly want to destroy our freedom. People are calling for the government to do something about these leaks. That should be music to the ears of those wanting to curb our free press and speech.

    The damage has been done. The leaks are out there. The New York Times has acted irresponsibly, but so has the entire Left Wing Media before the 2008 election when they failed to vent the candidacy of Obama up until today treating this administration with the velvet gloves, where, in George Bush's case, they were getting out the nails and hammers.

    What we need to do is limit access to this information on a need to know basis. Intelligence must be passed up the chain of command and reviewed at highest levels, then shared with other agencies. Then the agencies together can debate the relevant dangers of the intelligence. Bradley Manning should have never had access to this much intelligence information. For that, the government of the US is at fault. That does not change what Manning did and what he is. He is a traitor and I’m all for making him a martyr to the Leftists.

    • Almarri

      I absolutely agree with you. When will the west – US and UK and western europe (some hope) wake up to realise that Islam's object is to have us all convert to that religion . No conversion then death is our lot!! WAKE UP!!

  • tanstaafl

    “Soldiers’ sworn oath is to defend and support the constitution,” Daniel Ellsberg explains. “Bradley Manning has been defending and supporting our constitution.”

    Last I heard, the constitution is not a suicide pact.

    • tagalog

      What part of the U.S. Constitution does Daniel Ellsberg think Manning is defending and supporting? Do you think it could be Article III, Section 3?

  • Almarri

    I hope they string him up! As for Julian Assange and his sanctimonious hollier than thou attitude and all the other left wing Islam lovers – send them all to Iran or Saudi Arabia and let them feel the joy of living under murderous religious dictatorships!

  • Brett

    My blood boils as I watch this beautiful country turn into a place for all to come and bash it's greatness, Just as these people are so reality depraved, we are too. Our left is the new right. Their self declared moral and intellectual superiority is a spectacle to behold. We have lost the Cold War not won. Russia is a mafia state, the names have changed but the system is the same. China owns us without a single shot and without declaring war. They have permeated our society and laid the bait for the drones to swallow. The world is laughing at us. Who are the fools?

  • Seek

    Pfc. Bradley Manning, I understand from a number of sources, is a buttstabber who was frustrated over the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. In other words, this guy's search of pleasure for his ass is a reason for putting our country at risk of a nuclear or chemical weapons attack on a city. Beyond belief.

    How the f**k did this guy at the Pfc. rank get access to classified State and Pentagon documents anyway?

  • kbs55

    The only people these post were secret from is the American Taxpayer.
    As far a the dupe of the month goes air drop him into Iran.
    Yes he gets a parachute, but no passport.

  • USMCSniper

    The Senate just rejected the appeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" so the Marine Corps doesn't have to accept manly girls and girly mans afterall.

  • rocky

    “did not subscribe to traditional forms of patriotism.”

    It's like saying that the town SL(u)t does not subscribe to traditional forms of virginity.

    • rocky

      and Blue does not subscribe to traditional definitions of redness.

      and Hitler did not subscribe to traditional definitions of Philo-Semitism.

      Hopefully, Manning’s cellmate will not subscribe to traditional definitions of "heterosexuality" and "consensual sex".

  • Lightning Jack

    Free speech and social justice are neither served nor benefited when they are used as a banal excuse to commit international espionage, and recklessly endanger innocent human life to satisfy someone's tortured and narcissistic ego.

    The fact that certain "astute" individuals regard Pfc. Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks Julian Assange and his cohorts as hero's for conspiring to damage this nations national security and global diplomatic mission is a pathetic testimony of how far the America hating left will go to undermine democracy and the integrity of our armed forces.

    It is my hope that Pfc. Manning will be tried and convicted under the military UCMJ for espionage and treason, and then promptly sentenced to death by hanging or firing squad.

    As for the WikiLeaks Julian Assange and Co. I would like to know why our attorney general hasn't sent his representatives to the Hague (International Court) demanding that charges for complicity in the commission of international espionage and reckless endangerment of innocent human life be brought against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

  • Anonymous

    Reading this comment page, I had look up at the address bar again just to see if I had stumbled upon Stormfront. You can say over and over again that he endangered lives, that he got people killed, that he's satan, etc. etc. but without proper evidence, your word is as useful as vapor. It's just repetitions of mindless talking points. It is rather sad to see such intellectual dishonesty in the country. For a second, I had thought that maybe, just maybe we were better than that. It's no wonder we're in this economic and internal quagmire. We don't think anymore.