Oklahoma Says No to Sharia

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[Editor’s note: the following article was originally published at National Review Online.]

As Americans learn more about Islam, the aspect they find most objectionable is not its theology (such as whether Allah is God or not) nor its symbolism (such as an Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan) but its law code, called the Sharia. Rightly, they say no to a code that privileges Muslims over non-Muslimsmen over women, and contains many elements inimical to modern life.

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, gave the danger of Sharia unprecedented public attention in July when he blasted its “principles and punishments totally abhorrent to the Western world” and called for a federal law that “says no court anywhere in the United States under any circumstance is allowed to consider Sharia as a replacement for American law.”

Despite some stirrings in this direction, no such federal law exists. But legislatures in two states,Tennessee and Louisiana, recently passed laws effectively blocking applications of Sharia that violate existing laws and public policy. And, in a referendum on Nov. 2, the voters in Oklahoma likewise voted 70 to 30 percent to amend their state constitution.

Although applauded by moderate Muslims such as Zuhdi Jasser, passage of the “Save Our State Amendment” alarmed Islamists. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, accurately accused of aiming “to overthrow constitutional government in the United States,” nevertheless convinced a federal district judge to impose a temporary restraining order on the state election board from certifying the amendment.

A full court hearing could helpfully stimulate further public debate over applying the Sharia. In this spirit, let’s look more closely at the just-passed Oklahoma amendment, State Question 755. It limits Oklahoma courts to relying exclusively “on federal and state law when deciding cases.” Conversely, it rejects “international law” in general and it specifically “forbids courts from considering or using Sharia Law,” where it defines the latter as Islamic law “based on two principal sources, the Koran and the teaching of Mohammed.”

Popular criticism of the amendment vacillates between two contradictory responses, claiming it’s either discriminatory or superfluous.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Sharia law means death and control of all Kuffars! You better believe it. An Oklahoma toe-hold by these muslims will end up being a strangle hold on our necks in America!

    • Reuven Hakohen


  • jacob

    The judicial mess prevalent in this country plus the accursed "political correctness" proven by what just happened in Manhattan with this terrorist suit, proving the "Hoof in Mouth" affecting our President and his choice of Secretary of Justice, prevents people from telling the Muslims in our midst that SHAARIA law is out of order, that we will not accept any court ruling defending or based on this iniquitous law, we will not allow its application even among themselves when it contradicts OUR laws or costumes and finally, THAT THIS IS THE WAY IT IS AND IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT, THE EXIT DOORS OF OUR COUNTRY ARE WIDE OPEN AND THEY CAN GET THE HELL OUT WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE AS AFTER ALL, WE DID NOT SEND FOR THEM..

    I see no reason to waste good gunpowder on buzzards and keep on arguing a stupid issue and as to the judge that came out with such salomonic ruling, I say that an old proverb stated "In heaven the Lord and on earth the judges" which is why it saddens me so deeply to learn of a venal or a stupid judge

  • Herb

    Outside of Tulsa or Okie City there are lots of Sooners who will jump very ugly on anyone who attempts to impose Islamofascism or affect the local way of life. I have also heard that the Texas Panhandle is a "no-go" area for muzzies and their walking-tent wives, with stores displaying "This is a Burka-free Zone" signs in their windows.

    • Abdullah

      Islamic Center of Amarillo, dead center in the pan handle.

      You're not from around here, are you, Pilgrim?

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        And you certainly don't belong here, barbarian. You belong in Pakistan.

  • http://bloodlesslinchpinsofislamicterrorism.blogspot.com/ momo

    Sharia Law is war. Wherever Sharia Law is followed, muslims use it to justify endless war against all non muslims.

    • Chezwick_Mac

      Damn straight! And the war is being fought in a myriad of ways, on a hundred different fronts. Every time a permit for the building of a new church or the repair of an old one is denied, this is part of Sharia's war on the infidels. Every time a non-Muslim male's attempt to marry a Muslim female is prevented, this is another front in the same war. Every time the Muslim mob riots and kills over a perceived insult from a non-Muslim, this is again part of Sharia's oppressive essence. And every time a Muslim women is beaten or killed with impunity by her Muslim husband, this is Sharia in action. It is an affront to the civilized world…and should be portrayed as such at every opportunity.

  • kafir4life

    Question on this shirley's law the article refers to. Is that the system designed by the disgusting half pig mohamat, inventor of allah the moon god, and author of the combination terror guide and cat box liner, the koran?

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      I would never let my little friend MR. LOU, the cat,
      sit in a box with a koran. I will happily piss on it though!

  • http://www.LifesHaven.net GaryMcAleer

    Let's start a religious exchange program. We send all muslims now living in America to muslim nations. And in exchange, we'll take all their Christians. They can stay there and we'll stay here. Problem solved!

    • Barbi Rose


      • http://www.LifesHaven.net GaryMcAleer

        I'm glad a smile is on your face. My proposal to you may sound absurd to some but when you look at the conflicts taking place in Muslim and Christian lands, to me, the answer seems obvious to resolve our dilemma. But here's the controversy, my new friend: tyrants never willingly step down. They must always be forcibly removed. But here's the ace in our hand my new friend. American Constitutional Law demands certain criteria be made. And as long as we can overrule the Vatican's objective of trashing American sovereignty we can remain free! But my dear sister, the problem comes when the world's bankers, under Vatican control increase their stranglehold over the poverty that cripples the joy of life in tens of thousands of innocent people who didn't ask to receive their fate! Never fear, my dear sister, and new friend, the new Father of the human race, Christ, has removed our inheritance of death we received w/o our choice, and we are now given freedom to choose: life or death: sin or deliverance from all that cripples the joys of life. Your new friend forever, through Grace, Gary.

        • bubba4

          You might be disappointed with all the foreign, terrorist looking Christians coming over with their strange customs.

          • http://www.LifesHaven.net GaryMcAleer

            You raise a good point. And while I agree, many of the world's ruling Christians in the Vatican and Protestant churches are as corrupt as any group of men, the few that uphold the Ten simple Laws where you and I are safe in each others care, we are safe with them. But please consider, there can be no reformation from the words of the Koran! This is the distinct difference between those who obey their respective "holy words" and those who circumvent them. Explore it bro! You'll see where I'm coming from. It is as night and day!

  • imnokuffar

    If any American has any doubts over Sharia, Islam, Immigration and Muslims in general just look at what is happening in Europe.____Full Stop .

  • sflbib

    Looks like the Model Legislation should be Federal Law, much like the Civil Rights Act is.

    • http://apcnational.wordpress.com/ Mike in VA

      The language in the model looks solid to me. I don't think CAIR would stand a chance of defeating it.

  • sflbib

    My suggestion to make it Federal Law was because it would be easier than having it pass 50 state legislatures. It seems to me that the only advantage to being state law is that opponents would have to fight 50 laws instead of one.

    Be that as it may, CAIR probably wouldn't have to defeat it; there are enough politicians in the PC crowd to do that for them. Just look at how they trashed AZ SB-1070 in support of illegals.

  • patsjc

    Good article. Yes we need a federal law to prevent Sharia law from being introduced into the US. ALL women should stand behind this regardless of whether they are left-wing liberals or conservative because under Sharia a woman does NOT HAVE equal rights. Sharia is an abomination and I can not believe England my home country has actually implemented some of it. Of course Prince Charles is an Islam apologist. No wonder his Mum does not want him to be King.

  • http://frontpagemag.com Truth Detector

    Why not abolish Political Correctness which is actually dishonest speech and/or plain lies? Yes, why not make it law that no one is allowed to use Political Correctness especially in a court of law?

  • http://free-listbuilding-video.com Pok Swinger

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  • James

    I'll bet that the US Atty. General, Eric Holder, will file a suit to have it overturned.

  • Abdullah

    We already have a constitution and laws that support it. Does anyone on this blog ever read anything but this blogg?

    Damn, people, hang your phobias up for a minute and smell the flowers, read the constitution, realise there are already a plethora of laws in place that prevent religious law from superceding the constitutional law.

    • Rwenotmen

      Yes Abdool we do have a constitution. Unfortunately, just knowing one exists is meaningless when legislators and judges regularly disregard it. The constitution will only protect when enough diligent people adhere to and govern from it's original context.

      • bubba4

        It's original context? The late 1700's?

        Finally….we can get rid of these pesky anti-slavery and child labor laws.

        • coyote3

          He said context, not content. Nonetheless, those are two areas which will be worth looking at in the near future. Although, you might remove the restriction, I doubt there would be a lot of support for slavery. It has not made economic sense in this country for a long time.

          • bubba4

            thank you coyotebot3000.

  • tsusiat

    Ah, Abdullah, with a name like that you would be expected, more than others, to know that islam is not a religion. islam is a political system, and it's manifesto / party platform is rife ( 61% content ) with decrees on how to deal with kafirs. So, when civilized people resist the ideas as propagated by the primitive bedouin who is the titular head of this backward, 7th century tribe, we don't do so on religious grounds; we do so because there is no room in our civilized society for a parallel legal system. ALL immigrants who come to this America, or any other for that matter, are expected to obey the laws of the land, not bring their own and claim that WE, the HOSTS, should conform.

  • ROSE





    • bubba4

      Caps Lock….its below the tab and above the shift key on the left hand side of your keyboard. Release it then seek immediate professional help.

  • Jaladhi

    Our judges like the one in this case are politically motivated. They have not read Quran nor do they know what is in it. It orders Muslims to kill any infidel, apostates, non-Muslims , etc who do not believe in Mo/allah. It is as simple as that. On top of it, Muslims have to believe every word of Quran, they cannot question nor can they offer any explanation, they are forbidden to think since Mo/allah has done all thinking for them. With all these stipulations, a Muslim has to obey everything in Quran and therefore there is no question of any Muslim being a "moderate" arises.

    Sharia laws are there to keep Muslim under control or they would rebel if sharia is not followed – the laws being by Mo/allah. Again these laws as well as Quran being promoted as "god's" words is ridiculus – the Quran being written some 80 years after Mo/allah's death. Of course every incoming caliph or imam adding his two cents in the Quran.

    There is no room for any sharia law being used here. These are not compatible with hunmanity – these the same laws that stoning death for adultry, or honor killing, etc. Keep thes barbarian culture and laws out of our country!!!

  • cpmondello

    Conservative Christians say all Muslims should be killed, but it's Conservative/Fundamentalist/Extremists/Terrorists (etc) of ALL religions that are a danger. In the USA, Conservative Christians are in our congress, making our laws, foreign policy, are anti-science, and rewriting history. These are the people who are the enemy of the American people and the world.

    • Samurai Hit Woman

      Conservative Christians do not say all Muslims should be killed, how ridiculous.

      Also the country was founded on the Judeo-Christian God. He's the one who guarantees our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In fact the country was founded on His Principles and as long as the country followed those Principles it prospered.

    • The Watcher

      Tool Alert Tool Alert

  • joe doner

    You guys must be disguised Glenn Beck and/or Rush Limbaugh's because after reading your posts, I feel like buying food insurance, investing in Gold and boarding up my house. The same words in your post were said about my Jewish friends before. Your stands on this is not news, we simply have a new boogey man in the corner

    • Barbi Rose

      Yeah but he is really a boogey man this time!!!!!

  • Joe Doner

    Let’s not be naive here. Look at the motives behind the law. it was simply to drive people to the poles through fear mongering and to create division between Us citizens based on their religion. Q755 wanted to get an unwarranted negative reaction out of the Muslim community just like when they tried to ban the head scarf for Muslim women in the name of freedom, but nuns can still wear them. Sharia law is not a threat to America because you cannot show me any evidence of any Islamic group pushing for it. The defense used in a single case by some random guy in New Jersey was bogus as rape is not allowed in Sharia law either. There have been other defenses used to justify crimes such as sleep walking or eye for an eye or i heard voices from god telling me to do it….do we need to amend the constitution to throw them out as well?. We have laws that we abide by and there is no need to single out a religion and publicly condemn it. Q755 is unconstitutional because it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Barbi Rose

      You forgot the Devil made me do it :)

  • Paul J

    Q755 will cause government entanglement because in order not consider something you have to know enough about it. Sharia law is widely based on cultures and differ from country to country. do we want our judges reshearching what the law is in every country in order to dismiss it.
    BTW, state Q755 would also throw out the ten commandments, some Indian tribes laws and international treaties because they are considered international law. (stupid politicians)

    • gsw

      Actually, the shari'ah was consolidated in 1939 – published – and is accepted as a basis for all islamic court decisions, statements of the OIC and the Cairo declaration.
      (I have a copy of the book here now.)
      The "shari'ah' is different everywhere" defence is part of taqqiya and totally untrue.

      Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem. Decide!

  • Vince Vince

    Fear mongering works to divide people then conquer. I wanted to bring up one more point. Many Mormon sect leader have been charged with rape and forcing young girls (as young as 12) to marriage. Most of the accused self proclaimed ‘Prophets” used religion as a justification or defense. Did they get away with it? the answer is simply “No”. why?, because in this country we have a penal code of laws that protects us. with that being said, i would not support a law that would single out Mormons and condemn their religion beliefs publically. Why? because it is against our constitution for the government to establish any religion (in this case favor one religion over another).

    • gsw

      But the mormons don't tend to go on violent rapages – as the muslims do in Europe.

    • JoJoJams

      Really?? So when the government singled out Mormons, publicly telling them they would only be allowed statehood (Utah) if they dropped their polygamy (codified in their religion), were they not "favoring" our Judeo-christian ethics over another?? I've read the constitution, and there's nothing in there about polygamy at all. Wonder where they got the nerve to do what you clearly state they aren't supposed to do?? Maybe it's YOU that has a misguided notion of this nation…. WHhile what you're stating "makes sense", history shows that you are wrong. Else, how could the feds publicly declare and demand that Mormon's of Utah had to get rid of polygamy before statehood?? Just wondering….

      • coyote3

        That was a political, not a legal decision. They demanded it before they would vote to admit Utah as a state. They could have said no, it is just they probably wouldn't have gotten the votes necessary.

  • Alycia Davis

    Q755 would force the government to interfere in civil affairs. Such as wills. If a Muslim wants to use sharia law to divide his/her fortune after they die. They should be allowed to. just like a Christian is allowed to use teachings of Jesus to give to charity/ family ect…Will cases are always probated through state courts and Sharia law must be considered if the deceased person wishes to use it in will matters.

    Again, I m not for Sharia law, Budist law, Christain law, Any law in this country… I m for the constitution. And I will defend anyone’s constitutional rights anywhere anytime.
    Please do not use the judge mistake in deciding a single case in new Jersey as a reason to support this measure. I understand that a mistake happened and frankly the judge that made the mistake should be removed from the bench. how is that for a solution?

    • Barbi Rose

      Um Really??? Really? A will is a legal document if you wish to donate it to a church that's fine. But you are saying use Sharia law for a Muslim..no all wills must be legal documents using American law want to use the other junk go to a country that does that. What we need 120 different types of law now for wills. If they want to give the money to the Mosque say so in a legal will….you are falling into the trap me thinks.

  • Fear Monger

    FYI, As expected, a federal judge issued an RTO to temporary block Q755 from being certified because it was found unconstitutional. more to come…

  • Vince Vince

    This is what the USA is about, a melting pot, but politicians like to use the “Us Vs Them”. I have read many forums where people would say to Muslims : “Go back to the middle east”. Muslims are here for the American dream just like Irish, Germans and others. And not all of them come from the middle east. Many of them are born here just like you!

    Alos I would like to say that I’m also opposed to any law against “Purple People”. I know they do not exist YET. But just in case.
    Why? because our constituion protects all people regardless of their color.

    • gsw

      Muslims are welcome – sharia'ah is not.
      Some muslims want to use the shari'ah to keep the wives and daughters in line.
      We owe it to these women to resist "cultural" slavery.

    • DrMack

      Muslims are not here for the "American Dream", they are here in obedience to the Islamic doctrine of hijra (emigration to non-muslim lands for the purpose of demographic conquest). For more than 14 centuries Muslims have never been assimilated as immigrants, they have only ever interleaved and remained separate in any country to which they have ever emigrated. The doctrine has historically been used to secure their military conquests, most famously by the Ottomans. They are colonialists of the nth degree. Islam is the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing, a political, economic, sociological, psychological and philosophical ideology, a comprehensive weltanschauung, and none of its components can be parsed from the others as one would choose from a menu. It is all or none.

      It's immutable canon consists of the Koran, the oral accounts of what the prophet said (hadiths) and the prophet's biography (Sira). None of it can ever be changed by mere mortals and therein lies the trouble with Islam. For it is in the canon that we find exhortations to Muslims to kill Jews, apostates and non-believers who refuse to either convert, live as second class citizens under Islamic rule or as slaves. It is the canon that relegates women to a permanent chattel slavery and it is in the canon that perpetual war on the non-muslim world is enjoined, that the legal age under sharia for marriage is nine for girls (because that is the age of the prophet's wife Aisha when he consummated his marriage to her), etc., etc.

      So while there may be moderate Muslims (those who choose to ignore the canon), there is no moderate Islam. But how are we in the West to know who is who among them?

  • Joe Doner

    Q755 condemn Islam because a Muslim cannot decide how he/she wants to be disposed of (Buried, Cremated…etc) and when a Muslim’s will is probated in state courts, judges will be forced to throw out anything that has to do with Sharia law against the deceased will. This will not happen to any other religion.
    Put yourself in those shoes. do you want some judge to say,” i will not approve for 1/2 of you inheritance to go to charity because that was derived from christen beliefs”

  • Mary smith

    Q755 condemn Islam because a Muslim cannot decide how he/she wants to be disposed of (Buried, Cremated…etc) and when a Muslim’s will is probated in state courts, judges will be forced to throw out anything that has to do with Sharia law against the deceased will. This will not happen to any other religion.
    Put yourself in those shoes. do you want some judge to say,” i will not approve for 1/2 of you inheritance to go to charity because that was derived from christen beliefs”

  • Mary smith

    I have read the Quran before and i find that its meaning is based on individual interpretations.
    Similarely, in many chapters of the Bible for instance, God commands to israelites to kill the people of canaan and very horrible metaphors of God’s anger. In the Quran it says that muslims fought against others and there is a tax a christian and jew should be paid in order to leave in the islamic nation.

    Moral of the story is that all religions have had their bloody histories. So, let’s not say that one is better then the other. you have yours, i have mine and the other person has his own. Why can’t you accept that and move on?


    • Barbi Rose

      Nope you are obviously up on things. The bible says people were commanded to kill people does not say hey do it now and for all time forward. The Koran says to wage war, holy war be prepared for Jihad. They teach it and it's ok to kill infidels and so on. Do you even know what Sharia law is????Obviously no in the USA we pass laws we don't use the laws of other countries…wake up or be beaten as an infidel..it's what they do…ever watch the news?

      • bubba4

        Thanks Barbi for answering the question.

        They can't move on because they are stone cold stupid cultist wankers….
        They know they are "good" and the stuff they hate is "bad" but beyond that it's a mystery and "the left" and muslims are bad…YEEHAWW

    • Tom

      You're correct, every one has their bloody history. Seems like the only only ones wanting to live in that history are Muslims

      • JoJoJams

        Exactly, Tommy. I've tried so many times with people like bubba4 and such. there is no getting through to them. The gist is, other religions had their "bad" things – centuries ago, and the mohammedans are doing it TODAY! But instead of rightly condemning the barbaric 7th century practices of sharia, we're told "well, you guys did such and such during the crusades/inquisition (whatever)"…. it gets tiring. Tommy, they truly can't see the difference. The only ones they will vilify are christians and the west – -any others, they bring up the "how dare you criticize!"
        It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad….

    • DrMack

      Yours is a meaningless tu quoque argument.

  • frank

    This country is going to the ash heap of history faster than anyone seems to realize. Liberalism has seen to that. Our government says "UNDOCUMENTED" instead of illegal.
    Geez, I guess undocumented sounds less criminal than illegal. Next thing you know thieves will be called "borrowers of objects that don't belong to them". Anything to appease lawbreakers. We do not even have the balls to correctly identify our enemies. Muslims constantly tell us how much they hate us and how, if they had a chance, they would kill us. We, on the other hand, have to accept these 10th century savages. We better wake up quickly.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    The way Islam takes over a country is move in and dominate by slowly, inch by inch imposing their beliefs on the natives.

    It's already started here when a Muslim cab driver won't allow a blind person's seeing eye dog in their cab. That's the way it starts little by little.

    Also changing our behavior from fear of offending terrorists is a beginning of the way Sharia works to enslave. Freedom and enslavement are for to choose.

    And Political Correctness already has our head in a noose leading the way to enslavement.

  • Theo Prinse

    Islam is not a Abrahamic religion as is commonly and wrongly assumed. Instead it is a politico-military doctrine. Islam is a threat to any Western secular democracy. For this reason it is legitimate and of the outmost necessity to uproot Islam from the face of the Earth for being a vehement dictatorial system of governance. So, Islam is not just about shariah as a parallel system to the Constitution. Being parallel is taqyya itself ! Read more in the report, Shariah; the threat to America written by James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney et al. (Prinse – the Netherlands)

  • John

    Well let's give some credit to the French: They just banned the burqa from public areas (hospitals, schools etc.)
    Vive la France !

  • Patriot Phoenix

    Anyone else think that "Mary Smith", "Joe Doner", "Paul J", "Vince Vince", "Alycia Davis", "Truth Detector" seem to be preaching some sort of party line?

  • leigh

    "Q755 condemn Islam because a Muslim cannot decide how he/she wants to be disposed of (Buried, Cremated…etc) and when a Muslim’s will is probated in state courts, judges will be forced to throw out anything that has to do with Sharia law against the deceased will. This will not happen to any other religion. "
    Mary Smith-
    In NZ anyone one can challenge a will if they have status- not bound by misoginous religious laws – so an ex Muslim could challenge a Muslim parent's will- freedom from oppression is real freedom

  • 080

    Sharia Law comes in four flavors, but there is one Koran. Those who favor Sharia law should state clearly which sura and verses in the Koran that they disagrre with.

  • John Rutley

    Anyone who thinks they are being 'liberal' and 'multicultural' or pandering to diversity in supporting the Sharia is being simply stupid. It would appear that in most cases those that advocate support for this idiotic practice have not read all of what the imposition of Sharia would mean to all non Muslims. My advice to these people is to fully read the Koran and the Haddiths (no matter how boring they are) then they will change their minds I'm sure.

  • Simpatica

    Allah is the best disguise that the old devil ever cooked up.

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