Nicaragua’s Iranian Connection

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Over the years, poor Nicaraguans have streamed north through Mexico into the U.S. in search of jobs. But who now might be among them? Investigative journalist Todd Bensman has reported on the clandestine entry already given by the Nicaraguan government to 21 unidentified Iranians last year — the very sort of occurrence that preceded the Argentina bombings.

The problem would be less acute if Ortega was simply another democratic leader who could be replaced by an election. But that is looking increasingly unlikely.

Ortega, a three-time election loser, only returned to power thanks to collusion with a former indicted president, Arnoldo Alemán. This eventuated in the control of the Nicaraguan courts and election authority by Ortega’s Sandinistas. Rewritten election rules permitted Ortega to win on the first ballot with a mere 38 per cent of the vote. He thus became president with a smaller number and slice of the votes than in his two earlier, failed presidential bids.

Ortega appears to be a fervent believer in Stalin’s loosely translated maxim — “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Municipal autonomy in Nicaragua is today in tatters. Mayors have been dismissed — the most recent being Hugo Barquero four weeks ago. Councils have been stacked. And in the 2008 municipal elections, already-stacked electoral authorities disqualified two opposition parties prior to the vote, banned international observers, and blessed untold electoral fraud, which gave Ortega control of 105 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities.

Now, with presidential elections over the horizon, Ortega has ignored congressional opposition to renewing the tenure of the electoral tribunal judges that blessed the 2008 election fraud and extended their terms by presidential decree.

He has also orchestrated an illegal vote by three supreme court judges and three “alternate” judges installed by him to lift the constitutional ban on his re-election.

Ortega’s effort to breach the constitutional barriers to prolong his rule mirror Manuel Zelaya’s similar effort in Honduras last year. Zelaya was unsuccessful and deposed for his illegal efforts, but he lacked Ortega’s advantages — a compromised judiciary and a subverted electoral tribunal.

Ortega looks set to stay and the threat he poses is real. Infiltration of Iranian agents into Mexico has become a frightening possibility that magnifies the security risks to the U.S.

Few seem to be taking notice.

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  • davarino

    We need another Reagan to take on Ortega once again, and an Ollie North with the guts to pull it off.

    Any of you lefties want to defend Ortega now? There is no democracy with these guys and there never was. They thwart the will of the people. They are no saviors, they are oppressors.

    Oh well, hopefully this November will turn things around and we can seal up our southern border.

    • Gary Rumain

      Another Iran-Contra? I somehow doubt it would work this time.

    • aspacia

      Reagan, along with North violated our laws with the Iran Contra Scandal. Both took an oath to the Constitution, and this oath was violated. Reagan did a great deal for our country's morale, but he did err. North is a soldier, with valid articles regarding our war efforts. I distrust all of our political parties, and objectively analyze their behaviors, and how this effects the USA.

      First, we must secure our borders. We must defend our culture and history rather than depreciate what we have contributed, and we have done a great deal of good and bad in foreign lands. I do not care about the bad as long as it is in our interests.

      davarino, do we overthrow all dictators? Do we even have the resources to do this. Look at how much gold and blood have been shed in Iraq. Is trading pressure the answer? Is reinstituting the Monroe Doctrine feasible?

      I am looking for practical solutions.

  • Indioviejo

    Our problem in Latin America is congenital. Latinos love our life style but hate our system, hence "XXI century socialism". Even when they get a break and a reformer changes the parameters, as was done in Chile, we can expect backsliding into some form of socialism because it is their religion. Unfortunately the Castros, Chavez. Ortegas, and others do not survive in a vacuum and their socialism has "legs". We the American people thought we were made of greater stuff, but sadly, we elected a marxist who is fallowing the Latino way. Perhaps we need to study Cuban history to see what POTUS goal is. As for Ortega, he knows he can count on the John Kerry and C. Dodds to neutralize any intelligent foreign policy that the USA may adapt to deal with the security threat to our nation just as they did during the Reagan era when they did everything possible to disarm the Nicaraguan people trying to fight off communism. Carter created this monster, and his Democrat party sustains it. God help us.

    • aspacia

      Not really their Catholic faith. Periodically, I read Catholic Answers for insight, and the Church opposes Communism and Socialism because forcing the payment to the poor is wrong. However, freely given charity is wonderful. Again, this is from Church Doctrine.

      You seem to be contradicting yourself with: "just as they did during the Reagan era when they did everything possible to disarm the Nicaraguan people trying to fight off communism."

      • Indioviejo

        Where is the contradiction? Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I'll say it again. Reagan tried to help the Nicaraguan people by funding the "Contra" freedom fighters. The Democrat Party in congress obstructed the fight for freedom in Nicaragua, constantly, routinely, and solidarious. Remember Ted Kennedy? And today the Democrat Party is effectively aiding and abetting the spread of marxism in our back yard by all means, just remember Jimmy carter certifying the fixed election en Venezuela to favor Hugo Chavez, and the Manchurian President leaning on the Honduran people in order to force the return of Pres. Zelaya, an Hugo Chavez puppet. As for the Church, I made no mention of it.

  • Indioviejo

    Usually when you "study" my comments they wont see the light of day.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Ahmadinejad and Ortega — a marriage made in hell — will serve the people in the U.S. a hateful slice of their folie a deux through terrorism. Already some farmers along the Arizona border have reported seeing prayer rugs and Korans among the scattered detritus tossed on their fields. Mexican drug gangs are reported to be smuggling would-be sleeper agents into our country from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. These are yet more excellent reason to secure our borders. When we learn that, operating within our government, there are overt and covert "internationalists" who wish to open the door to mayhem, we must wonder, "Who can we trust?"

    • aspacia

      Yes, and Wbya is also responsible for our insecure borders.

  • Steve Chavez

    I don't recall any Democrat who voted against the Sandinistas in the 80's and they won't now. It's their victory. They used their energy, and votes, to "Stop Contra Aid!" Then came Iran-Contra which they then spent a few more years trying to prosecute with nothing to show in the end.

    The 80's Democrats also aided the COMMUNIST FMLN rebels in El Salvador. Hillary also gave aid. Last year, the FMLN won the Presidency of El Salvador. Hillary was the high ranking U.S. official that attended the inauguration! It is their victory!

    When Zelaya was ousted by his own Court and Party, it was Hillary and BO that sided with the Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega!

    The D Party, filled with Closet Co–unists, are eager to see a rise in the ideals they were brainwashed and duped to follow by the CPUSA, the Soviets, and the KGB!

    See Salt with Angelina Jolie!

    • aspacia

      Actually, North was jailed for his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, and Reagan took a big hit to his credibility.

  • Indioviejo

    Mr. Chavez, my comment was along the same lines as yours, only that it was cesured on this site!

  • Sonne

    Ortega is considered a turn-coat on the Left and by a large section of Sandinistas.

  • Iranian Dissident

    Secure the borders AND the Legal visa process:
    If 21 Iranian agents have reportedly slipped through the US Mexican border, thousands more have entered the US by receiving Visas and even permanent residency by US authorities.

    How can thousands of known pro Islamic Republic advocates, hysterically anti US Iranians and even "ex"-Officials of the Iranian government, the Revolutionary Guards and the Intelligence Ministry be allowed in the US every year, when ordinary Iranian grandmothers fail to receive even tourist Visas by US authorities?
    There is a joke among Iranians saying "if you want to get a US visa, just claim that you were a Revolutionary Guard member… the more people you claimed you killed, the faster your visa will be stamped " !!!!
    If those "21" Iranian agents crossing the border on foot knew how easy it would have been to get a visa from the closest friendly US Consulate, they would never had risked the hot Arizona desert or the risky Tijuana or Juarez war zones !!!

  • BIG D

    Truth is the moral fibers of this country are eroding by the minute. Other countries are hating the US more and more, however there was a time when our Country had leaders and a majority that would not tolerate it. Now we have those in leadership who condone the hatered and give safe passage for it. We do need a Reagan and Ollie, they Err on the side of the constitution? last time I checked Iran, Nicaragua, N. Korea, etc etc, does not have a constitution, or any other rules . Its simple they dont wear gloves, Maybe its time the US takes its very softly padded gloves off..

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