Chandra Levy’s Murderer Convicted: Will Chris Matthews Own Up Tonight about his Witchhunt?

Before he started chanting, “Bush lied and people died,” or “Scooter told the truth so people, uh, … knew the truth?” or pursued Dick “Cheee-ney” like he is the Great White Whale, Chris Matthews had another target.

Hot off the Lewinsky scandal making his TV program, “Hardball,” brief appointment viewing in the late 90s, Mathews spent a good share of 2001 prosecuting the case that Congressman Gary Condit killed federal employee Chandra Levy, a young woman with whom he may– or may not– have had an affair.

This, despite the fact that the police never considered Condit a suspect; and he was cleared of all suspicion

Oh yeah, and today, the Washington Post reports:

Ingmar Guandique convicted of first-degree murder of former intern Chandra Levy

Grandique is an illegal Salvadoran alien, NOT a Congressman from California, just to clear that up.

Condit was hounded from office (no great loss) and Chris Matthews hasn’t exactly followed this story with the breathless hype of the mystery as to who leaked the identity of a deskbound CIA officer whose husband had already listed her in Who’s Who.

It will be interesting to what Chris says tonight.

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