Chis Matthews: TR More Popular than Abe?

The weekend Chris Matthews show is generally made up of echo-chamber panels who– no matter what the polling– assure each other enthusiastically that Barack Obama is a political genius besides being our Dear Leader.

Today, after everyone had loudly proclaimed that the Obama proposed takover of the financial system was a political home run, not to mention real leadership on the tough issues, they turned to those intransigent contrary nasty Republicans.

Chris Matthews started babbling about the party of Teddy Roosevelt, then burst outL

MATTHEWS: It’s funny you have to keep reminind Republicans about Teddy Roosevelt, he’s only the most popular Republican EVER!

Uh, no, Chris.  I know you hate to admit it, but Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President; and no on has more reverential biographies published about them on an annual basis; and only Jesus has more books written gaining life lessons from his example.

Easily the most ingenious calculation for instant bestsellerdom has to be the book above.  Combining the always popular subject of Honest Abe with the current fad of all things vampire is a marketing gold.

Now, if we could just figure out who sucked all the good sense out of Chris Matthews’s brain…