Crist/Matthews: Historically Illiterate Love Fest

Chris Matthews and Charlie Crist got so slobbery over each other Friday night that all reason and historical perspective was shed quicker than clothes in a parked car with Sam Cooke singing Don’t Know Much About History on the radio.

CRIST: The 14th Amendment should stay the way it is …That’s the way it’s always been.

Ummm, Sorry Charlie, if it was the way it had “always been,” it wouldn’t be in an amendment.But aside from the fact that it was passed in 1868, some mention that it was written to include the children of slaves would have been nice. Some recognition that it was to protect the family status of people who were forced to come here, not people who purposely broke the law to come here and  get backdoor citizenship for their offspring.

Following the mainstream media’s predictable pattern that the only good Republican is a bad, former, or dead Republican, Chris Matthews featured Florida Republican Governor-turned-Independent Charlie Crist, and ousted South Carolina Republican Congressman Bob Inglis on Friday night.

The Inglis interview was an odd, disjointed affair as Inglis didn’t seem to get Matthews’ odd references delivered in rapid-fire inanity.  Matthews and Crist got along famously, like old buddies who skipped history class together.  Here’s the whole slobbery petting session:

However, this wasn’t even the worst of it.  In our next installment, Chris and Charlie engage in some tribalist banter that would have the MSM screaming racism and demanding resignations for all involved.

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