Crist/Matthews: Latino=Illegal

Chris, what do you mean, his people?

For weeks, Chris Matthews– along with the rest of the mainstream media– has been promoting the idea that the Arizona immigration bill is aimed at all Latinos.

On “Hardball” Friday, while talking with turncoat Republican (the only good kind) governor Charlie Crist, Matthews revealed he suspects this of Republicans because that’s how he lumps people together.  Not as Americans and non-Americans, or even the content of their character, but by the color of their skin.

While ranting about the debate on the 14th Amendment’s citizenship by birth provision, Matthews ended with this little gem:

MATTHEWS: How can your opponent, Marco Rubio, join and support an effort to erase the citizenship of people like himself?

Ay caramba!  Does Chris Matthews have proof that Marco Rubio’s parents are illegal?  Hardly.  But Cuban exiles granted asylum, or Mexican migrants sneaking across the border– it’s all brown people to Chris.

And did Charlie flinch at the reference?  Nope.  Anything you can say bad about Marco Rubio is fine with him, even if it’s racist.

CRIST: That would be unconscionable to me.  I can’t understand it.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.

This exchange brings to mind the classic scene from “Tropic Thunder,” in which a white actor in high-tech blackface gets a little too into his part …

Now imagine if a real Republican, Tea Party member or any brand of conservative had engaged in this sort of racial profiling…

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