Hapless Chris Matthews Making a Joke of Himself with Continued Selective Outrage

Like the geek with a kick me sign on his back, Chris Matthews not only doesn’t get that Rush Limbaugh is directly gigging him with the constant references to the “Obama regime,” he is keeping the gag going with his continued manufactured outrage—and all of his MSNBC friends at the not cool lunch table are helping.

As Ronda Robinson noted, Chris referred to the “Bush Regime” on at least one occasion himself.  So for him to say the very use of the word is un-American because it denotes a dictator who must be overthrown is hilariously hypocritical.

But Chris was probably just following the lead of John Kerry, who in 2003 DIRECTLY compared George W. Bush with Saddam Hussein with this line in a speech in New Hampshire:

KERRY: “What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States.”

In case you think this was a bad choice of words in the heat of the moment, Kerry stood by the remarks two days later.

Here was Chris’s outraged reaction to this:

Whether it’s the Tea Party people, or this pummeling by Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthew is always bleating that someone is trying to “delegitimize” the Obama Presidency.

But, of course, Chris Matthews joined the chorus of elected Democrats from Al Gore showing up and whining about the election results, to John Conyers and Maxine Waters talking about a “coup de tat” (or “coop” as they pronounced it) to delegitimize the Bush Presidency and undermine the war effort.

Chris is not just the butt of the joke.  He IS the joke.