Helen Thomas: Jews Go Home– To Germany!

After decades of deranged and hateful commentary, Helen Thomas may have finally crossed a line that will cost her her job… (what IS her “job” anyway?)

RABBI DAVID NESENOFF, RabbiLive.com “…any comments on Isreal?”

THOMAS: Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine…

NESENOFF: So where should they go, what should they do?

THOMAS: Go home

NESENOFF: Where is home

THOMAS: Poland, Germany…

Of course, as everyone but Thomas and Ahmadinejad knows, there were about 6 million Jews that were not given the opportunity to leave Poland and Germany in the first place…

Everyone has treated this arrogant and doddering hag with kid gloves for far too long.  This morning on Fox and Friends, the bubble-headed hosts treated Thomas’s anti-Semetic diatribe with a  ”How can she talk like this with a camera on?” blather.

Well, here is how Helen talks with the camera on when she’s had time to prepare:

Is anyone going to argue that Helen Thomas’s comments were less offensive than Jimmy the Greek’s infamous blather about black managers?

This old fool lasted about a day after these comments.  It’s time to tell Helen Thomas to go home– Oz isn’t the same without her.