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Kirsten Powers: Fox’s Blonde Joke

Posted By David Forsmark On August 12, 2010 @ 7:30 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Democrat “strategist” turned NY Post columnist Kirsten Powers made a minor brand name for herself on Fox News, where she was supposedly the reasonable Democrat– and eye candy competition for the Fox News info-babes.

But on Fox News Watch, FNC’s media bias panel program this past weekend, she proved herself to be a moral imbecile, when she defended Wikileaks by essentially saying, Who cares if the Afghanis helping us are murdered by the Taliban, that’s small potatoes.  Look at all the bad guys WE are killing:

POWERS: …if we really care about Afghani lives, then I think — let’s have a bigger conversation. If we are going to sit around and wring our hands about two or three people being killed, then we should be having a bigger conversation about civilians who are killed in Afghanistan.

While Secretary Gates and other defense officials and military officials have been consistent in saying that Wikileaks has “blood on its hands,” in Powers’ mind they missed the point.

In Kirsten Powers’ mind, there is no difference between the cold blooded torture and murder of our civilian allies working to bring civilization to Afghanistan and the killing in combat of the people who would commit those murders!

This is a particularly venal strain of the more subtle line of moral equivalence from commentators who say things like “violence is increasing” without telling us who the violence is being visited upon.

Violence is only bad, and killing is only wrong if the wrong people are dying.  Otherwise, the word they should be searching for is “victory.”

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