NewsReal Blog Film Club: The African Queen Finally Available on DVD!

The African Queen (Commemorative Box Set) [Blu-ray]

The African Queen [DVD]

Perhaps the greatest hole in the universe of what films are available on DVD has been filled today, with the release of the restored John Huston classic The African Queen.

If this film in not in your top 50, then you have no business making top 50 lists.  (It’s closer to the Top 20 for me.)

Based on a C.S. Forrester romantic adventure novel, the casting of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn inspired John Huston to emphasize comedic elements of the story of a scruffy boat captain and a spinster missionary, and their journey down a treacherous African river to take out a German gunboat at the beginning of World War I.

The result is one of the most delightful films of all time, with star turns that are remarkable even by the high standards of the two legendary lead actors.  If you haven’t seen this, buy it and watch it with your family.  If you have seen it, buy it and watch it with your family.  It’s a great purchase– a film you will never tire of.