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Perky Katie Worries that Illegal Aliens “No Longer Feel Welcome” in Arizona

Posted By David Forsmark On May 4, 2010 @ 6:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Katie Couric may have hit a new low on Monday night’s CBS Evening News—though I’m sure there are plenty of other broadcasts of hers that could be nominated.

In a story designed to evoke sympathy for an  “undocumented” husband and wife who have given birth to 10 US citizens since they came here illegally, and who are now heading to Colorado before they get caught, Couric lamented:

Nearly two out of three Americans see illegal immigration as a very serious problem. More than three quarters say the U.S. should do more to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Hundreds of thousands of them now live in Arizona. But as Kelly Cobiella reports, many no longer feel welcome.

What?  Isn’t that the point?  Arizona had the Welcome mat out for a generation, and now the actual CITIZENS of Arizona feel like doormats.

But check out the tone of the report filed by Kelly Cobella.  Why, people who do business with illegals are hurt by this too—and they are citizens!  Boo hoo!

COBIELLA: Two years ago, this park was filled with families like the Quintanas every weekend. Arizona was home to more than half a million illegal immigrants. Since then, at least 100,000 have left.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On this block alone, we have 20 vacancies at least.

COBIELLA: Kyle Kester (ph) is the Quintana`s landlord. He`s lost seven tenants in the past week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is hurting not just illegals. I was born and raised in the United States, and it`s hurting me now.

COBIELLA: Graciela`s best friend left to California with her family on Saturday.

Did you get to see her yesterday before she left, Graciela? No?

Manuela knows she broke the law when she came here 15 years ago.

Do you see yourself as a criminal?

“No,” she says. “A criminal is someone who kills. I just want to work.”

The family packed up before dawn today and headed north to Colorado. Manuela says she`s lost hope in this state. She thinks she`ll find it again in another.

Kelly Cobiella, CBS News, Phoenix.

This is too ham-handed and obvious to even be labeled propaganda.

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