Rick Sanchez: “Most” Disagree with Hostage Taking at Discovery Channel Building

Calling Captain Obvious …

Did you know that most of CNN’s audience disagrees with hostage taking?  Rick Sanchez just wants to reassure you that while Discovery Channel gunman James Lee just wanted to save the planet, he may have gone a bit too far:

SANCHEZ: He’s a bit of an activist, a guy who truly believes, seemingly, in his heart that he needs to do all he can to save the planet. Most watching this would argue he may have taken it way too far on this day by endangering the lives of people in this building, as he seems to be doing right now.

“Most”?  ”Seems to be”?  What the heck?

Is Sanchez qualifying his condemnation of the tactic for the Al Jazeera crowd?  If CNN wants to salvage any dignity on their trip to the ratings cellar, this airhead has got to go right now.

Is this part of Rick Sanchez's "audience"?

Sanchez spent the day tripping all over himself trying to be sympathetic to Lee’s goals while– mostly– decrying his tactics.  Here are a few samples:

SANCHEZ:… he’s very concerned. He’s an activist, may be very well-meaning, but he’s now put himself in a situation where he, the police officers and his hostages’ lives are endangered…

.I want to show you what he looks like. By the way, this is James Lee. That’s the picture that we first brought you this afternoon as we were following this story.

It’s interesting to note that he was not — a lot of people in our country are activists. They believe in different causes. This man was more than an activist. He truly believed so much in saving the planet that he seemed, at least on this day, willing to put the lives, if not kill other human beings.

And while Ricky was sure that Fox News was to blame for the gunman who shot 3 police officers in Pennsylvania, he somehow never got around to mentioning that James Lee’s favorite movie– and inspiration for his life of “activism”– was Al Gore‘s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Of course, that would be, well … an inconvenient truth.

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