The Audacity of Nope: Chris Matthews Thinks Scott Brown Should Wait Untill His Career is Over to Write a Book—Unlike Barack Obama

The New Mark Twain?

Newly minted Senator Scott Brown has been offered a book deal, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks he should just say no:

MATTHEWS: Time for the “Sideshow.”We learned today that Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who has been a senator for just 35 days, has a book deal.

According to “The Wall Street Journal,” Brown is expected to write about his upbringing, his early career, and how he beat Martha Coakley to win his Senate seat.  Maybe he can call it, “It‘s Not About the Truck.”

Just a thought, but didn‘t people used to write their memoirs after their careers?  This guy has been in office, what, a month?

Just a thought, Chris, but didn’t you rave about Barack Obama’s Dreams from my Father, which he wrote in 1995 as he was BEGINNING his run for STATE Senate?

And since Obama, who was elected in 2006 to the U.S. Senate had his book The Audacity of Hope published in 2008, that means he had to have started writing it about the time he had been a senator for about… hmmm, let me see…. 35 days?

As Newsbusters points out today, Chris didn’t just rave about Obama’s overstuffed rambling book, he compared it to the greatest of all American authors:

[From Newsbusters, emphasis theirs] MATTHEWS: And your thoughts here? Did you read the book? Once you read it you have a different take. It’s almost like Mark Twain. It’s so American, it’s so textured. It’s so, almost sounding like great fiction because it reads like us. It’s picturesque. Is that the right word? Picturesque? I think it’s got that quality.

Of course, Chris’s double standard is nothing new when it comes to Obama.  During the campaign, he constantly mocked Sarah Palin’s experience, though she had held executive office for as long as Barack Obama had been 1 of 100 Senators.

When Palin’s book came out, he constantly derided her for working with a co-author—like 90% of autobiographies, including, probably Obama’s.

And Chris, you have published several books about politics—though I guess, judging by your ratings, your career is about over…

Just a thought.