Britain’s Holocaust Secrets Revealed

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During the summer of 1947 and early 1948, five attacks were launched against ships in Italian ports; leaving one “a total loss,” while two others were damaged. Two more Limpet mines were discovered before they went off. Operation Embarrass also considered blowing up the “President Warfield,” which later became famous in Israeli history as “Exodus 47”– the ship that launched a nation.

There is irrefutable evidence of a sabotage attempt against one of my ships, the Abril, and I suspect there were at least two more. The “Abril” was an Irgun (i.e., “terrorist”) ship, therefore of special concern to the Brits. A raging dockside fire next to her berth in New York’s Gowanus Canal could have been the work of Operation Embarrass. Luckily, the blaze was extinguished by a fireboat before the Abril caught fire. A large dockside fire in Varna, Bulgaria also threatened my second ship, the “Paducah.”

These fires could have been incidental, but there was no ambiguity regarding the sabotage attempt against the Abril in Port-Du-Bouc, France. We were leaving the French coast on the way to Palestine with 650 refugees aboard, when our starboard diesel engine suddenly broke down. Inspection revealed that a fuel pump connecting rod had been almost completely hack sawed through in the shipyard, puncturing the engine sump as it broke. Motor oil poured into the bilges, leaving the engine without lubrication. The damage also left the Abril afloat on the mine-thick waters of the post-war Mediterranean with only one unreliable engine.

Presumably, the Brits assumed that we would have to turn back. But we didn’t. Instead, Lilleby and Sorenson, our two Norwegian diesel engineers, worked three days straight, fabricating from deck plates a patch for the sump – a repair that got us to our rendezvous with the Royal Navy off Palestine. That patch was still in place when the Abril eventually joined the new Israeli navy.

The Brits closed the gates to Palestine, thereby helping Hitler trap the Jews of Europe. Despite bearing much indirect responsibility for the Holocaust, the Brits did not relent: they penned up the post-war survivors in stinking prison camps. And now, the Brits continue to evade responsibility by accusing the Jews of committing their sins – mounting a punitive blockade against a captive population. They are beginning to adopt the manners and rhetoric of their terrorist enemies.

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  • La libellule

    Great Britain, France, and the NOBLE west, have great black spots all over their history… but the poor Israeli scarecrow is to be blaimed always… I refer you to La Fontaine fable : Les Animaux Malades de la Peste. (The Animals Stricken with the Plague)
    La libellule (The dragonfly)

    • jaythehistorian

      The British were an accessory to the murder of a good number of the 6 million Jews in addition to what they did to the Jews who survived the holocaust. They also refused any negotiation to save Jews in Hungary in late 1944 and 1945. The US was willing to at least negotiate . However, the British foreign office stopped most negotiations because they would rather have the almost 1 million Jews still alive dead. The British Nazis did nothing to really hurt the Germans. The Brits only fought the Nazis when they or important parts of their empire were directly threatened. Churchill and all the other British leaders were against the Normandy invasion. They always point out they declared war on Germany when Poland was attacked. However, this was only after they were the main instigators of the German attack on Poland. After promising to supply Poland with weapons and to fight the Germans if Poland were attacked ,they supplied Poland with absolutely nothing. When was Poland was invaded ,they dropped leaflets instead of bombing Germany as they promised. Their phony ,worthless guarantee actually caused Hitler to attack Poland . Hitler wanted to attack the Soviet Union. Just as Romania, and Hungary did , Hitler would have settled for return of Danzig ,Eastern Silesia and other land if Poland agreed to side with Germans. The British gave a "guarantee" they never intended to keep. This made the invasion of Poland absolutely necessary if Hitler were to carry out his insane plan to totally destroy the Soviet Union. British deceit exposed 3 million Polish Jews to Hitler's henchmen. In Romania and Hungary (until late 1944) the Jewish population was protected by each country's dictator. Hitler would not of insisted on the murder of 3 million Polish Jews if he could use Poland as an ally. The British have the blood of 100s of millions of people on their hands when the human cost of their empire and all their antisemitic and backstabbing of other peoples are added up. Israel should demand anyone involved with these British murderers to be brought to justice. Furthermore, British scumb—- should pay Israel $100 Billion in reparations for being accomplices to the murder of millions of Jews.

      • philgee

        . . . . sounds reasonable. What about the Sturma? The last query from the Turkish Harbor command to the English authorities was simply: "Quite frankly sirs, we don't give a damn.".

  • C.R.


    • EdwinS

      I will bless those who bless you,
      And the one who curses you I will curse
      O the irony! The Jews are avenged by …the Arabs!
      Islam is flooding into Britain causing severe social problems…the British birthrate assures a decline in the number of native Britons while the Muslims will eventually become a majority..
      …and the British did it to themselves…How richly deserved….

      • den

        They have the govenment they deserve. Lets see if they will help themselves.
        Churchill must be rolling over in his grave. Chamberlin came to power. He will appease their enemy! Whatever it takes! Just so we are killed last.

    • BS77

      Look at what the brits did to India, Angola, Rhodesia, Nepal…to the aborigines and Moaris of Australia and New Zealand…..arrogant Brits now have their reward….their empire is gone….and their nation is a bad joke

      • Stuart Parsons

        And look at what the U.S did to the Native Indians. People in glasshouses should not throw stones. And the American Civil War at last freed the slaves but it did not emancipate them to a position of equality. And when are you going to pay us for all that tea dumped in Boston Harbour. WE will accept payment with 5% interest. Alteratively KIng George is prepared to forgive you and allow you to return to the fold. If you behave yourselves and pay taxes and stamp duty for say 100 years we might consider allowing you to become a dominion. Stuart Parsons a kidding limey

        • Kelly

          I know what the british did to the irish before they brought Black slaves to the US. I know what the british did to the Native American Indians as well. in the 1600s men women and children were rounded up and broguht as slaves to the caribean first before they had access to africans. irish slaves and African slaves were both trapped together on barbados. Then in the 1850s potato famine as you call it. britain once again confiscated food that was in ireland and cause massive starvation i ireland. Yes I know thats kindof buried isent it? The irish who could flee came to the US. Dont tell me what the US owes anyone. The US was not the US when the british came here. besides that there were other europeans who were here n the 1600s and they were fleeing the horror in europe like the Jews did. I am of Cherokee/Choctaw decent and " Black irish as well. Whatever the heck that means. This story does not surprise me at all.

    • j masters

      Great Britain is Israel. Many of the Tribes of Israel settled there, and in the Christian Nations of the world including the US, Ireland, Canada, Austraila, South Africa etc and much of Europe. The Jews are either actually of the One Tribe of Israel or are not and do lie as written in Rev 2:9 and 3:9 and in our biblical history.
      The US and Its Christian Allies have been blessed and the world benefits. So who are these peoples who call themselves the House of Judah (one tribe) who for the most part are no longer pure Adamic but mixed?

    • Bill Ducker

      I am so ashamed what my nation-Britain has done to the Jewish People and the Nation of Israel, may HaShem and His people please forgive us. My prayer is that our nation will support the State of Israel and its People.
      Many years ago i told my two boys never to go to war in the future against the Israelis as they would be fighting against G-d Himself!

  • aspacia

    The Brits helped the Arabs in 1948 because they were pissed Jews hung two British soldiers after Jews were hung. Actually, many Brits are still ticked regarding this execution.

    • Choi

      After the UN Partition Vote,the British were NOT even close to winding up the "Palestine Mandate" in a way FAIR to the Jews.
      The BRITISH RUN & FINANCED "Arab Legion " of Trans-Jordan(now Jordan) ATTACKED ISRAEL ,along with other Arab Armies,at the Declaration of Israel's Independence.
      THAT "Arab Legion" was commanded by British General John Bagot Glubb,aka known as "Glubb Pasha" to the Arabs.Glubb's #2 was ALSO BRITISH,an Officer named Broadhurst.

      • aspacia

        Think T.E. Lawrence and the Arab League.

    • Power Consultants

      Además, por orden expresa del gobernante inglés San Chamberlain, fue prohibido el desembarco en sus costas a los Judeos q' D-os salvó del holocausto y obligaron a los capitanes regresar a Chipre, hombres, mujeres y niños en todas las edades, haciendo noble favor a los inmundos nazis para q' nos recapturaron y lograron satisfacer su asqueroso apetito asesino, así como calmar su sangrienta sed. Q' EL T-DOPODEROSO VENGUE nuestra sangre. Amén!

      • aspacia

        Now, try that again in English.

  • jing827

    I can't believe it's still happening now. An 'eye for an eye" system is not going to help anyone anymore. We're repeating history infront of the new generations who just want to move on & make the world a better place to live in.

  • skep41

    The socialist government of the UK committed many crimes after the war. They turned over hundreds of thousands of Russians to Stalin, some of whom were refugees from the Russian Revolution and not Soviet citizens. All of these civilians were transported straight to the GULAG death camps. They wrecked the British economy so that there was still wartime rationing into the 1950's, long after it had disappeared in Germany. The inept abandonment of India lead to a bloodbath. The vicious behavior to the helpless Jewish refugees from the European massacre is spoken of here but it isnt mentioned that the Brits attempted to disarm the Jews before they left Palestine. Had the British been successful at that the Jews would have been slaughtered.

    • philgee

      Well put, though too brief, . . .

  • mrwhite4u2

    Mr. Gutmann who claims to know so much about this period of time appears not to know that this was, if it happened, after WWII, not WWI.

    • Sunshine

      Good grief, have you ever heard of typos MrWhite.

    • Choi

      You can be sure it was a TYPO,but why would you let a chance to take a "SHOT" at a Jewish Hero go by the wayside,Mr.White?

      • tagalog

        I guess you can be sure it was a typo because you saw FDR say so in one of his Fireside Chats on TV, right?

  • M Rob

    Indeed the Muslims have taken over Great Britain. THe police in London have conceeded that they cannot control the streets anymore. The muslims have taken over that country. They commit heinous crimes against the British population and barely get a slap on the wrist along with the fact that the British population is forced to financially support the very people who are conquering them. Karma has a funny way of coming right back at ya!

    • johnnywood

      I don`t buy into the karma aspect of your comment but otherwise I totally agree.

  • waterwillows

    It is not possible for any new generation to just move on. Unfortunately, the next generation gets the results of what the previous one did. Or simply said, the clean up duties.
    Without a doubt the Arab loving toffs of Britian have brought much misery on her people. But the Lord is wise and merciful. Today, the idiot toffs can see where their choices and decisions have lead the country into becoming no country.
    Tomorrow, the toffs will eat their choices like bitter herbs. The people who make merry, will make merry again.

  • Nick Shaw

    Britain, and I am purposely omitting "Great", began it's slide into oblivion with the American Revolution. The incline became greater when Marx spent his time there tutoring the neo-progressives 'cause Britain was chock full of envious clowns shocked that they were losing the world's esteem while America was gaining it. The British, in general, have always been anti-Semetic evidenced by her attitude toward Jews even before but, particularly during and after WW11. I'm convinced Winston was disgarded after the war because he did not follow the elite (and effite, I might add) crowd and was distainful of the Arabs. That crowd knew they needed him during the war 'cause the commoners couldn't be convinced to join the Germans, they were Socialists after all, and wanted to avoid the complete distruction of England. Well, now they get to reap the rewards of their nefarious deeds and Britain is being destroyed by progressives and Muslims. Who, by the way, will eliminate the progressives as soon as the takeover is complete, if not sooner. How does that saying go? What comes around…?

  • Scaramouche

    Sorry, meant to post this apology:

  • Jim Johnson

    I am puzzled as to what the British expected to gain by their acts against Israel to be.
    I think that at one period a labor government was in charge but at other times a Conservative government was in charge. So guess it was not just labor/ owner issues. Who was behind it? What interest group?
    The English public could not have had much to do with it;what politician cares about what the public thinks.
    We need a follow up article on this site.

  • scottgwolfenden

    We have empathy for this struggle for freedom. We, Jehovah's Witnesses, were with the Jews in the death camps. We look forward to the time prophesied in Isaiah, when all will "beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore. " Isaiah 2:2-4
    See: Joseph Kempler

  • Power Consultants

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