Obama and the War Against the Jews

In a letter to President Obama this week, 87 Senators urged the president to support Israel’s right to self-defense against the threats of terrorism from Hamas and Hezbollah and a nuclear-bound Iran that has repeatedly pledged to wipe Israel off the map. In another time, such counsel would be redundant. For most of Israel’s 60-year existence, the Jewish state has been able to count on the stalwart support of its American ally against the many enemies arrayed against it. As Arab states launched wars with exterminationist intent, and as the international community undermined Israel through the agency of the United Nations, America alone stood in Israel’s corner.

Under President Obama, however, such support for an embattled friend is no longer automatic. As Iran races virtually unimpeded toward a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration scolds Israel for daring to build new houses in its capital of Jerusalem. While Hamas, aided by Turkish jihadists, arms for a new war against Israel, the White House demands that Israel exercise a suicidal restraint. As Israel becomes ever more isolated, the Obama administration continues to reach out to its enemies in the Arab and Muslim world. In their new pamphlet, David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin trace the deterioration of the U.S.-Israeli relationship under President Obama, now at its lowest point in three decades. And they show that by emboldening Israel’s enemies, the administration is sowing the seeds of a new conflict, one will that could make it complicit in a new and devastating war against Israel. As a result of President Obama’s wrongheaded policies, Israel’s security – and America’s – is increasingly imperiled.  To read the pamphlet, click here. To order the pamphlet, click here.

  • tarleton

    I've always been a strong supporter of the State of Israel and will continue to be …..obama is not anti-semetic , he's just a clueless poseur who will always take the path of least resistence and will throw Israel to the wolves to try and apease and make peace with Islam…..Israel is the Sudetenlands to him

    Is judaism a religion or a race/ethnicity or is it both ?

    • Brad Brzezinski

      It's a religion but due to centuries of Jew-hatred that is now institutionalized, it has become a race in effect. E.g. Jews who leave the religion are still considered Jews by antisemites. Technically though, Jews are not one particular race as is very obvious when in Israel.

      It's a question that has been much debated.

      I agree that Obama is not antisemitic because I don't think he hates Jews just because they are Jews. However he seems intent on denying "THE Jews" (as a group) safety in their homeland. Some people see this as antisemitic.

      • mgoldberg

        "I agree that Obama is not antisemitic because I don't think he hates Jews just because they are Jews. However he seems intent on denying "THE Jews" (as a group) safety in their homeland. Some people see this as antisemitic."

        Well, then let's look at one of a thousand such examples.

        On May 31, 2010, two events took place:

        1.) Israeli troops were assaulted by Islamists as they boarded the Mavi Marmara, forcing the Israelis to fight back. Nine of the provocateurs were killed.
        2.) Islamist gunmen entered a Pakistani hospital, where they shot and killed 12 badly wounded patients…The 12 victims were survivors of Islamist attacks on two mosques a few days earlier, when 93 worshipers were killed.

        * * *
        The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights immediately responded. What she said that day was:
        “I unequivocally condemn what appears to be disproportionate use of force, resulting in the killing and wounding of so many people attempting to bring much needed aid to the people of Gaza”’
        Source: the Ettinger Report

        Now… the US did NOTHING. Obama, did NOTHING, as in so many instances.
        He could have reported this abomination and the innumerable times it has been repeated in Islamic lands and non Islamic lands by muslims, but of course, all he reports is 'man caused disasters, encouraging sharia law, and of course investigations of Israel's actions. Nothing about muslims actions.

        So that's not jew hatred, so what would you like to call it…. Obama caused disasters??

      • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/cameored cameored

        "Some people see this as antisemitic."


        Many people equate Israel and the Jews and behave accordingly.

        Antisemitism, anti-zionism, anti-Israelism, Jew-hatred, whatever.

        When Jews are attacked in Europe and on college campuses in the US, with increasing frequency, when Israel is singled out and treated vastly differently than any other country in the world, when the word "Israel" becomes synonymous with "Jews" in press reports and internet postings, the finer and academic points of the conceptual name or banner under which people are behaving this way do not matter.

        Victims do not care if they are being beaten with a bat or a cudgel or a truncheon or a stick or a club or a staff. They are being beaten.

        Regarding Obama — the very fact that he is treating Israel, her leaders, and her people differently than he is treating every other country in the world — friend or foe, ally or not — is antisemitic.

      • doreet

        It does not matter whether Obama is antisemitic or not; just like,if you kill someone, it does not matter why you did it. They're dead anyway!!

    • ramalforIsrael

      tarleton – Being "Jewish' is a an ethnicity/race and nationality. According to the Torah which is the first basis of understanding the history, true Jew has direct ancestory from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Gentiles were allowed to become a apart of the the religion of Judaism by following the Law and Mosaic covenant. Christians adher to receiving "blessings from Abraham" (Gen 12) through David's lineage eventually through Christ. A Gentile Christian cannot be a Jew according to scripture. However, Christians accept writings from Paul that everyone is equal at the foot of the cross "for there is neither jew or gentile, male or female, slave or free" Also, a Jew continues to be a Jew always (even if they convert to Christianity) as far as nationality goes. I support Israel and love the Jewish people. God Bless!!

      • PLS

        Abraham was a Hebrew he was not a Jew because there was no such thing as a Jew until the tribe of Judah. Members of the southern kingdom of Judah (Benjamin and Simeon as well) were known as Jews. Jesus was a Jew. All Israelites were Hebrews but not all Hebrews were Jews and that still holds true today. Just don't tell a "Jew" with roots to a northern tribe that. They get mad.

      • doreet

        Except if you've ever seen a Polish Jew,they look like other Poles, often red haired,light skinned, blue or green eyes; yet, they are real Jews. How did they get that way?Obviously, at one time, they were converted. Much conversion went on,thru history,or we would all look like the ancient Jews. And, we do not. :)

    • Grayzel

      "he's just a clueless poseur" tarleton He may be a poseur but people are behind him writing his speeches and telling him what to think and do. Do not underestimate the Progressive/Communist movement in this country.

      • doreet

        I agree; sometimes it masquerades as "Liberalism," "socialism," or "progressivism", or some such BS. You;'re right, that is what it is.

    • John

      Good greif! It's a simple question. What's with all the different answers. Judaism is a RELIGION. It is Torah observant believers in G-d but do not consider Jesus to be the Messiah therefore they do not follow the New Testament. A gentile can convert to Judaism but you will not be a Jew (Hebrew) if you do so because that is a race.

      • M.M. In Michigan

        So if you convert to the religion of Judaism, what does that make you? "convert",and that's all? I have heard,that converts are really "2nd class citizens" as born Jews see them.

  • AnakAdeen

    I think it is time to go on the extreme offensives. Israel keeps dealing with giving and taking little pieces of land. We get some of our land through international votes, and then we lose some to terror. We give some to show good faith in peace. All the while, we get violence and war in return. Some believe that there is no solution or appeasement for the Arabs. Their only wish, goal, belief, if that Israel and Jews must be wiped off the face of the earth. We also see countries that are far more guilty of occupying lands than we are, boycotting us and scolding us. So…I say we reverse our demands. The borders of the land of Israel as giving in the Bible are from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq. I say we demand ALL THAT land back.

    • S. HaLevi

      Indeed. Plain and clear. We must cease to bend for those aligned with our enemies and return to our Heritage.
      All islamics in any way suspect of working aginst the State or people, must be deported to their lands of origin.
      The islamic war must be fought to their total defeat. No stopping on behalf of anyone. Raze the enemies since if we allow them to get nuclear weapons, they will use them.

    • m. m. in Michigan

      Good idea; they will never respect Israel, as long as it is "defensive, "only if it's "on the offensive." That is how Arabs think. If you attack them,then they respect you. Otherwise,they think you are weak.

  • AnakAdeen

    countinued……We give the world a year to tell us why it is not our land. What are the criteria to a people or country saying that a land is their's. Is it Biblical lines? Is it who was there first? Is it who by force conquers? Hey. We can play any of these responses. Just demand from the world to tell us…What are the rules? Let us put the world in the spot light. Let us talk about all the countries that are currently occupied by another. Let's even ask our friends, America, what are the rules that they own the land now and not the Indians? I would love to hear and see the reaction to such an offensive. Can you imagine the roar as soon as someone says the Bible is not true? Or what if someone says that whoever conquers owns???? What if some poor misguided politician says that there is a time limit to how far back we go to establish who was in the land? I guess more important, I would love to have a government that came up some great ideas that we could all get behind.

    • Shavu'ot

      Well the prophetic words of promised land defines the last of the covenant chidren jacob/israel gives the creation of His land; through a people He refined in the wilderness. The same people who Joshua lead into the promised land via the guidance and distinct instruction of Elohim/G-d. The inhibitants whom would be scattered among the nations, and also the same people who would be called back to Israel as rebirth, until Messiah comes. Long live His land Israel, blessings. The metaphorical Joshua who lead them in, is parallel to the Big picture Joshua who will knock off their scales, shine His light for them to see…who will call out His name, and save them from the same evil around them then, is the same today (re-packaged). Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus/Joshua The Christ/Messiah :)

    • Max daddy

      All Israel has to do is aknowledge the King they denied and she WILL get all that land restored without lifting a finger themselves.
      It is sure folly to rely on men from any nation to do what G-d has reserved for himself and nothing would please Him more than to answer the prayers of His people.

      Once you do that the world will be a better place for every man and beast.

    • M.M. in Michigan

      GOOD IDEA!! No one ever respects or fears the lamb; they do so,the lion.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Findalis Findalis

    What did you expect? The man sat at the feet of Rev. Wright. Did you really think that would make him a Zionist?

    • Lori

      Findalis, Rev. Wright,with his own tongue said God Damed America! The viper told the people exactly what God he served! Satan and his fellow fallen friends, Satan is the the king of Damnation and death,his future awaits him in hell.And Obama serves Satan too.It is to bad no one saw it than I believe that is when God took his Hand off our country, And said the choice is yours choose life or death! Israel belongs to God and his will to be done.

  • Pierce Smith

    He, Barack Hussein Obama, has got an agenda that no one knows what it is or where its going. During the campaign some one asked about the influence of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We are now starting to see the anger preached in that pulpit evoke itself.
    This well could be the worst PRESIDENT in the glorious history of America.

    • kafir4life

      Not "well could be". Absolutely IS. And beating out Jimmeh (the terrorists pal) Cahta is no small feat.

      • Jim C.

        You guys were calling him the Worst President Ever before he was even inaugurated.

        And I will have to get used to you guys saying it for the next 6 years.

        • Queen Esther

          Hopefully only for the next two years. If you don't realize how bad he is, it is because you are not getting the real news. Maybe you only read and watch the mainstream media who are in the tank for Obama. and don't report anything negative for the most part.

  • Kim Bruce

    It is not just the administration, however. The people have been brainwashed by leftist and Islamist propaganda. America, as well as Europe and the Scandinavian countries are against Israel. Whether it comes from underground brochures, online leftist groups, Amnesty International, or Obama's website itself, the left-thinking world has ignored Iranian nuclear development and focused on blaming Israel and supporting the bullshit of humanitarian aid for Palestine. This premeditated attack on Israel perhaps took years of Muslim Brotherhood formulation. They have grown very skilful at manipulating the media and the naive citizenry.

    • Carol Ann Gorman

      Most Americans are not against Israel; America is in such a split,now,that Left Wing and Right wing states, and politics, are almost at revolution. The majority of Americans, are so poor,unemployed,over-taxed, repressed, angry, frustrated,and at their wit[s ends, about their own fed. govt. they are heading towards the same anger,riots, burning buildings,and outright revolution, that France and England have been seeing. Working people and middle-class alike are so vastly unemployed,and retirees have lost all their pensions,ect.,they hate Wall St. ,the bankers, banks, corporations,the wealthy,and all the Fed. govt. They hate both political parties. Many of the states are bankrupt,or heading towards it. America is in a huge Depression/Recession, worse than the '29 Depression,and being told, "this is the new normal." You have no idea, how bad off,how dangerous America is,now,and how much worse (it is predicted) it will get. Not unless you live there. I do not think anyone is thinking about Israel much.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Mr Barack Hussein Obama? better known as mr no Brains.Your attitude
    towards Israel and the Jews stinks.I live outside of america but even here
    I smell the anti Jewish atmosphere your are radiating.The friends ,in wich
    company you associate tells me what kind of person you are.
    It is time that you be relieved of your job in the oval office.Please go and hide
    in some dark hole.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    The Bush administration hurt Israel a lot.

    • kafir4life

      What a wonderfully well thought out argument! I've never heard it put quite that way before! You've given me much to ponder.

      • Grayzel

        I have to admit Gamaliel is correct. This anti-scripture land for peace agenda of the past few administrations has hurt the opinion of the world about the people of Israel.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/gommygoomy gommygoomy

    This is getting BORING. What did you think he was gonna do? You KNOW what he is, but you won't admit it.
    He was BORN MUSLIM. That makes him a Muslim. His FATHER was Muslim. His STEP FATHER was Muslim. His MOTHER converted to ISLAM. (Am I going too fast for you?) He was brought up in KENYA and INDONESIA. He went to Muslim SCHOOLS. (That's where they 'Teach': "Barack. Look out! There's a JEW behind that rock. KILL HIM!") He attended MOSQUE. He knelt on his PRAYER RUG, facing MECCA, 5 times a day, and PRAYED TO ALLAH. (Probably for the DEATH of ISRAEL and AMERICA)
    This is FACT. He has surrounded himself with JEW HATERS all his life. Frank Marshall Davis. Jeremiah Wright. Louis Farrakhan. William Ayers. the Black Panthers. KHALEED RASHIDI. (Hey L.A. TIMES. Can you release the VIDEO that you've been sitting on for TWO YEARS, of Barack Hussein Obama, at P.L.O. Recruiter and JEW HATER – Khaleed Rashidis' going away party?) I wonder why the won't let anyone see that Video? Don't the People have a RIGHT TO KNOW?

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      gommy goomy,
      I love your writing.Barack Hussein Obama,better known
      as mr no Brains,is nothing more than a fifth collumn in the oval office.
      I didn't know about a video. Also I'm still waiting for his birth certificate.

    • Democracy First

      Is it fact his mother converted to Islam? And if so, was that before Obama was born?

      • trickyblain

        No. And no. His father considered himself an agnostic, non-practicing Muslim as well. He never attended a mosque, Etc, etc, etc….

    • Lori

      As usual! If Islam is such A great Religion why do they sneak around? Why do they have to cover up?It seems to me if Islam was so great it would not be afraid to show it"s Face.Sounds to me like they are more ashamed of it and if this Allah is so great why do they hide his name? What is the secret? I would like to know! His Obama having secound doubts about Islam? I think he is A pawn to the Radicals and one wrong word said about them could blow him up! Poor Obama! He is so lost looking to be found God save his soul,For you not want any soul to perish!

    • Ron Grant

      "He was BORN MUSLIM. That makes him a Muslim. His FATHER was Muslim. His STEP FATHER was Muslim. His MOTHER converted to ISLAM. (Am I going too fast for you?) He was brought up in KENYA and INDONESIA. He went to Muslim SCHOOLS. (That's where they 'Teach': "Barack. Look out! There's a JEW behind that rock. KILL HIM!") He attended MOSQUE. He knelt on his PRAYER RUG, facing MECCA, 5 times a day, and PRAYED TO ALLAH. (Probably for the DEATH of ISRAEL and AMERICA) "

      What's your point.gommygoomy? Muchiboy

  • Steve Chavez


    They are also willfully blind of the ties of Obama, and his circle, to the numerous front organizations that seek the destruction of Israel and the Jews? Do you think Helen Thomas' comments were out of the norm?

    Who are the Senators that voted against the measure and their ties, directly and indirectly, to front organizations?

    What is also important, are the Senators who voted for the measure but had to to continue to be a Closet anti-Semite for reasons of political survival since they depend on Jewish support which then leads to Christian support?

    Jew who are Democrats need to do a little homework. I suggest they research the Congressmen/women and Senators they voted for, their supporters, and with this in hand, they go to DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG AND SEE WHO THAT GROUP REALLY IS. If Jewish Democrats continue to follow these in Congress, then they are FAKE JEWS in the same line as calling Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton a "Reverend!"

    • Democracy First

      Polls show many Jews are reconsidering their allegiance to the Democrats, and major donors too. hence why a few months back the Obama admin went into damage control with the Jewish community. Probably too little too late.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Doggwood Doggwood

        I'm a Jew myself, but I know I'm in a minority. Sure, the Jews will kvetch, but at the end of the day, they'll rally around the Democrats. I love the Jewish people, but on this point they're in the grips of denial. It's unthinkable that they'll vote for a Republican. We've seen this before; Jimmy Carter shed a few Jewish votes, but he still carried a big majority, if memory serves. These people would vote for Hitler if he had that (D) after his name. In the family I grew up in, we didn't know any Republicans. I'm the black sheep of the family, and widely regarded as insane.

        On the plus side, no Jew has ever called me a race traitor or any of the stuff that happens to African-Americans that don't toe the race line. Nobody ever told me I can't be both Jewish and a Republican. Jews are political idiots, but at least they're pretty civil about it.

        • Shlomo Cutler

          But that's like saying,"The Jews love Hitler so much, if he puts them in furnaces, just cause he has the (D) after his name, it proves what all the gentiles say; we're really stupid, even with geniuses on our side. We're SELF DESTRUCTIVE,and we cannot change this!! Either some rabbis had better start pointing this out to people in the pews, or there will finally be no Jews left, to vote Democrat anymore!!

          • Doggwood

            Intellect is often a targeted talent; a math wizard might be a literary imbecile. And education doesn't necessarily equate to wisdom or goodness (and sometimes I think the biggest goofballs in the world are the people that went to grad school). I'm pleased that the Jews have produced geniuses and been a boon to humanity, and my lament about the culture is limited and specific. As to what we're supposed to do about this state of affairs…I have no idea. I'd rather rabbis not get political, because I think politics and religion are somewhat mutually exclusive. Religion is the pursuit of a connection between our innermost being and the Creator; politics generally degenerates into what's wrong with the other guy. Religion is thought-provoking; politics is sloganeering. In a sense, my politics arise out of my religious convictions, but I don't want the tail to wag the dog. Get the philosophy right, and our worldly actions will improve.

            As a practical matter, I think Obama will forfeit a lot of the Jewish vote, but a big majority will still turn out for him. The Jews aren't a big part of the electorate in most places, so this really doesn't matter. More significantly, I think most Jews will be discouraged from opening up their pocketbooks to Mr. Obama. They'll hold their nose and vote for him, knowing at some level they're fools, but they're salve the consciences by not donating to this nincompoop. The unthinkable thought that it's okay for Jews to vote against the Democrat may start to lose some of its taint.

  • Marty

    Hopefully, the current administration will be thrown out of office in 2012 (assuming it doesn't suspend the Constitution first). Why Jewish voters are still casting ballots for the democratic ticket is a mystery, but old habits die hard. In the meantime, we might consider following the example of Canada. The current government there has openly declared support for Israel because of its democratic institutions and increasingly free market and prosperous economy and condemned islamic radicalism and brutality.

  • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

    I have seen delusional people, but not as much as the Goliath crying and acting as David. Israel is a terrorist state, an apartheid and the Jewish arrogance supported by End Times Armageddon-freak Evengelical crowd will bring Israel's end. Israel killed 600 babies in Gaza about a year ago, and recently butchered human rights activists in International Waters, and you are crying for Israel.

    The mask has fallen and the propaganda machine will not be able to cover the naked truth anymore. The end of the fascist regime in Israel, God willing, will be the best news for peacemakers of the world, including many Jews who are not racists.


    • Steve Chavez

      "600 babies" and "activists" are with Allah now. "ALLAHU AKBAR!"

      I'm willing to bet every dime I have, since that's about all the "Change" I have left, that if you went to Gaza as a Jew, or American, those who you shed a tear for would gladly cut your head off for being a spy for "the fascist regime in Israel." "God willing?"

    • Democracy First

      Do you support ISrael's right to exist as a Jewish state?

      • Edip Yuksel

        Yes, I do. However, Israel has turned to a monster and either it needs to change its policy of invasions and land grab, or share the fate of Nazi regime. Peace.

        • Democracy First

          Are you Turkish? If so, what would have been your response as Turkish president if, say, Iraqi Kurds had launched thousands of rockets on your country, with hundreds more a month continuing?

    • USMCSniper

      You are just another anti semitic collossaly ignorant babbling fool. Obama is an anti semite Marxist clandestine Muslim. For 20 years he sat with the preacher Jeremiah Wright, who is anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli and collaborates with hostile anti semites like Louis Farrakann. When an anti-Semitic clandestine president comes to power in America, we must do all in our power to remove him as soon as possible. By the way, the Palestinians are nothing more than misplaced Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, etc. and the subsidized proxy terrorists of Iran who strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other women and children in markets, restuarants, and on school buses. The Palestinians have forfeited their right to even exist.

    • MixMike

      "Israel is a terrorist state, an apartheid and the Jewish arrogance supported by End Times Armageddon-freak Evengelical crowd will bring Israel's end."

      Edip, you don't know any facts and just sound like an idiot, you should even bother typing comments at all. You and I both know that Israel is not an apartheid state, it gives full and equal rights to all of its citizens including Arabs (1.5 million) and Muslims. Your real problem is that Israel is NOT an apartheid state where Jews are dhimmis subject to Sharia law.

      "Israel killed 600 babies in Gaza about a year ago"

      More fabricated facts (which Edip knows is encouraged under the Surah's)… During Operation Cast lead it is estimated that only approximately 290 of those killed could actually be classified as civilians. Children would not be harmed at all if Hamas didn't bravely use them as human shields and encourage them to become "martyrs" and attack Israeli soldiers.

      "and recently butchered human rights activists in International Waters, and you are crying for Israel"

      I was not aware that the IHH terrorists who premeditated murder of Israeli soldiers were considered human rights activists. I guess anyone who murders Jews is a human rights activist in your book eh Edip? Thanks for clearing that up for me and the rest of us.

      • Democracy First

        This is very well expressed, "Your real problem is that Israel is NOT an apartheid state where Jews are dhimmis subject to Sharia law. "

        People like Edip seldom make any effort to back up their arguments, not only because they can't, but because they're some combination of troll and a personality getting cathartic pleasure from their fatuous comments and any angry response they elicit. But you knew that already.

        • MixMike

          Thanks, I am becoming keenly aware that Edip is just another trolling Islamist Supremacist.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

      Edip you are X'd in the head and can not be helped until you get your head out
      of your ass………………………William

      • Muhommed Asthbah

        Edip is spoiled, with having gentiles and Jews treat him like he can think,when his Muslim brothers know he's an idiot. vagrant, drunken, spendthrift thief, and put him in his rightful place; in the garbage. Edip, your mother is looking for you, you crapped on the bathroom floor again,and you need to have your skinny butt whipped!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

    Thank you so much for writing this. I have learned more history from you, David, than from any of my professors.

  • Stephen D.

    I would ask you to compare. If Obama is a Muslim, Anti-Semite, Racist, Collectivist, Anti-capitalist, Socialist or not…doesn't really matter. Every single thing he does is NO DIFFERENT than if he was all of these things. He behaves like an anti-semite. His policies are those of a socialist. He entreats the wishes of Islam. It matters not the title he may proclaim or deny but rather his actions. And right now he acts, at least, like a Muslim, Anti-Semite, Racist, Collectivist, anti-capitalist, Marxist.

  • Ron

    I wish you ALL would see the Truth!

    Obama is, and always has been muslim! He attacks our allies, especially Israel, as he "reaches out" to our enemies!

    He bows before the Saudi King, as most muslims would!!

    He knows EXACTLY what he's doing where Israel is concerned!

    He is working WITH islam to destroy America!! He hates America as much as they do, which is why he is doing so much to change her into a third world nation!!


    • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

      I agree with you. I think he is a Muslim. He even admitted it, although his admission was simply perceived as a slip of the tongue. I believe that he is an anti-Semite. I, also, believe that he is entirely radical and a danger to this country.

    • Deborah

      Eversince he got into pwr I have seen a horrfying mistake brewing on the winds of America, Our Alies and Israels future destruction as he bows to the Islamic people as though he shares thier hatred to America and her friends and Israels future..Nothing Good can come from him and we gotta act in getting him out of further power in the white house for a better future..Clean house of all the dirty politicians and thier pwrs or be sorry forever..I can't see how they can continue thinking he is out to help us in the end..I hope they won't be stupid and give him a chance to get more pwr come Nov 2012.. but I'm not waiting for him to get that oppertunity then either.. We can't seriously live with another term of him or his corrupted criminal allies..

    • Cookie

      Excuse me the President is simply doing what all the other former US President failed to do. He is trying to sow peace with the Arab world. Peace that if only initiated earlier would have prevented the 9/11 attack.

      US have wasted billions of dollars "helping and supporting" Israel who never seize bullying Palestine

      If you dont know Palestinians are forced to leave their own country, they are literally running for their lives because of Israel aggression, agression thats been fuelled by Americas unfaltering support. Now, the US President is doing the right thing by taming and scolding the very spoiled Israel.

      Israel must learn to peacefully co-exist with Palestine and refrain from bullying Palestine.

      • MixMike

        "US have wasted billions of dollars "helping and supporting" Israel who never seize bullying Palestine."

        And the US just pledged to waste 400 million dollars to "support" the xenophobic Palestinians. This doesn't include the billions the Palestinians have received from the EU, Arab/Islamic countries and Soviets (from the cold war).

        "If you dont know Palestinians are forced to leave their own country, they are literally running for their lives because of Israel aggression, agression thats been fuelled by Americas unfaltering support."

        The first part of this statement is absolutely true, Palestinians that care about civil rights are being forced to leave their country by HAMAS and other Islamo-terrorist groups – they are literally running to Israel for sanctuary. Just ask any gay Palestinian. The only aggression in the region stems from Hamas and Fatah.

        "Israel must learn to peacefully co-exist with Palestine and refrain from bullying Palestine. "

        No the Arab/Islamic states need to learn to coexist with Israel and quite bullying it just for being the only "Jew on the block."

      • Cookie

        is that the only word you know?

  • Richard Weinberg


    • Deborah

      Yeah! and F all the Traitors that supprt him.. Time to Clean house of all the Dirty Politicians and ellect only LAW biding ones in there..the People should rule the government not the other way round.. and preferably only people who know their American History and American Government and arn't stupid or just pwr hungry to
      get up for the said money without using good judgement.. Yeah that'll happen..the longer we keep him and his pwr hungy friends and Judges and Lawyers in the sooner America is doomed to an early death.. Get rid of the weak and Brown nosing idiots and we're on the right start.. kIck out all who enjoy a party at the Taxpayers expence No new taxes and no more spending on things that America can't pay off China with..or any new enemys building Mosques in our countrys hallowed Grounds.

      • trickyblain

        "….ellect only LAW biding ones in there..the People should rule the government not the other way round.. and preferably only people who know their American History and American Government and arn't stupid or just pwr hungry to
        get up for the said money without using good judgement……"


        • Jim C.

          Hey! I think somewhere in that confused muddle of syntax, Deborah was actually advicating for an end to our police work in the Middle East!

          Go Deborah!

    • Ron Grant

      "FUCK OBAMA!"

      You can say "fuck" on FP?
      P.S. Watch your mouth,Weinberg!

  • Richard Weinberg

    F–K OBAMA!

    • Shasay Yachooseit

      How do you know,Obama is not an agent of the Saudis,and works for them?He loves money,and power,he'd do anything to get it,and he'd sell out America for it.

  • Arnie

    There's a famous exchange between Spencer Tracy (who played Judge Dan Haywood) and Burt Lancaster (who played Ernst Janning) in the 1960 Classic Judgment at Nuremberg that goes like this:

    Ernst Janning: Judge Haywood… the reason I asked you to come: Those people, those millions of people… I never knew it would come to that. You *must* believe it, *You must* believe it!
    Judge Dan Haywood: Herr Janning, it "came to that" the *first time* you sentenced a man to death you *knew* to be innocent.

    IMHO, The first time Obama sat in the pews of the hateful Jeremiah Wright and didn't pick himself up and leave, but continued to attend this hate fest for more than twenty years condemned Obama to be an anti-semite and jew hater.

    • Richard Weinberg

      You go that right. Too bad our left-wing, bleeding-heart liberal, foolish brethren can't see it. My advice to them: Don't be diverted from the truth by what you would like to believe.

    • Jim C.

      There's a lot of American Jews who would agree with Rev. Wright, so that's either a lot of anti-semitic, Jew-hating Jews, or else those terms need to be more clearly defined.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/seadog1946 seadog1946

    "pledged to wipe Israel off the map"… who pledged that? In what language was it pledged? Who translated it into english?

    • Vic

      See the Hamas charter!

    • Neil

      The Hitler of Iran stated, on more than one occasion that he'd be willing to sacrifice half the population of Iran in order to eliminate the state of Israel.

    • MixMike

      Yassir Arafat said it too, as did the "moderate" Abbas.

  • MonkeyCharm

    It's all part of the show. Horowitz and Laksin are either a couple of stage hands or even more likely they are just ignorant fools (lesser brothers) to be used as fuel for the coming fire. Obama was hand picked by Jews and I'm not talking about the "lesser brothers," they were just told to vote for him thru the Jew grapevine. He is not Muslim, he is not Christian, he does not practice Judaism, he is a "anything goes" kabbalist/talmudist hell bent on power and control. Israel and America are about to be sacraficed to their god and Obama is just helping set the stage.

    • http://www.indiandjguide.com/ bill

      Israel and America are about to be sacraficed to their god and Obama is just helping set the stage.that was nice comments.

  • http://www.indiandjguide.com/ bill

    Obama making his politics life is maintaining very well.

  • Muslim lies exposed


    It's time to admit to the Turkish genocide of the Armenian people.

    • Edip Yuksel

      I do not support any government nor cover up any genocide. I am free man who stands for justice and peace on earth. To me all racists are the same. be it Turkish, Kurdish, Arab or Jew. Israel is one of the worst racist states, since it has been getting away with all the crimes and atrocities it has committed against a poor population. Of course, with the support of imperial powers. Peace.

      • MixMike

        "Israel is one of the worst racist states, since it has been getting away with all the crimes and atrocities it has committed against a poor population."

        The Palestinians are not a poor population, they received close to 5 billion from Arab/Islamic States and the EU over the past several years. The US just pledged another 400 million in aid as well. I suppose in your world they are poor because the funds are for aid and not weapons to kill Jews?

      • Brett

        Racist? If Israel is so racist why do they allow 1.5 million muslims with full citizen rights to live amoung them? How many Jews live freely with full rights in Muslim countries? Answer almost none. Israel also has many races that live amounst them as Jews come in all skin colors. No you are wrong, the only biggots are those of an Intolerant religion (idealogy) called Islam, who wont accept Irsael as a legitimate country. You know this so please stop the act.

      • Democracy First

        Do you admit to the Turkish genocide against the Armenians?

  • lovezion

    What do we, or Israel, gain by so many words????? What about DOING something??? Hear me out please:


  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Indioviejo Indioviejo

    How could anyone feel betrayed by Obama and the Democrats in power today, when his radical associations, and his family background-as stated above-, were readily available to those interested in knowing at the time of the election? I believe that Israel will defend itself to the ultimate means available to it, and we will follow because this war will be world wide in nature. Our internal problems will make it harder and longer than necessary. Our POTUS is evil and morally degenerate, some of our generals are anti-semitic, as are lots of CIA, FBI, and other leftist infiltrated in government, but we are also fighting for the survival of western civilization and freedom. This is why ultimately we need to stand with Israel. Israel's enemies are humanity's enemies, like it or not.

  • Cookie

    I have never seen or met any displaced Israeli but I have met so many Palestines who were forced to move to Jordan, Canada and other Middle East countries to save their lives. They call themselves people with no country and they couldnt do much about it because Israel is quite a bully.

    Now, people see the facts, why would the President protect Israel who have succeeded to force Palestinians out of their homeland time and time again?

    US have been wasting so much of Aids on Israel, sending US troops in support os spoilt Israel, Isn't it time for US to save its billions of dollars for the benefit of its Citizen?

    US have managed in ruining its image in most parts of the world by supporting Israel though its evident that Israel is abusing Palestine to the core.

    Its about time to take a step back and let the world see that US is not blind and is capable of seeing that Israel is not worthy of the support that it received from US.

    • MixMike

      "I have never seen or met any displaced Israeli but I have met so many Palestines who were forced to move to Jordan, Canada and other Middle East countries to save their lives."

      That's funny, I have met Israelis that were displaced from their homes in Gaza by the Israeli army in 2005. Same story for Israelis that were displaced after Israel unilaterally withdrew from parts of the W. Bank. What about the over 800,000+ Jews were displaced from Muslim countries, many of whom settled in Israel?

      The Palestinians were never displaced because Israel wasn't even their home to begin with, they came from surrounding Arab countries: Syria, Jordan Egypt. Arabs that did leave did so willingly at the prompting of Arab governments to clear the way to "push the Jews into the sea."

      "US have been wasting so much of Aids on Israel, sending US troops in support os spoilt Israel, Isn't it time for US to save its billions of dollars for the benefit of its Citizen?"

      The US just pledged to waste $400 million on the hateful Palestinians that danced in the streets after 9-11. What about the Billions the Palestinians receive from the Arab/Islamic bloc and the EU?

  • Cookie

    And if Americans LOVE Israelis to the point of urging the President to waste billions of dollars and the lives of Americans in danger instead why dont you people urge the President to take all Israelis to US, give them one of your many State and let them claim it for themselves just like what theyre doing with Palestine so you would know how it is to be in Palestines position and how Israelis really are.

    Doing that Americans would get to save Israel, keep them beside you with love and care and save US billions of dollars in ammunition.

    But isnt it US business to create ammu and sell it to countries at war?

    • MixMike

      No American troops have ever been sent to "protect" Israel. Watch something else besides Al Jazeera.

  • Cookie




    • http://intensedebate.com/people/AL__ AL__

      Hey, ben cookie, your are not in a leftist/islamopig's site. This is not the right place to use your shitty mantra :"thepalestinianslovepeaceandtheyarethevictimsoftheviciousJewswhomhavestolen theirland".
      Enjoy this, waiting the bullet who will free you from your pitiful condition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24bOclbE_eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngTqsIelKwc

    • MixMike


      Your claim is laughable at best. Israel goes out of its way to protect Palestinian children. The funny thing is Palestinians worship death and promote their children to become "martyrs," use them as human shields and child soldiers, and inculcate them with hate for Jews and other infidels (the West, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus) from birth.

      Palestinians seem to generally hate children. Perhaps this is why the specifically fire rockets at Israeli daycares and kindergartens, and have their terrorists "bravely" gun down mothers and children.

      Cookie, when will the Palestinians stop the mass child abuse?

    • Democracy First

      Cookie, Israel only wants to live in peace. If the palestinians would only take yes for an answer to a state of their own, there`d be instant peace. But as long the Palestinians refuse a state of their own, preferring to attack Israel, then innocents on both sides will get killed.

  • DLP

    Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. Obama, as well as many jews, knows that zionism is racist, elitist, violent, exclusive, non-inclusive of all of humanity, psuedo democratic, and most important of all built entirely upon fake foundations. The Torah does not justify the existence of Israel only for Jews because whilst it is a historic book, it is not a book of accurate history. The Torah has history, geography, ethnicity, culture and other topics included in it, but it is not an accurate book of history, geography, ethnicity, or culture. Come on, we live in the 21st century. You cannot seriously believe in God, or your own God and use that as a justification for the establishment of a Zionist state, which sadly is an embarassment to jews and non-jews world-wide because of its Nazi like policies and conduct. The Israel I support is democratic, pluralistic, and secular. We don't want a Zionist theocracy style nation.

    • MixMike

      "Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism."

      Yes it is, Zionism is "the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, which holds that Jews, like any other nation, are entitled to a homeland." Zionism is a secular belief and does not discriminate against anyone or any minorities. To "single out Jewish self-determination for condemnation" is anti-semitism and a form of racism. Even Martin Luther King believed this: "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism."

      "The Torah does not justify the existence of Israel only for Jews because whilst it is a historic book, it is not a book of accurate history. The Torah has history, geography, ethnicity, culture and other topics included in it, but it is not an accurate book of history, geography, ethnicity, or culture."

      Justification for Israel's existence need not be based in the Torah at all. Based on other historical facts and archeological evidence it is clear that Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for thousands of years. Heck, just look at Jerusalem which has always had a Jewish majority.

      "The Israel I support is democratic, pluralistic, and secular."

      Good, so is the Israel I support.

      "We don't want a Zionist theocracy style nation."

      Me either, I would avoid any surrounding Arab/Islamic nation which are nearly all nearly all dictatorships, autocracies or theocracies.

  • DLP

    The reason Obama cannot fully support Netanyahu is obvious, and has nothing to do with anti-semitism and everything to do with what the two represent. The US constitution and US society exists as a place of freedom, equality and opportunity for its citizens. People of all religions, cultures, and ethnic heritage live in diversity, plurality and prosperity. EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS OF VALUE NOT JUST PEOPLE OF SOME ILL-DEFINED DIFFICULT-TO-MEASURE RELIGIOUS/ETHNIC GROUP. Success, prosperity, intelligence, creativity, leadership, decency exists in large measure among the Arabs, Celts, Hindustanis, Chinese, Africans as much as it does among the Persians and Semites. The Zionist founding belief is fundamentally flawed and indefensible. Israel claims to be a democracy, but it is a pseudo one. Sadly for me, Israel is almost the antithesis of the US. When a child whose father is Jewish and mother Gentile is told that he has no claims to being a citizen of Israel, you can see how totally confused and fake Zionism is. Israel is being hijacked by Zionists, while reasonable, decent, moderate, sensible Jews are sidelined. Israel can and should be like the US, where so many Jews have found a place to call home equal among humanity.

    • MixMike

      "The Zionist founding belief is fundamentally flawed and indefensible. "

      No, Zionism is a secular and democratic belief – unless you think secular and democratic countries are indefensible?

      "Israel claims to be a democracy, but it is a pseudo one."

      Wrong again, just ask the Arab members of the Knesset if Israel is a democracy or the 1.5 million Arab citizens that have equal rights under the law and enjoy more civil rights than any other Arab/Islamic country in the world.

      "When a child whose father is Jewish and mother Gentile is told that he has no claims to being a citizen of Israel, you can see how totally confused and fake Zionism is."

      You are ignorant of Israeli law, the Law of Return is granted to "any individual with one Jewish grandparent, or who is married to someone with one Jewish grandparent." If your dad is Jewish you are covered.

      Even still, the Law of Return is not determinative of Israeli citizenship; "it merely allows Jews to relocate within the territory of Israel," at which time you can apply for citizenship. Generally, Israel grants citizenship to anyone who immigrated to Israel via the Law of Return, however this is not required under the Law of Return by itself.

      Even still, there are other ways to apply for citizenship (naturalization etc.) just like in most other western countries.

  • http://www.christiansofasia.com Paul

    Is Obama anti-Semitic? Yes, says CHRISTIANS of ASIA NETWORK ( CAN).

    • Edgar

      Who cares what christians think. It's not that you are right or wrong…your just not involved in the conversation. Go read the new testament, then die and go to hell with all the rest of the christians.

      • John

        Uhmmm…that's just rude. What the hell? Maybe you should read the New Testament, then die in Christ and live forever in the heavenly kingdom on earth.

  • sydchaden

    FDR did not go to war to save the Jews, and neither will Obama. The difference is that FDR faced an enemy who was supported by the Muslim World, whereas Obama is engaged in courting the Muslim World. The Muslim World would like to see Israel destroyed, and Obama doesn't appear to be the least bit disturbed by that. American Jews, who overwhelmingly supported Obama for election, seem to think that their prediliction toward globalism will trump the anti-Semitism that has plagued them. However, if they read the Koran, they will see that they are considered infidels, whether globalist or not, and the message in the Koran is that they should be killed. The danger that concerns Obama is that, if Iran destroys Israel, the entire Muslim World will become subject to Iranian control. That would mean the overthrow of the present regimes, and Iranian control of the availability of oil. That is what Obama (and King Abdullah and the other Arab potentates) really fears, and the US would attack Iran to prevent that from happening.

    • Asma

      "However if they read the Quran,they will see that they are considered infidels"
      please quote me the chapter and verse of Quran which labels Jews as infidels.

      "The message in the Koran is that they should be killed"
      Please quote me the chapter and verse of Quran which implies this.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is and actor and a bad one at that, he was elected by the MSM and leftist
    money, muslim money and anti-American and anti-Israeli colluders. There may be
    some in government today that can stop Obama and must do so before November.
    The recent support for Israel signed by 87 Senators is encouraging but far short
    of the needed expulsion of Obama and his anti-American-anti-Israeli administration.
    I start to question if America will be here in November to correct it's greatest
    electoral mistake…We must protect Israel now …………………….William

    • Cookie

      Blaming Muslims is so easy..its so easy to point fingers eh?

  • Ron Grant

    "Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism."
    Yes it is, Zionism is "the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, which holds that Jews, like any other nation, are entitled to a homeland."

    No it isn't,MixMike.There are no good,reasonable,rational,justifiable and moral reasons for hating Jews.There are several good,reasonable,rational, justifiable, moral reasons for hating Zionism.I don't know any decent,reasonable individuals or groups who are antisemitic.I do know many such individuals and groups who are anti Zionists.At the end of the day,when Antisemitism is done it's dirty work,millions of Jews are dead.When the Zionists are defeated,the hope is that millions of Palestinians will live a life equal to that of their present day oppressors,together,to the benefit of all. Strange,eh?Muchiboy

    • MixMike

      Ron, there are no "good, reasonable, rational, justifiable [or] moral reasons" for hating Zionism. Israel is open and democratic, and "its scrupulous protection of the religious and political rights of Christians and Muslims [and all other minorities] rebut the charge of exclusivity."

      The fact is the Palestinians already have an opportunity for a a life equal to the Israelis. There are 1.5 million Arabs that call Israel home that have equal rights under the law. The Palestinians in Gaza and the W. Bank have been given opportunity after opportunity to build a nation. They receive economic and humanitarian aid from Israel. If the Palestinians weren't bent on the extermination of the Jews they could actually build their infrastructure and have a thriving economy alongside the Israelis.

      Zionism being defeated is just code for Jews being driven into the sea (extermination) or living as dhimmis under another Sharia law governed Islamic theocracy. You know it and I know it.

      Pro-Palestinianism and anti-Zionism is just a mask for anti-semitism or Islamic Imperialism or both.

      • Ron Grant

        "there are no "good, reasonable, rational, justifiable [or] moral reasons" for hating Zionism."

        I equate Zionism with colonialism,or a special case of colonialism,MixMike.I have experienced colonialism first hand (Rhodesia).I have served as a soldier in it's armed forces.My wife was a minority (Asian) under a white regime.Africa benefited from colonialism and suffered under it.Israel while a special case of colonialism shares the core characteristics and properties of all colonial states,occupation, oppression,denial and arrogance.Muchiboy

        • MixMike

          Israeli Jews have never engaged in colonialism in any way, Zionism is NOT colonialism in ANY form.

          As I am sure you know, historically, colonialism was a way for European nations to conquer, control, settle and exploit the resources and people over large areas of the world. Zionism on the other hand simply advocates Jewish self determination through the return of Jews to the land of their historical ancestors (from which they had been exiled). The Jews who immigrated to Israel never did so on behalf of a foreign colonizing power or to exploit resources. For example, British Jews who immigrated to the area did not do so to exploit resources on behalf of Britain. Jews returned to Israel to build their own nation out of scratch.

          Additionally, the Jews did NOT grab land by force; they LEGALLY purchased vacant and tenant-free land. Jews made the land theirs and "obviously did not plunder their own land for the benefit of any foreign colonial power." Jews did not impose their religion (Judaism) on the local Arab population. Israel was created as a secular democracy that respects and gives equal rights to minorities.

          The claim of colonialism is quite simply an invented myth by anti-semites and Arab/Islamic Supremacists.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/GOP_Sucks GOP_Sucks

            lol, they didn't buy it — it was given to them through the British Mandate. Much of the middle east was given to the various ethnic groups after WW2. Israel is the only country created under the speculation of removing another ethnic group so your wrong

          • Democracy First

            Jews bought huge amounts of land, before the british mandate was created.

            regardless, ISrael was created by the UN from the ashes of the ottoman Empire's collapse, making it perhaps the most legitimate nation on earth.

          • MixMike

            Yes, they did buy it, get your facts straight before coming off like a complete idiot. The Jews bought most of the land prior to the mandate period. The land purchased was vacant and tenant-free. The Jews took special precautions to buy land where native Arab populations would NOT be displaced. The original British mandate created a state for Jews in Jewish majority areas, which as stated above were legally purchased. Of course the Arabs rejected this choosing war over peace.

            Interestingly enough, the current movement for Palestinian statehood is for a state "created under the speculation of removing another ethnic group," the Jews!

          • Asma

            when the state of Israel was created in 1948, more than 40 % of land was meant to be for Palestinians and less than 60 % of land was meant to constitute Israel. Unfortunately with the passage of time, Israel has kept on grabbing more and more of Palestinian land which has now shrunk to around 20%.Obviously this is injustice and Arabs are well within their rights to reject the current situation.

          • Democracy First

            As you know, the aRABS REJECTED un rESOLUTION 181 THAT CREATED iSRAEL. Whichm means they rejected yet another Arab state, and the 2 nd palestinian state, Jordan being the first. Instead, they attacked the newly born Israel, fully intending on destroying it and "driving the Jews into the sea." Well, you can't launch a war of aggression and then cry boo hoo when you lose land in the process. But the real land loss, as you also know, came in 67, when the Arab nations again readied themselves for war against Israel. And lost again. And lost land again. Immediately after that war israel offered to discuss a land swap for peace. And the Arab response? The infamous "3 no's," no to peace, no to negotiations, no to Israel's existence. Again, you can't lose a war of aggression, lose land in the process, refuse to dsicuss a return of that land for peace, and then cry boo hoo.

            And worse: The Palestinians refused to abide Oslo, gthat would have guaranteed them a state. Arafat refused a state in 2000. Israel returned gaza anyhow, and the Palestinian response? Thousands of rockets.

            The injustice is not perpetrated by Israel. It's perpetrated by palestinians on both Israelis and themselves. When they finally agree that ab state of their own living aside Israel in peace in more important than their passion to destroy Israel, then there will be justice.

          • Asma

            I hear you loud and clear.The territories were lost in war and so was Western Russia,Poland and Czechoslovakia lost to Nazi Germany. How is Israel's right to hang on to its conquests any different to the Third Reich? Incentive in both cases appears to be the same:" a superior Chosen people" wanting a larger living space. The obvious difference of course is that time caught on with the Nazis, something which has not happened to the Zionists.

          • MixMike

            Asma, as usual you have it all wrong… Israel did not want a "larger living space" and does not view itself as superior to the Arabs (otherwise they wouldn't give Arabs full rights under the law).

            Israel is in NO way comparable to Nazi Germany.

            Israel gained Gaza and the W. Bank in self-defense after it was attacked by Egpyt, Jordan and Syria. International law is clear, "a country acting in self-defense may seize and occupy territory when necessary to protect itself. And "a state may require, as a condition for its withdrawal, security measures designed to ensure its citizens are not menaced again from that territory."

            UN Resolution 242 gives Israel a legal right to be in the West Bank. The resolution "allows Israel to administer the territories" it won in 1967 "until 'a just and lasting peace in the Middle East' is achieved." During the debate on the resolution, "speaker after speaker made it clear that Israel was not to be forced back to the 'fragile' and 'vulnerable' [1949] Armistice Demarcation Lines."

            Up until 1967, the Arabs refused to make peace with Israel and instead instigated terrorist incursions from Syria, Egypt and Jordan into Israel using Gaza, the W. Bank and Golan as a launching pad. Hmmm… how thinks haven't changed after 40+ years.

          • Democracy First

            You've got the analogy wrong. Germany attacked others. When the war ended germany lost, forever, land it had before its aggression. And so Arabs have lost land because of their aggression.

          • Cookie

            Thats right,but some people do not wish to see the fact that Israel is such a bully. Israel is showing a meek, helpless facade but the fact is they are the ones whose been grabbing lands and forcing poor Palestinians out. Israel knows that US will always support them thats why they just keep bullying Palestine.

        • Sceptique

          It seems that you are unable to see the differences, looking only for similarities. With that kind of reasoning, you can prove whatever you want. Remember for example that Arabs come from one single country, Saudi Arabia, and now dominate a surface greater than USA. That, my dear, is colonialism.
          When a handkerchief-size country like Israel is granted independence by UN, this is by definition not colonialism. The 'palestinians' never existed as a people and thus belong to any of the neighboring countries they came from, with which they share the language and the culture.
          Not at all the case with Israel, which has a language and a culture that is only shared by Jews around the world. Jews cannot go anywhere else to find the same conditions. Of course anybody can go anywhere and live reasonably well: USA, Canada, Europe, etc. But the same is valid for all, 'palestinians' included.

        • Democracy First

          There's a certain pervasive disingenuousness to this line of reasoning, whether from you or others, as It entails the deliberate evasion of countless pertinent facts in favour of a simplistic, reductionist, emotionally based perspective.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/GOP_Sucks GOP_Sucks

      Or how about if I give a shit-ism about Zionism? Is that also anti-semitism? If we create a policy to stop supporting Israel and start negotiating with the Arabs is that anti-semitism? Semites includes Arabs so too bad because it isn't your own little private word to make the rest of us feel guilty for not caring about Israel as much as lets say Sudan or Ethiopia. I guess that makes me anti-ethiopianism/sudanism if I cared more about Israel.

      So what does it make me if I don't give a shit about any of your isms and just care about the welfare of my family and fellow Americans? That makes me American pal and my country, the U>S or A needs no handouts from anyone and we can protect our borders much better without Israel.

      • MixMike

        The term antisemitism was coined in Germany in the late 19th century to refer to the hatred of the Jewish people. The term was never meant (or used) to refer to any other "semitic" peoples.

        You don't have to give a crap about anyone or anything other than yourself or America, but singling out Israel alone smacks of antisemitism.

  • Obama Crypto-Jew

    "Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President."

    Abner Mikva (Jew)
    Former White House Counsel,
    Clinton Administration
    (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 2008)

    • Allen

      Wake up gentile America…and try and wrap your head around that. You are all being PLAYED and too stupid to see it, even when it is shown to you. If you were human I might actually feel sorry for you. Now go back to sleep you stupid cows.

      • mike

        Well then, if the gentiles in America are being PLAYED and OBAMA is turning his back on Israel then aren't YOU being played as well? Anyway, I take it from your "cow" comment that you are a Talmudist and therefore not a follower of Judaism and the Torah….so your opinion matters NOT.

    • He is not Jewish!

      "Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President."

      You are taking the comment out of context. what he said was "If Clinton was our first black president, then Barack Obama is our first Jewish president." Now obviously Clinton was not a black man. To me it seems that Obama spent a lot of time sucking up the the Jewish leadership in America because…well…we all know why. It was obviously just a ploy to get into the white house. Now he is pulling an "Andrew Jackson," so let's see how that works out for him.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/sydchaden sydchaden

    Asma asked:"However if they read the Quran,they will see that they are considered infidels"
    There are a number of statements. In the interest of brevity:
    Quran 9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."
    "Fight those who do not believe in Allah…And the Jews say Ezra is the son of God; and the Christians say Christ is the son of God; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; Allah's curse be on them; how they are turned away!" (Koran 9:29-30)

    • Asma

      reference 9:5 is not about the Jews.Its about idolaters and it was meant for a particular people: Arabs who worshipped idols and for a particular point in time when Islam was fighting the idolaters after Hijrat of the blessed prophet Muhammad pbuh. It does not stand for all times and all idolaters.
      9:29-30 has also been quoted out of context and was meant for the Arab idolaters and unbelievers in a particular point in time around Mecca and Medina. As for the next lines,some of the Jews claimed that God had a son,Ezra and most of the Christians claimed that Jesus is the son of God and so this revelation came which says that the people of the book who have started to believe this have left the true path and have acquired similar beliefs to earlier unbelievers. Allah does not have sons, but is a deity who has created every thing seen and unseen. The Quran says that these are innovations in the original revelations of Torah and Injeel as neither prophet Moses pbuh or prophet Jesus claimed that God had sons.
      The word infidel is synonymous with idol worshippers or Kaafirs,while The Christians and jews are the people of the book.The Christians who believe in Trinity are called Nasaara while the Jews are called Yahoodi in the Quran.

  • Charlie

    I am an American gentile and I have recently taken an interest in what's taking place between Israel and the Arab states. I'm pretty new to this but I can't seem to figure out why all these "Hollywood" Jews and big city Jews vote for Obama. To me it seems pretty obvious that he is not a friend of Israel and could care less if they were wiped off the face of the earth and he probably doesn't care if the U.S. goes down with them…so why vote for him? Don't they care that their people are going to be annihilated and he is going to let it happen? Can people really be that stupid? 2 1/2 more years and he'll be gone but unfortunately he will have caused so much damage it might be impossible to reverse it. I feel sad for the Jews.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/GOP_Sucks GOP_Sucks

      The thing is if Obama really suceeds like you would want to suggest, we wouldn't "go down with Israel as you suggest — on the contrary. Israel has been nothing but a liability to our national debt as well as out foreign relations abroad. The only reason why we have to turn our airports into fortresses is because of Israel.
      Bottom line: the Hollywood types didn't elect Obama, the American people OVERWELMINGLY voted him in as a new mandate and that new mandate is to put U.S. interests before Israel and that may mean sending them to fight their own battles.

      • Democracy First

        Israel provides in valuable military intelligence to the US, is its one true ally on the ME, shares ideology, was a nuclear deterrent to Soviet Union in the area, and on and on. Your animus is misplaced.

        • Jim C.

          Let's take their intel with a grain of salt. Don't get me wrong–thank God for Israeli intelligence or we'd still be years behind in our pathetic understanding of the ME region. But Israeli intelligence has also literally been telling us Iran was "this close" to having nukes" for 20 years. Israeli intelligence insisted Iraq had those elusive weapons of mass destruction. They are, in short, the rattle on the end of our saber. I understand why they do this, and can't fault them for it. We keep them on a chain, so in lieu of them getting things done, as it were, in the region, they'd like it if we were over there doing a bit of it and seeing for ourselves.

      • MixMike

        "Israel has been nothing but a liability to our national debt as well as out foreign relations abroad."

        Others have mentioned that Israel provides much value to the US in terms of military intelligence, techniques and training… but Israel also invests and reinvests in American companies thus helping the American economy.

        What will the $400 million pledged to the Palestinians bring back to Americans other than terrorism and more hatred. Don't forget it was the Palestinians who danced in the streets after 9-11.

        "The only reason why we have to turn our airports into fortresses is because of Israel."

        Right, its the "Jews" fault. Al Qaeda wasn't pissed about American military bases in Saudia Arabia and throughout the Persian Gulf or perceived American interference in Iran and Iraq. Muslim fanatics would hate the U.S. regardless of its policy toward Israel. The conflict is just an additional excuse tacked on at the end of a long list of grievances against the U.S. and the west. Don't forget, the attacks on the USS Cole, the attacks in Somalia and the attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania all had little or nothing to do with Israel.

    • Democracy First

      Jews, including some major Democrat donors, are reconsidering. Hence, Obama's fence mending 2 months back. Probably too little too late regardless.

  • Sceptique

    Why did the Turks genocided 1.5M innocents Armenians and still deny it today? The Hypocrit in Chief Erdogan is trying to give lessons to his betters while he massacres innocent Kurds in Iraq and vows to exterminate them.
    Turks can give no lesson to Israel, quite the contrary. US Senate must now vote for official recognition of the Armenian Holocaust and US troops in Iraq should be stationed in the northen part of the country and prevent any Turkish aggression on the Kurdish people who fight for their freedom.

  • http://cowfy.com kowfy

    the short sighted supporters of the obamas of the world should be sh-tting ing there colletive panties.of course there are those who believe in the twelve amam nonsense and are salivating for mass destruction.they know exactly what they want.caos and a return to archaic modes of civilization.the longer we wait to reign in these insane followers of the religion of peace the higher the price.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Doggwood Doggwood

    Rev. Wright is still in the news:

    From that article:

    During a five-day seminar Wright taught last week in Chicago, he was back at it, claiming that whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.

    "White folk done took this country," Wright said. "You're in their home, and they're gonna let you know it."

  • http://its-curtains-for-you.blogspot.com/ nanc

    This potussa didn't sit in an anti-israel church for 20 years for nothing!

  • Kath

    You're all just a bunch of biggots.

  • Who is a Jew?

    Who is a Jew? The only people that can call themselves a Jew is someone who can trace their roots back to the tribe of Judah (which included Benjamin and Simeon). Israel (northern tribes) used to fight "the jews." Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians. Judah (Jews) was taken into captivity by the Babylonians. The Jews returned back to Jerusalem 70 years after being taken captive and most of them were again displaced in 70 AD but the northern tribes never reoccupied Israel as it was. At what point did the northern tribes begin to call themselves Jews? I suspect some rabbis during Assyrian captivity devised a plan to get back at the Jews by going around destroying other peoples countries while calling themselves "Jews." Then just before the slaughter the "Israelis" head for the hills (another country) while the real Jews get murdered. Anybody follow WW I and WW II. I'd say their plan is working splendidly. Get ready for WW III and if you are REALLY a Jew I'd get the hell out of Israel if I were you…especially if you believe in Jesus. Your on a "list" for sure. Come to America. Parts of Florida are still OK.

  • Jim C.

    We clearly need new definitions in terms. Because it is completely absurd to call such a vast amount of Jews in the world "Anti-Semitic" and "Anti-Jewish" though their views are pretty much all in line with Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel and other such entities, I suggest "JINO"–Jew in Name Only. This group, consisting of roughly 3/4 of American Jews and roughly half of Israel, are the Jews Who Just Don't Get It. They should probably have their Jewishness revoked, if that is possible.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/sydchaden sydchaden

    In reply to asma: Thank you for your scholarly explanation of the correct meanings of the passages of the Quran. I do not question what you say, but I must point out that there are many, many versions of the Quran, and many, many different interpretations of the meanings of the passages. Your comment makes clear that I was remiss in saying “read the Koran”, because I did not identify which version(s) of the Koran they should read. I should have said “some versions of the Koran.” I was aware that some versions and interpretations of of the Koran distinguish “people of the book”, meaning Christians and Jews, from infidels. However, I am also aware that in many Muslim countries, and in India, the interpretation that is preached is that Jews are infidels, who should be killed.

  • Turbeaux

    When David Horowitz and Jacob Laskin describe the permanent jihad against Israel as an Arab war of annihilation against the Jewish State they are doing themselves and all supporters of Israel a grave injustice. It's not an Arab war against the Jewish state. Indeed, there are many Jewish Arabs and Christian Arabs that are not at war against the Jewish state. Hence, being an Arab has nothing whatsoever to do with the jihad against Israel.

    However, the entire international Islamic ummah is at war against the Jewish state, and not only the Jewish state, but all kafir infidel states that currently border Islamic states are also under direct assault by the forces of jihad. For instance, India has faced the same kind of Islamic jihad for nearly as long as Israel and like the jihad against Israel, the jihad against India is also permanent. Moreover, it is hardly Arabs that are pursuing the jihad against India, it is Muslims.

    The reality is Israel and India and all the many other jihads currently being pursued around the world, both hot and cold, are not fueled and fomented by Arabs but by Islam, and it is very important that we always identify and define our enemies as clearly as possible and not endeavor to sugarcoat it.

  • Gunderson

    Here's a term for you that was spoken by Jesus thru John. "…them, which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan." "SOS," there's a term for you. It fits the Rothchilds doesn't it? As a matter of fact it fits most "Israelis" or modern "Jews" today because so few are "believers" and even less can trace there roots back to the tribe of Judah. Maybe YOU should have your Jewishness revoked.

  • Scott Mollett

    Obama is a jew. 60% of the people he has appointed to gov't positions are jews. Who do you jews think you are fooling with this tripe.

    The people of the USA are sick of jewish influence and control of our politicians and central banks. Pretending Obama is not in your pocket is laughable to anyone paying attention. I can assure you a lot of us are paying attention and we do not like what we see. Any jew who truly does not like Obama is proving the stereotype of the greedy jew. If you are a jew and you don't like Obama you are a crybaby selfish person who looks a gift horse in the mouth.

    Does the US president have to appoint 80% jews, 100%? When will it be enough for you jews?

    • Cookie

      Jews wants everything under their control then they put on their mask pretending they are the helpless victims, they are using this facade to touch on Americans sympathy but at the end of the day. Americans suffers. America is being hated by most people in the world why because Americans always tries to help the helpless and Israel is taking advantage of this. Israel is a big bad wolf underneath an angel face they try to project.

  • maurice carey

    Pres. Obama is seeking a just peace in the Middle East, but Zionist fanatics are opposed to this. They want to force their will upon the Arab world by crushing the Palestinians. They already control the US Congress through one-sided propaganda and overt intimidation. The next war they want, by proxy, is to push an ignorant America into attacking Iran…on the pretext that a Nuclear iran is a danger to world peace while a nuclear Israel is not.

    • Cookie

      America is being used by Israel for its own benefit, Leaving Israel on its own to deal with its problem is the only way to help them sort the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel will stop bullying Palestine and both will learn to co-exist in peace because no one is backing them up. Even in a family if one child knows that their father is on his side he will keep bullying his siblings because he knows hes got his dad behind him but leave them on their own they will learn to adjust and get along among themselves. Its time to let the truth out

  • gene r

    So with Israel as friends, who needs enemies? Remember the U..S.S. Liberty. Remember who did 9/11.

  • Terrance O'Malley

    People Obama is GAY; ok, he's bisexual, gay, whatever you wanta call it. Yes,he is. No one here knows that? Plenty people in USA know it, that's why all the secrecy surround O. He's "that way." He had people killed,who knew about it, from his past. Some guy, who knew him, tried to publish a book about it, got killed,or squashed. Anyone from his old past, who knows, "disappears." It's not gossip, it's true.