A Historic Election, An Early Thanksgiving

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Despite this conservative tsunami by a party outspent and out-manned, the progressive faithful still grasped hope from the fact that in two union-plagued states in the west Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer managed to cling to their by now near-hereditary seats, and because an empty-headed Republican lost a race she should never have run in Delaware, Republicans fell short of a Senate majority. This election night failure to take the Senate is in fact a conservative blessing in disguise (as is the loss of the governorship in California, a state that no Republican executive could rescue from its socialist legislature and union mafia and the bankrupt future to which they have condemned the state).

If Republicans had won the Senate, Obama would run in 2012 by attacking a “Do-Nothing” Congress that had thwarted his plans to fundamentally change America into a cornucopia of social justice and economic health. An almost-majority in the Senate is good enough to thwart his radical spending schemes and anti-business assaults without handing him an opportunity to deceive voters public by blaming his mess on someone else.

The “good news” which desperate progressives have managed to retrieve from California and Nevada has another upside for 2012 when 24 “liberal” Senate seats and the Oval Office are up for grabs. This optimism will stiffen progressive necks and cause them to pressure their leaders to drive the train along that radical track, encouraging them to defend their rejected policies and resist a change of direction. And that’s just what conservatives should want them to do.

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  • davarino

    Thanks O. Now thats change you can believe in hehehhe.

    Hey bubba, did you hear what happened in Cali? You should be basquing in the liberalism. Good luck with that, cause if you really do have your own business, they are coming for you. They are going to tax you to death, that is if you really do have your own business. Enjoy

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      thank you for having open eyes. this nation is doomed

    • BS77

      Yeah, California defies all sense and logic and continues to vote in tax and spend, big government sanctuary city liberals…..California is lala land.

      • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

        BS77 Yes you are right but understand the mexican government has been in power here for 25 years with its durg dealers money that is how the two woman stay in power, no cal is not a alal land its a total nut house being ran by big foreign money and by some real evil people.

        • bubba4

          You're a moron.

    • NStahl

      Hm. Packing now. Will have to evacuate when Jerry Brown crashes California – spinning in nose first.

      Seriously. CA should be split into, oh, four states. The northern counties can join southern Oregon counties to form the state of Jefferson. The ultra-prog goose-stepping bay area counties can form the State of Pacifica. Los Angeles can become its own state (or better yet, country). The remaining states would form a rump California.

      Jefferson and a truncated California would have a reasonable chance to recover economically and socially without LA and the bay area.

      • trickyblain

        Sounds like a Tea Party plan. Attempt to recover economically by getting rid of the two primary engines that power the economy, leaving you with, what, Bakersfield and Fresno?

        • coyote3

          No just getting rid of two primary engines of criminal activity, and I am talking about the elected officials.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    By God that feels good. This is the America I used to know. With backbone! God bless America!

  • Gylippus

    Thank you Mr. Horowitz, for your crucial role in exposing the Left's agenda, methods and means. Keep up the good work, there remains much to do…

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    if you open your eyes you have no reason to have a Thanksgiving Reid and the gay guy from mass is still in office! the right got some states and most of the repub's only got into office by one point, this is the start of the end of the USA, Obama will get 4 more years and by that time this nation may as well become mexico, and the low life Left agenda will be taken on by the new rats, listen to Savage nation, and open your eyes. Read davarino he is right, Calf will be the first state to become totally Mexican/third world with gov.brown,

  • Beverley

    Yes Mr. Horowitz the whole of 'Frontpage.com' is great, every article is thought provaking.
    I send it all over the world. Never mind God bless America … God bless David Horowitz.

  • Beverley

    Sorry thought provoking

  • Rifleman

    This is a good start, but there are several close ones the dp can still steal, so the GOP had better be on top of it. It's probably for the better that brown won in California, the country can use an example of where dp policies end up, and California is almost out of other people's money.

    The dp gave the unions over $300 billion since they took over in 2009, they will have plenty to outspend the GOP by almost a quarter of a billion dollars again in '12 and '14. Senate dems up for reelection in '12 have a serious high wire act for the next two years, and I doubt many will be willing to walk the plank for obama, who will almost certainly be a one termer if the economy doesn't rebound. The GOP has a lot of work to do, and a lot of respect to earn.

    • trickyblain

      Last I checked, we still have the eighth largest economy in the world, RM. Other peoples’ money? Don't know how you figure that. California pays more in Federal taxes than it receives. This is not the case with "low tax" states, which make up for the deficit by taking more from the fed. So, these "low tax" states are taking funds from California, not the other way around.

      All the talk about CA being "third world" is amusing. When watching my beloved Giants win the World Series, the announcers couldn't get over the beauty of the area. The cameras had no shortage of scenery to cover – the redwood covered hills, the Golden Gate, the Pacific, the City lights, the Bay and all of the "broke" Californians sailing around on their million dollar boats. When the series went over to Texas, they kept showing a cannery. The topper, however, was seeing the disappointment of George W, watching his Rangers lose while sitting in his front row seats.
      God bless America, and God bless California!

      • bubba4

        The West is the best…..get here….and we'll do the rest…

        • coyote3

          Yes, especially the great Republic of Tejas. May not not ever get to heaven, but Tejas is close enough for me.

      • topeka

        Cannot say I am impressed. After spending my youth in the Bay Area waiting to leave, I have had to return 5 times in the last 31 years on family business. Each experience reminds me of why I hate the place. Humanoids wander around using foul language and saying the most outrageous things about 'neanderthals' beyond the bay. None of my high school buddies work there. Those who live there live in their own bedroom. (I mean come on – when you're pushing 50?) The unemployment rate is what? 20%? Property rots unkempt. Trash blows everywhere. Bums wander everywhere. Don't wander off the beaten path, or your liable to be beaten. Oh, yeah, it's great.

        As for the OPM comment – maybe – if you compare only rural areas in other states where California-style liberal policies have slaughtered local business causing shattering bankruptcies, and business-flight and ignoring federal expenditures in the Cali. Yeah. Maybe. Yes, where people live on government jobs and Socialist InSecurity, I am sure the old folks and the welfare recipients live on "Cali's" money…. Thanks Cali! Whoop Whoop. What would we do without gubberment!

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    Arianna Huffington laments that the big message of yesterday's election is that "the public has lost faith in government." That is almost correct. What they've lost faith in is Big Government Liberalism, now called Obamunism: the big lie that government is the answer to man's quest for happiness and a rich, productive and meaningful life. Arianna also laments that Republicans who won big last night have no new ideas. That is true insofar as the GOP represents the old, wise, time tested ideas of the Founders: God gave man life and liberty to pursue happiness; and the purpose of government is to protect life and liberty so that man can achieve his dreams. That government is the dream maker for human beings is the lie, the big lie, the proven lie that leads to tyranny, bankruptcy, dehumanization and misery as we've seen throughout history and is happening today. It is belief in this lie, this utopian concept of government, that America is losing its faith and that Obama and the Dems are radically destroying.


  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    Sooner or later Arianna will lament that when she changed from Right to Left she joined the wrong side of history. Again I say:

    The Age of Liberalism is over,
    It's finished with and done.
    And a new and glorious chapter
    In our country's heroic history
    Is about to begin.

    Click my name for my NUMBER ONE Townhall blog

  • Wesley69

    Mr. Horowitz, this victory has been helped along by you. FrontpageMag.com has educated many in the tactics of the Radicals, but we are not finished. George Soros & his minions wants to remake this country. His money must NEVER be the thing that kills our freedoms and liberty!!!!!!

    We are in a sweet spot for 2012.

    *The Republicans have a huge majority of the House where all MONEY appropriations must begin. Now, comes selective investigations into the Obama White House and OVERSIGHT of various agencies like EPA & FCC.

    *The Democrats hold the majority in the Senate, but at last count, the Republicans hold 46 seats, one of which is seated before 2011. The Republicans can filibuster any bill, any Presidentail nominations, demanding changes to bills and withdrawal of nominees such as judges and Justices to the Supreme Court.

    *The House and Senate must send an identical bill to Obama, so compromises will have to be made. One thing the House must do immediately is pass the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts. The Democrats in the Senate would dare not oppose them. Many of those Democrats will be up for reelection in 2012. A vote for taxes will be remembered. Obama will have to sign them or he will be blamed for the biggest tax increase in US history. The Tax Cuts for the Upper Bracket could be extended for 2 years as a compromise proposal.

    *Cap &Trade, Card Check are dead. Provisions of the Health Care Bill can be repealed.

    *Republicans have a piece of the government, not all, so blame can't be entirely put on them. Obama either moves to the center and compromises or he stays put and proves he is an idealogue, which will lead to his political end in 2012. But, Republicans BETTER REMEMBER IT WAS THE TEA PARTY that raised them from the dead and made the difference. Failure to recognize this fact will lead to the creation of a third party.

    The Counter-Revolution against Obama's Transformation has begun!!!!
    Pick up the cry!!!!!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • guest

    god bless america amen

  • Yetwave

    Did Obama, the sycophantic minions surrounding him and the tin-eared press corps harken to the "All hear this" command issued by the American people last night? Time will tell but I have my doubts. These fellows have their heads in a place where they hear only the reverberations of the plaudits they exchange among themselves.
    Tina Brown and Obama water boy Johnathan Alter continue to insist that its the failure of the administration to communicate the Obama agenda that has resulted in its failure and not, as contradicted by results last night, the rejection of the statist agenda by the American people.
    Even with the resounding trouncing their ideas and direction for our nation took last night, the muddleheaded will continue to insist that the rest of us are just too stupid to know what is best for us.
    One of the first items of business for the new congress: an act that will prohibit the US treasury from bailing out states that fail due to their own fiscal incompetence.

    • Guest

      "One of the first items of business for the new congress: an act that will prohibit the US treasury from bailing out states that fail due to their own fiscal incompetence."

      Absolutely. And members of Congress should have to live under the same conditions they create for the rest of us – think Obamacare. When the government exempts itself from the laws it makes you are living under a totalitarian regime. But, of course, that's what the Radicals want and the Libs are too dumb to know what's happening. They just want to feel good about themselves.

      • tweedledee

        that would mean that a lot of Red states that rely heavily on fed money, because they can't "get their act together" would go down (Alaska, Alabama, New Mexico, Mississippi and Kentucky are all in the top 10).

        • bubba4

          I know…that's crazy. It's like a plan to cause a civil war in America.

          I just made a big payment to the IRS last week…I hope the unemployed in Alabama appreciate it. The stimulus money kept a lot of states from "failing" and not being able to pay unemployment and regular state workers.

          Part of the federal help for states is to help maintain a certain lowest common demoninator of standards across the whole country….whether it be product labels or education. While I am fully for state's rights…having been born and raised in Mississippi and the SE, we don't need these places to be allowed to regress into their own strange countries.

          • coyote3

            No, there is no "common denominator". The federal government has no power to impose one.

          • coyote3

            Please state the provision in the constitution that delegates to the federal government the power to maintain "common denominator of standards across the whole country". By that I mean the specific power to do just that across the board. There is none. There is not even an "illegal" statute that authorizes the federal government to do that, unless it is part of another delegated power, but not a general power. Indeed, the labeling for products is not something that the states need help with. Both the state federal government dictate standards, and the manufacturers comply. See, I hear this every election when liberals are in a lot of trouble. Maybe not as much trouble as they should be in, but nonetheless in trouble. The play the "blue states support the red states" card. I don't know, are they trying to make someone feel "guilty"? If this was really an issue it would be used against the red state politicians in the actual campaigns, and it never happens.

          • bubba4

            It's true coyote…accept it. It happens.

            I even said I was for it….you say the government has no powers in this area…well then those states would fail and become third world backwaters.

            But hey…you're technically correct…the very best of kind of correct when it comes to not having to face the consequences. Yes coyote, like so many things in this modern age, specifics about federal money to school districts or for regulation programs isn't specified in the Constitution. It doesn't say anything about me having to pay income tax.

            The difference is I am ok with it and you aren't. That's fine…let's agree to disagree. I am willing to have some of my tax money help make sure poor little Johnny in rural Alabama is taught his abc's….and you…well know knows really what you believe in, you hide behind the unconstituionality of the world.

            If you took away "others" money from Texas what do think would happen?

            It's like we are jumping a cliff in a car and your advice is that we should have never left in the first place…well great…thank you

          • coyote3

            No! Some things are delegated by the constitution. See, that is where you make your mistake. There is power to regulate delegated by the constitution. However, the "scope" of that regulation is lot less than is going on. And no, we won't agree to disagree. The Republic of Tejas, please call it by its correct name, would be just fine. I am not hiding behind anything. I am just advocating obeying the law. I guess you think opposing criminal activity is "hiding".

          • bubba4

            You don't accept most of the rulings by the supreme court since the constitution was written, so you are talking about criminal from the pure white snow of your ideology.

            You are technically correct about the constitution, but we are 200 years out with a lot of decisions and law behind us. You don't like it but it is all "legal" in the since the government makes laws and our representative government votes on them and they become law. Which is why you constantly saying everything is unconstitutional is just white noise at this point.

            Some people in Texas would be ok, but the majority wouldn't. Face it, you're a state of the US…and we are all family and we should be working out how to solve problems together. Unfortuneately neo-libertarians like you just by sheer coincidence is what millionaires and billionaires and multi-national conglomerates want…which is a weak enough Federal government that can't stand in the way of their interests. Since their interests are all rightfully to make money and make commodities of all things, the counterpoint of a strong Federal Government watching out for the people is very necessary.

            So most of this take the country back is about hobbling the government so it doesn't interfere with the companies that want to rape you. They don't all want to rape you and some don't mean to rape you (its business, it's not personal), but rape you they will unless you have some protection.

          • coyote3

            Well, it doesn't make muchsense to jump off a cliff, does it? That being said I am curious. What is with you and Alabama? Most particularly, why are you so interested in little Johnny?

        • coyote3

          No they are nowhere near "going down" they are just taking it, their representatives are just good at bringing home the bacon. Which is what all of them do.

          • bubba4

            that wouldn't be unconstitutional bacon would it…..

          • coyote3

            Illegal as well.

  • Downsizegov

    Now is time to keep a close eye on the Republican establishment:
    For instance returning Jerry (Ear-marking King) Lewis to appropriations chair would undermine credibility. Jerry is symbolic of how the Republican Party failed. Make up a new committee in charge of house protocol for receiving foreign dignitaries and let Jerry chair it.

  • http://vigilantsociety.comule.com/ Joseph Veca

    Here is something to consider, there will be some 'Revenge of the Republicans' and that will be slaughter of Rangle (D-NY15), Waters (D-CA35) and Richards (D-CA37) on ethics violations.

    And considering the Democrats general willingness to cannibalize their own, I think they are going to be willing let those three twist in the wind and be kicked out of congress if for nothing else than to create the illusion of being an ethical party.

  • tweedledee

    get over yourselves, 2 years down the line everything is going to be exactly the same or even worse, both Dems and Repubs are in the pockets of lobbyists and corporations and are never going to get anything of major significance done except maybe create an even bigger deficit and allow Wall St to take us into yet another economic crisis.


    • bubba4

      You're adorable….

      Here in the bizarro world, the government was at fault for the financial crisis….with a lot of blame falling on the poor and people that want a free lunch.

      and there are not rich, powerful people that are happy to screw the rest of us….that's a myth, it's captains of industry vs communists. ALWAYS.

      I know it might seem funny that the working poor and shrinking middle class hold the same views as the millionaires and billionaires that undercut them at every opportunity, but that's what the cultic mindf*ck is for…

      • coyote3

        And where did you come up with this fantasy? Where did this "theory" come from? That's funny, "captains of industry". I haven't heard that term since I was a nino.

  • Kendrick1

    California, the land of fruits and nuts, again dismisses Einstein's definition of insanity!!!!

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    keep your eyes on the next 6 weeks and listen to savage nation.

  • Hal Shaw

    Rush started the ball rolling and kept it going. "I hope he fails" will go down in history as the shot fired across the Socialist Bow.
    You should listen to what he has to say about Rove and folks like YOU, sadly not by name, regarding the sliming of Christine O'donnell.

  • badaboo

    Yea , a new Dawn! We got America Back !!!

    Ok ……. now lets see that unemployment rate drop ! And Reps/Conservatives , got two years .
    Let's see who's gonna bring those jobs back from overseas , and manufacturing ! Let's see who's gonna bring the Banks back from the high stakes gambling table .
    I say neither party will have the guts to do it .No jobs and manufacturing here , means no money to buy those cheap Chinese products ,

  • http://mypage.direct.ca/l/lbouchar/ SeaMystic

    Proud of You American's.

    From all International Guardians of Democracy