A Soundbite (on Howard Zinn) Heard Round the World

I knew when I responded to an NPR request for a comment on the late, unlamented Howard Zinn that I was asking for trouble — from the anti-American, Marxoid, neo-Communist left.  But I did it anyway because Howard Zinn’s life was so dedicated to evil and specifically to the support of mass murderers and self-declared enemies of his country, that someone with a brain unfogged by leftwing claptrap had to do it. As it turned out, if I had not contributed my soundbite it would have been left to depraved radicals — in this case Noam Chomsky and Julian Bond — to promote Zinn’s malevolent work to an NPR audience of millions. I was somewhat surprised that the leftists at NPR turned to me since I have been effectively erased as a public intellectual from their airwaves along with a legion of other non-progressives.

Only one of my books, Radical Son, has ever enjoyed five minutes of airtime attention on NPR. Oh — there is an exception. Before I voted for Ronald Reagan — or made the vote public — I was indeed a guest on “Fresh Air” to talk about The Kennedys, which I co-authored with Peter Collier. Although it is a book show and I have written more than a dozen well-received books since, the show has studiously avoided recognizing my existence; that is, for 25 years.

So this 30-second appearance was a rarity and came as a surprise to me. But evidently one 30-second appearance is too much for the totalitarians of the progressive left who have predictably launched an organized harassment campaign against the reporter who interviewed me and her boss. The smear crowds at Media Matters and FAIR have been hard at work ginning up the Pavlovian attack dogs to make the lives of NPR employees as miserable as they can.  These witch-hunts by the way are intimidating and effective. We’ll see how soon before NPR asks my opinion again.

Among the witch-hunters, Eric Alterman, as usual, provides the most amusement, complaining that I was not “qualified” to make a comment on Zinn:

“Horowitz, on the other hand, does not claim to have known Zinn personally, and shares neither his goals nor views. He has no specialized knowledge of Zinn whatsoever. The single qualification that David Horowitz possessed to be included in the piece on Zinn’s obituary was that he could be depended upon to be deeply critical of the deceased.”

Actually, I am eminently qualified to comment on Zinn, having written a portrait of him and his writings in Unholy Alliance, and having devoted hundreds of thousands of words to my area of expertise, which is the Communist and neo-Communist left. Alterman, on the other hand, is himself something of an impostor, having secured a sinecure as the “Distinguished Professor of English at Brooklyn College.” If there was to be a single testimony to the debasement of the American university by tenured leftists this could be a candidate, since Alterman has no discernible literary interest, let alone expertise, that would qualify him for such a position. (Alterman’s degrees are in government, history, and international relations.) In fact, since I have written a book about Shakespeare I am more prepared to teach English than he is. However, I lack the principal qualification for a post in the English Department at Brooklyn College, since I am not a brain-dead, anti-American leftist.

  • USMCSniper

    Howard Zinn was an intellectually incompetent fraud. In his words. Objectivity is impossible,” Zinn once remarked, “and it is also undesirable. That is, if it were possible it would be undesirable, because if you have any kind of a social aim, if you think history should serve society in some way; should serve the progress of the human race; should serve justice in some way, then it requires that you make your selection on the basis of what you think will advance causes of humanity.”

  • Karim

    Unlamented?Horowitz,you nasty toad!You are writing on this rag for gods sake!You are an infection on the right buttcheek of America.Your sole arguement consists of calling accomplished,intelligent and deeply respected people Stalinist and communist.Give yourself the bullet you loathsome fucker.Where you crawled from there are a dime a dozen of your sort.Nobody will miss you.You will NEVER compare to Zinn and you know it.You stink.
    Sincerely yours,

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Spliff_Menendez Spliff_Menendez

      Another fabulous display of the tolerant left.

      Good job.

    • Mee

      Karim – save one bullet for yourself – please.

    • RalphB

      Yeah, but Horowitz also has his good points, right Karim?

    • DBCooper

      The prophet Zinn admitted he never used facts when speaking of history. The prophet Zinn was a revisionist infection upon our secondary educational establishment. He was a fraud, a self serving cancer that met fame and fortune only by fanning the flames of hatred within frustrated and poorly educated youth.

      Zinn described himself as a communist on more than one occasion by the way. He was very fond of Stalin and his methods of governing society. If you dont like the labels feel free to take your complaints to your prophet, not to a messenger who didnt author the labels.

      Wanting the author of this article dead for criminal dissent is typical of Stalinists. Thank you for shedding so much light on what you are.

      You will never compare to much either by the way. Like any other indoctrinated revolutionary youth soldier you will be used and thrown away by your leadership. You will not be remembered, the cold embrace of total oblivion is your only possible fate. Do nature a favor and off yourself now.

      Your need to convey yourself as a soldier of revolution capable of bringing death to your enemy makes you a typical leftist joke. Try acting the way you do toward a real political enemy in person, see how things go kid. Any adult in society could make you into a red stain in the street faster than you can spit.

    • davarino

      How old are you Karim. You write like you are twelve. You get upset that DH accuses Zinn of being stalinist and communist, yet in another post you praise marxism. Are you trying to say there is a huge difference between communism and marxism, or stalinism and marxism? I am confused by your ranting. Are you trying to make an arguement or just feel like calling David Horowitz stinky?

    • martha

      And is that puke you just vomited up your entire arguement?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Dar_al_Harb LibertyLover

      Karim – You sound like you don't feel well. May I suggest a Koranic suppository?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        Yeah, preferably with a fuse

    • To' Azeredo

      You are right, Karim. Horowitz will never be the intellectually corrupt, morally rotten, lickspittle to the thugs that Zinn was. That Zinn was "accomplished, intelligent and deeply respected" by you, that I believe; but then you are–as you say– a "loathsome fucker".

    • Walt

      “Your sole arguement consists of calling accomplished,intelligent and deeply respected people Stalinist and communist.Give yourself the bullet you loathsome fucker”

      The first part of your statement is inaccurate. As for the second, it really tells all of us more about you than Mr. Horowitz. Are you capable of discussing a topic above the level of a middle schooler

    • James Flavin

      It's always a pleasure to read such objective observations from someone such as Karim He never allows his emotions to interfere with logical analysis or to even surface in his writing. However, he did forget to include the obligatory , "Up against the wall racist, homophobe, counterrevolutionary, capatallist lacky. motherf*cker," and thus will not qualify for a guest appearances on KOS, Huff, or MSNBC, Good try though. Maybe he'll do better when he grows up,

    • AntiFascist18

      Once an Islamofascist pig eater, always one.

      That's you, Karim. Kindly go home to Gaza where you belong. And don't forget to kill another innocent animal in the Gaza zoo and blame that kind of atrocity on the Jews.

      Too bad the Israelis are too gentle to level Gaza. That is what should be done to Islamic Fascism and their Stalinist JINO and otherwise collaborators.

    • rob

      No doubt Karim is practitioner of the "religion of peace"

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Nice to know what the kos kiddies and MorOn crowd are told to think. Who would want to compare with a steaming pile like zinn?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Spliff_Menendez Spliff_Menendez

    When you speak truth, you face retaliation.

    The problem for Media Matters and their ilk is that they have no ammo left. They have nothing. They have to invent everything and lie because their agenda is becoming crystal clear to the majority of Americans.

    • Karim

      Invent?Are you really that stupid?All they do is quote!They let conservatives speak for themselves.Invent!LOL:

      • martha

        Your level of discourse is truly admirable for it's maturity and intelligent counterpoints

      • jackbelias

        In many cases their quotes turn out to be invented. Media matters is a propaganda service for radical youth, not a news agency. You kids really are stupid, you will follow after anyone who tells you what you want to hear. Look at your religious worship of Zinn, a man who admitted that facts had no part in his works. He predicted that youth would be too stupid to be phased by his constant reminders of revisionism and fraud just so long as he continued to fan your little self esteems. You have proven Zinn very right on this point.

  • Michael

    Don't you just love what a mature and truthful response prods from the Marxists? Thanks for continuing to say how you see it.

  • Karim

    It is a million times better to be a Marxist,if that what you choose to call yourself contrary to what FPM calls you, on the side of social and human justice; then
    to be a loathsome,selfish,meanspirited,bigoted,hypocritical,sexually repressive person calling him or herself Republican.Morons and Nazis identify themselves by titles,catchphrases and symbols.You people are the real traitors,subverting the constitution,villifying your fellow Americans and destroying the justice system.It is time to isolate you before you do more damage.

    • martha

      How about you move to Venezuela for a year and then get back to us "kay?
      Hasta la vista

    • JohnD

      You need to get back on your meds.

    • davarino

      Ya and marxism has such a great track record. On the side of social and human justice? Did you pay attention during history class? You are the moron, you lifeless mannequin. I know you have been reading books by some of the other dipshits, and you think you know something. Have you ever stopped to think why it is that everyone in the world wants to come to America and nearly everyone wants to leave communist contries? Well not everyone. The rulers, who dont have to live by the communist ideals, want to stay because they get all the perks. I bet your not even old enough to remember when the iron curtain was erected to keep people in, not out. No one was killing themselves to get into Russia. Same with China, Cuba, …..etc. Go back and read some history written by real historians not these nut jobs.

    • lakewoodbob

      As Orwell observed, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." DH is teling the truth, and you can't handle the truth!

      BTW, Lenin agreed that freedom is precious; therefore it must be rationed.

    • Walt

      “It is a million times better to be a Marxist,if that what you choose to call yourself contrary to what FPM calls you,”

      Really, were Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro beautiful people to you? Is Social Justice engaging in mass murder to you?

      “…on the side of social and human justice; then
      to be a loathsome,selfish,meanspirited,bigoted,hypocritical,sexually repressive person calling him or herself Republican.Morons and Nazis identify themselves by titles,catchphrases and symbols. ”

      Karim, aren’t you the one using boilerplate words above.? You are more like a dog barking than anything else right now, but not as coherent. Laughter and pity is what you evoke here, rather than any shame or guilt. It is sad that life has left you in such a sorry state

    • trodaball

      A profane, misguided lost soul who relies on hatred and propaganda to " feel " pseudo social justice is served. When slavery and barbarity can be polished up to appear good and true one is close to being beyond repair. What a sad excuse for the species. My instincts say Islamist who visits this site to vent his most miserable existence. Being locked in the shackles of leftism or radical Islam will force some to act as the rodent who stays in the cage even though his master opened the door. Poor Karim, what a waste.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Karim, that is truly one of the funniest posts I've ever read, on any website.

    • therealend

      I remember the 60's and 70's when Capitalists were called lackeys, running dogs, imperialists, baby killers, Fascists and capitalist pigs. The Left has had over 40 years to make even one of those labels stick. Have you figured out why that hasn't happened? (Truthfully, better for you to try to open your mind. I really mean this. I think you are almost ready to see things from a better perspective. I hope you do. You have my best wishes.)<from an ex-Marxist>

    • James

      A million times better?? You sound more like a "gazillion times times better" type guy.
      P.S. Vilify? Please read your posts.
      Isolate? Like in Gulags and other like cool places.

    • AyatollahGhilmeini

      You are astonishingly ill informed but filled with opinion and certainty. Might I suggest you read a few hundred books before you take on scholars who have read thousands and written dozens more.

      To declare oneself a Marxist is to subscribe to a system that has perpetrated much evil in this world and little good. To call David Horowitz and the people at this site Nazis flies in the face that almost every one of them would be immediately killed by real Nazis. You, on the other hand, would be freely invited to join Hitler's Muslim SS Brigades and, boyo, I think you would join in a heartbeat.

  • http://infinitemonkeyatthekeyboard.blogspot.com RichardLKentEsq

    You will NEVER compare to Zinn and you know it.>>

    True that. Zinn does not rise to the level of Horowitz's left big toenail.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      You're really affording that f*ck too much nobility, I was thinking more like a pimple on his behind.

  • Joe Biden

    Karim…slowly…slowly now…stop typing and back away from the computer before you make us all spill our coffee from laughing so much.

    Peace. Out.

  • Marco

    Gee I thought I was a tenacious grudge-holder against various movements and people in my past that have fucked me over. But Horowitz takes the cake in his bitter and rabid tenacity against his past in the New Left. Even a prominent conservative commentator here in Canada thinks he goes too far. I am to the Left but not as far as the New Left, so I partly understand his anger. But to become in addition a conservative? And one who actually thinks Obama is a hard-leftist. You must be kidding! Never! Conservatives and reactionaries are fools….and so are the Howard Zinns of the world, but not as much.


    • davarino

      So Zinn didnt support mass murderers and enemies of America? He doesnt deserve disdain and derision? Personally I dont give a damn what a commentator in Canada thinks. A man has to live with what he said and did.

    • Walt

      Some people grow up Marco, and others don’t. Also, Mr. Zinn is being lionized by people who do not even consider themselves Marxists, so that is a real problem. Is being opposed to someone who until the end his life whitewashed totalitarians and their actions simply holding a “grudge” I guess we should think better of Charlie Manson, Jim Jones,. and many others using your logic

    • BMR

      I don't get why you're only "left" but "not as far as the New Left. " Go all the way man! Don't hedge your bets–make the jump to Utopia and let go of the tethers of oppression that keep you in the middle! Then live that way consistently–work and agitate against business/free markets/capitalism instead of working for some disgusting profit-driven company, live simply (one room shack, no car, no cable, etc) and empty your bank account every month of whatever is left over after expenses and give it away to Earth First or Moveon.org or just throw it into the street. MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world–I know you can do it–I believe in you.

    • Susan

      Oh, so you're 'somewhat to the Left', not as far as the New Left (which was new in the 60's)?? Puuhlease!!! Why can't you just say what you are? No one on this board is going to buy your Middle-of-the road pretension.

  • Joe Foss

    The only regret I have in my life is the day I foolishly purchased Howard Zinn's " A Peoples History of the United States."

    • Walt

      That was not a mistake. It is always good to see things for oneself. Many of Mr. Zinn’s supporters never bothered even to crack” A People’s History of the United States” Unlike leftsts, moderates and conservatives should encourage people to read literature tha may not sit well with their beliefs. One’s arguments are always improved if one has first hand knowledge of a subject.

    • davarino

      I agree, otherwise the left can keep saying "how do you know?", "have you read it?". You dont have to worry that some how it will infect you and turn you into a useful idiot. You have a brain and can see the fallicies, but like Walt said, it will make your arguements better. Plus its interesting to see how other people think, even if it is bizaar.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Dar_al_Harb LibertyLover

    Karim – You sound like you don't feel well. May I suggest a Koranic suppository?

  • bushlikesdick2



    We may need to declare her a P.O.W. for Democracy

  • bardefa

    manners and culture of American "intelligent " left:

    "you loathsome fucker." – Karim.

    I hope you boil your both gray cells in your hatred, you poor female dog.

  • 911infidel

    Howard Zinn was no intellect. He was a Marxist peon who hated his country. His life's work is nothing but a large piece of used toilet paper.

    Karim, you should seriously consider pulling your head out of your ass.

  • Robert

    Mr. Karim. I would suggest that you read the Black Book of Communism. It summarizes proof that Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao, together were responsible for murdering, torturing to death or starving one hundred million innocent people. The Stalin Zinn worshiped was the 20th centuries most prolific killer, exceeding in abomination even Hitler. In order to raise currency he captured virtually all of the grain harvests of the Russian Kukaks. Those who resisted were immediately executed. Six million of them, men, women, and children, on his order simply starved to death. Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer for the suppression of this human atrocity. Indeed, visited Russia, saw the legion numbers of dead in the streets and wrote in the New York Times that Russia was a garden overflowing with mild and honey.

    In light of this fact, easily discovered in the literature, do you really believe Zinn's celebration of Satin was legitimate, that Marxist theory as Stalin applied it to the Kulak, Pol Pot to the killing fields, and Mao to a Cultural Revolution is worthy of praise. And finally, do you think it fair that we criticize a man's who celebrates as heroes, these mass murderors?

    I do not mean to insult you are all. I am interested, however, in the proof you rely on to justify what you say.


    • Karim

      See,that is the problem with how you people have been conditioned.Where do you read that I am a Marxist or that I even like Marxism?As a matter of fact I have no sympathy lost for Marxism.What did I say that makes you think that I am not aware of Stalins crimes?You just assume.Stop assuming.Start thinking.Notice that I said someone who calls himself Republican,trying not to tar all Republican.I try not to stereotype people.I assume that many of you are Christians and going by your logic I could ask you: but dont you know about the genocides,diseases,slavery,ignorance,superstition commited by "Christians"?Should I assume that you are in support of all these crimes because you call yourself a Christian?I think Christianity not to be true either,yet I can say that many Christians have stood up for social justice and humanity.Learn to differentiate.For gods sake stop smearing Zinns name and finally bring us some Proof that he supported Stalin.
      If you can not, then stop this nasty anti-communist Mccarthyist witchhunt.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        I then assume that you worship a murderous, terrorist, pedophile 'profit' ?

      • Rosey

        "Where do you read that I am a Marxist or that I even like Marxism?"Your question. Here's your anwser…in your own words…

        "It is a million times better to be a Marxist,if that what you choose to call yourself contrary to what FPM calls you, on the side of social and human justice…"

        So while you don't call yourself a marxist, you do defend marxist theory by your claim that it is "better" (by a factor of 10^6) than the alternative.

        You don't call yourself a marxist, but I have one question for you: who invented "social and human justice"? Riddle me that Karim…how about you do some research and get back to me, please.

  • Jimma!!

    Hey , I ran into DH once . He doesn't stink , he actually smelled kinda pretty like pine needles in the morning.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

    MMFA's point was that Horowitz was only included because he would reliably call Zinn "evil" or a "stalinist" or something and it would show "both sides" of the argument over Zinn…or something like that. The idea of false balance by presenting an idea with it's opposite even if the opposite is completely wrong or crazy…is something MMFA comments on a lot. They don't usually talk about Horowitz…because frankly they would be busy 24/7 with just FPM….then the next day, FPM would just carry on with the same shit regardless…so they have to focus on media outlets and personalities that are more mainstream and still have a little shame when it comes to being dishonest hacks.

  • WTF?

    Karim, you must admit that Horowitz is a ballsy individual. For example, Horowitz, along with other FrontPageMag stalwarts, are routinely critical of barbarous Muslims who are wont to decapitate individuals that they disagree with. In contrast, what happens if you criticise American conservatives? Nothing, plus you may have the opportunity to be lauded by the mainstream media.

    I read some Zinn when I was in college, and at the time I found it agreeable. My political views have changed substantially since then, and I am sure that I would now find Zinn to be unpalatable. Besides, Matt Damon is gung ho for this guy. That just about sums it up for me.

    • Karim

      Oh that is so brave critizicing barbarous Mooslims!They are coming to get you.Watch out!!
      It isnt Mooslims destroying the United States and its constitution,vilifying its president and liberal citizens.Its people like you calling themselves conservatives.You are not consevatives.Your are destructors.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        No the followers of the profit mo'(piss be upon him) are out to destroy all the west.

      • davarino

        Ok Karim, I dont want to assume anything about what you said, but are you saying we have a new enemy? What are these mooslims? I think they come from the great white north : )

  • bardefa

    only a total imbecile, knowing about communists murders of 1 mln+ people, would say anything positive about it or about those who like them.
    Leftists are educated beyond their intelligence, thus they repeat words of their professors hoping they sound smart; just listen to hjollyweird claptraps……
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Karim

      What about you imbeciles?Did you enjoy butchering 4million people in Vietnam,1 Million people in the Philipines,1 Million people in Iraq ecs?You like kidnapping people and transporting them to countries where they are tortured?You really think you are moral stalwarts?Unlike you I am not defending ANY crime whatsoever.Neither was Zinn.You people are far to dense to grasp something so obvious.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        Pedophile worshiper

  • Karim

    I can repeat a million times that Marxism implemented as official state ideology has the blodiest trackrecord in history.You people would still babble on about what a Stalinist I am.
    You really are incredibly dense.Noone is defending Stalin,all I was saying was that communist individuals and intellectuals have contributed greatly to human improvement.

    • cjk

      Not even a percentage point compared to the free peoples knuckle head.

    • USMCSniper

      Karim calls other people dense when he says " Noone is defending Stalin,all I was saying was that communist individuals and intellectuals have contributed greatly to human improvement."

      Communist China and the Soviet Union are founded on the ideology of Marxism, with its roots in Hegelian philosophy, a quite conscious revolt against the individual rights. The leaders of the were virtually all Marxist intellectuals. Their legacy to mankind is a mountain of corpses.

  • JCL

    I know this brand of individual. Karim operates on the principle of “a strong set of lungs and a contrite heart” is all that’s needed to spout and shout. Whether theistic or atheistic religion, both types operate on needs and preferences. Karim demonstrates preferences. What are the needs?

    P.S. Has the term destroyer morphed into "destructer" in the annotated new English dictionary of the left?


  • AntiFascist18

    Doesn't surprise one bit that Eric Alterman is on the board of Jewish-born Nazi Collaborators, the fraud known as J Street or Judenrat Strasse.

    Oh wait, they're funded by a Nazi Collaborator Soros and they collaborate with Hamas and Iran, No difference whatsoever. Alterman is as much slime and dreck as Zinn was.

  • Raymond in DC

    I was rummaging through an old Tivo when I found an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Marge tells of her time at Springfield U and her experience with an instructor (left-wing) who tells the students everything they think they know is wrong, that the Founding Fathers were E-V-I-L. Like so many real students she feels her mind has been "opened up".

    Soon enough, Marge is reading – yes, you guessed it – Zinn! The instructor eventually shows himself to be a lout who believes marriage is slavery and every tall structure is a phallic. Marge ultimately rejects him and his nonsense, as all smart thinking folk should.

  • rob

    Ouch!! How was that beat down Alterman? A few upper-cuts to your brain-dead head and then the knock out blow to your smirking mouth

  • rob

    Right now Zinn is grabbing his ankles while Hitler has a go at him

  • jgreene

    Karim says, “…all I was saying was that communist (individuals and intellectuals) have contributed greatly to human improvement…”

    Karim is obviously off his meds. I wish he would provide some examples of just how “communist individuals and intellectuals” have improved the human condition. Extermination as population control doesn’t count, Karim.

  • tony

    Just to show how preposterous Mr. Alterman is, let's try an experiment. Let's replace a few names and words and see if it rings true.

    “ALTERMAN, on the other hand, does not claim to have known PRESIDENT BUSH personally, and shares neither his goals nor views. He has no specialized knowledge of PRESIDENT BUSH whatsoever. The single qualification that ALTERMAN possessed to be included in the piece on PRESIDENT BUSH'S PRESIDENCY was that he could be depended upon to be deeply critical of the PRESIDENT.”

    See how easy it is. Try it with any other lefty who was afflicted for 8 years with Bush Derangement Syndrome.