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Are Anti-Tea Partiers Racists?

Posted By David Horowitz On July 20, 2010 @ 6:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

The Democrats and other leftists are calling the Tea Parties racist. No surprise there. Race-baiting and race mongering have been a second nature to the left for decades. A typical race-baiting tactic is to ask how come the Tea Parties have so few blacks?

The answer may be racism but it’s not the Tea Parties’ racism. According to recent polls 91% of blacks approve of the job Barack Obama is doing. Only 39% of non-blacks (that includes Asians and Hispanics) feel the same way. Only someone with suicidal instincts would point to these statistics as indication that the racial shoe fits on the other foot.

Let me just point out that since the Tea Parties represent a revolt against Obama’s radical and destructive policies, that leaves only 9% of the black community as potential recruits for Tea Partiers in the first place. The fact that so-called liberals are bigoted, intolerant punitive and will make “race-traitors” pay heavily for any defections, reduces that number by what? half? and accounts pretty accurately for the number of black Tea Partiers it has been my pleasure to encounter at the Tea Party events at which I have spoken.

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