Glenn Beck’s Rally

We all get used to things so quickly these days that we don’t reflect on how unthinkable a rally like the one staged on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech by talk show host Glenn Beck would have been as recently as two years ago. Outside the missionary environs of the pro-life movement you couldn’t have found ten people on the right – ten Republicans or ten conservatives — to march on Washington for a political rally. Marching in lock step would have seemed a collectivist act to them, almost unclean and something that only leftists and Democrats would do. The individualistic instincts of conservatives were admirable philosophically, but politically they put the cause of individual rights and the defense of the American republic at a severe disadvantage in the battles that had been joined with the collectivist left.

The gathering of 500,000 conservatives last weekend in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a triumphant step in conservatives’ effort to take back the culture – this is our civil rights march, get used to it! But it was also a historic moment in the “Great Political Awakening” that marks the development of a new and unprecedented activist conservatism in America. This new conservatism began with the Tea Party movement but its real trigger was the seizure of the federal government through electoral double-talk and political stealth by the collectivists of Obama progressivism. There is no figure on the public scene who has done more to educate millions of Americans as to the nature of this neo-communist left than the leader of Saturday’s demonstration: Glenn Beck. It is because of his exposure of the Democrats as progressive wolves in “liberal” sheep’s clothing that Glenn Beck is at top of the liberal hate lists; it is for the same reason that hundreds of thousands of conservatives across the country answered his call. That is the political dimension of what transpired on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Some on the right are claiming that because of its religious, cultural and moral themes, Beck’s Restoring Honor rally was not political. These conservatives are partly expressing their irritation that conservatives like Beck and his activist followers should consider themselves conservative at all. Beck is too confrontational, too divisive. His history lessons are sometimes overwrought and inaccurate – (more overwrought and inaccurate than those of progressive icons like Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and Howard Zinn?). Conservatives don’t do politics the way collectivists do – as war conducted by other means. They’re too civilized. True conservatives don’t protest and they don’t march.

Well, they do now.

  • posse101

    thank you mr. president. you have united the Republican party, and as we'll see in November, most of the electorate against you. we owe you a big debt of thanks.

    • Gylippus

      Yes, it's true. We should be grateful. Thanks to their combination of bumbling ineptitude and arrogant disdain (a losing combination), Obama and his clown posse have given away the game. If they had just waited a bit longer, we may have glided gently into a form of bureaucratic tans-national state-capitalist oligarchy without even noticing. As it is, they threw cold water on us just as we were being lulled to sleep. On the other hand if they had only pounced more decisively, we may have awakened too late, and had no choice but to capitulate in anguish and despair to an abyssal fait accompli. Instead they have sown the wind, and the whirlwind is gathering…

      After Novermber its time to start tracking the big money. Who'se really pulling muppet-Obama's strings? Turn on the spotlights. Expose the networks. Name names..

      Dismantle the welfare state, sever the rot of political correctness with the blade of truth, commit to fiscal responsibility and a dominant military posture. But…

      • Gylippus

        Be wary of victory. It is also a kind of danger. Let us neither rest upon our laurels (our task is far from done) or lose sight of our own values. For they are what give us the moral high ground. We punish when we must, while remembering that to be most effective, punishment should bring with it a lesson which transforms for the better.

        Most of the Left can be seen as silly children gone astray. Some out of naive idealism (which can be an impulse for good), some out of petulance and a fear of the weight of adulthood. The ideologues are another story…

        PS – and thanks too to David Horowtiz, Glen Beck, Jamie Glazov, David Solway, VDH, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachman, Mark Steyn and many others for helping us interpret what had, all along, been unfolding before our mesmerized eyes..

        • Martha

          That PS was beautifully put! And you're absolutely right.

        • Ned Chipley

          Well Said!! A good analysis, and well deserved THANKS! to some very perceptive and eloquent defenders of Truth!

        • stephencuz

          I am proud to spend time in such wise company. My concern at this time is what do Conservatives offer us in November? See? It hasn't yet been articulated. We've only heard how wrong the Lefties are and not a word as to what we'll do specifically. Our Conservative Pols had better goet on that. Otherwise we live up to the charge of merely being the party of no. PLEASE, tell us what you'll do not what they've done wrong.

          • Gylippus

            No need to get too specific yet (it gives your opponent fixed targets – better to keep moving). The people are awake, eyes open. They know they've been had and they're angry. They know what they don't want, and that's the future engineered for them by the Progressive Dems in their think tanks. Wait til we reclaim power. Then… Surprise!!

            Often the best leaders are forged in battle.

            Meanwhile, what have you done to defeat a Democrat today?

          • bubba4

            No need to get too specific?

            Let me guess what the surprise will be. Tax cuts for the rich, privatize social security…etc…etc…yeah real big surprise.

            And you moron…don't seem to care…you're punch drunk on Dem hate just like they want you. They'll say god and founders and call their political rivals terrorists if that will get your vote. This win at any cost for a team that doesn't give a sh*t about you….it's breathtaking.

    • marat1

      Re: JOHN BOLTON: I have come across several articles and interviews with John Bolton over just the past week. Many people are urging Bolton to run for the Presidency. God knows we need someone like him. I personally think he would be an extraordinary candidate, the right person for one of the most dangerous times. Has anyone else been reading these floaters?????

      • Gylippus

        Agreed. John Bolton is a true "incorruptible". Fierce, brilliant, unconstrained by political correctness. He would make a great President. There are many others too. We will see who has the right skills once battle is joined in January 2011.

      • posse101

        i totally agree with you. i believe he is the right man for the job. whether or not he is well known enough is well, uh… unknown. enough said, he's got charisma but not of the empty headed news anchor type. democrats despise him saying he's too mean spirited to be U.N. ambassador. what a joke, as the democrats and the Arab controlled U.N. are just sweet wonderful human beings. i'm still laughing at that one. now i'm laughing so much i'm starting to cry.

        • marat1

          Yes, Bolton would be an INCREDIBLE choice. Extremely bright, extremely pragmatic and intuitive. He has the ability to cut through the garbage of political correctness to WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. I recall an interview he gave to Israelis earlier this past year, lamenting the fact that Obama had essentially given Ahmadinejad a green light to race to a nuclear arsenal. He said, in short, that he would give Iran say, two months to come clean on its nuclear activities or face military intervention. He pointed out there had been a decade of useless sanctions issued with Iran. Bolton is almost at the other end of the spectrum from Obama's obsessive ideological approach to every event. He is exactly the kind of individual who is required for America. As for the Arabs, I don't hear Obama lamenting that the Arab bloc of the U.N. has consistently prevented sui-Homicide Bombing (there is no such thing as a mere "Suicide" Bombing) from being declared "A Crime Against Humanity" by the U.N. Yet he is still attempting to polish the image of that Totalitarian ideology known as Islam.

  • Realist

    He might have rocked DC (??), but it is a joke to link it to MLK. How many people in that crowd would NOT consider MLK to be a socialist if he were alive now?

  • bettyboop

    I'm with you there, Martha and Gylippus. We do need to be wary of gloating and blaming the other- we need a bold leader who doesn't wilt at the lightest breathe of public opinion. Chris Christie comes to mind. Marco Rubio is another, and Bobby Jindal. Our time is definitely coming, and we need to take the reins and use the good roads that people like Beck and Steyn and David Horowitz and Michelle Bachman have been paving for us.

    • Steven Laib

      And on a related point, November 2010 is only the beginning. The intensity must be maintained through 2012, and assuming that the results are favorable we must keep the new representatives feet to the fire so that they follow through on the will of the voters.

      Conservatives have to become serious activists.

      • bubba4

        What would you consider favorable…what will you hold their feet to the fire about?

        Yes yes…I know the constitution…can you be more specific. I just wonder after all the smoke clears from this bizarre puesdo religious Republican "awakening" lol…what are tangible results in your mind?

        • Fiddler

          If you have been paying attention at all, this would include stopping the promotion of more and more government that "produces" nothing but restriction on the free market. The free market, the engine of innovation increases the size of the "pie"; the restriction of bloated government just tries to slice it up differently. It's time that people who have experience in business have more representation in leadership. Community organizers need not apply. Sorry, but there is no substitue for someone who has actually had to grapple with keeping a business afloat using their own resources. We have had enough of the self-proclaimed "brilliant" with tissue-thin resumes.

    • return to America

      i agree, its time Americans stopped sitting and started doing to take back America from the radicals who call themselves liberals and deomcrates. I never cease to be amazed at our countries radical leaders, like the one in the whitehouse. On the road they say whatever it takes to get attention and votes but their goal never changes, disolve America into ruins.

  • badaboo

    Be wary indeed , for if Beck , Backman Steyn and Rubio is all the Republicans got … they are in big trouble . None of the afore mentioned are electable ,[ save for Rubio ], and when held under the scrutiny of REALITY , all of the insane statements made , at one time or another , will come to the fore , and there will be accountability to the electorate . .
    87,000 supporters is impressive , but only to the camera and when joined in one place .
    How many voters are there , who can read and THINK ?

    • Gerald Marquardt

      You are a Idiot

      • Tar_n_Feathers

        Badaboob isn't an idiot, but is a good representation of the fossilized left. He's not a bad guy, but a little foolish and naive, and a little stuck in the sixties. The sounds coming from the Right are strange threatening noises to his ears at which he is compelled to bark. And bark he does.

        • AL__

          He must be trained to not bark when adults speak.

        • bubba4

          Yes he did post….and you didn't respond to the content….

          I know…it's OK, this lame cultic shtick is all you know. 500,000 is the extremely high-end of attendence with looks like it surged around 100,000 people. Not to worry, that's plenty of people to make Beck lots of money.

          • Fiddler

            How naive. It's always about the bottom line to you isn't it. It is as though making money, legitimately is inherently evil. This is what motivates you. Be honest, it's jealousy, and envy. How small. This is how you guys gin up the screeching ilk that follow you. Stur up envy, Hey it makes people faint at rallies. Curse those _________ for making their money. We don't care HOW they did it. Because they have more than I do, it MUST be illegitimate. We'll level the playing field, even if the nation is bankrupt in so doing. It just CAN'T be right that someone is successful on their own! It just does not compute!! Sad, and demented.

          • alan g

            If any money was made, it will be going to wounded veterans. You know. Those guys that you and the rest of the left could care less about.

    • R Stalvey

      To be honest, I really want to have non-thinkers like badaboo to keep saying what they are saying. I WANT them to think there were only 87K at Beck's rally. I want them to think that the people on the right are unelectable. All of this for the obvious reasons… that they WILL underestimate what is about to happen. This is NOT unlike what happened to us conservatives. We underestimated the socialists and the progressives. That they would lie, cheat, undermine and destroy the very country that has allowed them the freedom to do what they do in order to get what they want above all else…….POWER. So badaboo, you keep on doing and believing what you are posting……PLEASE.

  • badaboo

    …and that goes for the Left AND Right . You may have forgotten , there STILL is a Great Silent Majority in this country , who express themselves only in the voting booth ….where it counts .

    • Peter E. Coleman

      The "silent majority" were the ones who showed up in Washington DC. The Progressives can no longer claim to speak for them anymore than they can accurately count a crowd.

    • Fiddler

      Gee, maybe if more people are fooled by ads or promises of "governing from the center" (when they in actually are extremists ideologues), you might find enough brain-dead entitlement proponents who know how to pull a lever! Heck, you have NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, (etc) that provide free spin to promote your candidate. Just check your brain at the door and expect the gravy train. Heck your vote is worth something, even if it costs someone else!!

    • Fiddler

      Excuse me, but that "great silent" majority is becoming educated. People went to town halls last year, ANGRY. They KNOW about an out-of-touch, arrogant, IN YOUR FACE government, and they don't like it. You can HOPE for IGNORANCE on the part of voters, but facts like sustained 9.5% unemployment, HUGE mounting debt, saddling your children and grandchildren for decades is hard to ignore. Good luck with that.

    • Chuck

      Leaders lead,you know. Sometimes they have to step up before people can vote for them. We just don't vote to get someone out. How would you feel to starting a new party. When conservative values were eluded last election,that left no candidate to vote for unless Sarah seized the issue on her own. Running as a vice,she couldn't,but now she can. I think she can get the "Silent Majority" to shout better then any man could do. She just might do well to pick Condolesa Rice for a running mate. It is a thought,aye?

  • badaboo

    btw , "the moral high ground " when applied to politics , is a relative term . THAT is "a lesson " that should be learned .

  • Gerald Marquardt

    F#@$%k the republican partie–no its not misspelled–we must be the Constitutional Conservative Party–

  • Steve Chavez

    "Cockroaches hate to be exposed by light" and Glenn Beck is exposing these groups and people who like to hide under a rock.

    Glenn Beck does what is best when exposing a person's connections and ideology: THEIR OWN WORDS AGAINST THEM! I have seen countless of his shows and he exposes a person then plays the clip where they expose themselves. How do you counter that? You can't except with "you're a red-baiter, reeks of McCarthyism, he's on Fauxnews, Rupert's puppet" and other childish attacks but why don't they counter with facts of their own? They can't except to say, "you took it out of context." They'll look for the "what is the definition of it" excuse but that still doesn't counter the claims but only adds to their "guilty as charged."

    AL SHARPTON, is the story here. He is so bitter and having the likes of MSNBC's Ed Shultz screaming hate and the audience cheering made their gathering a slap in the face of MLK!

    What's worse were the live Beck feeds by CNN and MSNBC and their reporters. They looked for the confrontation, the one bad word, the nooses, the teabaggers that scare Nancy Pelosi, but they just couldn't report on any good news.

    MLK's niece is an outcast now for speaking at the rally? An Uncle Tom? She is receiving "flack" for her appearance? MLK's son was on MSNBC and Shultz tried to get him to slam the rally but he didn't and he took the high road. Shultz kept trying which was extremely disgustful! Then Sharpton was on Geraldo and he showed his true colors of hate against a WHITE rally which is counter to the message of Martin Luther King!

    The Left racists are now calling Beck's rally, "Whitestock!" Can you imagine if someone called Sharpton's rally, "Blackstock?"

    The best thing to come out of both rallies at the same time: REASONABLE PEOPLE SEE THE TRUTH, THE HATERS, THE TRUE COLORS!

    (Has anyone noticed that some on CNN and MSNBC are acting and questioning like they are more moderate and not just platform for hate against the right? Are they actually doing their job as an interviewer?)

    • Rickyj

      Very well stated my friend

    • bubba4

      "Someone" says a lot worse than that daily. I know it's tough with all outisde people, journalist and everyone else as one big blob of "the left", but you really should distinguish between what journalist say, what pundits say, what bloggers say, and what posters on blogs say….they aren't all one person – responsible for what each and all say, anymore than you are responsible for the most vile and rascist crap out there.

      You can call Sharpton's rally Blackstock if you want. It's not like someone is going to write an article and claim you're the voice of "the right".

    • return to America

      don;t be fooled by their change of action(CNN&MSNBC). this is their battle plan. they change their message to fit the current battle but their end in still the same. what bothers me is this: if the radicals are set on bringing down the haves and giving it to the have nots, who will be the haves when they reach their goal?

  • hippiepooter

    Tell it like it is Mr Horowitz.

  • Shirts r us

    I saw one hour thus far of the video 'Restoring Honor' rally aired on CNN or C-Span…plain and simple it rocked! As expected, the mainstream media types all but downplayed the event…GOOD FOR US! We are the wiser. The only comments from the left now is that the size of the crowd estimates were over stated…give me a break, puh-lease!

    Hoo ray for talk radio, and for the patriots of this country – FIGHT THE FIGHT, for our future.

  • Just a Citizen

    I wanted to be there but couldn’t make it, I’m grateful for those that made the trip from all over this great country of ours, that we call America.

    I’m asking all that post here please don’t forget what the people who went to this event on Saturday did, please don’t forget the message, and live by it, feel it in your heart every day, and promise that you will not let this country fall backwards any longer, and fight for everything that this event stood and stands for.

    Paraphrasing a great President "Divided we will fall, but if united, we will stand forever".

  • Nmbergman

    Jan Brewer for President!

  • tagalog

    David Horowitz used to be editor of Ramparts? Remember The Firesign Theater: "O'er the Ramparts we read/We're still gallantly dreaming…?"

    • brenanc

      I'm not talking about hate. I'm talking about eight. Dinner at eight! Let's eat! Thise were the days….

      • tagalog

        Mom: Porgie! Porgie Tirebiter! Come and get your breakfast! Your clam cakes are getting damp…

        Porgie: Co-o-oming, mother!

  • jgreene

    The Tea Party Movement, the rallies all across the country in the last year, the Glenn Beck Rally and in two months the 2010 Elections are just the beginning. America is indeed awakening to the spirit of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

    The socialist-Marxist experiment is OVER. Now the long way back to a true Constitutional Republic. Yes we can!

  • Thoma

    My Name is Thomas Schmelzer: And I am not a Mormon!

  • chuck

    I watch the rally on internet and some things bothered me. The words used that I did not understand. The talk of Jesus and God are very different in the Mormon faith than what the Bible talks about. Our founding fathers were students of the Bible and had a different understanding of God than what the Mormons have. Glen Beck says he studies and tries to find the truth. In this area he has not studied enough. He would might have to give up a good job to believe the God the Bible teaches rather than the book of mormon. enough said

    • William

      Since when was there a religious test on the nature of God and Christ to have the right to be actively engaged in trying to save America? Would those who claim the mantle of authority in such matters of promoting freedom and liberty according to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution also deny the Jehovah's Witnesses the same right. JW's concept of Christ and God is not trinitarian in any sense of the word. But they believe in the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Your bigotry is showing.

    • ClaireSolt

      Beck has sought lots of input. that is why his warning is resonnating but Shawn Hannity's alert missed the mark. He is denouncing Liberation Theology and quoting the Pope. I don't know what bothered you, because you did not say. Sounds like unsubstantiated anti Mormon prejudice to me.

    • Beverley

      Chuck I see you got a -10 well remember the saying …" forgive them Father for they do not understand." Well here we go they don't understand. Maybe this will help.
      Wonder if it will help … probably not.

  • WR Jonas

    What the presence of so many people in one place who look like me means , is that I am not alone in my opinions and beliefs .There are thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions who share my disgust and loathing of the left and celebrate the glory and love from our founders, defenders and our God.
    That mass of people who appeared at the Beck rally last Saturday were representative of the vast number who support the words and sentiments expressed by all of the speakers and attendees.
    So lefties,
    Keep calling us names and telling us who you are . We will have our say in November.

  • DBH

    Mr. Horowitz, a big Thank You is owed to you as well! Your vast knowledge and insight into the Left that you have provided us in your writings and with has been a tremendous resource for Beck and for all of us who have been blind to the activities and intentions of the Left for the last 30 years. Your writings alone have provided the clarity necessary to awaken me to the truth. Everything else I have read has been watered down and sanitized so that the gaining clarity was impossible. Beck mentioned that he sees David Barton as the most important man in educating us on the truth of our Christian Heritage. I see you as the most important man in this country when it comes to educating us on the true intentions of the Left and instructing us on how to combat them. THANK YOU!

    • sodizzy

      I heartily agree.

  • trickyblain

    500,000? Whatever you say. The crowd seems to get larger as the rally fades to memory.

    500,000 theocrats. And this is a good thing?

    If people want to delude themselves — thinking that they know the unknowable, that's fine. But can we stop pretending that this isn't mixing poitics with religion? And can we at least agree that the founders all held it as truth that mixing politics with religion was a terrible idea for both? Christian nationalism will not end well.

    Last I checked, you are free to live any kind of "culture" you deem appropriate. But so am I. And I choose to avoid Christian fundimentalism just as I would avoid Islamic fundimentalism.

    • DBH

      You are mistaken if you think they want a theocracy. The crowd wants a moral and ethical culture that influences politics in that vein. If you read the founders words, you find that is what they believed as well. The crowd does not want a Church of the USA nor Christian Nationalism.

      • Glennd1

        Oh really? Then why is so much of Becks focus on establishing us as a Christian nation and weakening the establishment cause? He brings this upon himself with his actions and speech. That you can't see it says far more about you than trickyblain,.

        • Vic

          So you advocate the abolishment of the free exercise clause? Read right past the comma on your cherished establishment clause, and you will find it.

        • DBH

          I have news for you Glennd1, we were established as a Christian nation. Not as a national theocracy, but embedded in the culture itself. Most of the original colonies (states) had a state sponsored religion. The establishment clause was to prevent one of those religions from becoming the official religion of the nation and to protect the individual religions freedom to practice their faith from the government.

          • trickyblain

            That is news. Especially to one who has read all of the founding documents that established US law. Nowhere do they state that the US was established as a Christian nation. Washington, in fact, stated the exact opposite: "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility [sic], of Mussulmen"

            Natural rights liberalism should not be conflated with Christianity. Natural rights liberalism comes from the Greeks, and later Romans, before they were expanded upon by deists like John Locke.

          • bubba4

            "Not as a national theocracy, but embedded in the culture itself."

            I think I see the problem. Trickyblain is talking about history and US law, DBH is talking about something he feels and that he "knows" is there…it's "embedded". The cultic loonies will destroy this country all the while waving flags and screaming how they are saving it.

          • Jim C.

            Exactly. certainly, all the Founders had generous things to say about Christianity (why, some of them were even Christians, themselves!) But one thing they shared was the healthy, and I daresay hard-won skepticism of political pieties–exactly what Beck is engaged in, now–which made them the emblamatic children of the Enlightenment.

    • ClaireSolt

      The only problem with your comment is that you don't seem to know what theocracy means and you misinterpret the first amendment. Other than that, no problem!

      • trickyblain

        If you agree that James Madison is the primary author of the Constituion, and you've read his writings on mixing politics with religion, you'd see that my interpretation of the first amendment is just fine. There is no doubt on his veiws. And it's also just about the only thing prominent federalists and anti-federalists agreed upon. Religion and politics are only pure when totally separate.

        Why do you think I don't know what "theocracy" means?

  • ontherocks

    chuck, most of the speakers were not Mormons. If they have it wrong, the "Big Guy" will let them know.

    trickyblain, most American Christians, Mormons, Jews, etc., are not theocrats, nor do they want a theocracy. Fundamentalists make a lot of noise, but they don't control the mainstream American culture.

    We are a Judeo-Christian culture and that culture provides the foundation for our moral framework.

    • trickyblain

      How is the "Judeo-Christian" (A term invented very recently) moral framework any different form Hindu morals? Does not a Confucian condemn adultery, theivery, muder and rape? I'd say the morals we find — those that we can apply to our politics — are universal in all cultures, otherwise they would cease to be viable cultures.

    • bubba4

      The "moral framework" is pretty basic, architypical and crytalized into law. It doesn't need the superstition with it. In fact, it protects me from your superstition, or at least it's suppose to….you can dream though can't ya?

  • guest

    I watched Al Sharpton squirm like a traped rat last night on O'Riely…to bad the race baiting thugh was not arrested for instigation of murder in Harlem.

  • Allen

    Glenn Beck is a hero and a national treasure for exposing the progressives and the truly lunatic agenda that they have in store for us to such a wide audience. Conservatives (i.e., sane, normal people) need to take this unbelievable country back and not allow these sad, misguided libs to ever hold so much power in the future.

  • Mildred

    To my colleagues in academia:
    You wealth will be redistributed in January–those who kept silent and allowed the totalitarian Leftists to guide you toward subjective "active" learning at the risk of being called racist and sexist. Now what are you going to do? You allowed the Leftists to do this to save your salaries and pensions. Now they will be redistributed.

  • sydchaden

    I agree with those who describe Glenn Beck as a hero. I expected the bad-mouthing that is coming from the liberals, but I'm troubled by the criticism of Beck that is coming from some conservatives. Beck, as he has acknowledged, is not 100% correct 100% of the time. But, on the issues that really count… he is a courageous 100%. I know that there are other conservatives who have carried the message for years, some of whom have voiced resentment of Beck. They should have no concern over Beck's displacing them. There is room, and need, for more than one hero.

  • Wesley69

    How many Leftists will be able to summon their followers to Washington the way Beck did. Sharpton's counter-rally was a bust and when you contrast the two rallies, Sharpton harped on the negative. MLK Jr. is being hijacked by Beck. MLK Jr., Mr Sharpton belongs to ALL of us, you know, WE THE PEOPLE. Beck took the argument to a totally new level, one that Leftists can't counter – God, Patriotism, Family Values — HONOR.

    • Jim C.

      We don't have uber-popular demagogue-demigods like you guys do. We are not so easily led.

  • Wesley69

    There was only one reference to politics by Sarah Palin, but in a larger sense, she expressed the opinion of not only the 500,000, but all true conservatives. We do not want Marxist transformation!! We want our renewal of the contract, the Founders made with us in 1789. The Leftists, rather than use argument to counter the substance of the rally, now smear the people involved. (Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) For too long conservatives have backed down when Libs call them mean spirited. Conservatives can take the high road, but Beck has been confronted their lies and they don't like it. He is using their Rules against them. Two can play at the game! If I were a Democrat running for reelection, I would stop lying to myself and be worried. The political tsunami is coming my way.

  • Glennd1

    Not so fast. You dismiss the historical inaccuracies he peddles from David Barton by equating them with Obama or Jackson's. You, more than most, know that revising history is a dangerous game, particularly when the narrative is about how our founders actually didn't mean to create a secular government. Moreover, Beck is making lots of comments that directly imply he is working as guided by God = issuing himself a divine license for his cause. Most anti-freedom is his position that the only way for our country to "restore" itself is through the population believing in and hewing closely to the imprecations of a Chritistian God, Judeo-Christian God and/or any God at all – depending on which show or event you are watching. Regardless, it's exclusionary and based on bad scholarship and argument. I don't at all object to Beck saying it – I object to what he's saying. The fact the right is just laying out the welcome wagon for this kind of tripe is sad and why I left the Republican party for the libertarians. u

    • sodizzy

      and just where is Mr. Barton being inaccurate? with as many original documents as he has amassed, I imagine he's fairly accurate in general.

    • Vic

      And just how do you check government abuse of rights without appealing to a power higher than government? Did Beck threaten you with beheading if you don't become Christian or something?

      • trickyblain

        Separation of power. Contitutional limitations of power. Courts. All proscribed by the Constitution. Nowhere does it list a higher power as means to address greivences.

        • bubba4

          The Declaration of Independence is brilliant precisely because it freed America from the rule of divine kings. That was the established order. So the declaration was carefully crafted to state that rights were Inalienable and that no man was above another. Government was to protect these rights and ensure liberty.

          All Americans who type on this board and who went to the Beck rally already enjoy their liberty. Just look at them exercising it. This is about setting up a fight and claiming all the preceived "just" arguments. If you have God and the founders on your side, then your enemies must be monsters. Since no one is threatening your liberty or your rights (most of you) and since all the talk about the constitution and the balanced budget just came about…it can only be seen as a cynical political ploy by Republicans and their allies. Beck is getting filthy rich through all this.

    • Guest

      A Christian theocracy does seems imminent as they grow more like the Left in their behavior. Rallies and Tea parties and all. There was a TheoCrat March in my town that was truly frightening. Chanting, fist-shaking, window-smashing, car-burning zealouts waving crosses and bibles and throwing rocks at the police. Yes, there's big trouble ahead as theocrats threaten civil order and the Constitution!

      • Dean from Ohio

        City and date, please. Otherwise this sounds like pure nonsense that you made up.

      • Dee

        I don't believe you!

    • Dee

      Please give specifics! Have you notified Mr.Beck? He is very concernd with giving the correct information and will make corrections if notified. Mr. Barton's books are filled with references for his information. Please be specific where he is wrong. He too will make any corrections. Please remember his sources are the original papers of the era in which he writes.

  • Dr. Richard Everson

    Glenn Beck is a breath of fresh air as a soothsayer, minimal warts and all, but a brilliant striver for what is true, in stark contrast with the liars clinging to power at any cost, while trashing the truth. He and Sarah, what a pair! While they certainly don't lack the intellect and integrity that their detractors do, their honesty and sincerity soar far beyond their considerable intellect to make them patriots comparable to our great Founders. May their truth prevail!

  • sodizzy

    Lovely observation.

    I, a former leftist marcher/organizer, find all this VERY encouraging.

    Marylou Leeman, CA

    • brenanc


  • Glennd1

    google "debunking david barton" or "debunking wallbuilders" or go to or There are many sources. Barton isn't even taken seriously in academic circles because his "scholarship" is so laughable. As for owning original documents, do you know he actually misquotes them? And owning documents of course adds no weight to an argument, so who cares how many he owns? He's a liar and he's duped Beck because he's so eager to believe.

    • sodizzy

      I guess you would consider me "duped" then. I prefer his version of things, and yes, I can read, and yes, I have been to college. It's a choice sometimes.

      • bubba4

        I had a friend who's wife was a Scientologist. He gave it the old boy scout try, but couldn't get into it. He was skeptical enough for the whole thing to collapse. When he took evidence to his wife that the whole thing was a scam…she said simply…


        but I spell it C U L T.

        • sodizzy

          That's why it is so important to seek the voice of God in these matters. I believe within each of us is the understanding that longs to hook up with our maker, and when we can search that out and connect then we get in touch with our true purpose and experience real happiness and fulfillment. Bless you in your search for truth. It is an awesome journey in my experience.

          • bubba4

            It's not just strange pagan groups that can be cultic. Following anyone that says they know what God thinks is foolhearty at best. The scientology example was simply for this…it doesn't matter what we disagree on…we should all at least agree on reality…on facts and figures and real life examples. When someone is trying to discredit this guy with examples of their work…telling them it's a choice and you "prefer his version of things" reminded me of this story.

            Beck is a rodeo clown that found out how easy talking about God makes things for an propagandist.

          • sodizzy

            Your comment reminds me of my Dad who didn't meet Jesus till he was 82.. Whew! cutting it close.

            He was precluded from seeking God by seeing the real live Aimee Semple MacPherson when he was in Los Angeles. He was blown away by he did not know what — he thought it was theater.

            We each have to decide for ourselves. The Bible says, Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

            Best to you, ML

    • sodizzy

      Thank you. I did some of the googling you suggested. Who is this C. Rodda person? I have an idea she would think Howard Zinn is reputable.

    • Vic

      Yep, that Jefferson was able to keep himself going, asking each day if the date was OK for his demise. What a hoot!

    • ClaireSolt

      Part of my disillusionment with an academic life was to see how little honest inquiry there actually was. There is a lot more lemming like politics clinging to prevailing views at all costs.

      I do not think it is unreasonable to think that Progressives which dominated for 40 years rewrote history to suit their own tastes. I know Schlessinger gave it a shot during Kennedy admin. I marvel at how they still peddle that Camelot meme when we know different. but I was raised by a mum who cursed FDR every day. LOL

      If you actually were an historian, as I am, you would already be aware of the influence of Marx on history. Though he was more an evolutionist than historian, his emphasis
      on economics and common people has opened up new areas of inquiry and really changed our view of the past. . History is always being revised, mostly because different generations ask different questions. Otherwise, there would be no new PhD's.

      • Glennd1

        There is no doubt that Progressives – really the left and then the New Left engaged in revisionist history themselves. From Critical Theory to today's insistence by the sociology programs that being progressive is required to be in the field (there was a case where this came out a few years back). But of course, as a scholar you must know that doesn't in any way relieve Beck of the burden of truth. Btw, I'm very aware of Marx's influence – how could you assume by my comments what I think about Marx?

        If you read the article, you'll note that Horowitz himself points out Beck's questionable accounts of history, so I'm not alone in this. Finally, as a historian, i would love to hear your reaction to the links i posted. I'm not a historian – haven't claimed to be one, but does that disqualify me from questioning Barton's claims based on what I've found from other sources? Please, respond after you check out the links I posted. Btw, i'm not a lefty, but a libertarian. I have no axe to grind with Beck per se, i just was astonished by how full of crap Barton is.

      • trickyblain

        As a historian, you should know that primary sources are scripture. If your specialty is in American history, you know that nowhere in the founding documents does it imply that we were founded as a Christian nation. It can be debated by those who want it so, but without primary legal sources, there's no case.

    • Dee

      Specifics please!

  • Donla

    Excellent article -solid thinking. I did notice this quote that stood out in my mind –

    "but its real trigger was the seizure of the federal government through electoral double-talk and political stealth by the collectivists of Obama progressivism"

    In other words McCain's failure is what finally caused millions of good people to wake up to the fact that the nation was (and is) under attack for its life. Having "me too" and "My friends across the isle" types in charge of stopping the assualt is idiocy. Just as a drunk has to hit rock bottom before he changed direction, so also does our nation need the left to show its full evil soul and Obama has arrogantly done that. Now, notice has been served – we're awake and engaged in combat, no longer the pushovers we were. Beck's rally merely said out loud to the left -"Bring it on!" .

  • ClaireSolt

    Join the NAACP with Mr Jealous. You will fit right in. Beck is on a truth seeking journey and it is interesting to watch. iI fact, as a retired historian I find his curiosity and humble quest exhiliarating. Too bad you cannot just think but use Google for someone to follow.

    • bubba4

      I think he mentioned a quick google search to indicate how prevalent debunking of Barton is…and it would have to be…there is so much to go through. That's what is really amazing about the Beck's of the world….it's such finely woven and intricate bullsh*t. It would probably take longer to debunk and properly explain things about a single Beck show than it does to shoot the show.

      Beck isn't on a humble quest. He's making tons of money and creating the bizaro world history for cultist all over the US to validate themselves with. Beck is the prodigy child of the neo-cons that believed they could simple alter reality by sheer force of will (and a big propaganda machine). Beck thinks he can make his world real if it has a staggering backlog of bs history behind it. Just as Horowitz made "Discover the Network" so FPM writers wouldn't have to link to outside (potentially left) media and could get the bizarro world take on people places and things.

  • ClaireSolt

    The real fallacy is multiculturalism and that is best exposed by Michael Savage. You seem to have fallen for it, however.

    Beck experienced his first conversion in AA which insists on recognizing a power greater than oneself. Even an understanding of physics leads to this conclusion compatible with the Natural Law cited by the founders.

    What is patently false is the do whatever you want without consequence and extend to others the same hedonistic and false permissiveness. To wit the Free Love movement eventually produced an epidemic of STD. Deny cause and effect at your peril.

    • Jaafar_1946

      Well, I would only disagree in preferring the philosophical (?) approach: "Free love is a contradiction in terms."

  • rasprinkle

    Beck gets credit, and that's OK, he did the work; but David Horowitz had much to do with opening his eyes to the depths, intricacies, and workings of the Left's "vast" (to barrow a word from Hilary) network of evil.

  • Jaafar_1946

    Very interesting reading on "chicagoboyz." Lexington Green's short piece "I think I see what Glenn Beck is doing."

  • Watcher

    My husband and I attended the rally. My husband is an atheist. He had NO ISSUE with the hard religious direction the entire program took. It is fact that the Founders were men of faith. Their own writings confirm this. The Constitution was designed with Judeo-Christian values (among other things) in mind. We don't need David Barton to point that out to us if we just go and do our own research. And while my husband believes that people should behave ethically, morally, generously, with integrity and honor because it's The Right Thing To Do, if religion helps people to find their way there, so be it. While it would be nice if Mr. Beck's shows gave more than a passing nod to atheists who make the honest attempt to live an honorable life, he does not give any impression of excluding non-believers as amongst his allies, nor do I believe any slight is intended by his failure to address them. Beck is who he is—imperfect, by his own admission, no different than the rest of us.

  • billhart22

    I thank G-d for Glenn Beck (or even someone like him). If it weren't for he, the progressives would have this country in a strangle-hold that we could never get out of. It is such a blessing to have somebody, such as Beck, take the tedious time to explain every aspect of everything we might have missed as everyday citizens.

    The great thing about this affair at the Lincoln Memorial is that now there are over 500,000 people carrying the message that Glenn has been exposing for over a year now. It makes my heart leap with joy that I am not the only American that believes in America the way that it was when I was growing up.

    Every so often, throughout American history, the progressives have tried to sneak their progressive agenda into our system. F.D.R. and Woodrow Wilson are two prime examples of what America doesn't want to be.

    I just say – May G-d Bless Glenn to carry on his work and guide Glenn's path to help America become righteous once again.


    • trickyblain

      America is currently unrighteous? Why do conservatives hate America? And if you hate gov't, why not go live where there is no functioning gov't. Congo comes to mind.

  • jerry

    Where else in the world do you see a more peaceful protest rally than that.
    True constitutional freedom and a large group of freedom loving people.
    Nothing but happy faces.No mean angry yelling people there.

  • tagalog

    Revisionism can be good or bad, depending on how it's used. For example, I think it was at the meeting of the Second International, about a century ago, that the original revisionist, Edouard Bernstein, cited the rise of workers' salaries and wages throughout Europe between 1848 (the year of the Communist Manifesto) and 1898 as proof that the working class no longer need to rely on violent revolution to overthrow the capitalists. Of course, his view, reformism, was characterized as an impermissible re-evaluation of Marx. Fortunately for the far Left, Lenin stepped forward and offered his (approved) theory of vanguardism as the remedy for Bernstein's reformism.

  • kitsaid

    Like many presidents, so as far as I'm concerned, the best thing Obama has done up to now was his job interview (his pre-election campaign). It's to his credit perhaps that he was able to conceal the true nature of his plans behind, amongst other things, the giant American bandwagon to ignore race as a criterion for the job (kudos for that) until he'd won.

    To SOME extent, it seems a shame that the job of the US executive doesn't also come with a probationary period with a built in constitutional mechanism to allow the majority (I really mean myself here) to fire him or her without further reason or justification after a year, perhaps with an additional review after 24 months with perhaps a greater 2/3 disapproval vote required for termination – slightly different but similar than a parliamentary "no confidence" vote as in the UK.

    *coughs* Any distinguished congressional bill-sponsoring types reading?

    Physicists reading this without anything more important to do might also like to study the phenomenon of how the current administration has managed for many Americans (I mean – for me) to make four years (seemingly of course) longer than the equivalent period constitutionally granted other presidents by the electoral college in the past – already done?

    Where's the Rally in Washington for THAT Mr. Beck – if I say "please" even?

    If not anything else useful, let me say at least, "Good dream MLK – thank you for leaving us with that sir."

    Lastly, to all the flapping heads at at-least ONE major cable news service asking the stupid question, "Who owns Martin Luther King's dream?" I say, "Look in the mirror."

  • bubba4

    What then?

    Old-school libertarianism? That won't fly with the majority.

    We've seen what modern conservative policies bring….and most of you have bizarro world ways around that. So no lesson learned…and then here you are…how far back you want to roll us? Late 1800's maybe.

    Maybe you just hope for more political drama and a lefty witchhunt or even the rise of a Christian theocracy…none of this is going to happen…If Republicans are willing to keep things from happening for four years so they can elect a Republican, every American should recoil in horror.

    • Gylippus

      "What then"?

      We will discover the future together.

      • bubba4

        Let's just hope that future doesn't look like Robocop.

  • Bonnie
  • Siddhani Char

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