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Lies & Peacemaking

Posted By David Horowitz On September 7, 2010 @ 1:30 pm In David's Blog,NewsReal Blog | No Comments

From DavidWarrenOnline:

There are two ways to sin: by commission, and by omission. And there are two ways to lie. The more brazen may tell big whoppers, or tell more efficient, subtle ones. But for the timid, who only want an easy life, the best thing is to tell no lie at all, and only live one. This involves ignoring great truths that are staring us in the face.

Let me give an example, from this week’s launch of the latest “peace talks,” on the infinite Israeli-Palestinian “roadmap to peace.”

I have already read several articles, in the usual media, suggesting that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is negotiating in bad faith. Ha! Of course he is. Anyone who is negotiating under compulsion can be said to be doing so in bad faith. But so was everyone else near the White House, this week, except, just possibly, Barack Obama.

For I’m beginning to believe that Obama is thick enough to believe the nonsense he speaks. Those who accuse him of being secretly a Muslim, and the “birthers” who think he was born in those parts, have got everything almost precisely backwards. Obama has no idea how Muslim Arabs think, or he wouldn’t have said half the things he has said about the Middle East, during and since his ludicrous speech in Cairo. No one in his right mind walks into that tent, showing all his cards.

Yes, the Americans would love to have “peace,” and so would most Western onlookers, who think they have nothing to lose by a fraudulent simulacrum. Even some Israelis enjoy the occasional “peace agreement,” for the few weeks it lasts. Only a tiny proportion of them, however, believe in such things any more, or have the slightest expectation of a “breakthrough.”

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