Obama’s Destructive Course


Historically, State of the Union speeches leave no trace. Their impact on presidential approval ratings is nil. Their utility, therefore,  is in what they reflect about the presidential character and the presidential course. Last night President Obama gave a speech that was at times quite eloquent, and on occasion rhetorically empty. But at all times it was the speech of a man who is deeply partisan and dangerously arrogant and is determined to stay a course which has already damaged his party, weakened his country at home and exposed it to attack from abroad.

Over and over again the President demonstrated a troubling disconnect from reality, striking in the leader of a political democracy, and indicative of a narcissism that appears to be greater than President Clinton’s. “I have never been more hopeful about America’s future than I am tonight,” he said at the outset of his speech. This in a country with 17 million unemployed, a political majority that is unable to govern, and a national security apparatus that couldn’t identify a terrorist whose own father had turned him in.

In the course of his speech, as Charles Krauthammer observed, the President attacked “Washington” seven times in the name of the people, as though he and his party were not Washington, as though the course he had set for his party and his country was not the source of the people’s rage. Taken as a whole it was an hour-long campaign speech, in which he broke precedent to attack not only the previous Republican Administration and all the Republicans in the chamber but even the Supreme Court justices present as well. And then – as though he had not done that – he scolded the entire assemblage for being politicians instead of non-partisan statesmen, and for running “permanent campaigns.”

But the most disturbing passage of his speech was also the most eloquent, the peroration at the end. In this flourish as throughout his speech there was the world and then there was Obama. In the world “Each time a CEO rewards himself for failure … people’s doubts grow.” But in the mind of Obama, no failure is his. If voters have rejected his plans for the future that is their deficiency not his. “I campaigned on the promise of change … But remember this … I never suggested that change would be easy.” The cowardice and weakness of his own party and the voters who have deserted him are to blame. And they have betrayed not only him but through him the Republic itself. “If people had made that decision 50 years ago, or 100 years ago or 200 years ago we wouldn’t be here tonight. The only reason we are here is because generations of Americans were unafraid to do what was hard; to do what was needed even when success was uncertain.” L’etat c’est moi.

The philosopher Martin Buber once wrote: “Woe to the people whose leader has no teacher.” In a democracy, the people must function as their leader’s teacher. But Obama has no faith in the American people, and in particular the people who supported him. And therefore there will be no correction of the destructive – and self-destructive — course he has undertaken.

  • Jacques in Canada

    The Perfect SOUA As Far As I Am Concerned

    Whew! I was afraid Barack Hussein would move towards the centre, the better to stay in power and foster his dangerous agenda in underhanded fashion. Luckily, the bloke is so self-referenced, he seems unable to sense how much public opinion has shifted against him. I pray that he won't be able to make too much damage before a majority-Republican Congress renders him toothless this year and the voters dump him and his party soon after. Hold on America! Just a few more years of misery before deliverance.

    • Doug

      Merci beaucoup, Jacques! Please convey those sentiments to as many of your fellow Canadians as possible! We get the impression down here at times that Canada is not the ally it should be!

  • cochavi1

    His arrogance is beyond belief. His inability to recognize Islamic terror is a function of his merged Marxist-Islamist or pro-Islamist beliefs. He has come to change the US constitution, a fitting goal for a man who is probably not eligible to be
    President legally. His corruption is to the sky, his financial backers and enablers most of his life Saudis, Pakistanis and American Marxists. It is truly unbelievable, but quite real.

    • Murray

      Actually the demographic of his supporters is frightening! BHO carries their banner clandestinely and the American sheeple, together with the likes of Mathews, Olberman, Maddow, et-al. in the state controlled media, are too ignorant (or complicit) to understand what is happening beneath their very noses.

  • Bruce

    As time passes more people are coming to see Obama as the national blunder that he is. Unfortunately we are stuck for another three years with this pathologically dysfunctional narcissist who lives in his own deluded world of make believe. The country needs to go into full damage control mode until this fool and his ideological enablers in the MarxiCrat party depart the national stage. All hands on deck!

  • reelgirl

    There is not one positive, constructive, feasible idea on this site that gives any clue to answer tthe problems of the US. YOU, left wongers, brought thisc oountry to its knees – where are your brilliant answers now??? Just BUSINESS as usual so that the same rich dopes can continue in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. Shame on you. Shameful that you are so removed form reality that you would rather see this country fail than support a brilliant man wants who only wants the best for his country. God bess Howard Zinn – what did you ever do wiht your life Horowitz? Neer even heard of you until today – wish I never had – just be quiet.

    • USMCSniper

      Hey reelgirl, What has Obama ever done in his entire life? Mr. Obama aka Mr. President is a manufactured fraud who has sealed his school records from grade school through law school, his passport records, social security information, birth certificate. His handlers picked him for the race card not his ability or education – he is definitely anti-american communist with strong Marxist associates and connections. His czars are Marxists and Communists and an out rage but no one cares where the United States is headed under this specially selected president. He claims openly we are not a Christian country. The National Health Care has little to do with Health care and the Cap and Trade bill little to do with energy and a lot to do with controlling every aspect of our lives under a President who is more Maxist than Marx himself.

    • http://itecode.com eerie Steve

      Shame. Yum.

      PR 10 !!! USA #1 !!!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson TingleBarry

        eerie, help me out–what is PR 10?

    • jackbelias

      Obumble is a rich dope who has been scratching the backs of the other rich dopes. You try to make it out as if the marxicrats are a working mans party, but they havent been for a long time.

      You want cap and trade like Obumble? How many working class families will be able to afford to heat their homes, or simply turn on a light switch? All of that cap and trade money goes to Obumbles rich buddies, they buy luxury power cruisers, private jets, and 3,000,000.00 exotic cars with it. Their expensive toys will save the earth perhaps?

      Youre just another party member, a robot without a single human quality.

    • jackbelias

      Zinn is a wealthy criminal too. He makes a living out of preaching hatred to a bunch of spoiled youth with no trade skills. He has stated in the past that "facts tend to get in the way". He just makes stuff up out of thin air and spews it right into his angry youth mob, in return he gets book deals, tv specials, and HUGE speaking fees. He knows his fans are just frustrated brats who dont want to learn how to do anything that might grant them a better life. He tells them they should have it all for free and they happily pay him to sell this fantasy land.

    • donnamarie

      Please show me where the brilliance is so that I can see it myself. Just one hint of it and maybe I could see "the great one" in a different light.

      Let me ask you this also-do YOU truly believe that this country is great? My belief is that YOU and people like YOU (i.e. the brilliant one) do not see this country as great and needs to be brought to its knees.

      I am sure you will not answer…..

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Briliance? Where? …

  • http://netzero.com Steve Chavez


    I have seen David in live speeches and those videos he has posted on FPM. I have seen him on Fox and C-Span and maybe once on MSNBC or one of those other shows.


    He knows local, state, national, and international issues and he is a staunch supporter of the U.S. around the world. I’m sure if he didn’t know about an issue, he would study it.

    So, this man is needed in the Congress. HE KNOWS WHAT COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS LOOK AND ACT LIKE and will surely be a thorn in their butt!!!


    • Bill_H

      All say Aye, Aye !!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/semus semus

    You knocked it out of the park Mr. Horowtz.

  • che

    I heard that Howard Zinn used to use pages from 'Radical Son' for toilet paper.

    At least he was able to find a use for it.

    • http://itecode.com eerie Steve

      That's funny che. That is why America kept you alive for so long. Yes. In many ways you are just a T-Shirt now. Not some great warrior, but a T-Shirt.

      You know who else is a T-Shirt? This guy:


      Really. You think communism is an answer? That is like a caveman inventing an arrow saying I know what's the answer, sharp stick.

      • http://itecode.com eerie Steve

        oh yeah….

        PR 10!!! USA #1!!!!

    • therealend

      I heard Howard Zinn downloaded it on his Kindle and then tried to use it to wipe his fanny. Rest his soul.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson TingleBarry

      Doctor Che, about that whole Hippocratic oath thing–what went wrong?

  • bardefa

    Quick check of your vision, Barak (sic) (H)Insein O'Bummer:

    If United States becomes a country like Venezuela or Cuba and has no one to look for a help, lets do this experiment:

    Stop all – I mean ALL – help (financial, food, advisory, etc.) to all other countries and all organizations, UN included.

    Then watch what’s happening. We all will be scared to death. Including you.

    BTW – to create jobs and to stop financing terror – start drilling wherever we can!!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/johncarens johncarens

    I keep hearing about what a brilliant man Obama is. (In fact, "While President Obama is cleary a very intelligent man.." may be the second most pervasive sentence qualifier in Republican circles, right after "Even though the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving…") Frankly, when I viewed the President's address to Congress, I saw a middling mind or average heft, and a brain stuffed with the most recent political jargon du jour. "Clean Energy Economy", "Transparency", "this notion that", "Jobs for Working Families", etc., etc.

    He is a thin-skinned bore.

    Which leads me to a broader point: What, beyond radical politics, animates this man? I understands that he likes to play golf and basketball, but what does he share in communion with normal Americans? I think this lack of communion with his audience is what pervades ALL of his addresses. He has no well of real-life experience that most people would relate to from which to draw, because he's willfully covered it over… and this gives him a plastic, surreal affect.

    Which is sad: His life story, if he had encountered college Republicans, or convicted Christians, or real heros of America's armed forces, rather than college radicals, is one that could truly inspire. Barack Obama's life story is a true Horatio Alger tale, but, it cannot be told by a man that hates what Horatio Alger stands for. He is steeped in hatred for the very things that brought him were he is. And thus, there is no authenticity about him.

    And it is a true tragedy, because, if he hadn't been hollowed out by leftist, radical anti-American hatred he could have truly been a transformational figure. Instead, he's just another in a long line of failed race-hucksters elbowing his way to the front of the public trough.

    This is the Barack Obama that the nation say in the Well of the House. And it recoiled.

    • http://itecode.com eerie Steve

      No, his poll ratings went up 20%. It as if America is saying:

      OBAMA = Bugs Bunny


      • http://netzero.com Steve Chavez

        BIDEN=GAFFY DUCK “Quack quack quack I’m a quack!”

        Does anyone know any person who can talk like Daffy Duck? Get them to do voiceovers of Biden and all his gaffes. I’m sure they are on youtube.

        That would surely be a hit and will be on all news channels and since Biden has a daily Gaffe, America will soon have something to laugh at!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/johncarens johncarens

        I must admit, I don't "get" your post. According to Rasmussen, the President's approval went down a point. And, I've always liked Bugs Bunny. And, the Congress "dies" every two years, if folks would get engaged enough to stop sending the same crowd of miscreants, alcoholics, philanderers, and the otherwise unemployable people back to Washington.

  • http://itecode.com eerie Steve

    pr 10

  • http://snipr.com/profile-user Kortney Kolesar

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  • Rodney Downie

    Being from Georgia, I just couldn't think of worst President than Jimmy Carter would ever get elected.
    I now feel a little bitter for my state and worst for my nation. With Obama in office it's going to get worst for Americans. Carter was a fool but Obama seems to hate our country, our founding Fathers and the American people. I will agree that the people who voted for him are to blame too. God help us all.

  • jbtrevor

    The emporer has no clothes, everyone knows it, everyone has been telling him but his narcisism blocks his view…
    If you think Pres. Obama is dangerous now, wait until the narcisist discovers nobody like's him –

    • ABC Barbara

      Obama qualifies as an extreme narcissist. Highly dangerous personality disorder empowered in our president. Quick search describes Obama's narcissistic behaviors…and the dangers of a narcissist in power…
      When,as you say, the narcissist is opposed or criticized, the truly dangerous, disordered, and out of touch with reality behavior begins. (As seen in the State of the Union address.)
      Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have a grandiose sense of self-importance. They routinely overestimate their abilities and inflate their accomplishments, often appearing boastful and pretentious.
      People with narcissistic personality disorder often display snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes.
      Those who relate to individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder typically find an emotional coldness and lack of reciprocal interest..
      They often usurp special privileges and extra resources that they believe they deserve because they are so special.
      Individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder generally have a lack of empathy…

    • John C. Davidson

      Puppets don't wake up,; the fine wires do corrode.

      A knew puppetmaster has arrived to re-cycle an old tune.

  • therealend

    I think after Massachusetts, he had to come up with a new speech. I believe his staff brainstormed about what to favor this group with and that group with. I doubt we will move towards more Nuke plants or away from Climate Change legislation. I think this was him just trying to stay relevant. It was the move of a clever politician at a time when we need brilliance instead.

  • Larry Anderson

    It is truly frightening to contemplate how a country like America can be so easily bamboozled by such a charlatan! Unfortunately, it may be that the country itself has changed—for the worst!

  • thinker1

    Children at the helm of our economy! Proof:
    "The government spent a record $1.4 trillion more than it collected in the past fiscal year, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasts a similar $1.35 trillion deficit for the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30."

    Se how that 1.35 is "slightly" under 1.4, showing "improvement" ???
    I bet it will be 1.9 – "slightly" under 2 trillion….- and, naturally "unexpectedly". Of course.

  • mikidiki

    If we think things are bad now, wait until the 'Illegal Aliens Amnesty Act' passes through Congress and Obama gets another four years and another four years and another four years ad infinitum .. you think it won't happen? If there is no revolution, it will .. Be Very Afraid

  • http://resv1000.net Elda Amstutz

    Well that for sure is a different perspective that I had never thought of.

  • Randall F. Snuffle

    Obowmao is a sick fuq – Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, extreme paranoia, hatred, self-righteousness, inability to take stock of oneself – a sick, sick fuq

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

    You're part of the problem Horowitz.

    Sorry he was too uppy for you and didn't take the time to kiss Israel's ass.

  • Geno Fenoglio

    It has taken quite a while for me to figure out what animates Preident Obama. It seems that to a large degree he is trying to gain sreet cred. What led me to this conclusion was thinking about Valerie Jarretts comment a while back of them speaking truth to power. I thought my god has'nt anyone told them they are the power. Since then I have watched the president perform as petulant teenager on several occasions. He's a brother who isn't going to let the man get up on him.

  • http://bit.ly/m1KByV Kurtis Scudder

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  • pragmatikos

    Thank you for your bluntness and sanity. Psychologists have a word for those who have the capacity to manipulate the emotions of the masses with rhetoric. They label it "elevation." I was never moved by his rhetoric and knew his accomplishments as a Senator amounted to…nothing. That didn't faze the True Believers. My early fear was that American Obamabots would be SO uncritical that, coupled with his messianic narcisism, America would be ruined before they knew what hit them. What they SHOULD have realized is that "change" can also go downhill–totally. I hope his failure is total and will not inflict decades of pain upon the American people. And I hope millions and millions more Americans will have the ability to tune out of his histrionic rhetoric and to look at exactly what he is doing. At some point, they will cease to be forgiving and hold him accountable, realizing they were taken for an ride by an ideological cadre and that Obama was wayyyyy over his head in this role, during one of the most dangerous periods we have faced.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson TingleBarry

    Great post and absolutely right. Appreciate the terminological heads up. I figured there had to be a term for that but it never came to mind. 'Sorry about the mid-stream name change–looking for a catchy one to keep.