Obamacare Bill: A Declaration of War

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The President was right about one thing: The vote on Obamacare last night  was a historic one.

The Democratic Party has in the course of the nine-month health care debate revealed itself to be an anti-democratic Party and an anti-liberty party. It is a party that has demonstrated its contempt for the Constitutional framework,  for the democratic process, and for the expressed will of the American people. Its brazen contempt for the compact that holds the diverse factions of this country together has initiated a political war at home that will extend not only into the next elections but into the next generations that will be encumbered with the trillions in debt and oppressive government controls that the socialist majority in Congress has demonstrated that it is intent on inflicting on this country.

The people of this nation are still sovereign, and their voice will be heard. Last night’s vote was lost but it is not the end of the battle.

It is the beginning.

  • michaelle

    It will be a war-30 states will be sueing and other organizations. These marxist won't see the light of day. They have politically have buried themselves-not 6 feet in the ground but a hundred feet.

  • michaelle

    Those in congress arn't liberal democrats even but marxist-they passed something at least 70% of the ciitizens DON'T WANT-can u grasp this?

  • lovezion

    The reason we, the entire world, are having multiple, innumerable problems and weird speeches and acts is the result of decades of almost the entire world having been on all kinds of drugs which diluted the little common sense they might've had in the first place. These incredibly wrong words and acts will worsen and because even the "good" people also have, at least traces, of the drugs, alcohol, etc. that fried their brains, the world's human society is only good now to be thrown out to the garbage! I'm so sick and tired of having to witness so much filth of all kinds and shapes that as far as I'm concerned, an entire world's explosion should terminate this undesirable world from the universe! Failing this, I hope and pray that at least that exploitative narcissist will cease to exist and leave us all in peace. Amen!

  • Vultura


  • Ruth Lawler

    We're instructed to pray for our enemies, so pray God's word back to Him from Job 20: 4-7
    …since man was placed on earth…
    The triumphing of the wicked is short,
    And the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment,
    Though his haughtiness mounts up to the heavens,
    And his head reaches to the clouds,
    Yet he will perish forever like his own refuse.

  • eyes wide open

    Florida A.G. – penalty for not buying health ins . is unconstitutional .

  • eyes wide open

    btw23 samurai hit woman ….no free lunch , applies to EVERYTHING …..no exceptions .

  • A. Nonnymoose

    Gosh, the health bill is going to cost something, I had no idea! And Obama doesn't walk on water! Gee, I am so disillusioned. Thank you for enlightening me.

  • dlp7ga

    we still have more guns then obama does

    • trickyblain

      LOL. Yeah, but I doubt that your granpa's old 30-30 will fare well against a division of M1 Abrams tanks or a squad of Apaches.

  • Thunder

    "The people of this nation are still sovereign, and their voice will be heard."
    Amnesty and voting rights for 35 to 50 million illegals will keep Dems in power FOREVER.
    All that already in works. Ask the WH.

  • Steve

    Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, which they are following, is not about health care for all. It's about tearing down our entire system, and remaking it the way they want it. We're only part-way there, more to come. It's going to get much worse.
    Interesting note about the con-con possibility in comment above. That could be used by Obama to drastically speed up the process if we are not extremely careful. How much easier would it be for him if the Constitution was not in the way?

  • jrad

    The American people spoke up against the health insurance bill, the Congress did listen and the heard the message, vote no. They voted yes against the will of the majority. That is a fact. Do we act as sheep and move along or do we revolt against the lawless? The lawsuit path will fail. Voting them out will fail, they control the elections. The ends justify the means. The only solution will be to physically remove them from office or accept it. Next on their agenda is amnesty and carbon attacks. The country will fall into chaos soon.

  • Angry American

    First order of business when the new non-Democratic Party House convenes Jan., 2011 – begin impeachment proceedings for Pres and VP.

  • Jack Samwell

    Last night vote certainly wasn't the end of the battle . Many states have anticipated this result and have made preparations. Idaho, through its passage of the Health and Freedom Act, has enacted legislation based on the tenth amendment which would prevent the implementation of mandatory Federal Health Care. Virgina has passed similar legislation and as many as 37 other states are consider the same.

  • time to do something

    no one pays attention to us we need to riot in the streets and go crazy, then they will listen to us. until that we just get pushed around.

  • JST

    Why are we stuck with majority rule?

    We need to replace the Constitution with the Christian Bible. We need Christian laws based upon Christian principles. The Islamists and members of other false religions need to abide by the Christian faith or leave.

    Most of us in America are Christian. We should live like we are.

  • K. Alan

    Our forefathers who founded this great country came here to escape religious persecution. Their idea of the separation of church and state was to keep state affairs from corrupting their religious practice. Not to keep their religious ideas out of government. It is very clear that their faith in God and the teachings of the Holy Bible influenced them in the creation of this great country. I challenge everyone to revisit the great documents that this country is based on starting with the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederacy, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. Compare the ideals of these documents to the teachings of the Holy Bible especially the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and see the continuity that exists. We need to get back to what our forefathers intended for this great country!!

  • http://www.petsyy.com/2012/02/29/7/ pet insurance

    The Bill is not taking away health insurance it's about amenity that all citizens should be entitled to. Look at the UK they've had it fo years.

  • Paul

    thank you!!!