Obamacare Bill: A Declaration of War

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The President was right about one thing: The vote on Obamacare last night  was a historic one.

The Democratic Party has in the course of the nine-month health care debate revealed itself to be an anti-democratic Party and an anti-liberty party. It is a party that has demonstrated its contempt for the Constitutional framework,  for the democratic process, and for the expressed will of the American people. Its brazen contempt for the compact that holds the diverse factions of this country together has initiated a political war at home that will extend not only into the next elections but into the next generations that will be encumbered with the trillions in debt and oppressive government controls that the socialist majority in Congress has demonstrated that it is intent on inflicting on this country.

The people of this nation are still sovereign, and their voice will be heard. Last night’s vote was lost but it is not the end of the battle.

It is the beginning.

  • http://www.victoriaamp.com Sam Bisbee

    Please stay healthy David Horowitz. We need your leadership now more than ever..This band of "second-handers" has no idea what they've started.

    • Tommy

      The liberty you just lost was the liberty of being able to self determine your own medical care and the liberty of spending your money the way you want to spend it. NO ONE gets turned away for medical care from any hospital emergency room in this country. If you want routine medical care, yes, you need insurance and it is expensive so our focus should be on reducing costs, not increasing them. The liberty America just lost was the self determination of 1/6th of our economy. Millions of people flock to America each year-not to Canada, England or Sweden, to get the best healthcare in the world. That will cease. Canadians and Brits are also known for going to India and Indonesia to get surgical procedures because nationalized health care systems often don't cover procedures a patient wants or makes them wait too long to get them. No one says that healthcare reform isn't needed. Of course it is. That isn't the issue. The issue is that the government has never run anything well…outside of national defense. If you hate the insurance companies you're gonna really hate the government. If health reform was truly the objective we could have taken an incremental approach starting, with tort reform. Obama's health reform is a smokescreen for a power grab to give the state more control over your life. You'll get less care and it will cost you more. Reform is needed. The outcry was it how it was done. Remember the old joke, "The operation was a success but unfortunately the patient died." Lest anyone be naive. There is no free lunch. This change may kill the American system and I doubt freedom loving people anywhere in the world want that.

    • gatekeepbeta

      Hope he lives forever :).

      Muay Thai

    • jenifer

      This is what the associated press reported: “On Saturday, Israeli commandos seized two Palestinians suspected of being Hamas militants in the army’s first arrest raid in the Gaza Strip since Israel’s withdrawal nearly a year ago. An Israeli army spokesman said the two men, arrested at a house near Rafah in southern Gaza, were in the ‘final states of planning a large-scale terror attack’ in coming days. The army did not provide details on the nature of the alleged plot. Hamas denied that the men, who were identified by neighbors as brothers, are members.” Quite a different account than the one provided by Chomsky, et. al. (Lie number two). Chomsky has said in interviews that “we don’t even know their names,” referring to the arrested militants. But a quick check of newspapers reveals that their names are Osama and Mostafa Muamar, whose father is Ali Muamar, a notorious Hamas leader. According to press reports “local Hamas activists said the pair was…known to be members of Hamas.” (Lie number three).
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  • Stephen H.

    You are an idiot,
    The Bill is not taking away any liberties that Americans have; health care is a basic amenity that all citizens should be entitled to. Look at other healthcare systems in most developed countries. Look at Canada and most of Europe! No one is turned away because they can’t afford treatment. How many people die every year because they can't afford Health care? If you were diagnosed with cancer today could you afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars it could cost you to stay alive?
    For patients not covered by health insurance, the typical cost of delivering a baby without complications ranges from about $9,000 to $17,000 or more – for a C-section without complications or a vaginal delivery with complications ranges from about $14,000 to $25,000 or more. In Canada and just about every other developed country – FREE. Just something to think about.

    – A Canadian.

    • sheila

      find the money without government control

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Doggwood Doggwood

      If you're a Canadian, why do you want to weigh in on this bit of American domestic policy?

    • Brady Patriot

      Please take a moment to learn some basic economics, there is no such thing as "free". Public health care is not payed for by the government but by the public, which I hazard to guess, includes you. Also, despite the rhetorical sob stories spouted by the Maxist democrats in the US, no one is "turned away" when they seek medical care. Even the most recent "poster child" is getting the health care that she needs. Perhaps, I might suggest, that you attend the problems in your own country and leave your opinions about mine unexpressed.
      – An American

    • Bill Ryan

      It is no wonder that you are a Canadian. Health Care, a home, food, a nice couple cars all basic rights for all but with no one to pay for.

      Your NewFoundland leader knows that Canadian medicine is substandard for all to enjoy before dying.

    • Jennifer

      you are an idiot!! this is not, was not and never will be about health care. it's about control. it's about rationing. it's about telling you when you live or die. it's about life, itself. if were not so, then why was it so important to keep abortion language in the bill. please tell me how you feel when they come pull the plug on your grandmother because she's no longer useful to society!!

      we don't like stupidity, here. maybe you were looking for the daily kos??

      • trickyblain

        You just described the current state of the health insurance industry!

    • Moon

      People are n ot turned away here either.

      Healthcare is NOT an entitlement.

      And I am not paying for it.

    • Jen

      Stephen, you are the useful idiot. Nothing is free. Govt. must first take from someone before it can hand it out. The government mandating that you must buy a govt. endorsed product enforced by the IRS or face fines or jail is not freedom. AND, don't you dare compare it to car insurance. You had a choice to buy a car. It is a privelege not a right, much like healthcare. Healthcare is a commodity, that you PURCHASE. Is food a right too? Do you stroll into the grocery store and fill your cart and then leave without paying??? No, that is called stealing. Does the food in your garden, magically grow itself or do you have to work and tend it? And you infer that Doctors have less rights by forcing them to accept less money for the same amount of work. I hope the Doctors SHRUG and then all of the people who are dying in the streets will have to demand their rights from someone else. BTW, what is really killing people are the govt. mandated CAFE standards, which kill 45,000 people every year. Good luck being a slave, you DRONE.

    • Onyx Antares

      Stephen, for one thing "health care" and "health insurance" are not the same thing. "Health care" is available to all via Medicaid for the documentable poor and emergency room care for those without documentation.

      Second, keep in mind that you receive more of what you reward–and rewarding irresponsible behavior (choosing not to buy health insurance, smoking and obesity without financial consequences) pretty much assures that you get more of it.

      Finally, I ask you, WHEN has a bureaucracy ever been consumer-minded and nimble at handling problems? Your DMV, how are they? The Post Office? How 'bout that tax appraiser? The IRS?

      And of course, the Dems are ready now to overstep on even more: look for immigration reform, cap and trade, and higher taxes on Eeeeeevil businesses. Coming our way!

    • Jobe

      You are very courageous calling anyone else an idiot. The volume of Canadians crossing the border to get basic medical care gives the lie to the assinine post to which I am replying. Your citation of the cost of a birth and a caeserian section may or may not be true, but even if it were true (and I see no supportive data) I would remind you that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Try getting a cat scan, an MRI, or many other diagnostic procedures. It is a race between the government and the tumor.

      • Jobe

        I forgot to add that the forced under pain of fine and/or imprisonment requirement to purchase “health insurance” will, quite obviously, impact the poorest of our nation, the very ones that the sanctimonious lying Obama and his cohorts claim to be helping.

    • dittoheadadt

      Stephen H, do you even KNOW what an "amenity" is? Go look it up, and then square its definition with the US Constitution (yes, I know you're Canadian, but you should still be able to read and think, eh?).

    • dittoheadadt

      Funny that Stephen H. is telling OTHER people to "think." Perhaps you would be well-served to try that act yourself.


      So, your doctors work for no pay? Your hospitals get all their supplies donated to them? Your clinics aren't charged for the water, sewer, and electricity they use?

      The fact that you think medical care is "free" in "just about every other developed country" proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an ignorant buffoon, so totally outmatched in a battle of intelligence that it's almost sad. "Free." Sheesh, how obtuse you are.

    • Ross

      Stephen H

      Nothing is free you idiot!! Crawl back into your hole you canadian jerk off. Canada does not have anything like the 2nd amendment, let alone that many needing special care come here .
      Bugger off, stay in Canada with the rest of your wacko countrymen.

    • Common Sense

      What an obtuse thing to say. Obviously you suffer from a disease called Cranialrectumitus.

    • jim

      No one is turned away in this country either. Of course, we don't have government leaders of this country rushing to yours to get the best medical care available. Not yet, anyway. Is it your assumption that taxing people, de-motivating the working and middle-classes, as well as the larger employers, is the way to drive down health-care costs? This bill was not about health care, It was about health insurance. A free-market approach giving consumers the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, law-suit limitations (which Canada wisely has in place, though only because such limitations protect the government), and cooperatives for individual buyers would have corrected health care costs in this country. But a philosophical approach that believes in the nanny state has prevailed for now. Once the costs of this approach reach the heights to which they are bound to rise in this country, the government will necessarily turn to rationing, a la Europe, Canada, and China. In the meantime, the consuming costs will cause the dollar to lose value dramatically. The U.S. will spend the next century trying to dig itself out of this mess. It is questionable, IMO, whether that is possible.

    • Turbeaux

      Caterpillar already announced that if this enormous power grab came to fruition it would cost the company an additional $100 million in increased labor cost and Caterpillar is just one company out of many that will be facing these kinds of enormous increased costs as a result of this monstrosity. Do you have any idea how many millions of jobs this will cost our economy?

    • JIM

      No Sir , YOU ARE THE IDIOT !! Healthcare is not free you BRAINLESS FTARD . To be taxed at the rate I'm taxed at in Canada , I would need to earn $330,000.00/yr in the U.S.( I earned $97,000 Can.) Healthcare is consuming the Ontario Gov. budget to the point of huge structural yearly deficits(37% increase for HC in the last 3 years). We're paying for top notch health care and getting last decades treatments and tech , if you live long enough to get off the waiting list , that is

    • drungar

      Yes, and Canada has a two tier system. If you want quick and accurate service, you have to pay for it. Otherwise, the well-promoted "health care" system takes care of band-aid problems, ofter with delays that can run into months if not years. Physiotheraphy ofter taken 8-10 months, once you have deemed to have need of it. And this from personal experience.

    • Lawrence White

      And under the just-passed bill, if you are diagnosed with cancer, the cost-control measures available to the government will mean that your care will be very limited or non-existent. We have provided universality of coverage, but removed universality in what is covered. We have substituted “all citizens will be covered” with “not everyone will be able to get everything they want” Be careful what you wish for; the law of unintended consequences is about to be shown again.

    • Optimus Maximus

      You have a basic misunderstanding of rights.

      Rights are those universal things for which it costs your neighbors nothing, and to which all free people have inherited from their creator. These are things such as free speech, the right to bear arms to defend oneself, freedom of religion, the right to assemble, equal treatment under the law, etc.

      You, nor anyone else, has a RIGHT to my property, which includes the money I earn.

      That is called stealing, and you make of your fellow countrymen slaves for the period of time required to make enough money to pay their portion of the increased cost of the benefit you have been awarded.

      You sir, are an ass.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Stupid commie, you fools just die waiting, or pay out of pocket to come here, and even so, your system is going broke.

      You're a Canadian subject, and you obviously know little of American liberty. Nothing is free. Your taxpayers pay higher taxes, and you pay with much longer waits, substandard care, substandard equipment, higher unemployment, less upward mobility, and less liberty.

    • Turbeaux

      "Look at Canada and most of Europe!"

      With all due respect, Canada’s healthcare system relative to ours is a joke. I know since three of my golfing buddies are former Canadian doctors, and most of Europe is already for all intents and purposes bankrupt exactly because of Marxism.

      You can call Horowitz an idiot all you want, but it is you who needs to take a good look in the mirror to see who the real useful idiot really is, and never mind the fact that this travesty will inevitably lead to the financial default and collapse of the USA. It doesn’t get any more idiotic than passing this monstrosity at a time when the USA is already standing on the precipice of financial collapse.

      Make no mistake about it, this monstrosity isn’t healthcare reform, it is an enormous power grab by our Marxist hijacked government against the will of the American people. It is a monstrosity like Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 terrorist attacks that will live in infamy.

    • M Rob

      Then why do you canadians need to send your people here for healthcare – most canadians think that Canada's health care system sucks – didn't one of your big shot politican's recently come to florida for a heart operation. If your system is so great why do you keep coming to the US – because your system sucks and you know it.

    • USMCSniper

      As a former Canadian combat Marine, educated at the finest universities in theUnited States, and married to a Canadian registered nurse (top of her class in Canada) you need some instructions on what is a right versus what is a good. Natural law states that people have rights to life and property, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just for being humans. A good is some product or service you either work for and earn or someone else chooses to give you. It might be a need, like food, clothing, shelter, and other things like an education, employment, an YES healthcare.
      But if we look a little further into the consequences, we can see that the workings of the community and economy are thrown wildly off balance when people accept those ideas. First of all, other people must pay for things like healthcare. Those people have bills to pay and families to support, just as you do. If there is a “right” to healthcare, you must force the providers of those goods, or others, to provide for you and to serve you healtcare products and services.

    • Mstephan

      Who is the Idiot,
      How many people die just waiting for procedures in your health care system.
      -Captain Nemo

    • Charles Thompson

      I dont think you are being honest my friend, There are so many canadians down here in Florida getting medical treatments here cause your syatem works great for little things but if you where to get cancer just waiting for the test will kill you. And nothing is free how much of your pay check is taken by the government.

    • http://www.BOBZILLA.tv Bobzikllka

      "Free" You are a stupid f'n jackass idiot that does not understand thing one about economics. Fool!
      Taxes are what will pay for it all. Last I was in Canada I paid $8.50 US for a litre of gas. That was 5 years ago. They fork-over about 45% of their paycheck up there, or are you too stupid to make the connection between that and their so-called free HC?
      This is WAR and Obama and his idiots will pay dearly at the polls for waking the sleeping giant.
      By the way… if you all like Canada and Europe so much – MOVE THERE!!!!!! I'll help you pack. Your leaving will improve the gene pool.

    • mike

      Just curious Stephen, are you allowed to speak out against your health care system in Canada. I hear that you have some fairly stringent free speech restrictions up there and that only the bashing of those of the Jewish persuasion is acceptable. Don't they haul you in front of some tribunal or something if you stray from accepted speech?

    • tanstaafl JW

      There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

    • joelsk44039

      FREE??? If that were the case, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical institutions would be bankrupt. The "idiot" is you, who believes that in Canada and most of Europe, medical care is "free." Well, here's the news for you: Medical care costs plenty, no matter which country you live in. It's "who" pays that's different in Canada and Europe, where everyone is taxed to high hell to fund health care for everyone else.

    • Lary9

      You stumbled into a nest of vipers, Stephen. Don't lose heart. It's not all barbarians at the gate out here. Some of us actually paid attention in Civics 101.

    • A US citizen

      Nothing is "free."

    • jerry

      You are the idiot, nothing is free and if you don't pay your own way, then its not my responsibility to feed and cloth you either. I have taught all my children to be independent Americans and all of my sons have served in the military and are proud to be free and if it comes down to it then we will fight for the freedom of this country. If your healthcare is so great, then why are canadians coming to the US for their health care. When you get something for nothing, you can bet that that what its worth. Red about the UK and their hospitals. I really get tired of the airhead comments by some people.

    • Guest

      You get what you pay for.

    • paul

      you are dumb "its not taking away any liberties" what?? yes it is they are going to MAKE you get the Healthcare they want to you have thats crap!!!! when do you have to buy something!! thats not what american's want…we have good health care now why do you think canada people come to the US? huh are you dumb..its free nothings free buddy really free the money is going to come from some place and that place is you check book!! wow thats the dumbest thing i herd in a long time!!

  • poptoy

    Crackerjack and Stephen H. are idiots that cannot understand anything. Your day is coming. There will be a day you will regret your words.

    • trickyblain

      Can you be more specific in your threats? Coward.


      I am sick and tired of these robots just taking what the Obama Media is feeding them. Do no research, read nothing. If this is just about getting health insurance for 12 million who do not have insurance, then why do they spell out in the bill where new hospitals can be built and how medical care will be delivered to me and I have insurance. These Democrats in Washington think they are smarter than all Americans and they want to tell us how to live our lives. Just wait, next they will be telling you how much fat you can have in your diet. And tax you on that fat! gET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND BEFORE IT IS TO LATE AND WE LOSE ALL OF OUR FREEDOM.

  • Ken Huffaker

    If there are some fools here that believe something is FREE, then they are expressing their foolishness. Someone has to pay for anything someone gets. A free society means that if you want something, then work for it or inherit it. If you want health care then you pay for it. Don't come asking me to pay for it through a system that eats up 75% of the funds before they get where they are supposed to go. If you like socialized medicine where you live, then stay there and keep quiet, we don't want it.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Doggwood Doggwood

    Here's a clip of the pre-election Obama promising health care reform through consensus. He excoriates the Bush/Rove approach of 50%+1 (which I don't think they were particularly guilty of); he goes on to say that Rove is willing to do 50%+1 because "he doesn't believe in government". As opposed to Obama, who promises reform that's not partisan. Now that Obama's thrown out the lawmaking rulebook and done the 50%+1 thing to ram a hated bill down our throats, he says the process isn't important. Does anyone doubt that Obama spouts pure bullsh*; he'll mouth whatever words he needs to say to get whatever he wants?


    The simple fact is a supermajority of Americans understand there's a problem, and there are also steps toward a solution that a supermajority of us would agree upon: Interstate competition, risk allocation, tort reform (which would reduce not only legal expenses but so many unneeded procedures done in the name of "defensive medicine" (that is, defensive not for medical reasons but defensive against lawsuits)), emergency room use by illegal aliens. Thinking along those lines would go a long way towards putting us on track. But Washington instead took its "daddy knows best" approach, centralizing the power and paying off the special interests, and damn the people. The endgame is a government that decides who lives and who dies. This is not acceptable, not in America.

  • ned

    This is just an attempt to turn the USA into a socialist country. The current health care system is just fine and every one has access to health care. Everyone does need access to health insurance. Every community has free clinics and every one can enter a hospital and receive care. I pay for the care now of the uninsured with my health care premiums.
    Now my health insurance costs are going to increase now that insurance companies have to insure people with preexisting conditions. These people elected to not sign up for health insurance earlier before they got sick. So now with my premiums I pay for their situation. This amounts to theft from my pockets. Guess what folks now there will be more of these thefts and my insurance rate will become unaffordable. The costs for the health care thieves will also be too great for them to pay and they will not be able to afford health care either. This bill kills the health care industry completely forcing us to rely upon the government for health care.
    Boy are you all really stupid to not be able to figure this out.

  • Visitor

    Who do these idiots think is going to pay for this bill with rampant inflation and 10% unemployment? Look at the other countries where health care is "free" – long waiting lines, rationing of services, shortages of health care professionals and high taxes on all consumer goods. Do you want to pay $7 for a gallon gas like in Europe? It is NOT the government's job to provide "free" healthcare to everybody. Show it to me in the Constitution. It is the individual's responsibility to provide for his/her family and buy health insurance, just as they do auto insurance. If you want "free" health care, JOIN THE MILITARY and put in 20 years. Then you'll get "free" health care for you and your family. The government took over GM. Are they handing out free Cadillacs? The government took over banks and mortgage institutions. Do you see them handing out free homes? How do you think "the government" is going to pay for "free" health care for everyone in this country? This is the same government that can't run a monopoly like the U.S. Post Office or AMTRAK at a profit but can load thousands of pages of pork into a bill that NOBODY has read in its' entirety. It has nothing to do with the color of the President's skin. These damn Democrats, of ALL colors, have just bankrupted this country. We will not forget this and they WILL be held accountable.

    • Bruce

      The color of the presidents skin is insulation against any and all criticism. It is the BIG reason he was the D's nominee. Hillary was/is too white and could be freely criticized for her actions..

  • http://www.howtofinanceyourlife.com Paul Beaird

    What is ignored in this discussion is the doctor. When your life depends on medical care, it requires the freely functioning mind of a doctor who was merciless in putting himself through the educational requiremens of medical school, the sleepless nights of internship to acquire experience, then the development in practice of precise skills, in order to save your life.
    Such a mind cannot function, if dictated to. Why should such a person of intelligence submit his actions to the judgment of those who have not examined you, who will not pay if he does not obey a generalized protocol that may not fit your physical condition?
    There are minds who love the prestige of being called a doctor and do are not care to develop such a finely-tuned mind, who will obey the government, instead of doing what is required to save your life.
    Socialized medicine is a violation of your right to life, of your right to have an open discussion with the doctor of your choice about medical tesing, treatment and payment. It is the forced intrusion of a third party who is there to enforce obedience by the doctor and to minimize the costs of your case.
    Your life depends on freedom, not government power.

    • jay jay

      Paul, Ayn Rand said it best, in her novel "Atlas Shrugged". Dr Hendricks said "let them discover, in their operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hands of a man whose life they have throttled. It is not safe, if he is the sort of man who resents it —- and still less safe, if he is the sort who doesn't"

      • Maddie

        Man, that woman sure couldn't write.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      They'll just import more docs from the 3rd world, like the euros. You get what you pay for, one way or the other.

  • muriel

    Why are congress and the unions exempt from this bill….because it's a terrible bill that will destroy america. the foreign born "PRESIDENT" will not get his way He will be removed from office and the bill declared unconstitutional as it it.

    • THEO

      AMEN, Lets hope so.

  • saeed

    Allah Akbar…the first step in eroding american liberty has began…inshallah with this healthcare bill americans will become more amenable to the concept of 'big government'…obama is turning the US into Europe, which means more unlimited muslim immigration and sharia law…we will win

    • the patriot

      Bring it on, towelhead. We're waiting for you and have something especially for you.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/eerieSteve eerieSteve

      Cynicism will get you nowhere. We know how to spot dual accounts.

      *heh* That's just the Sicilian gambit, the first gambit to learn, moron.

    • M Rob


      You forgot about the 2nd Ammendment – the right to bear arms – Americans do bear arms and they know how to use them. We don't take S H _ _ from anyone trying to trample our American way of life. Bring it on arse lifter.

    • Grandma

      Americans have guns; Europeans don't. You will most definitely not win.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lary9 Lary9

      What are you a comedian? First of all, no Muslim spells Sayd –"saeed". Second, you sound too vacuous and immature to be a genuine jihadist. So… you gotta be a phoney. Nice try.

  • saeed

    …i forgot to say awooga 365

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/eerieSteve eerieSteve

    In ancient Rome, Skippio beat Cathrage by letting his massive elephants run right through their ranks. The conservative party can benefit greatly by once again, sitting this one out. Big spending under any other name is just big spending.

    I see a difference as this bill appeals directly to the criminal element. Do governors really want to see their cities with people like Rayful Edmond or Kenneth McGriff getting free preventative medicine?

    Anyways. Holding a vote on a very divisive bill is not defeat. This will allow the GOP to target specific seats in campaign ads. Maybe not 2010 but 2012 will be a headache for Dems as taxes rise. Expect the dems to somehow blame that on Republicans as well.

    • Nelson H.

      Steve, it is SCIPIO and CARTHAGE. Are you dyslexic!?

      • http://www.itecode.com eerieSteve

        No, just a fast typer lol thanks.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

          Lol, I thought you did it on purpose.

          • http://www.itecode.com eerieSteve

            Thanks for the reply.

            What do you think of this idea? Policy changes amount to nothing unless you are in a dictatorship and this ain’t the third reich. So why not brand this as a reckless spending of trillions of taxpayers dollars for nothing more than to get the punk kid President a legacy?

            Doctors are still going to be narcissistic pricks. Nurses are still going to stick you with a needle. And the poor marginalized don’t vote b/c they are too busy being poor. The conservatives should not declare war but balk our common enemy: big government spending.

            Laugh at this feeble attempt to build a legacy, because it is already going down in flames.

            And guess what? Next time Republicans get the executive and legislative branches like we did in 2004, the nuclear option comes out and we blow the hell out of this and social security reform.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

            Works for me, I thought outreach and consideration to the commies in the dp was a bad idea all along. They're still commies, and still out to neuter or destroy the USA, the greatest threat to communism, by it's very existence.

        • trickyblain

          There's also the fact that Scipio didn't have elephants in his invasion of Carthage. Are you talking about Hanibal's elephants that could only charge in a straight line?

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/eerieSteve eerieSteve

            Yep. The democrats will be emboldened and on the attack even though they are in the majority. Just let them do what they do and attack with good branded surrogates. The chamber of commerce ads were very effective.

            Next up is cap and trade. That's our next big fight, and the evidence is on our side. Attack like a dust storm outside of Baghdad. Total engulfing of the enemy. If it was me, I would attack where unexpected. States and local governments would be up for grabs, and I would first gerrymander the union bosses out of existence after 2010.

  • Harry Kirmon

    Flashing back to previous promises, citing contradictions in Obama's public pronouncements is done so with a bit of wonder and surprise. You have to read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, or David Horowitz's version. It's part of a plan. Alinsky was a socio/psycopath who in his own words, dedicated the book (it's in there) to the Devil.

    Lying, cognitive dissonance, deception are legitimate means to absolute power.

    Anything Obama says is said for effect, not a reflection of his feelings, believes, ideals necessarily. And he will tell you what you want to hear, if in his interest. Tammy Bruce coined the term "malignant narcissist" to describe him. It fits perfectly.

  • Italianpatients

    Correction to previous comment: I meant to write "was slavered over in huge compliments… " – by your film maker Michael Moore

  • cedarhill

    36 states have passed or introduced bills to block Obamacare. Article Five only requires 34 states to call for a Constitutional Convention. Now is the time, if you want to retrieve America from the cesspool of Marxism and dictates of the Commissars (aka "czars") to have the States step up.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lary9 Lary9

      No they haven't. U-R-Wrong all through this post. Before you start throwing around terms loosely like "Marxism" and "commissars" please study some 20th century European history–say about 1915-1919. Then you have permission to throw terms like these around– terms which have nothing to do with America… except thru the prattling of its ignorant, right wing Shock Jocks.

  • Frank

    Canadian health care is so great, Canadian politicians and rich folks come to the US for treatment. Where will they go now?

  • crackerjack

    Canadian health care is so great, Canadian politicians and rich folks come to the US for treatment. Where will they go now?

    Basic health care for ALL is a cornerstone requirement for modern democratic society. A society will not cater for its impoverished ill certainly cannot claim to uphold the spirit of Christianity or Democracy.

    • Right in Left World

      No , Crackedjack, individual freedom is the cornerstone of ANY democratic society. The people's right to decide for themselves is what makes democracy great, not a bean counter in an office telling a doctor what drug to hand out or procedure to perform. I love our neighbours to the north, but only thing good out of Canada is beer and hockey. If the health care system is so great there, why is Detroit Mercy now accepting CANADIAN heart patients? For anyone to go to Detroit, for BETTER services, is truly desparate.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lary9 Lary9

        The Cornerstone, certainly–but do not forget that a building requires much more than just a corner. It takes a whole lot more bricks to fill out the structure and it's those bricks who need periodic 'pointing' in any republic. We're all in this thing just like Ben Franklin said!
        "We must hang together or we will surely all hang apart."

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

      Ah, but here in the US, we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. The founders knew that a democracy never suceeds.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Who knew the "spirit of Christianity" was compulsion?

  • crackerjack

    Strange that Horowitz, who fully supported Bush lying the US into war aginst Iraq, now suddenlyblows his top over a domestic health reform bill. Horowitz' battle is not against the bill, but against Obama. The reasons will become plain for all to see at this weeks AIPAC convention.

    • Bill Ryan

      Strange that Islam attacked the USA on 09/11 but Bush's war against Islam in retaliation is somehow lies from almost every DemocRat and Republican.

      How easily you forget that you don't understand that Islam has declared a state-of-war against the USA and its allies. Healthens all must be destroyed.

      The reason for striking back at those who attack you are all to obvious except for those who cannot see or understand reality

    • jen

      may your chains set lightly upon your shoulders.

    • dittoheadadt

      Hey crackerjack, what was the "lie" and who is it who "lied?" Please be specific in your reply…so we'll know just what a crackerjack you really are.

    • Turbeaux

      You are not only a self-hating ignoramus, but you are also an anti-Semitic bigot as well.

      • trickyblain


        What was said that was anti-semeitc??? Seems you can't even mention Israel these days with some hyperparanoid Jew accusing you of bigotry.

  • http://www.milwaukeeroad.info Jeff Wahlen

    Barry Soetoro, continually ashamed of his Indonesian roots, has succeeded in America again. He has delivered more for nothing to his believers, those which number more than half of the country wanting spoon-feeding by government nannies. Apparently that tipping point in our representative republic was achieved many months ago. We are now faced with the reality of living in Give-Awayville. Stupak, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer…they only willingly deliver what more than half of us all want. That "more than half" can only be changed with education. Without it, the currently liberal bigger half wins.

    So, I ask you, how do we "educate" the masses with a unionized and dysfunctional education system, liberal talking heads on most TV and top-of-the-hour radio news outlets, a runaway federal government employment sector, and a waning national acknowledgment of God and the denial of the providence of God upon this country?

    I'm willing to fight, but I'm discouraged. Like it's a rigged game.

    • P. Ashley

      I'm discouraged, too. I'm willing to give the GOP one lst chance to actually govern, toactually be as bold in the right as the Left is in the wrong, to get repeal this bill, to dismantle the department of "education", to get rid of NPR and the NEA. Will they have the will and the guts? Let's pray they've finally woken up and grow some b***s.

  • CPO (ret)

    March 21, 2010 — The day the U.S.A. died, and U.S.S.A. was born.

  • Onyx Antares

    My husband cheered me up last night by reminding me that the Dems have passed the HealthCare bill, but starting in 225 days it will be the Republicans administering it.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

      But I fear this is true:

      “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives.
      The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes.
      The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”
      -G. K. Chesterton

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lary9 Lary9

      Conservatives need to learn to conserve those things which deserve conservation. And, when Democrats start reforming, they ought to start throwing out only the bath water and not the basinette, the dirty water and the damn baby!

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    There is no such thing as a free lunch—we'll pay and pay and pay.

  • Rick

    This is a one-two punch; the second punch will be the Immigration Reform. All the "independents" who will walk away from the Dem Party over this bill will be replaced by immigrants grateful for citizenship and "free" healthcare from the Dems. Our greatgrand children will still be paying for this bill; if there still is a USA in their lifetimes.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

      They already had an Obama staff talking Immigration on CSPAN this morning!

  • jinjar

    The battle lost last night was indeed the begining. I believe it will prove to be the cataclysmic event needed to add to the numbers and strengthen the will of the people to take back America from the clutches of the Left.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

      I worry that this will split our country – what was it, Putin predicted this a couple of years ago?

      • jinjar

        It may well be true that the country will split. I do not say that in a cavalier way. I do believe that the majority will stand on the side of the constitution. Going even farther back Krusheve (sp?) said that he will bury us. The forces at work to destroy our republic are and always have been dedicated to that cause and are of his ilk. We must all become actively engaged in the workings of our government. What say you?

        • trickyblain

          I say "where were you when Bush led us into two undeclared (therefore unconstitutional) wars?"

          People who didn't defend the Constitution then have no business pretending to do so now.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

            I was there – protesting against the war! And I'm here now protesting this administration!!

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

          I know that I will never become complacent again!

  • Franklyn Selzer

    The carrillion rings not bells of joy, but rather (and sadly for the world and us) the death knell of American greatness. Obama and his congressional cohort have succeeded in bankrupting the nation. A trillion is thousand times greater than a billion, It may sound the same, but it is nearly incomprensiby larger. We don't have the money to pay for this and soon no one lend us more. The result will be cut backs in care — for everyone — exept the super-rich who can afford private clinics and physicians who do not participate in the soon to failed national healthcare program. The bill just passed is a cornucopia of unneeded and harmful nonsense that will impose new curbs on our individual and family freedoms and grow government expotentially. The smiling Speaker reminds one of the evil Joker in the old Dell Comic books.

  • Iris Hicks

    Obama is a zealous prosecutor who has been willing to violate all the rules of law and evidence and the Constitution to win his case. The Supreme Court will take care of him, especially since he publicly and viscerally humiliated them in front of the whole world at the State of the Union address. The third branch of government cannot be bribed, bought or intimidated into submission by him. God bless the United States Supreme Court.

    • Thunder

      Great point! Payback time!!! The Supremes (at least 5 of them) will $%^*@# and !@##$% and &^%#^ him very well!!!;)

  • Italianpatients

    I live in Italy, whose universale health care system was slavered over in huge compliments to our then Catho-Communist government headed by Romano Prodi (which, by the way, behaved exactly like your Congress leaders: thousand-page bills kept secret until a few hours before voting and things like that). Well, I would just like to say that our system is hugely expensive, has taken power away from doctors and handed it to politicians and the bureaucrats they appoint, and ensures that everyone gets the treatment they need but not the time they need it. You can wait months and months and months for necessary exams, especially if you are elderly. And malpractice suits are rampant. Good luck.

    • Steph

      Thanks for the "light at the end of the tunnel" words of wisdom, (lol). It's a shame that the very people who are elected by the majority of the people to represent the people, don't listen to the people. What we've needed for quite sometime is not healthcare reform as much as it is that we need government reform. The Pelosi thing must go. It can't be human. It is clearly programmed by the Marxism mother ship. Poor us. In a few years the U.S. will hardly be recognizable. Free country….What?

  • Guest

    The health care law will provide some highly-desired changes such as portability and coverage despite pre-existing conditions.

    It will do so at the cost of orienting us toward greater dependency on government, crippling or destroying the private health insurance industry, providing disincentives for people to become doctors, and bankrupting this country financially and our culture morally.

    • Northright

      Would you expect the local car dealer to sell you a$500 extended warranty for your car after the transmission needs to be replaces for $3,000? No. So why would you expect health insurance to cover your preexisting condition?

  • sumnr

    Horowitz, Schlussel, Geller, Taitz, Levin, Savage… and cohorts have destroyed the GOP. We will not forget.

  • DerBlutarsch

    paranoid wackos…

  • Was a doctor

    I'm Retiring. Hope you can find a doctor when you get sick. Or maybe you can have Mr Obama take care of you. Good luck with that. Pina-colada time.

  • Thunder

    And AMNESTY is next! – adding 35-50 million illegals to ruin USA faster.
    And, of course, leftist imbeciles believe in 9.7% unemployment and Obama's statement about his healthcare: "it will lower premiums".

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and that is being proven
    every day every time a liberals open
    his/her snout…
    We'll soon be like Kuber and Venessuella…….What a "change" we got!
    That change: only pennies left in our pockets.

  • Guest

    I deeply resent, as a lower income person, being made a leech upon others who have 'more.' I have been a recipient of government healthcare when I was unable to work due to pregnancy. Let me tell you: government monopoly breeds apathy in its workers and deep frustration in its dependents. Facilities and care were terrible, wait-times were a nightmare. Just to get to an approved office, I had to drive an hour. So I worked my butt off to get a job and my OWN healthcare for my family. So what if I can't afford more stuff: I earned what I have and am quite happy with it. My true American right is that I can shape my own destiny. I am empowered, not because I banded together and drank the koolaid, but because I can take care of myself. Entitlement is just a pretty word for dependency.

    • Thunder

      all the illusion of "gov takin' care of you" for a vote …. :(

      very sad.

    • B.Foster

      I applaud you. YOU are what is right with America- Thank you for sharing and thank you for being American in the truest sense of the word

  • Janet

    I believe it was your first commenter who said "stay healthy, David. we need you." I can think of nothing else to say on this dark, dismal Monday except to repeat that plea.

  • http://www.theworldofgreasywrench.blogspot.com rich b

    The bill is/was neither about health or care. It's all about votes. By passing this giant turd the dems have assured themselves another generation of loyal voters as they did with the New Deal and The Great Society. Think about it. What is the best way to guarantee someone's (voters) loyalty? By making them dependent on handouts and entitlements. This was NEVER about healthcare. It's a gateway political drug and assures the addiction of the next generation of democrat voters. Stevie Wonder could see what's going on here.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

    In an effort to starve the beast, I bumped up my W-4 exemptions to 9 so that they take the least amount of federal dollars.

    • trickyblain

      That will show them. Have fun paying your 2010 income taxes next April!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

        Starve the beast. I'd rather keep my money until Apr.

    • P. Ashley

      Funny, but I thought of doing that just last night. I may run the calculations this week.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/BS61 BS61

        It's just on principal – they're not doing anything I voted or care about in DC!

  • GCarson

    Yes, we have socialized medicine here in Canada. The problem is that they keep taxing us to death to pay for it (27% of my $31,000/yr income: Canada Pension Plan, income tax and Employment Insurance, the medical tax is buried in there somewhere) and raising the minimum wage because people can't afford to get by on less and less.

    This situation lends itself to serious abuse by greedy, do-nothing con artists who got elected by lying to people. There's so many pools of money and the bureaucracy's so large, it's too hard to track the cash flow; they can get away with murder.

  • Anthony

    All I will say at this time is: if yu have to pay for my health care through onerous tax burden, then I am infringing on your right to property, by taking from your own income and giving it to me through coercive (taxation) means. That's anti-liberty; anti-Constitution; in plain English, THEFT.

  • Middle Seat Observer

    As insanely unworkable as it is, last night's version of Obamacare is just the first phase.

    We agree it's guaranteed to fail in actual daily practice. Then–

    The obvious next step is that the healthcare system becomes unmanageable. When the system has degraded sufficiently, Obama will reveal his 'fix'–universal single-payer, UK-style National Health.

  • dgc001

    Part 1:
    Oh Canadian,
    I have two quick comments. First, do you remember Castonguay? Well, the putative father of the Canadian Health Care system that you seem so fond of now seems to disagree with you, specifically on the issue of "freedom of choice". In 2008, the following was noted in Investors’ Business Daily:
    "Back in the 1960s, Castonguay chaired a Canadian government committee studying health reform and recommended that his home province of Quebec – then the largest and most affluent in the country – adopt government-administered health care, covering all citizens through tax levies."
    "The government followed his advice, leading to his modern-day moniker: “the father of Quebec medicare.” Even this title seems modest; Castonguay’s work triggered a domino effect across the country, until eventually his ideas were implemented from coast to coast."

  • dgc001

    Part 2:
    "Four decades later, as the chairman of a government committee reviewing Quebec health care this year, Castonguay concluded that the system is in “crisis.” "

    "“We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it,” says Castonguay. But now he prescribes a radical overhaul: “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.”"

    Boy! Doesn’t that sound like the reality that we south of the border don’t want for ourselves or our children?

  • dgc001

    Part 3:
    At the same time, I am fascinated that such a socialized system was recently found by the Canadian Supreme Court to be on the verge of being unconstitutional, with Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin writing that "access to a waiting list is not access to health care." I guess that given America is now having an even worse monstrosity shoved down our throats that people like you won't mind losing access to all of very best medical treatment south of the border. After all, if this stands, we'll all be racing to restrict every health decision in this country, and we won't have any resources to consider Canadians. But then again, if you can pretend that you are an illegal…

  • Stephen

    Obama REPEATEDLY told us during his campaign what he stands for, what he is going to do.
    He told us 5 days before election day he will work to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM THE US.
    A majority of Americans voted for him.
    Next step: amnesty.

    Who is to blame today … ? Stupak … ?

  • Viola

    Hey, was a doctor! Why didn't all you doctors that were against this bill stand up and fight? Why did the AMA support it? I heard a poll on fox news that 40% of doctors would consider quitting if this bill is passed. It passed… now what? We already have a shortage of doctors and this horrific bill doesn't even address that. I will never vote for a democrat again! And I used to be one.


    the cold war just ended and we have lost………..

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lary9 Lary9

    Conservatives need to learn to conserve those things which deserve conservation. And, when Democrats start reforming, they ought to start throwing out only the bath water and not the bassinet, the dirty water and the damn baby! It's about Advise and Consent, boys—not Shout and Shout Back Louder!

  • fmd36

    Just began reading "The Road to Serfdom" by Hayeck. Enlightening and a real shocking eyeopener. Better late than never to find the truth. G_d Help America but I don't wonder that He has'nt already judged us (by giving us Obama) for turning our backs on Him.

  • cyrano645

    Hey Viola! I'm a doctor too. the AMA does not speak for us, and hasn't for years. We Have quietly told our patients what a disaster this bill will be for all of us. very few of us belong to the AMA anymore. Doctors and patients need to get organized!

  • clyde

    How can Rohm Emanuel, born of Jewish ancestry be so dumb as to what Bam` is trying to do against God's chosen people?

  • michaelle

    Look Stephen——- the difference between Canada and Obamas arrogent bill is that its a soviet style one. We will be forced to take healthcare or go to jail!!! In Canada you have a choice to take it or leave it. If u think force is freedom I strongly suggest you go to a dictionary.

  • michaelle

    It will be a war-30 states will be sueing and other organizations. These marxist won't see the light of day. They have politically have buried themselves-not 6 feet in the ground but a hundred feet.

  • michaelle

    Those in congress arn't liberal democrats even but marxist-they passed something at least 70% of the ciitizens DON'T WANT-can u grasp this?

  • lovezion

    The reason we, the entire world, are having multiple, innumerable problems and weird speeches and acts is the result of decades of almost the entire world having been on all kinds of drugs which diluted the little common sense they might've had in the first place. These incredibly wrong words and acts will worsen and because even the "good" people also have, at least traces, of the drugs, alcohol, etc. that fried their brains, the world's human society is only good now to be thrown out to the garbage! I'm so sick and tired of having to witness so much filth of all kinds and shapes that as far as I'm concerned, an entire world's explosion should terminate this undesirable world from the universe! Failing this, I hope and pray that at least that exploitative narcissist will cease to exist and leave us all in peace. Amen!

  • Vultura


  • Ruth Lawler

    We're instructed to pray for our enemies, so pray God's word back to Him from Job 20: 4-7
    …since man was placed on earth…
    The triumphing of the wicked is short,
    And the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment,
    Though his haughtiness mounts up to the heavens,
    And his head reaches to the clouds,
    Yet he will perish forever like his own refuse.

  • eyes wide open

    Florida A.G. – penalty for not buying health ins . is unconstitutional .

  • eyes wide open

    btw23 samurai hit woman ….no free lunch , applies to EVERYTHING …..no exceptions .

  • A. Nonnymoose

    Gosh, the health bill is going to cost something, I had no idea! And Obama doesn't walk on water! Gee, I am so disillusioned. Thank you for enlightening me.

  • dlp7ga

    we still have more guns then obama does

    • trickyblain

      LOL. Yeah, but I doubt that your granpa's old 30-30 will fare well against a division of M1 Abrams tanks or a squad of Apaches.

  • Thunder

    "The people of this nation are still sovereign, and their voice will be heard."
    Amnesty and voting rights for 35 to 50 million illegals will keep Dems in power FOREVER.
    All that already in works. Ask the WH.

  • Steve

    Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, which they are following, is not about health care for all. It's about tearing down our entire system, and remaking it the way they want it. We're only part-way there, more to come. It's going to get much worse.
    Interesting note about the con-con possibility in comment above. That could be used by Obama to drastically speed up the process if we are not extremely careful. How much easier would it be for him if the Constitution was not in the way?

  • jrad

    The American people spoke up against the health insurance bill, the Congress did listen and the heard the message, vote no. They voted yes against the will of the majority. That is a fact. Do we act as sheep and move along or do we revolt against the lawless? The lawsuit path will fail. Voting them out will fail, they control the elections. The ends justify the means. The only solution will be to physically remove them from office or accept it. Next on their agenda is amnesty and carbon attacks. The country will fall into chaos soon.

  • Angry American

    First order of business when the new non-Democratic Party House convenes Jan., 2011 – begin impeachment proceedings for Pres and VP.

  • Jack Samwell

    Last night vote certainly wasn't the end of the battle . Many states have anticipated this result and have made preparations. Idaho, through its passage of the Health and Freedom Act, has enacted legislation based on the tenth amendment which would prevent the implementation of mandatory Federal Health Care. Virgina has passed similar legislation and as many as 37 other states are consider the same.

  • time to do something

    no one pays attention to us we need to riot in the streets and go crazy, then they will listen to us. until that we just get pushed around.

  • JST

    Why are we stuck with majority rule?

    We need to replace the Constitution with the Christian Bible. We need Christian laws based upon Christian principles. The Islamists and members of other false religions need to abide by the Christian faith or leave.

    Most of us in America are Christian. We should live like we are.

  • K. Alan

    Our forefathers who founded this great country came here to escape religious persecution. Their idea of the separation of church and state was to keep state affairs from corrupting their religious practice. Not to keep their religious ideas out of government. It is very clear that their faith in God and the teachings of the Holy Bible influenced them in the creation of this great country. I challenge everyone to revisit the great documents that this country is based on starting with the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederacy, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. Compare the ideals of these documents to the teachings of the Holy Bible especially the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and see the continuity that exists. We need to get back to what our forefathers intended for this great country!!

  • http://www.petsyy.com/2012/02/29/7/ pet insurance

    The Bill is not taking away health insurance it's about amenity that all citizens should be entitled to. Look at the UK they've had it fo years.

  • Paul

    thank you!!!