Spitting on Howard Zinn’s Grave?

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The other day a reporter from NPR called me and asked me for my comments on the death of the lifelong Stalinist and propagandist Howard Zinn. I was a little reluctant because I knew that whatever I said, legions of unscrupulous myrmidons on the left would jump on it and say I had spit on Zinn’s grave. I also knew that while I was interviewed for ten minutes, out of what I said only a 20 second sound-bite would make it onto the air. I don’t begrudge NPR this selection. That’s what their obit was and would have to be, a collection of sound-bites.

Sure enough the bottom-feeders at FAIR pounced on my bite and accused me of spitting on Zinn’s grave. So here’s what I said that was cut from the interview. I’m not putting quotes around it because it’s from memory, but it’s pretty close to some of my remarks and captures the sense of others:  No one should celebrate the death of another human being unless they are child-molesters or murderers. Howard Zinn lived to a ripe old age (87), and bad human being that he was, I wouldn’t begrudge him an extra few years; he’s done about as much damage as he could.

Howard Zinn was a Stalinist in the years when the Marxist monster was slaughtering millions of innocent people and launching his own ‘final solution’ against the Jews. Put another way, Howard Zinn was helping Stalin to conduct those slaughters and to enslave  all those who had the misfortune to live behind the Iron Curtain.  Howard never had second thoughts about his commitment to leftwing totalitarians and never flagged in his political commitment to freedom’s enemies. In the years since Stalin’s death, Zinn supported every enemy of the United States in every war, and devoted his writing talents to every socialist tyrant including Mao Zedong who killed 70 million Chinese in peacetime because they got in the way of his progressive agendas.

When the Cold War was over and freedom had won — thanks to all the political forces and figures (e.g., Reagan and Thatcher) that Zinn opposed – Zinn continued his malignant course. He supported America’s enemies right to the end including the Islamic Nazis whose first agenda is to finish the job that Hitler started and then to impose a totalitarian theocracy on the infidel world.

Zinn’s wretched tract, A People’s History of the United States, is worthless as history, and it is a national tragedy that so many Americans have fallen under its spell. It is a political cartoon which even the socialist magazine Dissent described as an intellectual fraud, which it is. All Zinn’s writing was directed to one end: to indict his own country as an evil state and soften his countrymen up for the kill. Like his partner in crime, Noam Chomsky, Zinn’s life’s work was a pernicious influence on the young and ignorant, with destructive consequences for people everywhere.

Editor’s Note: Click here for more of NRB’s coverage of Howard Zinn’s death. Click here for a collection of NRB’s coverage of the recent Zinn-inspired documentary “The People Speak.”

UPDATE: David Horowitz has decided that he came down a bit too harshly on Zinn. The above text is revised to remove the description of Zinn as a “wicked man.” For an explanation click here.

  • USMCSniper

    As a retired Professor of Physics I have net many Howard Zinn's whose grasp of reality is nearly zero, except for one thing they all have in common, They discovered at a very early age despite the inflated opinion they have of themselves, that they were not the brightest stars in the universe, and so they compensated by eccentric behavior, learned how to be frauds, and practiced their intellectual frauds often ebough until they became comfortable with it, having long since forgotten the disgusting way they came about it.

    • karim

      What exactly are you good at?Zinns work is being taught in colleges around the United States,he has a millions of admirers worldwide,he is respected and revered by both common people and celebrities.You in comparison are just an angry nobody who wants people who disagree with him infron of a firing squad.Isnt that true?

      • bushlikesdick2

        This guy lives on this website and posts every day. He has at leat three screen names that I know of and he claims many titles. I often copy/paste his comment and and find most if not all are palagarism.

        My conclusion is that he is that guy in that western song that lives in his Mothers basement as a fat slob that is a tall goodlooking race car driver on-line. Avery pathetic individual.

        IAll I can do is laugh at him

  • Jack

    As a retired Professor of Physics WHO CAME OUT OF RETIREMENT TO BECOME A PROFESSOR OF BRAIN SURGERY, I disagree completely.

  • rob

    Should have said, "good riddance to a douchebag".

  • http://www.thelaymanscorner.com Steve LeMaster

    Mr. Horowitz won't say it,but I will.

    Howard Zinn was an evil person. The venomous bile he regurgitated to young kids and the ignorant Hollywood elite (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to name two) has done damage to this countries children, that I equate it to raping innocent minds.

    • bushlikesdick2

      How dare he write history from the perspective of other than the elite

  • 080

    I heard H. Zinn a couple of days ago on T.V. he passed himself off as an "historian". He never understood that history is not about him but about the people he was writing about.. No matter what he was discussing you could find him in there along with the most partisans of the partisans. His discussion of the Cold War is particularly grotestque. You would think that the U.S. went about sowing evil for the fun of it. There was no Soviet Union or threat to the free world.. The main feature by ;which propaganda canl be recognized is the "stacking of the deck". The historians who deal in propaganda pile up on one side of the story. It would be like looking up all the financial scandals and brankruptcies since the end of WWII and calling it the history of American business. What Zinn wrote is anti-history;.

    • Lary9

      Ibelieve that we, the United States, began to sow the seeds of covert interventionism all throughout the Americas starting in the 1960s and justifying its adventures as extension of the Monroe Doctrine. All Zinn did was record it. He didn't turn Oliver North into a suborner of the Constitution. You right wingers gave us that…along with Nixon. Ford, Regan, Bush-1, and Bush-2. Under these Republican presidents the CIA was re-tooled into a private missions arm of the exucutive branch. We wasted time, treasure and lives fighting in one military action after another thanks to this government. And yet you have the gall to complain and say let us take the helm again–we haven't done enough damage to this American ship of state. Woe is democracy in this time of under-educated vipers, hissing out their ignorance of history.

  • revolutionnow

    this is hilarious, no matter how much you people rant

    zinn will continue to out-sell anything written/published by Horowitz

    whine, whine whine

  • Lary9

    FYI. Here's a partial list of Professor Zinn's Evil Doing:

    Zinn has received the Thomas Merton Award, the Eugene V. Debs Award, the Upton Sinclair Award, and the Lannan Literary Award. He is the author of many books, including the People’s History Series; a seven-volume series on the Radical ’60s; several collections of essays on art, war, politics and history; and the plays Emma and Marx in Soho. In December, The People Speak a documentary based on the live performances of A People’s History of the United States and Voices of a People’s History of the United States premiered on the History Channel.
    The History Channel… a well-known communist front network. ; >) LOL.

    • AntiFascist18

      and the Adolf Hitler award for Holocaust denial and the Joseph Stalin award for the Mass Murder of workers and peasants.

      Nah, I wouldn't piss on his grave but I'd make sure my cat crapped on it.

      • Karim

        Looks like your cat already crapped in your head.It was empty so it mistook for a toilet.Jesus,the quality of people wanting to train their cat to crap on the grave of a respected man.

      • Lary9

        Zinn never denied the Holocaust. You're a liar.

  • AntiFascist18

    I've said this before, I'll say it again.

    Zinn was a disingenuous liar who hated America as well as his own people.

    He decried the American military, not realizing that if it wasn't for them he'd be a lampshade in some Deutsche Frau's haus. He served in WWII and came home regretting he bombed the Nazis – even when they were murdering his own relatives in the Holocaust!

    But he never regretted his ties to the Communist Party USA or to Uncle Joe Stalin.

    In his last years this ignoramus rationalized Islamic hate of America with so-called American Imperialism, convienently forgetting that those who perpetrated 9/11 came from elitist homes; drank in Starbucks, and spent their last evening in a Strip Club. He twisted our morally right response to Islamic Nazi aggression by blasting the United States of America, not the cowardly Arab Hitler known as Bin Laden.this piece of dreck also ignored the mass slaughters of Jewish women and children at Passover Seders and wet his diaper sobbing over the Israeli termination of Palestinian terrorists in Jenin.

    He won't be missed, except by fellow Fascist pissants and girlieboys like Karim, Joe, and Lary.

    • VN Vet


      • Horton

        He was also probably gay. Which is almost as bad as being a Muslim. And twice as bad as being black.

    • Lary9

      You betcha I'll miss him. And I actually knew him casually in a collegial context. He was a true mensch… a real man's man. Do you all know what a 'mensch' is? Probably not.

  • VN Vet


  • USMCSniper

    Millions of admirers is an invalid epistemological criteria for truth. Joesph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, and Mao Tse Tseng, all had millions of admirers, too! I have solid achievements in engineering and the sciences he couldn't even come close to. To me, people like Noam Chompsky and Howard Zinn are intellectual inepts who are full of it.

    • Horton

      You know who else has millions of admirers? The Who. And the Who rock so freaking hard!

      So I guess Zinn and Chomsky aren't that bad after all?

  • karim

    May God have mercy on the soul of Howard Zinn Inshallah.

    • VN Vet

      Since he was an aethist, that's not gonna happen. The Devil is sticking his fork in the old commie right now, he's done.

      • VFW

        LOL That commie's gettin what he deserves IN HELL. And that's a FORK! UP HIS BUTT! LOL!

        Are you people for real?

  • bushlikesdick2

    It was you Poppakap that told me that Dick is endowed with a 2" dick. I'm just going by your experience and confession.

  • bushlikesdick2


  • bushlikesdick2

    No no, I got it now— he switched sides so I have to rename my screen name to


  • bushlikesdick2

    It's hard being as vile as David but I'm trying the best I can without distorting the facts — you have to give me that much.

  • Gavin Steinbach

    I live in a sad world where people think Howard Zinn and Noam Chombsky were Stalinists and Anti-semetics. Seriously? Islamic Nazis? I guess you had to find a midground between big-foot and the invisible pink unicorn. You do realize that Howard Zinn was Jewish right? This whole web page was full of fail. As if there weren't enough bullshit conspiracy theories for tin-foil hat crazies to discourage people from actually looking into the ones that are backed up by fact and make sense. I swear, right-wingers make the dumbest conspiracy theories. I hope you are ok in your little box with Alex Jones, you fear-mongering troglodyte idiot.

    • Lary9

      Thanks, Gavin. But 'fear-mongering troglodyte idiot' is a bit exaggerated. I'm sure that none of these guys are cave dwellers.

  • Lary9

    I neglected to point out in the above 'rant' that I can think of not one instance of "military action" over the last 50 years that was well conceived and left us better off for having engaged in it rather than diplomacy. None. I invite you to refute my point and persuade me otherwise.

  • Guest

    The ignorance of Horowitz is apparent with Horowitz's own words- "In the years since Stalin’s death, Zinn supported every enemy of the United States in every war".

    If this statement was taken as true, Zinn must have supported Saddam Hussein, an enemy of the United States. Under the same logic, Zinn must have supported Osama Bin Laden is his war against the United States. But both statement are false. Regardless of your personal viewpoint, opposing violence as a means of solving conflict does NOT necessarily mean supporting the adverse party- such an illogical deduction would be a failure of reason and not merely a difference of opinion!

    Given the counterexamples above, the factual basis for this opinion is paper-thin and as a proud American, let me say, this kind of ignorance is not constructive for the country in any way. This is not debate; this is stupidity and factual error. Its a shame writers such as Mr. Horowitz would display such ignorance and hatred and, judging by some of the comments, how some fellow Americans would support such ignorant statements so blindly and without question. This is not patriotism- this is hate and stupidity.

  • http://unclecephas.blogspot.com kepha

    Howard Zinn was one of a common species who had a good life in America and wanted to bite all the hands that made it possible.

  • Horoshitz

    Horowitz is a piece of rotten dog crap. When this disrespectful coward dies, I will celebrate his death by photoshopping his head onto a the body of a gay male pornstar getting DP'd and distribute it throughout the online community. I will then make a trip to his burial ground with a bag full of feces in tow and proceed to systematically cover his headstone/star of david stone/tombstone from top to bottom.

  • Luther Setzer

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  • http://hi5sc.co.kr/default/? Stan

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  • VN Vet

    Well let's just be glad that Franko prevailed, the fascists have a far less bloody history than the communists. I note that the Islamofascists were allied with the Nazi's in WWII. Oh, when the Spanish Civil War ended, many of those commies fled to Canada, and then to the U.S. where they became the spies of the Soviet Union. Read all about it in the records of the declassified Venona Decrypts.

    Communists never supported anything that wasn't calculated to get them world domination.