St. Louis U’s Inverted Values


On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week I was in Washington, where I visited with three U.S. Senators and three Congressmen, including the whips of both houses. I was meeting Eric Cantor for the first time, but all the others had appeared at events I had hosted or provided blurbs for my political books. Jon Kyl, the Minority Whip in the Senate invited me to a lunch to address the Republican Senate leadership lunch on my next trip to Washington. I mention this because while I was waiting for my return flight in Dulles airport I received a call from my office informing me that a speech I had been invited to give at St. Louis University two weeks later would be cancelled because of conditions that had been set by university administrators that could not be met.

In particular, the administrator in charge, Dean Scott Smith, had told the student whose group had invited me that “Horowitz would never be allowed to speak on a platform alone at Saint Louis University. He could be invited only if there was another speaker on the program to oppose his point of view.” Moreover, the dean continued, while my speaking fee had to be paid by the College Republicans who had invited me, my designated opponent would have his fees and expenses paid by the university. The clear message was that the St. Louis University would not allow its own funds to be tainted by such an unwelcome speaker.

This was the second attempt by the students to invite me, and the second time Dean Smith had thrown a roadblock on their invitation. In October, he had said I could not speak unattended because I would “insinuate that all Muslims are fascists,” something I have never done. In fact, there are videos of my speeches all over the web in which I say just the opposite.

It should be said that while administrators apply these restrictions to critics of radical Islam, no such rules are invoked for Holocaust deniers or supporters of communist genocides. Both Norman Finkelstein and Angela Davis have been invited as standalone speakers at St. Louis University, without anti-communists and defenders of Israel on stage to refute them.

I decided to call Smith’s bluff and suggested that I debate Cary Nelson, the well-to-the left president of the American Association of University Professors, on the subject of academic freedom. I called Cary and he agreed. Smith didn’t like this because he was aware that Nelson had responded to his attempt to bar me from speaking by saying that St. Louis University was a “university in name only.” So Smith asked the student host Dan Laub why the subject had changed from Islamo-fascism to academic freedom. Why indeed!

But again I decided to test his mettle and told Dan that the subject we would debate would be Academic Freedom and Islamo-Fascism. Curve ball. Smith came back with a new caveat. There would have to be a third speaker to mind Cary and me and put our discussion in the framework of “Catholic Values.” Some joke. What Catholic Values did the communist Angela Davis or the atheist Norman Finkelstein express when they spoke alone?

Better yet, this weekend Dean Smith and the Catholics at St. Louis University hosted a three day conference put on by the Muslim Student Association, a well-established front for the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference dealt with religious themes such as why requiring two women to be a witness or letting them inherit only half of what a man does or requiring them to submit to their husbands represents “the perfection of our religion.”

  • Patrick

    Disgraceful. I'm taking part in a Teaching American History grant and one of the monitors ( for assessment purposes ) is a prof. from St. Louis U. Can't wait to get his view on this.

  • Ruckweiler

    I'm a SLU '92 graduate and I'm not surprised that my alma mater has become infected, as have so many schools, with these busybody academic politicians. Horowitz has highlighted something of which I was unaware and a query from me will be forthcoming to Dean Smith and Father Biondi, the school's president. Too many academics don't believe in avademic freedom and are insulated by tenure and winking and nodding among themselves. Tenure needs to go. Sad for SLU.

  • Stephen D.

    The sad fact of the matter is, as Prof. Peter Kreeft (Boston College – Catholic School) says, the extreme Left has infiltrated “Catholic Schools” as much as secular ones. And as we all know, the extreme Left cares only to be at war with established democratic values. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I suspect they care not for Islamists or having “opposing views” but rather they wish only to continue to fight against our very way of life…at all levels. No suprise with this Dean. Mr. Horowitz should bring along Kreeft who has authored as many books as he and is still a patriot!

  • Pat Hall

    With few exceptions, Catholic University have become little more than "liberal public universities" with religion departments. As a graduate of a Jesuit University, (Canisius 1974) I have long ago stop supporting their left wing agenda.
    Pat H.

  • JosephWiess

    I don't suppose Universities will ever learn until students just stop attending. However, if this economy doesn't turn around, the universities will only have Obama to thank for them losing their funding and their jobs.

  • JohnFortis

    Just try The Koran Key and the Hadith Key to get a small taste of what the Islamists have in store for you. Democracy and freedom and progress out — stopping work 5 times a day, public lashings and beheadings to replace football, baseball, tennis, etc.

  • John C. Davidson

    Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Recently, a forum at Kenyon College demonstrtated how dominent Liberal views have become. I feel it is because most Universities depend on Government programs to exist. They routinely graduate students totally unprepared to face life without government support.

    I note that Dr. Mike Adams, also a professor, has encountered similar problems.

    Most of us are waking up to the fact that academia is misleading our children by giving them false hopes for a future utopia based on a whim.

  • Seek

    It's hard to believe that a Jesuit-run institution like St. Louis U. panders to Islamists in such a manner.

  • Timothy L. Pennell

    How does somebody GET like these people? How do supposedly 'SMART PEOPLE' get so STUPID? Do they know ANYTHING about the people that they champion? LENIN? STALIN? MARX? MAO? CHE? CASTRO? CHAVEZ? Can't they see HISORYS' PROOF, of what their IDEOLOGY always leads to? Absolute subjugation to the STATE. SLAVERY. DEATH on a MASSIVE SCALE. STATE MURDER on a MASSIVE SCALE. The DEATH of FREEDOM. And the DESTRUCTION of HUMANITY, Human Creativity, and Human Exceptionalism, and the HUMAN SPIRIT.
    I'll say it again. How does somebody get like this? These 'beliefs' are a MENTAL DISORDER. Pure and simple.

  • USMCSniper

    Leftists have been trying to destroy capitalism and with it, America, for well over a 100 years. They have control of the media and academics and no lie is to big for them to perpetrate. Socialists and Islamists share way too much to expect them not to go whoring together. In the end, they will war with each other to see who becomes the Madam and who is the street walker.

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  • Eric

    Not all Catholic colleges and universities have been infected by the Left. There are still some great ones fighting the good fight. Check out the Newman Guide at

    However, most, if not all of the Jesuit-run schools are left-wing politically and religiously. They have been since the 1960’s. St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, must be rolling over in his grave.

    • USMCSniper

      "Pope Paul's encyclical "POPULORUM PROGRESSIO" lends the mantle of religion to certain ideas which are profoundly secular in origin, and advocates programs of a type now undergoing widespread reappraisal by their one-time secular sponsors…. The trouble with making religious tenets of this warmed-over Marxism is that it is highly unlikely to help the bulk of poor nations which do not suffer from an excess of capitalism, but from a paucity of it…. It is both curious and sad that these mistaken international socialist attitudes toward foreign aid should now be advanced from the realm of religion. For the realm of history, as more people are starting to recognize, shows that international socialism impedes rather than advance the development of peoples as evidence by 150,000,000 civilian corpses accurately documented in "The Black Book of Communism".

  • Charles

    Mr. Horowitz, as lifelong Catholic (and a graduate of a Jesuit high school), I am ashamed of the treatment you have received at the hands of St. Louis University. An alumnus of the university who understands the importance of academic freedom might wish to contact the alumni office and complain about the deleterious effect of the university's behavior on the reputation of the university, the degradation of the meaningfulness of degrees from the institution, and the damage to the university's appeal to the market which result from such anti-academic practices. St Louis University is not at the acme of academic prestige and should worry, even if only a little, about such issues.

    • eerie Steve

      lolz. See below.

      Oh and just curious what religion do you think Horowitz is, you friggin' moron. Yeah. Catholicism is really going to go far with King David.

      pr 10 morbo out

  • rob

    I bet this Dean Knucklehead doesn't have a problem with leftwingers tarring all Republicans as "fascists" though. Idiots like him are the reason I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

    • tnfleming

      Leftist priests have driven lots of people out of the Church. I prefer to stay and fight. Even the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. Why leave if you believe?

  • Truthteller

    USMC Sniper just said leftists have control of the media!! HA HA HA! LOL!!

    • USMCSniper

      I guess a better choice than "control" would be that academics and the mainstream media are dominated by leftists who have their Marcusian repressive tolerance agenda.

  • eerie Steve

    hmmmmmmmm. Eerie Steve states that He Who Once Fought Against Brothers Should Now Fight Against Each Other!

    A woe unto you Harvard! A woe unto Yale! Just like Bethesda and Tyre and Jerusalem you have not only killed martyrs but used them as a vehicle for your own self-righteousness. Shame on you.

    Listen. If they really want to help the Hajis let's treat them like Hajis. Effective immediately the Obama monster should start instituting what I call "Sharia Conditioning." AKA someone reads from a Calculus text book while the so called pupils lie in the dirt like larvae while someone beats them with a rod for being stupid.

    Morbo out.

    PR 10! USA #1!

    CASH MONEY !!!

  • Beth

    In this article….."the St. Louis University would not allow its own funds to be tainted by such an unwelcome speaker"

    David, Please keep up the good work you're doing – for we 'reap what we sow'.

    In this article….."It should be said that while administrators apply these restrictions to critics of '''''radical''''' Islam" (emphasis added)

    I have a question for ALL college students: What do these words mean to you? …. 'radical'?…'extremist'?

    Give a definition – please. And then apply what you find to the Koran.

    For more info….See:

    Are those teachings OK with any of you? – and remember….(what goes around – comes around)…(we reap what we sow).

    Thank you David.

  • Eastview

    Thank you for this post, and please keep up the pressure on academia. Eventually those in charge who came of age during the 60s and 70s will retire and we can get on with the business of cleaning up the social mess they have created.

    I checked out the link near the end of the story to the three day MSA event and was repulsed by it. Particularly revolting was the red/blue color coding of the various sessions indicating gender separation. Will SLU now provide equal time to the KKK and the ANP (American Nazi Party) so they can perform their own da'wa?