The Anti-Semitic Jihad On Campus: My Night at USC


[Editor’s note: Protected by a bodyguard and twelve armed campus security officers, David Horowitz spoke at the University of Southern California on November 4, 2009. This is a text of his remarks, edited for readability. A video of the speech is available here. To read about the efforts to censor him before the speech and the slander directed at him, click here.]

I want to thank the College Republicans for being brave enough to invite me, and I want to thank all of you who are here to actually listen for coming.

It used to be a pleasure for me to speak on a college campus like USC.  I can remember the days when I could stroll onto the USC campus and walk over to the statue of Tommy Trojan where College Republicans had erected a platform for a rally to support our troops in Afghanistan after 9/11 at which I was to speak.  Now, however, I can’t set foot on this campus – or any campus – without being accompanied by a personal bodyguard and a battalion of armed campus security police to protect me and my student hosts.

Sheer prudence forces me to visit campuses with these security measures in place because I’ve been demonized by the campus left at virtually every school I’ve visited in the past decade and physically assaulted at several. USC officials regard the threats against this event seriously enough to have assigned twelve armed officers to watch over the proceedings. These police are not here to protect you from me.  They are here to protect me from you members of the USC Progressive Alliance, Students for Justice in Palestine and the USC Muslim Student Union who have made these threats and incited hatred towards this event and its speaker. These are the tactics favored by fascists – and when I use that word I mean it literally.  I don’t use it the way the Left does, as an epithet for anyone they don’t like.

The attacks on this event and those organizing it are part of a national hate campaign that the left has organized against me and others who share my views. It can be tracked on numerous websites over nearly a decade and is evidenced in the common themes of slander and abuse that are directed towards me. The left’s campaign – really a declaration of war — is in part a response to my opposition to its anti-American, anti-democratic and anti-Semitic agendas.  Consequently I accept their attacks as features of this battlefield, signature methods of leftist argument.  But the College Republicans on this campus have been caught in this crossfire. These students pay the same tuition as the political thugs who are on the attack and who are supported by the USC student paper which is under the control of USC administrators, and they do not deserve to be treated this way. Nor should a university administrator lend legitimacy to modes of discourse which violate the published ethical standards of the institution he represents.

In its attack the USC Progressive Alliance put out a flyer containing gross fabrications which are central to its campaign of slander against this event and the students hosting it. The flyer’s headline reads:  “Hate Muslims? So Do We.” It pretends to be a document issued by College Republicans. In fact they had nothing to do with it, while the sentiment it expresses is reprehensible to them. The deception isn’t even original. Two years ago an identical flyer was posted all over the George Washington University campus when I spoke there during an Islamofascism Awareness Week I had organized. This “Hate Muslims? So Do We” poster bore the forged signature of the Young America’s Foundation, which was the group that was sponsoring my speech at George Washington U.

When the president of the University became aware of the poster he was so outraged that he sent emissaries to dorm rooms of the leaders of the Young America’s Foundation at eight in the morning to summon them to his office where he threatened them with expulsion. They explained to him that they had absolutely nothing to do with the offense and didn’t hate Muslims but the president’s threat remained. That night he convened a campus meeting to deplore the attack.  As you know there is a new religion on college campuses based on the idea that there are endangered human species that need to be protected – all of them conveniently championed by the left as groups that are oppressed. In fact the only oppressed and persecuted groups on college campuses are those under attack from the left — campus conservatives, Christians and Jews. That’s the reality, in contrast to the rhetoric.

At the president’s meeting, he told the hundreds of students and faculty present that the posting of the flyer attacking Muslims was a terrible thing in the history of the university, and he would severely punish whomever was found to be responsible. But the unforeseen result of his threat that the leftist who created the flyer and posted it around campus had an attack of guilt that his prank might have hurt the feelings of Muslim students. He stepped forward to confess that he was the author. Instead of the dire consequences promised the conservative students when they were suspected, the radical defamer was given a university slap on the wrist amounting to a $25 fine or the equivalent of a campus parking ticket.

In point of fact, Muslim students far from being under duress are everywhere coddled on college campuses, where they are showered with special privileges – generous student funding, special access to university officials, and the opportunity to target individuals with whom they disagree with slanderous attacks that would not be tolerated from any other group. At the University of California Irvine, Muslim Student Union members have been allowed to harass Jewish students, wear Hamas armbands praising suicide bombers over their graduation robes and to hold prayer services in the administration building of a state instution.

The current flyer distributed at this university by the USC Progressive Alliance characterizes me as a person hostile to all believing Muslims: “In the past, Horowitz has said, ‘While having the body of the human being, a Muslim who unquestioningly follows the Koran behaves like a soulless beast.”  Now, who writes English like that except Ayman Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden? This is a complete fabrication, presented as a view that I hold, in order to justify the left’s attack on College Republicans as having invited an Islamophobe and racist to campus.

Another organization – a notorious supporter of the terrorist attacks on Israel called “Students for Justice in Palestine” — posted a defamatory statement – including a list of repulsive opinions I am alleged to hold on Facebook. These inventions also appeared in a letter to The Daily Trojan. Not only did The Daily Trojan print this scurrilous attack, it refused to print my point by point rebuttals of the fabricated statements attributed to me. The Trojan letter was signed by half a dozen officially recognized leftist organizations and five USC faculty members. Among other canards list was the accusation that “Horowitz has previously asserted that African Americans owe American society a debt for having been enslaved for hundreds of years.”  Who in his right mind would say anything like that? I certainly didn’t.

There were no quotation marks around the statement attributed to me but it is one that has been circulated on the web by other leftist groups based on an ad I had published in 40 college newspapers back in 2001 opposing a leftist campaign to make Americans pay reparations for slavery 137 years after 350,000 Union soldiers gave their lives to abolish slavery. I opposed the reparations campaign because, as someone who marched in civil rights demonstrations before the parents of any of the students in this room were born, I thought it was a bad and divisive idea — bad for Americans in general and for the descendants of slaves in particular.

If you have studied American history, you know that the waves of immigration, which brought to these shores the ancestors of more than 80 percent of living Americans, took place beginning in 1880, 17 years after the Emancipation Proclamation.  Consequently what the Left was trying to do with this campaign was to tell the descendants of immigrants whose ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, that they were nonetheless responsible for the institution.   Moreover they needed to pay reparations to African Americans who had never been slaves, including millionaires like Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in America. In other words, the reparations campaign was a divisive campaign that would serve only to isolate African Americans and incite resentment.

That was the political reality I opposed. The ad I published contained ten reasons why the reparations proposal was a bad idea. But of course, you can’t conduct an intellectual argument with leftists who are a species of religious fanatics who regard those who oppose them as immoral and indecent. Their self-righteousness inspires them to rant and chant and defame their opponents, and try to shut them up.

The ad I wrote about reparations, including the statement I am alleged to have made, appeared originally as an article on, which is a leftwing magazine where I was a regular guest columnist. Not a single one of my leftist editors thought the article or any of its statements was racist, although this has not discouraged the left from throwing this slander in my face ever since. Calling someone a “racist” is useful if you can’t make an intellectual argument and want to destroy their reputation in the process.

What I said in the ad opposing reparations was that if Americans living today are beneficiaries of the slave economy as the proponents of reparations claim then everyone is a beneficiary, blacks and whites alike. I also said that while the ancestors of African Americans were brought here in chains while others came voluntarily, the fact is that Africans whose ancestors were not brought to America as slaves are on average thirty times poorer than African Americans today, have a one-in-three chance or more of getting AIDS, and live under tyrannical regimes. I also said that African Americans alive today — like all Americans – owe a debt to this country for their prosperity and freedom. These are just facts.

Why is the left attacking me now?  Because I have organized a week of protests this year against campus organizations that support the war Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran are waging against the Jews and the Jewish state. Among these organizations are Students for Justice in Palestine, the USC Progressive Alliance and the Muslim Student Union which is affiliated with the national Muslim Students Association.

I will share with you now my actual views about Muslims as opposed to the slanderous canard that I hate them.  I’m going to spell these views now, but it won’t make any difference to those who are attacking me.  Because I’ve taken pains to explain these views every time I’ve spoken on a campus, including my appearances during  Islamofascism Awareness Week (There are plenty of video records of these appearances on the Internet). Islamofascism Awareness Week, by the way, is not a protest against Muslims.  In fact, my first Islamofascism Awareness Week, which was held two years ago, was specifically organized to protest the oppression of Muslim women in Islamic countries.  In case you weren’t aware of it, there are 140,000 adolescent girls whose genitals are sliced off every year without anesthetic in Muslim countries.  That was one of the obscenities we were protesting.

At Columbia University, where one of our events was held, we projected onto a giant screen the photo of a Taliban soldier holding an AK-47 to the head of a Muslim woman in a burqa. On YouTube there is a video of this incident where you can see the soldier actually blow her head off.  Why would he do that?  Because she had been accused of fornicating, of having illicit, un-Koran-approved sexual relations.  Being a woman, she was not allowed to testify in her own defense.  To prove her innocence she would have been required to produce four males to testify that she had been raped.  Otherwise, they would blow her head off.  Does anybody here find that offensive?  But if you were to say that out loud from a university platform, as I did, the left would be all over you claiming that you hate Muslims and are a racist and an Islamophobe.  No I don’t, and no I am not.  I am defending that Muslim woman against the Taliban soldier.  Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association, by contrast, are busy raising money for the persecutors of Muslim women like the Taliban soldier.

Here are my views concerning Muslims:  There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, just as there are good Christians and bad ones, good Jews and bad Jews.  Most Muslims are like everybody else — they want peace; and are law-abiding.  And probably their religion is very personal to them, and doesn’t involve efforts to convert and subordinate or kill others.

There is a difference between religious institutions and the religion of their individual members.  Many Catholics do not follow church doctrine on birth control and abortion for example. The Ku Klux Klan is a Protestant Christian organization, but most Protestants and their churches would condemn the Ku Klux Klan. One of my concerns regarding organized Islam is that I don’t see a comparable readiness to condemn Jew-hatred or the genocidal incitements regularly made by individuals and governments speaking in the name of Islam against the existence of the Jewish state. There are hateful sayings in the Gospels against Jews, for example that they are cursed. But the Christian churches have distanced themselves from those passages.

The Koran is full of hateful comments against the Jews, statements that are much more troubling than those in the Gospels.  Jews are referred to as apes and pigs … [At this point members of Students for Justice in Palestine in attendance stood up. Some turned their backs to me; others marched out.] For those of you who’ve never seen a demonstration in a university lecture hall, this is what it looks like. Everybody who has their back turned towards me will be ejected, and we will just pause until that can be accomplished. This is my intolerance and disrespect for the intolerant and disrespectful.

The focus of tonight’s event at USC is the posting of a particularly troubling hadith, which is a saying of the Prophet Mohammed, on the official USC website. This hadith is a specific call for Muslims to exterminate the Jews: “The Day of Judgment will only come when Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. When the Jews hide behind the rocks and the trees and the rocks and the trees cry out, ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding being me, come and kill him.’”

That saying was posted by the USC Muslim Student Union on the official USC website and remained there until a complaint was lodged by my organization through the Wiesenthal Center and a concerned trustee. Responding to the complaint, the USC’s provost had the hadith removed. The USC Muslim Student Union and the Council on American Islamic Relations immediately protested the removal as religious persecution. This is a prime example of what I mean by the troubling responses of organized Islam regarding the hateful and even genocidal proclamations associated with its religion.

There are about a thousand sayings of the prophet among the hadith. They were collected 200 years after the Prophet’s death.  Accordingly, a modern person might entertain the thought that there could have been an error in transcription along the way.  In fact, there is a commission in Turkey whose mission is to examine the authenticity of the hadith and to discard those that are inauthentic. Is it too much to hope that this hateful saying attributed to the Prophet might be regarded as inauthentic? In fact it probably is. Turkey is presently a virulently anti-Jewish state, and it is doubtful that they would have the decency to do so.

The reason we organized this event following that incident is that the hateful, genocidal saying of the Prophet is back on the official USC website today.  It is back even though it violates USC’s code of ethics presumably binding on all faculty and students. The USC “Principles of Community” state: “As a scholarly community, we aspire to create an environment in which racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia and homophobia do not go unchallenged… we speak out against hatred and bigotry wherever and whenever we find them.”  At present, hatred and bigotry of Muslims against Jews appears to be exempt from the code. This particular expression of that hate was restored to the USC website after its removal by an organization calling itself the Center for Muslim-Jewish Exchange.

One of the statements attributed to me in the literature protesting this event is absolutely correct. I am reported to have said, “Muslim Student Union groups in the United States are supporters of terrorist activity abroad, part of the network founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and funded by Saudi money.”  I did say that, and the statement is true.  The national Muslim Students Association presents itself as a cultural organization on campuses across the country, but it is in fact part of the Muslim Brotherhood network. At Temple University, where we held an event recently, the faculty adviser for the Muslim Students Association is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood itself. I have met several members of the Muslim Students Association on campuses where I have spoken and they are generally well-spoken and appear civil when you talk to them. But that impression lasts only until you start probing their actual beliefs.

For example, when I gave a talk at the University of California Santa Barbara last year there were about fifty members of the Muslim Students Association in the audience, some with signs.  Throughout my hour lecture I paused periodically to ask them if they were willing to condemn the terrorist organizations, Hezbollah and Hamas, both of which claim to speak in the name of Islam. The official Hamas charter contains the very hadith I have mentioned, calling on Muslims to kill the Jews as a religious requirement for their redemption. Not one member of the Muslim Students Association in the audience at my talk was willing to condemn Hamas or Hezbollah.

When finished and the question-and-answer period began, the first person to speak was the president of the Muslim Students Association.  So I said to him, “Before you ask your question, let me put one to you: ‘Will you condemn Hezbollah as a genocidal, terrorist organization?’”  His response to this question was that it was too complicated for a yes or no answer. So I said, “Well, let me put it to you this way.  I’m a Jew, and the head of Hezbollah has said he hopes that we Jews will all gather in Israel so he won’t have to hunt us down worldwide.  Are you for that or against it?” He would not answer.

This shocked my conservative student hosts. It was a revelation to them that a well-spoken Muslim student with whom they had many civil encounters could not condemn a genocidal threat directed against Jews by a Muslim terrorist. Indeed, that none of the fifty members of the Muslim Students Association were willing to do so.

It is teaching moments like this that make me willing to subject myself to the indecencies of coming to a campus like USC and being called a racist, having my reputation shredded and my name dragged through the mud. Perhaps 20,000 individuals on this elite university campus have been exposed to charges printed under the authority of USC’s Vice President of Student Affairs claiming that David Horowitz thought it was a good idea to have slavery, and that blacks should be grateful for being enslaved.  I hope most people would be skeptical enough to suspect that there might be something fishy about these statements attributed to me, but it’s not something I can count on.

My purpose in enduring these attacks is to teach the students who come to hear me two important lessons. The first is for Jewish students. As Jews we are facing real enemies in this country who will pretend to be for peace and justice, and to disarm us will go through the charade of engaging in civil exchanges with those Jewish organizations who are deluded enough to think they can persuade people who want to kill Jews for religious reasons that maybe they’re mistaken, and that we are really nice people who don’t deserve to be killed. I want these Jews not to make the mistake their forebears made with the Nazis whom they thought were too civilized to actually want to kill them.

My second purpose is to alert Americans to the most important battle of our lifetime, which is the battle we are having on this very campus for freedom of speech. What is at stake in this conflict at USC – and on campuses across the country – is the ability to assert that there are Muslims who have a religious hatred for others and who consider it a religious obligation to make war on them.

Of course there are also Muslims who dissent from these views and who find the genocidal sayings of the prophet Mohammed hateful and who would condemn the Muslim oppressions of women and gays and Christians. But so far not many have had the courage to speak up. Where are the Muslim organizations condemning genital mutilation?  Where are the Muslim organizations condemning the genocidal war against the Jews?  Hitler hid the Final Solution from the German people, because he thought they were too civilized to embrace it, that they might object to the idea of exterminating a whole people.  Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah shout it from the rooftops. The  very call to destroy the Jewish state – echoed on American campuses — is an act of genocide in the dictionary meaning of the word. If they were calling for the destruction of the only black state in existence this would be obvious to everyone, even to university communities. But on today’s campuses, the call to eliminate the Jewish state is greeted with silence and even support.

There are 57 Muslim countries. But not one Muslim government has denounced Iran’s call to wipe Israel and America from the face of the earth. That tells me, as a Jew and American, that fearing Islam is a prudential caution.  There were lots of good Germans but in the end, they didn’t make a damn’s worth of difference to the six million Jews who perished. I don’t know how many good Muslims there are, but it doesn’t matter if they remain silent while their co-religionists conduct their holy war against the rest of us. What matters is how many of them are going to stand up and oppose Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. So far the Muslim Students Association, the largest Muslim student organization in America has failed to do just that.

Just a few years ago, a Danish cartoonist drew a picture of Mohammed with his head as a bomb. It was a satirical gibe at Islamists who use the Koran to justify murder. Millions of Muslims rioted all over the world in protest, destroying property and killing innocent people. Their protests were not against those who use the Koran to conduct suicide bombings against innocent civilians. They were protesting the satirical cartoon as a blasphemous act. This was a massive show of force designed to intimidate critics of Islam’s holy war against the West. And it was very successful. Western papers did not dare to print the cartoons. Years later, Yale University Press has just published a book about the cartoons but the book does not contain a single one of the cartoons that inspired the protests. The assault on freedom of speech in America, which is most advanced on college campuses, is greater today than at any time since the Salem witch trials, thanks to the political Left, their liberal protectors, and the Islamic jihadists who have established a base in this country and on campuses like USC.

Thus, the Muslim Students Association, whose members have helped to organize the protest against this talk, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood Network and the Brotherhood’s plan to destroy American civilization.  How do we know this?  We know it because during the Holy Land Foundation trial in Texas against a Muslim charity that was funding the terrorists, the FBI seized Brotherhood documents describing the network and the plan. The organizations named in the document, which had been set up to carry out the plan included the Muslim Students Association, the Council on Arab Islamic Relations, the Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Society of North America. All these groups not only have privileged access to university administrations on campuses across America, but to the administration in the White House as well.

The organized smear campaign designed to intimidate the sponsors of tonight’s event and cause them to cancel it is a campaign familiar to every campus where speakers with views like mine appear. Speakers such as Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Daniel Pipes, Walid Shoebat all must be accompanied by armed guards when they appear in university settings because of the threats posed by the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and their non-Muslim leftist allies, the Progressive Alliance being only one of many. No critic of the Islamo-fascist war against the West is permitted a civil platform on a college campus today. That is the reality.

A few weeks ago, I was in Philadelphia and New York to host the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders at two campus events. Wilders is now the head of the largest party in the Netherlands, and could be elected prime minister in the next elections. In the Netherlands, freedom of speech is even more endangered at present than it is here. Criticizing Islam can be a crime in the Netherlands and in other parts of Europe, and Wilders is currently under indictment for insulting Islam, and could be sent to jail for his offense. In Pakistan, by the way, the crime is blasphemy punishable by death. How did Geert Wilders insult Islam? He made statements that while the majority of Muslims are peace-loving and law-abiding, Islam itself – with its incitements to war against infidels in general and Jews in particular is a problem and its fanatical adherents a threat.

Some will object that all religions contain problematic proclamations by their founders. In the Old Testament, for example, God tells Moses to destroy the Amalekites, every man, woman and child. But there are no Amalekites in the world today. It is an entirely different story when Mohammed calls for the extermination of the Jews, and in fact all infidels who refuse to submit to Allah, and Muslims refuse to distance themselves from these proclamations.

If you look at currents facts in the Middle East the distinction can seen in its practical effects. There are a million Muslim Arabs living in Israel, and they have more rights as Israeli citizens than ordinary Arabs in any Arab Muslim country, or Muslims in any Muslim country. As for infidels, the situation is worse. There is no religious freedom. If you are a Christian you can’t even carry your own bible into Saudi Arabia, without having it confiscated. In the strictly Islamic countries, there is no political freedom either. There is not a single Islamic democracy where infidels have equal rights.  There existed one democracy in the Western sense in the Middle East, which was Lebanon. That democracy has been destroyed by Syria, by Iran, and by Iran’s proxy, the Islamic “Party of God” — Hezbollah.

So there is in fact a problem.  But to say that there is a problem, which is what Geert Wilders did, is an actionable offense. He made a 15-minute film, showing the oppression of gays and women in Islam. The film gave examples of the genocidal incitements of the Koran and the calls by living Imams to kill infidels, kill Jews, and conquer the world for Allah. Egyptian TV has run an entire series of television shows based on the anti-Semitic forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which claims that Jews rule the world. The Arab Islamic countries are Jew-hating societies from top to bottom. For making factual – and easily verifiable — statements like this, I and people like me are demonized and called racists and Islamophobes. The students who invite us are similarly attacked, and with the acquiescence and — at USC — even the support of university administrators.

The campaign to suppress the critics of Islamic bigotry and violence is a national campaign orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that spawned al-Qaeda and Hamas, and indeed all the terrorist ideologies of Islam. The Muslim Students Associations are integral parts of the Muslim Brotherhood network. Every spring Muslim Students Associations hold Nakba protests on campuses across the country. What is a Nakba protest? It is a protest against the very existence of the Jewish state. It is held on the day of Israel’s birth. In Arabic, Nakba means “the catastrophe.”

To protest the very existence of an ethnic state is genocidal incitement. The Nakba protests are fueled by genocidal lies. The most prominent of these is that Israel exists on occupied land, on land that belonged to the Arabs and was stolen from them. There is no basis for such claims. There is no Arab land that is being occupied. For 400 years prior to the creation of the state of Israel, the Palestine Mandate was controlled by the Ottoman Turks, and after that by the British victors in World War I. The Turks are not Arabs but they are Muslims and that is the real source of the conflict in the Middle East. It is a sin for Muslims to surrender any territory that was once part of Islam to the infidel. That is the source of the Hamas refusal – and now the Fatah refusal — to recognize the Jewish state. But it is also the source of al-Qaeda’s refusal to recognize the sovereignty of a non-Jewish nation, Spain, whose territory also once belonged to Islam.

There are not two rights contending in the Middle East. There is the right of the Jews to have a state in the region, and then there is the Islamic crusade to eliminate all non-Muslim peoples from what was once the Muslim umma, or – failing that – to make them submit to Muslim rule. In other words there is one side that wants to eliminate the other side. That is the one issue you can’t negotiate – the desire to end your existence. That is the nature of the conflict in the Middle East, and that is why there is no peace.

In closing, let me revisit the issue that confronts us, the issue of free speech, of the right of critics of Islam to make themselves heard. I would like briefly to tell you what happened at Temple University so that you can see how systematic the persecution of Islam’s critics is on American campuses today. At Temple University, the students had invited Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian I mentioned earlier. The Muslim Students Association together with Students for Justice in Palestine and other leftist groups immediately attacked Wilders as a “racist” and “Islamophobe” and demanded that the proposed event be banned. You would think that university officials would admonish the student protestors about tolerance and the importance of civility and intellectual diversity in a university setting. You might expect them to roll out the welcome mat for an important European politician such as Geert Wilders and to say, “We’re so glad you chose our campus, because now our students can learn about a crucial conflict over an issue of historic importance — whether Europe is going to reinstitute blasphemy laws or defend freedom – and to learn about it from the one of the historic actors.”

But that was far from what happened. Instead, three university administrators, led by Temple’s Vice President of Student Affairs, summoned the students who had invited Wilders and told them their invitation was divisive, and hurtful to Temple’s Muslim students. They urged the students to cancel their event and suppress Wilders’ views, just what the leftists and their Muslim Brotherhood adviser were demanding. When the students argued that this was a free speech issue, the Temple administrators told them, “Foreigners don’t have free speech rights in America.” That’s what three Temple University Administrators told our students. Foreigners don’t have free speech rights in America. As it happens, one of the students’ fathers had actually served in Iraq defending the free speech rights of foreigners. Her name is Brittany Walsh and she resisted the pressure to close down the event, and it was held – under armed guard.

In America, the right of free speech is not a right you can put in your pocket or a right that can be withheld. It is a limit on what government can and cannot do. The First Amendment says that government shall make no laws abridging the right of free speech. It doesn’t make a distinction between restrictive laws that apply to foreigners visiting this country and American citizens. It is a designed as the cornerstone of our democratic system.

Every single freedom that we have comes from our right to speak freely, to disagree with the orthodox view. Once you remove that right, once you ban events that feature Geert Wilders or David Horowitz, once you outlaw opinions that you find offensive, you have outlawed democracy itself, which the right to disagree and therefore to oppose the power of the government or the majority, as the case may be. If we lose the right to disagree and be heard, then sooner or later there will be only one politically correct authority, and one politically correct party. And that will be the party in power. If human beings are given the power to suppress speech they don’t like they will have no trouble finding the moral justification for doing so by calling it hate speech or whatever the current fashion will bear. In Stalin’s Russia it was anti-Soviet speech that was banned.

No matter what views you hold, or what you think of anything else I have said, you need to defend this right.  Because this is all you have.  If you don’t have this right, you don’t have any other.

The final thought I want to leave you with is that you must continue the battle that has begun on this campus. The groups that attempted to shut down this speech need to be disciplined. This is not behavior that is appropriate to a university. This is a threat to the fundamental principles on which a university is based. All the groups that were involved in these attacks are officially recognized student groups. They have applied for official recognition and have received privileges, including money to fund their own events. Every one of them understands there are obligations involved in receiving recognition, and that they are going to come under university scrutiny.  What the university now needs to do is to tell all student organizations: “If you attempt to obstruct a speaker who has been invited by another student group, or if you slander USC students or their guests, you are going to be put on probation – or suspended — and lose your privileges.”

It’s that simple. It’s how a university must function. The students who sponsored this talk are paying the same tuition as the students who assaulted them. They are going to be here when I’m gone. They did not deserve to be called racists, or to have their safety threatened, or to be viciously attacked as they were this week. No university should tolerate, let alone encourage, behavior like this. It is a deplorable fact that the University of Southern California currently does.

In closing, I want to thank you for being a good audience, and particularly those of you who disagree with me and who stayed to the end. And I want to again thank the very brave College Republicans, who invited me and suffered these indignities with me, and stood up through it all.

  • bardefa

    Who is protecting muslims???
    Read from Phil Brennan:
    "Withheld Evidence Could Free Soldier Convicted of Iraqi Insurgent Murder
    There is something seriously wrong with the execution of this nation's code of military justice — it is being used against the very people it is meant to protect.

    Case in point: the imprisonment of a heroic Army officer for killing a murderous Iraqi insurgent who had killed two of his men in a cowardly attack that wounded two others.

    This case is reminiscent of the disgraceful prosecution of officers and enlisted United States Marines for having killed 24 Iraqis, among them armed terrorists, in a confrontation in Haditha which resulted in all charges being dropped in eight of the cases.

    Only two defendants remain under the gun wielded by the fanatics of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Bush Secretary of the Navy and only Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, already cleared of serious charges but punished anyway and Sgt. Frank Wuterich remain under the federal guns.

    Last March, Army Ranger 1st Lt. Michael Behenna was socked with a 25-year prison sentence later reduced to 20 years for having allegedly murdered a known al-Qaida operative Ali Mansur, who was operating an al-Qaida cell inside Behenna's area of operations."

  • Barry Cooper

    Mr. Horowitz,

    All I can say is thanks for fighting the battle where it matters most. What we do on foreign battlefields is vastly less important than figuring out how to reintroduce the liberal values of reason, tolerance, and principled discourse to our educational system. As you recognize perhaps better than anyone else, they have been under determined strategic attack for at least 40 years.

  • David Phillips

    Mr. Horowitz,

    If you fan the flames of hate and violence like you do on Fox and in your books and lectures, you have got to expect blow back…While I agree that violence and intimation is never the answer and it's ALWAYS wrong, you sound shocked by the the reception that you received even though you have seen this happen over and over again on campus's across the country…I can never condone the receptions you receive, but you might want to ask yourself, "why is everyone always picking on me"…

    You are not someone that these groups just arbitrarily decided to rail against whenever you show up, they are merely the other side of the coin that you deliberately carry with you…

    • Walt

      No, it does sound like you are justifying such activities. Is your criteria for being correct simply being popular with leftist activists? Using that standard, William Lloyd Garrison should have dumped his newspaper and tried to get along with plantation owners who supported slavery. He would have avoided death threats and more that way.

    • jacob

      Mr Phillips :
      People with your ideas are those that allow this sad state of affairs and I guess Mr. Horowitz made very clear what is going on.

      If you dare denying what are the purposes of Muslims worldwide, then you better keep mum as you show your total and absolute ignorance and I will allow myself to
      repeat the words of YOSHIRO SAGAMORI :


      You are welcome to refute this and I will be glad to polemize with you but, as Mr. Horowitz pointed out, we are still to see a single Muslim criticizing the position of his extremist "brothers" ….

      Rest assured in any of "their" countries, this would never happen

    • Democracy First

      Perhaps you can provide evidence that Horowitz is "fanning the flames of hate and violence," as opposed to commenting on those who are truly guilty of that charge, whose supporters are the one whom you deem to have been the "blow back."

    • Black Eagle

      Mr. Phillips, you sound like the kind of guy who would spit on a Jew who had just had the tar beaten out of him by a gang of racists, saying, “yeah, well you shouda kep outa dis place, an kep you dam mout shut”. Your distortion of proclaiming those who expose the hatred of others as “spreading hate”, is like blaming someone who warns people about snakes in the forest, of “spreading hate” against poisonous snakes. Or like a third-story tenant who hears screams of a woman being raped outside the window, and who only feels the impulse to yell “SHAAT-AAP!” And a double shut-up if she survives and dares to report it to the cops, because, well, she’ll then become a target again, and maybe the cops might knock on your door, and ask you to give a statement (which cowards like you never would; you will cover-up for the murderers and bullies every time). A real brave guy you are.

      • bubba4

        wow…dial it back a few notches chief. How many disclaimers does the guy need saying that VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION IS ALWAYS WRONG….before he can criticize Horowitz?

        For it, you call him a coward and someone that would spit on a jew….maybe FPM has taught you enough about "hate speech"….

    • Dan

      No your missing the whole point. He is trying to point out the tactic used against him to silence him before he even begins.

      The receptions he receives is like A weapon in their arsonal.
      And how is he fanning the flames of hate and violence?

      “While I agree that violence and intimidation is never the answer and it’s always wrong”……………

      So why are you critisising someone who is exposing the very root of the violence and intmidation. Did you read the post?????

      • bubba4

        "No your missing the whole point. He is trying to point out the tactic used against him to silence him before he even begins."

        Yeah…"their" "A" weapon was so effective, Horowitz went about his business and gave his speech to spite being "viciously attacked" by people standing up and turning their backs to him. Now, if they came with torches and tried to drag Horowitz out of the building to burn and/or hang him….then we might be nearing the level of attacks that would justify the way he talks about it. If someone hits him with a pie, Horowitz will call it an attack with WMD.

        Horowitz has a right to call these students terrorists and say that their organizations fund terror and that Islam is "the problem". He has that right. The College Republicans have a right to invite him to speak….and the Muslims here in the good old US of A have the right to complain about it and protest.

        "And how is he fanning the flames of hate and violence?"

        In his editorials, Horowitz himself, tries to be as tame as possible to appear almost reasonable. However, his Freedom Center and this "magazine" spend an awful lot of time rallying anger and disgust at Muslims (err…I mean "terrorists") and trying to rob people of their peace of mind by inflating the risk to them personally and hyping the global conspiracy to bring ordinary Americans under draconian Muslim theocratic laws. FPM is fond of secret global conspiracies that are stalking you behind the scenes. Be afraid…be very afraid.

        When it comes to Israel, FPM and Horowitz are master craftsmen of jewish victimhood and if you can't get on board, then you're an anti-semite. There seem to be a lot of zionists who believe in "Eretz Israel" on FPM and if you're willing to poke them, they will unleash a spew of self-righteous and religiously driven nonsense that is strangely similar to what the crazy Mulsims say.

        So basically, Horowitz is a Jew preaching that Islam is evil and Allah a false god. I know if might take some imagination (and perhaps a little compassion) but can't you see how a Mulsim might be offended by this? And, would you consider feeding paranoid fears that all Muslims are terrorists and working on a global plot to destroy puppies and apple pie….would you consider that fanning the flames?

        If the protest of 15 students standing there will their backs to Horowitz is "violence and intimidation", then you might have a point.

        Maybe you can field this one. There is a steady drum-beat on FPM and the posters that "Islam is the problem"…I want to hear someone tell me what they think should be done to solve this problem.

        • Frank

          Bubba twister.

          Vicously attacked- You didn't read very well, of course, I would never expect you to be logical. Do you remember the names and claims that were made about him in the press? The way the school newspaper would print whatever tripe was against him but not let him defend himself? Having to have body guards. Okay not physically vicious but definitely verbally attacked as well as having venues cancelled by fascists.

          I could go on but this is just an example on how you are brain dead. It sounds like you can't distinguish between muslims and terrorists. You would rather excuse the terrorists.

          What David does is exactly what needs to be done. Exposing the radicals and terrorist supporters wherever they are.

          • bubba4

            "Vicously attacked- You didn't read very well, of course, I would never expect you to be logical."

            This was one example of hyped threat. From the article:

            "They (the Republican Students) did not deserve to be called racists, or to have their safety threatened, or to be viciously attacked as they were this week."

            "Do you remember the names and claims that were made about him in the press?

            Nope. You got some examples? Anything that would even remotely measure up to his rhetoric? Please provide. I thought the school had printed his rebuttal.

            "Having to have body guards."

            Well…I can go get body guards tomorrow…it won't mean I necessarily need them. The fact that he has guards is not evidence that he under any real threat of being physically hurt.

            "Okay not physically vicious but definitely verbally attacked as well as having venues cancelled by fascists."

            Ummm…I'm confused…so are you agreeing with me now? Horowitz went to the school….he spoke….no one stopped him…K? Horowitz thinks that everyone who doesn't agree with him is a fascist.

            "I could go on but this is just an example on how you are brain dead. It sounds like you can't distinguish between muslims and terrorists. You would rather excuse the terrorists."

            Riiiiight. I'll give you one thing…you almost have the whole intellectually dishonest attack down. Why actually argue, answer my questions, or address my points when you can call me a terrorist apologist…lol. That's pretty good…but to really make it effective, you have to start out of the gate impugning my motives and saying that I AM a terrorist….and probably an anti-semite too…why not? After all…I said that Americans who are Muslims have rights. This is the kind of dangerous thinking that will bring Jihad upon us.

    • camelia tran

      congratulations guys, awesome work.
      I look forward to seeing what you do in the next challenge.

    • Federated Republic

      Idiot, Moron, and lover of fascists! Go move to Iran if you think David is wrong and see how much you like living under the tyranny of a misogynist, homophobic murdering religion!

  • Eddie

    David Phillips, when has the "anti-war" crowd EVER denoucned al qada, osama bin laden, islamofascist regimes like iran?

    Show us any march, rally, demonstration of 10,000 plus self righteous "anti-war" activists.

    • bubba4

      Um….weren't "anti-war" protestors protesting against the Invasion of Iraq? That's something OUR government is doing with OUR money and in OUR name.. Isn't peaceful protest the American way? Wouldn't it be a bit silly for Americans to hold a protest against Al Qaida? I don't think the terrorists give a shit. If you're worried about them really "getting" that we don't approve of them, I think the tomahawk missles and drones are keeping the message alive.

  • Shery Hancock

    Thank you, David, for your uncompromizing defense of American values. You have done a lot of good, almost singlehandedly at times. I have followed you for years and read nearly every one of your books. We Christians, Jews, and conservatives owe you a debt of gratitude and honor. May God bless you and reward your efforts.

  • mikidiki

    It is a disgrace that these so called universities of higher learning allow such undemocratic student activists to besmirch America.

    • BS1977

      You are witnessing the devolution of PC multicult mega tolerance into passive acceptance of EVIL….college liberal twit administrators bend over backwards to allow proponents of the terrorist, hate fueled scourge to speak on college campuses, allow idiotic students to behave like thugs….Liberalism is a sickness, no doubt about it. LIberal immigration policies resulted in the 9/11 attacks.

  • Mike Hurley

    Thank you, Mr. Horowitz.
    I have noticed that prayer directed at liars has a quick response from our Father.
    (Case in point, the faultering ObamaCare.)
    If you haven't tried reminding Him of the actions of these liars, I strongly recommend you consider it.

  • King Benson

    How can I find out if there is this kind of stuff going on at my alma mater, University of Tennessee?

    King Benson

    • Yephora

      Get David Horowitz booked to speak at your alma mater and on the appointed night attend the lecture. You'll see.

  • John Blake

    This rot has been festering for decades, and is only getting worse. Craven academic administrators in thrall to PCBS think nothing of violating every canon of decency and even self-respect. Salafis, Wahabists and their nihilistic, savage kin have no more regard for Western values than lice on Aristotle’s skull.

    For prophetologists’ full flavor, read Churcill’s “River War” concerning the benighted Mahdi at Omdurman, upstream from Cairo on the storied Nile, and T.E. Lawrence’s classic “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” composed in the 1920s after World War I. Unflattering portrayals, to say the least… meantime, if not for accident of fate whereby various caliphates became awash in petro-dollars, the Muslim world would long since have regressed to camel-driving rug merchants, a culture of profound irrelevance, brutal and maleficent to the nth degree.

    • Paul

      Read a book? Are you kidding? Hey, if it can't be put on YouTube and summarized in 60 seconds, sorry. Bliss is in, not history or truth.

  • Jilly

    What a brave and honorable man your Mr Horowitz. As a Christian I've always felt compelled to defend the Jews since we are so linked, by history and by our deeds in developing the modern society.

    I've wondered how bad would this all be if the Middle East hadn't found itself fabulously wealthy from the discovery of their oil. Not that the horrific treatment of women wouldn't exist without the money but I think our money has directly funded the aggression of those who hate.

    I also find it strange that many on the left who defend the attacks on Christians and conservatives would be among the first to be massacred if the jihid had it's way. Apparently there are always useful idiots.

    • nina

      If the Muslims didn't have oil, the UN wouldn't be their handmaiden, the Universities in Europe and the US wouldn't be full of hatred, and they wouldn't have been able to buy politicians and professors to help them win friends and influence people.

  • Eddie

    To learn more about islamofascists in the midst of Western civilization, google "finsbury park mosque magnificent 19".

    In the aftermath of the 9/11 sneak attack, the Finsbury Park mosque in London held a conference titled "the magnificent 19" to celebrate 9/11.

    And that was followed by street demos in London with islamists holding signs such as "uk you will pay, your 9/11 is on the way", cursing and spitting on British soldiers in Luton.

    Meanwhile the "bbc" remains committed to white washing jihadis in the "uk".

    • nina

      The Brits have made their bed, and they will sleep in it. I can guarantee nightmares.

  • The Inquisitor

    James VI, the slave system brought in no great profit for anyone. The slave owner, the slave producer, and the owners of other resources all simply got the normal returns. If the sizeable expenditure on "security" against the slaves were born by slaveholders it is doubtful that the system could have survived. The institution of slavery inflicted great harm without providing any compensating great gains.

    From the foregoing it would seem that slavery was not an indispensable component in the American economy. I have no argument with those whose ancestors were slaves and take pride in their building American industry. But to argue that slavery was an indispensable component of that success is to give far too much credit to the institution of slavery.

    • bubba4

      It was an indispensable component of the South's success…

      What? was someone giving Slavery too much credit for your tastes? LOL

  • PAthena

    The assault on free speech David Horowitz describes at USC has its basis in Herbert Marcuse's attack on it in the 1960s in his Repressive Tolerance. He called for repressing any speech which was not "left-wing." He was a communist, I believe. When I went to college in the 1950s, we were proud that we had the freedom of speech to have anyone of any persuasion speak to us, including the Communist Paul Robeson.
    The attack on Israel by the Mohammedans is solely religious. Calling any Arabs "Palestinian" is part of this attack, concocted by the Soviet Union and Egypt under Nasser when they founded the "Palestine Liberation Organization" in Cairo in 1964. The names "Palestine" and "Palestinian" have always been synonymous with "land of the Jews" or "the Holy Land" and "Jew" since the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of the Roman province of Judea to "Palestina" in 135 A.D., after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. He wanted to eradicate all memory of Judea and the Jews, and outlawed Judaism. That is why the Zionists wanted the "Palestine Mandate," which was established under British rule after World War I as the "Homeland of the Jews." (The Soviet Union was antisemitic and antiIsrael.)

    • bubba4

      Why is everything a plot from some 60's communist manifesto?

  • Indioviejo

    This is a hard road to trek, yet it must be traveled. Thank you so much, David for your bravery in the face of naked intimidation. The criminal left, after more than several decades of undermining our liberties, is now in a position to bring down our house, but we will not go down so easily. More people than you may suspect are aware of the threat we are ubder, but don';t know what to do about it.

  • Paul

    “Free speech" was once just a false cover to express our fear of personal harm; student bravery meant taking over a lecture hall or passing out fliers – all to save the innocent Vietnamese children. Turning cowardice into bravery! It beat moving to Canada.

    If it wasn’t for the draft, there would have been no Free Speech movement on campus, and our student bodies would have been as concerned about Viet-Nam’s internal atrocities as they are today about Sudan’s or Zimbabwe’s.

    Now we see the same Free Speech movement turned on its head when it seems to interfere with those same student rights, of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. The same Moses figures who were once campus heroes are now ignored and attacked by their former supporters, the campus editors, for the very same reasons: they see their declarations and proofs that America is being attacked as an affront to their freedom. Ask a campus editor what we did to “deserve” 9-11, and they’ll rattle off a list.

    • bubba4

      What the hell are you talking about? "Free Speech" is a right…it's not a gimmic created by draft dodgers to pull a fast one on ya. People are more knowledgable and more concerned about what is happening around the world because modern communications is making the world a much "smaller" place.

      "Now we see the same Free Speech movement turned on its head when it seems to interfere with those same student rights, of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll"

      Weren't the protestors supposedly Muslims? I don't think they are allowed sex, drugs or rock n roll.

  • Paul

    This excellent article could be considered a sobering revelation and another splash of cold water. The essence of the subject is our “intentional” ignorance of Fee Speech rights. But this subject seems to be more a continuation of the very same “Free Speech” rights shouted from Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza in the 60s and for similar purposes: a reaction to absolute "fear."

    Naturally, Jews became instant campus heroes, able to combine their love of intellect with natural leadership abilities. Israel’s war for survival was likewise supported. All Jewish men have a bit of Moses inside them. The draft was made a metaphor for uniformed slavery, and turning the police and army into the enemy became the “miracle.”

    But today, asking students to think or act in self defense of American values by sacrificing immediate pleasures and instant gratifications, becomes the new slavery and the only real threat. It’s not anti-semitism. Jews are only a problem because they threaten America’s state of perpetual adolescence. Israel is to America’s youth what Timothy Leary once was to the government, a threat of exposure to reality.

    • bubba4

      "But today, asking students to think or act in self defense of American values by sacrificing immediate pleasures and instant gratifications, becomes the new slavery and the only real threat."

      Slavery to our gratifications? Like your previous post (and you have several) you seem concerned with America becoming hedonist and loosing its way….that's fine, but I don't see the connections you are drawing. What reality is Israel suppose to be exposing us to? That the Arab world is FUBAR and religious extremism is a cancer on humanity? That would be apparent with or without Israel.

  • Paul

    For the so-called "concerned" campus students, the Palestinians are made yesterday’s Viet-Cong and Pol Pot, so all we are asking is "let’s give peace a chance." “One-two-three-four, what are they fightin’ for; don’t know and don’t give a damn; I’m takin’ my mid-term exam.”

    Obama and his non-Muslim campus supporters are more than happy to let Israel be America’s front-line avatar in defense of America – so long as it doesn’t raise prices at the pump, that is. It’s not about Jews or anti-semitism. Those are just normal red herrings and easy masks to cover truth: America’s media-fed youth are spoiled and scared to recognize what’s happening. Put “free speech rights” up against a “necessity for awareness and self-defense,” and as Mr. Horowitz discovers constantly on campuses, “free speech” loses.

    I saw Mr. Horowitz at a campus talk, and the crowds outside carrying signs and chanting against his appearance, were the sons and daughters of the same marchers and chanters that were outside yesterday's campus recruitment centers. And for the same reason.

    • bubba4

      Again, you realize most of the protestors were Muslims and members of organizations that Horowitz has called terrorist?

      I'm afraid your old-man experiences can't shed a lot of light on our current predicament. Israel isn't the frontline of defense for America, even if we arm them that way. It is a seperate, soverign country on the other side of the world with problems that have little to nothing to do with America (except as it has to do with stability of the region).

      "America’s media-fed youth are spoiled and scared to recognize what’s happening."

      America is spoiled and getting dumber each generation….but please explain what you think "is happening". Don't be coy…just say it…what did you mean here?

      "America’s media-fed youth are spoiled and scared to recognize what’s happening."

      • Paul

        Clicking any of the links in the masthead, like "Jihad Watch," gives a few of the "happenings" that are unrecognized. If the few politically aware professors, admins, or their students, understood what the headlights coming toward them meant, i.e. "what's happening," Horowitz and others like him would have a year-long waiting list for personal appearances.

        Students would volunteer en mass to keep out the Islamic thugs whose goal is to destroy "freedom of speech" and prevent open discussion on their campus. Hecklers would be shouted down and shown the door. Instead the campus intellectuals have become the modern-day deer on the road, frozen by fear.

  • Abraham Stubenhaus

    Thank you my dear brave and honest Mr. David Horowitz!!!
    You are my inspiration!
    Thank you so very much!!!!

  • Beth

    "They (the students) are going to be here when I’m gone. They did not deserve to be called racists, or to have their safety threatened, or to be viciously attacked as they were this week."

    he tree is known by his fruit.

    If you love evil ….. you'll support evil.

    And you will know what is in the heart by what comes from the mouth (the wicked can not help themselves)

    Standing up for the teaching "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"…, in these days, a courageous thing to do…..No?

    Hopefully, the students will see what is going on here – and they'll rise up to the occasion.

  • Beth

    If, as a student, you find yourself compelled to disagree with David Horowitz….Do yourself one favor: Get all of the facts before you make a final decision…because a good judge always gets all of the facts before making any final decision.

    The Koran preaches:

    009.005 But when the forbidden months are past {when the 'treaties' expire, although they may break them at any time – if it benefits Islam} then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. <—David Horowitz doesn't say so – the Koran says so

    008.067 It is not fitting for a prophet that he should have prisoners of war [slay them first] until he hath thoroughly subdued the land. {Treason in all non-Muslim nations…

    What part of that command did any of you (college students) not understand?

    • bubba4

      The Old Testament has some pretty brutal stuff in it. You want some passages where God tells the jews exactly how to exterminate a whole people? He's very detailed about what to do with the enemy woman, young girls and boys.

      The Arabs are only a couple of generations from being desert nomads.

      So you find a passage like this in the Koran….what does that tell you?

  • Beth

    And why aren't the 'leaders' of this nation waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of David Horowitz?

    It is a mind-blowing scene to witness. (Truth be told)

  • Ganymede

    I find these right-wing blogs to be other worldly. Most of the commentators are at war with themselves and the world. If McCain/Palin had won the last election we'd be at war with half the world and most of us would be selling apples on the street. I have dream…that most of you angry ones will someday wake up from your infantile nightmares. It's truly tragic that you can't see through the extremism of David Horowitz and the rest of the barbaric right-wingers. I'm sure I'll be attacked as a wimpy leftie which I'm not, but I believe that God put us here to make peace not create endless chaos.

    • Freedom isn't free

      You want Americans and Jews to appease an organized movement whose stated intent is to wipe us from the face of the earth, subjugate the survivors, and impose a tyrannical Sharia law? Not gonna happen.
      Look, Ganymeade – I prefer peace as well, but the Islamofacists don't. It's that simple.
      If you walked up to shake a guy's hand, and he spit on you, racked you, clubbed you stole your property, how would you react? "Oh, not very sporting of him, was it. Let's negotiate." That's what we're dealing with here.

    • Democracy First

      Can you explain on what basis you see these commentators as "at war with the world"? Are you sure they're not simply commenting – some with disgust, perhaps understandably – on those who truly are?

  • Hal Barton

    well what can we expect from liberals! they, to a man, consider that murdering a child is alright as long as it is still in a woman. Show me a liberal that knows that a baby is always a baby not matter how small, so that I might build and alter to him, for he will be the new Adam for the crazed inhabitants of Liberalopolus.

    • bubba4

      yeah because all roads lead back to abortion.

      You boring git…get a new boogeyman.

    • bardefa

      liberals are educated beyond their intelligence…plenty of verbiage, but no logic.
      Wisdom comes from thinking, not learning.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder, said Michael Savage…. and he is right.

  • shanecomeback

    The zombies at USC and bubba4 didn’t just blossom overnight into the people they are
    Read Charlotte Iserbyt’s book free on line

    • bubba4

      If you have a problem with something I've said, you should be specific and have the balls to address me directly.

      People that read FPM don't need to read Iserbyt's book….there is only so many global conspiracies and paranoid misrepresentations of reality that one person can take.

  • Brad Bomkamp

    I never realized it was actually this bad. Thank you so much for taking a stand and still being in the forefront, your passion and courage are admirable. I wish that we had an army of soldiers like you. Keep up the good work

  • bardefa

    David, get 5-6 body guards and skip campus security guys……if attacked, let the attacker "have it" – a few shiners & broken bones.
    That "news" would spread fast and the attacks will stop. Those idiots understand only fist, like most of the Arabs. For them, courtesy is a sign of weakness.

  • johncarens

    David Horowitz is a national treasure.
    Sadly, he is also one of a very rare species: An organic, cultural (former) Liberal with a self-examined life. To come from the Stalinist/Red-Diaper ghettos of post-war New York, in especial, to arrive in the year 2010 at a place where he has to actually defend throughout the broader acedemic culture the absolute right of Jews to not be killed for their religious heritage is through-the-looking-glass stuff. America got off at the wrong stop somewhere, and David Horowitz is one of the few standing in the midst of the mob with a roadmap.

    Most Americans are completely unaware how steeped the American Academy is now in virulent Anti-semitism. Certainly, I would be, were it not for the ongoing spade-work of David Horowitz. It is so strange that the very institutions that were founded on the exchange of universality of thought could now be so intellectually straight-jacketed, so stultified, so mummified, so full of hair-trigger thought police and violent hatred.

    Clearly, these are the barely-detectable outliers of some gathering storm. God help us all when it finally makes land-fall.

  • drgarym

    Enjoyed the article but have a big question. I have studied the Bible for over 30 years and I can't recall ANYWHERE anything regarding hating Jews.

  • Me

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  • BS1977

    FPM aint what it used to be, Linda……

  • BS1977

    all my comments are gone…..and none of them were very controversial…..

  • Guest

    That's for sure…

  • bubba4

    Oh good god….these people are robbing you of any sense of well-being.

    Do yourself a favor and take what Pajamas Media tells you with a grain of salt.

  • LHM

    Why is there no protest about the "slave labour" imported from poor Asian/South Asian, other third world countries currently being used in construction of the Arab Gulf states to build all those fantastic skyscrapers in Dubai, Doha, Saudi etc. or being employed as domestic staff in Arab households bound by work contracts that must be completed before they are allowed to go back to their homelands? These same Arab Gulf states have the nerve to call Isreal an apartheid state??? Kind of revolting hypocrisy, isn't it?