The Zinnians, the Neo-Communists, and Us

The objective of the Zinnians, the Neo-Communists of today, and the Old Left Communists of 70 years ago is identical and summarized in this image.

The death of Howard Zinn has brought the neo-Communists out of the woodwork, the latest example being Scott McLemee’s tribute to Zinn (and casual smearing of anti-Comunists like Ron Radosh) in the current issue of I have noted in the past that while we have terms like neo-liberal and neo-conservative and neo-fascist, there is no term for neo-communists — or rather there is a term but thanks to the successful efforts of the neo-communist left anyone who uses such a term is immediately labeled a McCarthyite. It’s time for a change. A neo-communist is someone who reflects the same values, draws on the same analytic tradition and embraces the communist-progressive political tradition — and thus has no problem with Howard Zinn’s unrepentant support for the murderers of tens of millions of innocent people in Russia, in China, in Vietnam — and whose political and intellectual efforts are designed to weaken and delegitimize America in the face of its current enemies.