We Might Let Horowitz Appear, If He Has Three Keepers

Has this become the new face of Catholic higher education?

St. Louis University, a Catholic institution, continues on a path designed to made it a laughingstock in the annals of academic freedom, maintaining its ban on yours truly while proclaiming its commitment to intellectual diversity and… academic freedom.

From Inside Higher Ed:

David Horowitz can’t seem to get into Saint Louis University no matter how hard he tries.

Six months ago, the university blocked a student organization from bringing Horowitz to the university for one of his talks about “Islamo-fascism.” Horowitz is a conservative critic of higher education as well as a wide range of other sectors of society. The university said at the time that it didn’t want Horowitz to talk on campus in a way that could be divisive (as many of Horowitz’s critics have said his talks on Islam tend to be). Students also reported that they were told by university administrators that they didn’t want Horowitz speaking without someone who would offer contrasting views.

Horowitz believes that the university is trying to keep him off campus no matter what — and he’s trying to call the university’s bluff. Working with students at the university, he’s now proposed a new topic for his appearance (academic freedom) and he’s willing to appear with someone who will disagree with him in a debate (Cary Nelson, national president of the American Association of University Professors and a strong critic of Horowitz).

The university’s present position is that I can speak only if there is someone on the platform to refute my views and, if that someone is a critic of this university, a third person to explain Catholic values — which I guess are the values of Torquemada (pictured above) and the Inquisition.

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