What Makes Intelligent People Like Andrew Sullivan So Stupid? Gaza Again.

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Here is Andrew Sullivan on the latest Gaza attack on Israel:

“It staggers me to read defenses of what the Israelis have done. They attacked a civilian flotilla in international waters breaking no law. When they met fierce if asymmetric resistance, they opened fire. And we are now being asked to regard the Israelis as the victims.


Seriously, Andrew, these supporters of Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization which has sworn to obliterate Israel and exterminate the Jews, tried to run a naval blockade of Gaza in the middle of a war. In a war, what in the world is an “asymmetric resistance” except an obfuscation to avoid facing the facts? This was an orchestrated effort to break a naval blockade whose purpose was to keep weapons out of the hands of Hamas. If the ship had another purpose — e.g., to deliver humanitarian aid — it would have accepted Israel’s offer to unload the ship at the port of Ashdod. It didn’t because it was part of an organized effort by Turkey and Hamas to break the blockade. Here’s the Hamas terrorist in chief claiming victory through this attack in breaking the naval blockade designed to keep out the rockets aimed at Israeli school children.  It was an act of war and those who perpetrated it got what they deserved.

Andrew again:

“This is like a mini-Gaza all over again. The Israelis don’t seem to grasp that Western militaries don’t get to murder large numbers of civilians because they don’t like them, or because they could, on a far tinier scale, hurt Israelis.”

Oh, I get it. Seven thousand rockets fired into Israeli towns and schoolyards is such a tinier scale of aggression — after all it is only targeting Jews — as to be ignored by civilized people like Andrew. There is no other country but this tiny Jewish one surrounded by terrorist armies led by religious fanatics (who would hang Andrew from a crane if they could get hold of him) that Andrew would ask for such forbearance.  And of course Andrew is not asking; he is threatening: The Israelis seem to be making decisions as if they can get away with anything. It’s time the US reminded them in ways they cannot mistake that they cannot.

Nice Andrew. Call on Uncle Sam to strike a blow for the Hamas and Turkey’s Jew haters.

  • http://www.skep41.blogspot.com/ Skep41

    I'm sorry, at least Andrew is a goy. How do you explain people like Henry Waxman who are enthusiastically following that fashionably leftist Harvard anti-semite we have in the White House as he engineers a second Holocaust? At least the Jews in the 30's and 40's had enough sense to not support Hitler. Not any more. The difference between this Holocaust and the last one is that the Jews about to face extermination have several hundred nukes and will certainly use them against an overwhelming mass attack. That's the risk our moron of a President is subjecting us to when he sucks up to the Islamonazis and gives signs that he wont support Israel. Are Carl Levin and Chuck Schumer OK with that? Little Pinch Sulzberger?

  • John

    The ship was delivering medical supplies, food, water, and construction materials. The reason the fatilla chose not to disseminate their supplies through the Israeli government is because it is highly likely the supplies would never get there. Israel's blockade of Gaza is starving and forcibly impoverishing over 1 million people. If Israel was in fact in the right as you argue, why is there a media blackout regarding the event and why have countless other countries decried the actions of Israel and demanded explanations from their respective ambassadors? Please stop the misinformation and report some facts.

    • Chezwick

      "Israel's blockade of Gaza is starving and forcibly impoverishing over 1 million people."

      An outright falsehood. Nobody is starving in Gaza. You won't find any footage of children or adults with distended bellies. What you WILL find are photos of market stalls stocked with food.

      The only thing being denied Gaza is the machinery for making war.

      • Ipso Facto

        We know for at fact that the arabs in "Palestine" are not starving. Starving people don´t make war, they suffer quietly.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/gorpreebley gorpreebley

        And just how do you expect people to murder Jews if they don't have access to advanced weapons?

        Sometimes I think people need to chill out and understand that, for some people, antisemitism is a full time job.

    • richard

      because they are cowards. majority support does not ensure rightness.

    • guest

      If the Gazans were truly starving endless photos would be plastered all over the world's media. The media craves such photos about Israel. However, truly starving people like the North Koreans or non-muslim Sudanese shall never gain the world's sympathy and most likely not yours either.

      • Syd Barrett

        Yeah, the only pictures I see of Gazans are of well-fed little kids with bombs strapped to them.

        • xman

          … and men and women who resemble Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.

    • johnnywood


    • Carlos Aguilar

      You don't know what you're talking about aid is delivered to Palistinians everyday through Israel.

    • Carlos Aguilar

      Remember the saying, "If the Palistinians layed down their weapons today there would be peace two days later, if the Israelis layed down their weapons today there would be no Isreal two days later." Wake up.

    • eltoroverde

      John- you do know that the Palestinians receive more aid per capita than any other group of people in the world, don't you? And yet, amazingly enough, they keep asking for more and more. Why is that?

    • http://www.thepeacecycle.com Laura Abraham

      My dearest John thank you so much for standing up for what is right! For what is just! Those ships were carrying desparately needed supplies of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Depends to the suffering, down trodden of Gaza!

      It is a pleasure to meet a fine, brave man like youself. Please give me a ringy dingy if you're ever in Merry Ole' England. Little Miss Laura is known as the "original good time girl" in these parts…Kisses.. .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsC7oEjCHAM

    • ben van lunteren

      You don't deserve to live in democracy John, you have a problem with facts and fiction.

  • GaryA

    Israel's attack on the flotilla in international waters is justified by the fact Israel is at War with Gaza. Very well, then!

    We should congratulate Israel for its remarkable restraint, rather than criticize it for its obtuse militarism. After all, by now Israel could easily have killed more than a million of the 1.5 million in Gaza. Would that it had done so, and so proved it's deadly serious about peace, human rights and modern, civilized values.

    With the enemies of the True God, of freedom, human rights, democracy and of Western Civilization aboard those jhiadist flotillas carrying supplies to the enemy, Israel has valiantly fought with such restraint, it's a moral object lesson to the world. Alas, it's high time Israel took off the velvet gloves. Its restraint in murder has done it no good whatsoever.

    So it should attack Gaza again at once. And this time while proudly proclaiming it's going to use, and is using, white phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs that scatter through the fields to later kill curious, anemic Palestinian children who pick them up, and Israel should carpet bomb Gaza until every Gazan cries "Uncle!"

    How else is Israel to prove its dedication to freedom, the rule of law, human rights, it's sympathy for the dispossessed, while at the same time defending itself against imminent annihilation?

    Israel: You go girl!

    • C. Gee

      Your facetiousness is puerile.
      Try it on with Hamas.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaythehistorian jaythehistorian

    The 2010 version of Nazis such as Andrew Sullivan who has his head up his ass, don't care about facts. These claims such as Gaza is similar to a WWII ghetto , as absurd as they are slanderous. Gaza's population of future terrorists has one of the highest rates of increase in the world. It increases 3.5% per year.

    • jferryman

      That explains it. If Sullivan had his head up his ass, sperm may have leaked into his brain, causing a short circuit or what.

  • tarleton

    This is vintage Andrew Sullivan , who is a complete embarressment to us conservatives , as he is such a drama queen and much more trouble than he's worth……he only came over to the US after the ''gay scene'' in London went ''belly up ''
    His view of things is typically feline !

  • Ruy Diaz

    "This is vintage Andrew Sullivan , who is a complete embarrassment to us conservatives…"

    Why? Andrew Sullivan is a conservative? Don't be queer. There is no way Andrew Sullivan is conservative, as–surely–he himself would honestly tell you if you were to ask him.

    Where do people get such obviously false notions like 'Andrew Sullivan is a conservative'.

    • richard

      trying to give them a bad name.

  • Dave L

    Before Israel pulled out of Gaza, Jewish farmers of Gaza were EXPORTING fruits and vegetables all over the world. The produce that the greenhouses of Gaza produced comprised a large percentage of Israel's total agricultural exports and a majority of its organic exports. Now, under Hamas, where is all the food production? Why does food need to be IMPORTED? The Jewish farmers left the greenhouses in perfect condition. And there was no blockade following the pullout. The Arabs did not even need to beat their swords into plowshares. The Jews left them the plows and all the tools of modern agriculture and they hoped for the best. But the Moslems still chose to destroy the greenhouses and beat every scrap of metal into rockets–not plows. Then the blockade was imposed.

    • Kanwi

      At the time of the unilateral israeli withdrawal from Gaza the Jewish greenhouses made up 10% of the Gaza economy. Several monied Jewish people including Soros bought the Greenhouses from the settler families and donated them back to Gaza but Hamas destroyed them simply because of their Jewish origin. To this day other Arab countries don't invest in the Gazan economy or infrustructure because they want Gaza to be poor. Most of the aid money Hamas gets goes into rockets and their own Swiss bank accounts. Even Arafat died with more than 40 billion in his Swiss accounts zilched from the Palistanians over 20 years or so. There are no occupird territories. The big picture is crafting the extinction of the Jewish State and Gazans and West Bank Arabs are pawns in this process.

  • jbtrevor

    If a group of American, Canadian, French, etc 'humanitarians' attempted to pass a US military checkpoint in Iraq or Afghanistan to bring needed 'relief' to the 'people' would it be unreasonable for the US military to want to see exactly what they were bringing in? And if upon searching the vehicle they were beaten with pipes & stabbed with knives, would it be unreasonable for them to shoot those who are attacking them? The answer is absolutely NO. Then why is it that during a war in another Middle East region, if the IDF asks to inspect what is being passed thru it's naval checkpoint, is attacked by the 'humanitarians' (who by the way are bringing in small arms) & fires back to protect itself … why is it that they are condemned for doing so?

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/gidmeister gidmeister

    I think the average person understands that if a man attacks you with a knife or an axe, you have the right to shoot him. Thats what happened on that ship. What really gets me is the Israeli incompetence. We now see videos of the murderous chants of the passengers before they sailed, and we hear about the terrorist connections of the organizers of the flotilla. But the Israelis were totally oblivious to things they could have see on Al-Jazeera and elsewhere, and sent young men one by one descending by ropes on to a ship where they got individually beat up by crowds (and hurled off decks). And what were these soldiers supposed to use? Paint ball guns! If this happened in America, there would be an investigation at the very top.

    • Syd Barrett

      Maybe in the old America there would be an investigation.

      In the new America, POTUS would say, "Oh, you have a bag of rice there amongst the weapons you're bringing in? Well, this must be a humanitarian effort! Come right in! No, we don't need to search the stuff – we trust you!" And then the people who said, "No wait, they have guns, right there! There! In front of you!" would be charged with hate crimes and fined and put in jail.

      So even though Israel's response was wussified, it was tons more manly than our response would be.

    • Wardog

      Sorry, but if the scenario you describe were to happen, our troops would be forbidden to fire, any who did would be charged with murder, the rest would be charged with hate crimes for having the temerity to force those poor people to attack them with knives and clubs

  • RJK

    Sullivan was an interesting borderline conservative till he married someone named Aaron. He did not move left, he movedinto his own bizzare world, concentrating on rants against Israel and Sarah Palin. He badly needs a hysterectomy.

  • Kim Bruce

    I was amazed when even George Noory, of CoasttoCoastAM, when asked why little Israel is being picked on by most nations, said, "I lived in the Middle East, I've studied it for years, the Israelis were mandated that land by the British in 1948 because they needed a homeland after the holocaust. By placing the Jews there, they displaced many Palestinian Arabs, kicked them out of their homes. The Palestinians in Gaza live under deplorable conditions. The Ppalestinians were there first."
    I actually used to like George Noory but I think he needs a "head shake".

    • Jim Johnson

      Nope the Jews lived there first and were dispersed by the Romans and those not dispersed were subjugated by the Muslim Armies.
      It is the Muslims who were the invaders and under the Zionist the reconquista those who were hostile to Israel waged war against the Jews were ousted the others stayed and were not treated as second class citizens.

  • steve boggs

    I'm more interested in your thoughts, David, on why FPM hung on to Sullivan for so long. It was probably two years after I started asking that question that you guys finally dumped him. I suspect vestiges of liberal, white guilt and wishful thinking.

  • MMmmm

    Andrew Sullivan is stupid in his heyday of supposed conservatism (when he thought democracy would convert the Muslim world into a safe place0 He wrote a long bit about Bernard Montgomery was a great general because he was gay.
    Montgomery was an idiot who did not even realize you had to capture the estuary to open up Antwerp as port.
    Monty great victory in El Alamien was when outnumber the Germans 10 to 1 and even then he was not able to execute a pincer move to cut off the German retreat. (Italian troop did not want to really fight something which i applaud them for unlike the German Nazis.
    Monty was probably not gay he just like to talk to little boys because he could pass along his stupid bullshit.

    The idea that gay had an ability to emphasize with other people because of gayness is dribble.

    • Jim Johnson

      Monty retired to Switzerland to live with his boy toy. I wonder what Monty did when the kid grew up?

  • richard

    poses interest question of what would our government do under similar circumstances. i suppose we will allow them to pass and wait for the mushroom cloud. political correctness before all else. when ny is destroyed will obama prosecute those responsible as american citizens. will he read them miranda?

  • Tanstaafl

    Paging George Orwell! "1984" was just a little early……….

    • Syd Barrett

      Change the name to "2014" and reprint…

  • guest

    Where are the flotillas headed for the starving people of North Korea? Are they scared??? You betcha. You who identify with these supposed, yet phony peaceful humanitarians are truly cowards when it comes to helping those truly in need.

  • USMCSniper

    Andrew Sulivan has got t quit his gerbilling. heh heh heh

    • Jim Johnson

      That is even worse than Tea Bagging . A term very well know in San Francisco.
      Where do you think the Liberals got the Term.

  • jac

    Anmd not to forget that with Istanbul as the current ' European Capital of Culture' Turkey is being groomed for entry into the EU with the support of the political elites and of course, President Obama. Once a country becomes part of the EU its citizens have an unfettered right to live anywhere within they want to.

    • Sonne

      Turkey is also one of Israel's strongest allies in the region you moran (as tea-partiers like to spell it).

      • kid bertha

        Sonne, Turkey used to be Israels great allie but not anymore. They will be on Iran and its proxies side in the end. They have already aligned themselves with the global jihad.

      • xman

        Yep, we've just seen what a 'strong' ally of Israel Turkey is, fleabrain.

    • Jim Johnson

      Turkey should pay reparations to Greece for occupying the Anatolian High lands which the Turks took by force of arms.

  • Bob S

    The Jew-haters are coming out of the woodwork. Lefties, anti-warriors, paleo-conservatives (not sure what they're trying to conserve in the ME). It's telling and shameful.

  • C. Gee

    I do not think that the four people who gave the thumbs up to Gary A are aware of the fact that he is being drippingly facetious at Israel's expense.
    Please re-read his fourth paragraph.
    He is no doubt enjoying a good old snigger .

  • TheTipperaryMan

    This thing isn't over yet.
    Another ship, an old rust bucket that used to deliver cargoes of Guinness beer called appropiately enough MV Rachel Corrie, after the 23 year old American woman who was crushed by a bulldozer that was in the process of demolishing a terrorist safehouse, is chugging its way to Gaza, with the likes of Mairead Maguire, an Irish nobel peace prize winner and former Deputy Secretary of the UN, Denis Halliday among it;s passengers.
    The vessel was purchased at an auction in Dundalk by a far left trade union with links to the Provisional IRA where after all trained and armed along with the Palestinian terrorists by Colonel Gaddaffi. Historically of course the Irish governent remained neutral in WW2 while the IRA were enthusiastic supporters of Hitler and launched a bombing campaign in the UK while Luftwaffe bombs were falling.
    The present Irish government has threatened Israel with severe consequences if anything should happen to Irish "activists" and the Irish media gives gushes with admiration for them and screams hate at Israel.

  • http://www.thepeacecycle.com Laura Abraham

    I am a very refined and proper English lady who is the wedded wife of an Anglican prelate and how dare you address me that way "Love Zion"! I am so very, very offended. You owe me an immediate apology or I'll call the UN Security Council immediately! Every summer I and other useful idiots peddle for "peace" all through occupied "Palestine" so I do know what I'm talking about! If you had my lifetime of experience you would realize that the "Palestinians" are the world's most advanced and productive society!

  • Chloe Silverstone

    Just wish to point something out here.. the posts above mentioning Laura Abraham have NOTHING to do with her. They have been placed by a very strange woman called Parveneh Sarshar, who seems to have developed un unhealthy obsession with Laura and has a hate-campaign against her. I know Laura Abraham, and she is the kindest, gentlest person I know, a Christian who cares deeply about her fellow human beings of any faiths. She works for an end to hatred, violence and injustice. As far as I know she hates no-one. I told her about these posts and she sighed sadly and told me not to worry but I felt the record should be put straight as I too hate injustice.
    Far from being anti-semitic, Laura Abraham cares for all people in the Middle East and more than anything wants to see genuine peace and reconciliation there. It seems that, on the contrary, the venomous Miss Sarshar wishes to see nothing but hatred and violence and is willing to use all kinds of dishonest ploys in the process. How sad a creature she must be.

  • Chloe Silverstone

    Just wish to point something out here.. the posts above mentioning Laura Abraham have NOTHING to do with her. They have been placed by a very strange woman called Parveneh Sarshar, who seems to have developed un unhealthy obsession with Laura and has a hate-campaign against her. I know Laura Abraham, and she is the kindest, gentlest person I know, a Christian who cares deeply about her fellow human beings of any faiths. She works for an end to hatred, violence and injustice. As far as I know she hates no-one. I told her about these posts and she sighed sadly and told me not to worry but I felt the record should be put straight as I too hate injustice.

  • emman chehade

    Wow, I just saw a comment posted in my name, Emman Chehade, by a very disturbed psychotic named Parveneh Sarshar. I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or call the authorities in Los Angeles and let them know she's a bonified stalker with nothing to live for. She attacks Jews and Palestinians alike, anyone who is pro-peace, people like Laura, myself, and Anna Baltzer. Perhaps filing a law suit against this monster may be the way to go. Seriously considering it.